Shine On! and Youth Media


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Shine On! and Youth Media

  1. 1. EXPRESSING YOUTH VOICE THROUGH MEDIA Engaging and Growing Youth Through Shine On! Student Newspaper
  2. 2. Shine On! Bingo  Turn to three to four people around you  Looking at the issue of Shine On! that you’ve been given, try to fill in as many squares as possible in the next three minutes  Winners get a FABULOUS prize!
  3. 3. What conceptions does the adult world have about youth? What stereotypes exist? Brainstorm
  4. 4. Discussion  Where does the adult world hear about youth? What do we refer to when staying ‘in the loop’ with young people?  What does the adult world hear about youth?  Where do you hear authentic examples of youth voice?
  5. 5. If the news about young people is often negative and rarely in their voice, what effect does this likely have on our communities? Synthesis
  6. 6. The Solution  A newspaper developed by Youth Development Office, meant to highlight youth leadership and service in Minneapolis Public Schools Addresses problems through providing a place for:  Expression of youth voice  Positive media about youth and by youth
  7. 7. Youth Editorial Board  High School students responsible for:  Meeting together  Discussing/deciding on a pertinent theme  Writing articles  Discussion solicitation  Organization and vision for the issue  Journalists, advocates, teachers, learners  Youth Workers in place to challenge and support
  8. 8. Putting Together an Issue  Youth provide framework  Youth explore their niches based on their natural talents and interests  Staff helps connect to outside resources, solicits, distributes, advocates  The process will seem hodge-podge. It’s supposed to, because you as the staff don’t get to be in charge of everything!
  9. 9. Benefits  Shine On! Yo ung Le ade rs Rising is beneficial foryouth in Minneapolis  Le g itim iz e s ideas and discourse of youth Do cum e nts experiences of youth in a tangible, professional format Ce le brate s youth
  10. 10. Benefits  Shine On! Yo ung Le ade rs Rising is beneficial forthe school district in Minneapolis Le g itim iz e s Service Learning through professional documentation Hig hlig hts student achievement Presents student discourse which can e nrich and supple m e nt the curriculum
  11. 11. Benefits  Shine On! Yo ung Le ade rs Rising is an invaluable tool for community building in Minneapolis Staff ne two rking through solicitation and distribution Stude nt ne two rking through YEB, essay contest, and opportunities to get involved Creating a co m m o n ide ntity as service learners
  12. 12. Benefits Lastly, Shine On! Yo ung Le ade rs Rising is a Service Learning experience for YEB members, and that comes with its own set of benefits…
  13. 13. Other Forms of Youth Media  Magazines  Containing a collection of articles, stories, pictures, or other features  Zines  Inexpensively produced, self- published, underground publication  Newsletters  Regularly distributed, about one main topic of interest to individuals. Tend to be shorter and easily produced.  Blog  A website that displays written postings by one or more individuals, usually has links to comments on specific postings  An example of this can be found at: http://speakingundergroundonline
  14. 14. What is the feasibility of instituting a form of Youth Media in your program? What would the benefits be for your program? What obstacles exist to the development of this type of youth media? Partner Discussion
  15. 15. A Message from the Editors:  A balancing act between challenging and supporting  Opportunities increase growth  Youth deserve to be heard, because they have something important to say  It’s our job to ensure that they have a place to express themselves