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  • This presentation was done for small business owners of the OnBroadway Business Association of Long Beach, CA. We are available to provide this presentation for other groups of retail businesses that need affordable assistance with marketing, promotion, social media, and customer loyalty.
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  • It’s never been this EASY. We’ve taken all the work out of loyaltyNow the loyalty program truly runs itself.1) Calls attention on it’s own (making adoption that much simpler)No need to rely on employees alone to spread the word.Customers simple tap to check in and scan their card/mobile app. How1 Spot per visitIf merchant wants to set a minimum, they can do so (i.e. must spend $10 to earn a Spot)Spots by dollars (adjust scans per hour)…let customer scan multiple times
  • 1)Add Spots Manually for Delivery/Phone Orders Check a customer in over the phone to give Spots on a delivery order Award extra Spots for large purchases2. Quick Edit Spots Per Check-In SettingDrive traffic during offpeak times by offering more Spots per check-in for a select period of timeExample: Double Rewards Tuesday, where customers earn 2 Spots per visit instead of 13. Edit  Customers and Void TransactionsConvert customer of an existing loyalty program to SpotOnView what rewards or deals a customer has redeemedUn-register an old SpotOn card that has been lost
  • Another drastic change… we listened to a lot of feedback about merchants not wanting to give away everything.NOW, not all rewards need to cost the merchant money. Giving away freebies can work great, but with SpotOn, we want merchants to delight their customer with fun rewards.We want every SpotOn merchant to delight their customers.Name a flavor of ice creamPie a baker in the faceHave the owner’Every app must have one unique reward877-814-4102
  • Built inSocial sharing check-ins
  • Not just a card. The new spoton let’s customers go cardless with the mobile appCustomer benefits:Merchant benefits:Immediate access to customersNo need to pay for SMS (many of you/merchants like the sms….you can still use it….but you’ll pay $06 each)
  • Customers can learn about a deal in a variety of ways: FacebookTwitterMobile app notificationSMS text message
  • When the customer checks in at the store during the promotion, they’ll see the offer available for redemption in the rewards list on the right panel.
  • Send offers on a rainy dayRemember how I said every new check in grows a merchant’s marketing reach? Think about the power of that- being able to send customers a new offer to invite them back. And you can target to the right people- biggest spenders, or those you havent seen in a while, those who haventvisitied your facebook yet
  • That covers the basic features, now lets talk about WHO can use SpotOn.All of these items are critical AND Required
  • Tabletunlimited loyalty cardsA customized reward program that fits your businessHotSpot, our proprietary software that lets you see who’s visiting your biz, target who you reward, and view analytics.Additional costsDeals- Sending additional offers to customers through HotSpot is optional, and merchants will only pay for the deals that customers come in to redeem. Deals cost only $.50 per redemption. If the business’s average ticket amount is under $10, the cost is only $0.25 per deal redemption.SMS/text message- Businesses that enable SMS text message notifications could incur additional charges of $.06 per SMS text message sent to a recipient through the SpotOn HotSpot.
  • How do I know how many people have registeredfor my rewards? Easy! Just login to your HotSpot andselect the Activity tab to view transactions.How do I create my loyalty reward offers? You canquickly add to or modify your loyalty program bysimply logging into HotSpot and checking out theSettings menu. It just takes a few seconds to addnew perks or adjust the number of check-insnecessary to obtain them.How do I send a deal to my existing customers?Login to HotSpot and click on Deals. Click on CreateA Deal and then set the details for your offer alongwith the channels you’d like to use promote it (i.e.Facebook, Twitter, or mobile notification).How do I order more loyalty cards? Loyalty cards arefree and unlimited! Just call 877-814-4102 or contactyour local sales rep to order more.Do customers pay anything? No. The SpotOn mobileapp and cards are free for customers to use as oftenas they’d like.What happens when a customer loses their loyalty card?When a card is lost, a customer can pick up a newcard at any SpotOn business and scan it at that tabletto activate. When a new card is swiped, a customerreceives an email asking them to verify the new card,and the previous card will become inactive.Can a customer use a card and the mobile app?Yes. A customer can use both a card and the mobileapplication interchangeably.
  • BTC offers Marketing Help with SpotOn

    1. 1. The key to brand loyalty: CONSISTENCY
    2. 2. The ROI of your businessparticipating in social media: YOU WILL STILL BE INBUSINESS IN FIVE YEARS
    3. 3. Can assist with both.
    4. 4. Provided by BTC Small Business
    5. 5. Enroll Engage Enhance
    6. 6. Enroll Loyalty that runs itself• Logs visits• Redeem deals• Collects customer data• Supports multiple locations
    7. 7. Scan card or app
    8. 8. Enter email and/or Name
    9. 9. Redeem rewards -OR- new offers
    10. 10. Add/Edit Spots Manually• add/remove Spots manually – phone /delivery business – convert from old loyalty customers• Create promo days
    11. 11. Not Your Average RewardsGet silly and help your brand stand out from the crowd. Owner’s What’s in Pimp baseball the your Mixology tickets Mystery ride class BoxModel our Drive Pet sitter Spring Dan’s for a Name acollection Maserati weekend Personal menu for shopper for a day itemFacebook
    12. 12. Social Prowess • Create buzz • Reward word of mouth • Invites customers to Facebook • Manage social media centrally
    13. 13. Engage Get the App• Check in• Discover other SpotOn businesses nearby• Get exclusive deals from places you love
    14. 14. Tap Into the Network
    15. 15. Invite customers back1 Create a great deal 2 Send it
    16. 16. Customers redeem3 offers thru their phone… … and it’s waiting at the tablet next time they visit (no paper necessary)!
    17. 17. Enhance It’s all in Hotspot Add/edit rewards program See who’s visiting Track success Manage social media Send targeted offers
    18. 18. Digital Rolodex• Grows in value• Big data for the small business• Expanded reach
    19. 19. Immediate Impact• Customer Experience• Loyalty• Revenue• Analytics
    20. 20. Target Markets• Businesses with repeat customers Retail, food & drink, beauty, auto (oil change) Carpet store, funeral home, auto repair• Recommended card processing >$4000/mo• Existing internet connection at the business• NEW Central Payment merchants only
    21. 21. Price: $50/mo Merchants get everything they need to get going Additional Fees:• No long term contract Deals redemption• Less than $2/Day $.50 per redemption ($0.25 is avg ticket < $10) Text messaging $.06 per outgoing text msg
    22. 22. Learn
    23. 23. Current promotion for the On BroadwayBusiness Association w/minimum of fivemerchants on program:No setup feeNo statement fee
    24. 24. Minimum of 10 CPAY and 5 SpotOn:Annual Strategic Planning for AssociationAlignment with On Broadway brand plan