the great depression


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not one of my best but has all the key information. don't use if you go to AISCT

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the great depression

  1. 1. The Great DepressionBy Angela Fasana
  2. 2. CAUSESOf the great depression
  3. 3. The crash of wall streetAlso known as black Thursday28th of October 1929Stocks dropped by 150 pointsBiggest drop ever recordedCaused by banks lending too much money
  4. 4. Banks failBanks were in debtMore then 9000 banks failedPeople lost all their savingsremaining banks wouldn’t lend money anymore
  5. 5. No shoppingPeople had no moneyThe didn’t buy any goodsShopkeepers didn’t earn anythingAnd a loop formed, going round and round
  6. 6. No trade with othercountriesHigh taxes were put on importsTo encourage people to buy American goodsForeign goods were too expensiveNobody bought itEventually trade stopped
  7. 7. DroughtDidn’t cause the depression but made thingsworstHappened in the Mississippi valleyMany had to sell their farms for little moneyFarm goods became very expensive
  8. 8. PRESIDENTSDuring the depression
  9. 9. HerbertHoover• From 1929 to 1933• republican• 31st president of the US• Was hopeful that thedepression would solvequickly• Created Hoovervilles
  10. 10. Franklin D.Roosevelt• From 1933 to 1945• Democrat• 32nd president of the US• Tried to help the economy• Created the New Deal
  11. 11. The new dealGovernment funded projectsWere supposed to help the country get out of thedepressionBased on European style governmentHas some positive effect
  12. 12. EFFECTSOf the great depression
  13. 13. Lack of productivity• The national product of the US dropped by 50%• The hourly wages also dropped by 50%• The unemployment t rate went up by 25% in fouryears
  14. 14. Prices dropPeople didn’t have money to buy thingsSo shopkeeper had to lower their pricesMany goods remained stored and unsoldShopkeeper had to owner their pricesThey didn’t have enough money to pay employs
  15. 15. Other countriesAffectedItalyUKAustraliaGermanyFrance• Had been given moneyby the us to rebuild afterWWI.• When the depressionstarted the US took themoney back• Crisis in Germanybrought Hitler to powerNot AffectedJapanChinaRussia
  16. 16. End of the depressionPOSSIBLE CAUSESThe New DealSome believe it ended the depression by giving jobsWWIIIt created jobs because rebuilding was necessaryIt kick started the economy
  17. 17. THANK YOUFor watching