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It is a list of project available at the website techshristi.Visit website for the project and even other more project as it is just a small preview of the project list.

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Techshristi project list

  1. 1. Hello Friends,Here is the list of the project available at the techshristi website.It is short quick preveiw of the our projectlist.You can just simply press Crtl+F on the screen and search the name project that you want to have orvisit our website to search the project in search box.List of the project avaialble.project are avialble at Devices Control Over Internet2. CORE BANKING in JSP/JAVA3. eMessaging in C#.net4. Project report on Parle5. Project report on Railway6. Report on Mother diary7. Kinetic Motors8. Communication Barriers9. Report on Ajanta10. Marketing Feasibility report on Two wheeler11. Report on Mutual Fund12. Buying behaviour of gold13. REPORT ON INCENSE STICKS (AGARBATTI)14. Marketing Feasibility report on Tanishq15. Report on e banking16. REPORT ON BALAJI WAFERS PVT LTD17. ppt on Here comes 4G""18. Report on Chocolate19. Here comes 4G20. ANIMATED FILMS21. An Implementation of the EZW Algorithm.22. National conference on Emerging Technology and Application
  2. 2. 23. DFD FOR THE E-BANKING24. Seminar Report on Bar Code System25. Paper presentation on Communication26. Bluetooth27. Report on Library Mnagement System28. ppt on Operation and Management29. Ppt on Factory Act 194830. ppt on Workmen Compensation Act 192331. ppt on Workmen Compensation Act _1_192332. ppt on Trade Union33. ppt on Sale of Goods Act_1_193034. ppt on Right to Information Act 200535. Ppt on biometrics36. Report on Biometeric37. Report on CDMA technology38. Paper presentation on EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES & APPLICATIONS""39. Ppt on paper presentation on health effect of mobile40. A Paper presentation on VSAT and Its Applications41. A Comparative study in Speech Processing42. Logo of various Companies43. Basic Management jargons44. 13 cool companies45. Market Research on AIR-CONDITIONRERS46. Eye Contact47. Report on Coco-Cola48. ppt on Postive Attitude49. ppt on Nano Car50. Report on Cold Drink
  3. 3. 51. ICWAI Foundation dec.2002 question papers52. ICWAI Foundation dec.2003 question papers53. ICWAI Foundation dec.2004 Question Papers54. ICWAI Foundation dec.2005 Question Papers55. ICWAI Foundation dec.2006 Question Papers56. Ppt on Law of Contract 187257. ppt on Sale of Goods Act 193058. Ppt on Companies Act 195659. Multimedia Rich Virtual Classroom Environment Development60. Ppt on Consumer Protection Act 198661. ppt on Payment of Bonus Act 196562. ppt on Payment Of Wages Act 193663. ppt on Minumum Wage Act 194864. ppt on Limted Liability Patnership65. ppt on Industrial dispute Act 194766. ppt on Accounting Standard67. ppt on Ratio Analysis68. 15 example of Ads69. ppt on Accounting for branches and Combined Financial Statement70. Paper presentation on The interrupts71. Paper presentation on Data Security72. Report on Data Security Ppt73. Report on Cryptography74. Report on Firewall and Data Security75. ICWAI Foundation June.2003 Question Papers76. Data Security Ppt77. ICWAI Foundation June.2004 Question Papers78. ICWAI Foundation June 2005 Question Papers
  4. 4. 79. Report on Fiber optic Sensor80. Report on Wireless Network Security81. Delivering A New Era of Secure Multi-Application Smart Cards82. Report on E-Governance83. MIDDLEWARE AND TECHNOLOGY STANDARDS FOR E-GOVERNANCE84. GPS - A Powerful Monitoring System85. Report on Mobile Computing86. Data Warehousing - Providing Data Access to the Enterprise.87. Data Warehouse PPT88. Project report on Data Warehousing and Data Minning89. Partial Eight Direction Based Line Segmentation Algorithm for Epigraphical Script Images90. Implementation of a Reliable Multicast Transport Protocol (RMTP)91. Bioinformatics in biological research92. DYNAMIC ROUTING IN A MESH NETWORK93. Report on DTH TV94. Income under the head Salary95. The Top Ten Etiquette For The Business Dinner or Interview96. How to Make Business Call Tips97. Tech Shristi98. Report on F1 cars99. Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)100. Report on Embedded_DSP101. Report on Embedded System102. Project on Embedded System103. Car and Embedded Systems104. Programming and Interfacing the 8051 Microcontroller ( C and Assembly )105. Embedded System (ppt)106. Project Report on E-Security
  5. 5. 107. Seminar Report on Expert System108. Income tax Notes109. ICWAI Foundation June.2006 Question Papers110. Ppt on Wealth Tax111. Wealth tax112. Multiple choice questions on Income tax113. ICWAI Foundation June.2007 Question Papers114. Emerging Robotics technologies and its applications115. Ionospherc_Effecton GPS116. Dynamic Routing in a Mesh Network117. Use of Geographical Information System in Agriculture118. General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)119. Introduction to Bluetooth120. Networking over Bluetooth ppt121. Global Positioning System (GPS)122. General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) ppt123. Global Positioning System124. Global System For Mobile Communication125. Multiple Choice Question on History for UPSC126. SWOT Analysis127. Example of Marketing Mix128. Career Planning129. Few Basic Strategies for Derivative Trading130. How to Launch a Product Effectively?131. Studying Labour Cooperatives with Lijjat Papad132. Case Study on Indian Railway133. Case Study on Quality Circle134. Case Study on SAIL
  6. 6. 135. Multimedia Database Management System136. Issues in Data warehouse137. Biometeric Technologies138. Biometric Authentication Systems139. What is Diesel Engine ?140. Globle Positioning System (GPS),141. Biometeric Technologies142. Authentication and Biometric143. Project report on Data Warehousing and Data Minning144. Data Warehousing.145. Global Positioning System (GPS)146. MULTIMEDIA COMPUTING147. 13 Small Case Study148. Case Study on The importance of effective management149. Start Up Case Study150. Case Study, History, and Strategic Analysis of Motorola Inc151. Enterprise Risk Management152. How To Write A Good Case153. Case Study on Charles  Voegele 154. BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT CASE STUDY on ORGANIX155. CAT 2001 Question Papers156. CAT 2002 Question Papers157. CAT 2003 Question Papers158. CAT 2004 Question Papers159. CAT 2005 Question Papers160. CAT 2006 Question Papers161. CAT 2007 Question Papers162. CAT 2006 TestBooklet with Keys
  7. 7. 163. Top Seven Office Party164. Multimedia165. ACM SIGMOBILE166. Project on Firewall167. Report on Mobile Computing168. Report on Networking169. Project on Multimedia computing170. A SEMINAR ON DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING171. BIOMETRICS AUTHENTICATION TECHNIQUES172. Mobile Technology: 4G-Next Generation173. Micro Electro Mechanical Systems174. December 2009175. 3d machine vision systems Seminar176. Notes on House property177. Multiple choice question on MIS178. December 2010179. June 2010180. June 2009181. June 2008182. employee database system183. aptitude questions 1184. aptitude questions 2185. aptitude questions3186. aptitude questions 4187. aptitude questions 5188. aptitude questions 6189. aptitude questions 7190. aptitude questions set1
  8. 8. 191. aptitude questions set3192. aptitude questions with answers for time1193. aptitude questions with answers194. aptitude questions 2195. aptitude questions10196. aptitude questions 11197. aptitude questions 12198. aptitude questions 13199. aptitude questions 8200. aptitude questions 9201. aptitude test paper by placementpapers202. aptitude tests reasoning tests error checking tests from saville consulting203. aptitude questions204. aptitude test questions205. quantitative aptitude questions set206. quantitative aptitude207. questions asked by software organizations208. Nestle (ppt)209. Inter P-6 CCAnswers June 2010 T3T4210. Inter P 7 CCAnswers June 2010 T3 and T4211. Investment-Pattern-of-Investor’s-in-Mutual-Fund-Life-Insurance-“CASE-STUDY-OF-CHANDIGARH”212. Inter P 5 CCAnswers June 2010 T3T4213. ATC AND WIND SHEER DETECTION THROUGH TDW RARDAR214. Mutual Fund Market And Research Work On Kotak K30 Scheme215. Final year project on Apollo Tyres216. model-aptitude-questions217. sample aptitude questions
  9. 9. 218. aptitude question of SBI219. BACK OFFICE FUNCTION IN A STOCK EXCHANGE220. STUDY OF COMMODITY MARKET221. STUDY OF COMMODITY MARKET222. COMPANY ANALYSIS IN SUGAR SECTOR223. Amazing Power of Voice Over IP224. INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA FOR ASAI-BASED TALKER SYSTEM FOR TAMIL TEXT225. Mobile banking226. Global Positioning System (ppt)227. June 2010228. Group 1 _June 2011229. Direct tax Amendment for AY 2011-12230. Leverage of the brand and brand extension231. Hyper threading technology232. Competitive analysis of Chocolate industry233. Project report on Wagh Bakri Ltd.234. Resume of MBA students 1235. Feasibility report on Television236. solution to I M Pandey Part 1 Theory237. solution to Financial Management by I M Pandey part 2 pratical238. solution to Financial Management by I M Pandey cases only239. Project report on INCENSTICK_2240. Feasibility Report on Foam Manufacture241. Potential of Life insurance Industry in Surat Market-kotak life insurance242. Report on Inclusive Growth243. Feasibility report on Finishing School244. Car Wash Business Plan245. The Convergence of Wireless Technologies and e-Government
  10. 10. 246. Remotely Operated Application Server247. Exploring Bluetooth Technology and Its Applications248. Advent Issues of Network Web Applications249. Data to Data Warehouse and Data Mining250. Microprocessors251. august-quantitative-aptitude252. Aptitude Questions of Infosys 1253. December 2010254. December 2009255. June 2009256. June 2010257. 21 Useful Charts for Tax Compliance258. Group 2 December 2010259. Group 2 june 2010260. Group 2 june 2011261. Transportation problems in Quantitative Techniques262. Learn with Care263. Feasibility Report on Biscuit264. Feasibility Report on Creche265. Aptitude Questions of Infosys266. HRInterviewQuestions267. 400 Puzzels268. Retailing in India269. Questions of Infosys_2270. Appitude Question Booklets271. 2009(Main)272. CNC MAINTENANCE273. Direct shifting gearbox
  11. 11. 274. HCCI Engines-Opportunities and Challenges275. Report on at Ingersoll-Rand ( India) Private Limited276. Report on Radiator277. Report on Steam Boiler at BALKRISHNA BOILERS PVT. LTD.278. Report On Tyre Treading279. The Online Student Registration System280. eBilling and Invoice System281. Web Based Claims Processing System282. Marketing Research on Nirma And It’s Supply Chain Management283. Aircraft Propulsion system284. Report on Air Bags285. ATTRITION LEVEL IN PONDICHERRY POLYMERS PRIVATE286. Cash management at standard Polymers287. Demand and Forecating of Plastic product288. Tax Deducted at source289. Notes on Income tax290. Suggested answer of dec.2003 old syllabus of Direct tax291. Dec 2009 DT292. Notes on Law293. fast track notes on Audit294. Notes on Audit295. Notes on Audit296. report on Matrix Calculators297. ppt on Agriculture298. Audit important questions notes299. Inter P5 CCAnswers June 2010 T1and T2300. Aircraft Propulsion System301. Modern trends In Automobile
  13. 13. 329. Feasibility report on Blood bank330. Feasibility report on Library system331. Final project report on Lotte chocolate industry332. Civilisation Game in JAVA333. complete open-source ColdFusion mail client334. A Reward Plus System335. A typing game in C336. Video Rental System project in VB337. ADAPTIVE CONTROL SYSTEM WITH KNOWLEDGE SERVER IN INTELLEGENT CNCSYSTEM338. Advance payroll system in JAVA339. Agile Manufacturing Strategy340. AIR BRAKE SYSTEM341. Airline Reservation in JAVA342. Artificial Students Record System in C343. Banking system in C++344. Basic student Information program in PHP345. Maslow Theory346. ULIP PLAN347. A STUDY ON EFFECT OF WELFARE MEASURES ON EMPLOYEE MORALE348. A STUDY ON TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT OF CHOLAN ROADWAYS349. Rane brake linings ltd350. A STUDY ON PERFORMANCE APPRSIAL SYSTEM AT MANATEC ELECTRONICSEMPLOYEES351. A STUDY ON PAYABLES MANAGEMENT AT WHIRLPOOL OF INDIA LTD.,352. Feasibility report on THE GRAND BHAGAWATI353. Feasibility report on car detailing354. Project report on Grey Fabrics355. feasibility report on JALDHARA WATER PUMP
  14. 14. 356. Final year project on Colgate Palmolive357. Resume of NIRMA STYLE WITH PHOTO358. Resume of NIRMA STYLE WITHOUT PHOTO359. Resume sample_with photos360. Resume sample without photos361. 3 Resume sample362. ppt on AMITABH BACHCHAN363. Project-SuperMarket Billing system364. SEMINAR REPORT on HYBRID VEHICLES365. Automated Cantilever Strain Measurements366. Psyscology 2004367. sciology2009368. ppt on BRTS369. ppt on Cadbury370. ppt on goal setting371. ppt on Top CEO372. ppt on Indian Agriculture373. ppt on organizational Change374. ppt on thoughts of Gandhiji375. ppt on Sonata Watch376. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT AT HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICS LIMITED377. ppt on Do it Now..!!!378. ppt on Coffee379. CAT Quantitative Reasoning (Math)380. Practice papers 2381. Cat Practice papers 3382. Cat Practice papers 4383. Practice papers5
  15. 15. 384. Practice papers 6385. Cat Practice papers 7386. CAT 1999 Question Papers387. Cat Practice papers 8388. Reading Comprehension389. Data-Interpretation390. Sample of cover letter391. Notes on Vedic_Multiplication392. Vedamu Vedic Maths393. Vedic Maths 1394. Vedic Maths Tutorial395. Issues in Data warehouse396. MARKET ANALYSIS FOR 1 / 1.2 TONNE REACH TRUCK:GODREJ AND BOYCE397. Share trading in Angel Broking398. A FEASIBILITY REPORT ON PLUMBING ACCESSORIES399. LEVERAGE OF THE BRAND AND BRAND EXTENSIONS ; kellogs400. market feasibility report on Laptop401. A FEASIBILITY REPORT ON Gas Burner & Stoves402. MIS case on indian Railway403. MARKET RESEARCH OF DTH SERVICE404. A RESEARCH SURVEY ON INTERNET USERS405. Data to Data Warehouse and Data Mining406. Logistic manager description and Companies name of Logistic Industries407. project report on Logistic Sysytem Of DHL408. Element of Logistic Managment409. Fourth-Party Logistics - A study on modern logistics410. Modeling the Logistics of FedEx International Express411. Project report on Logisitic
  16. 16. 412. Logistic project report on Bluedart413. project report on Logistic_1414. Customer Tailored Logistics415. Logistic services In german metal Processing Industries416. Strategic Management Project on FedEx Corporation417. Report on logistic418. Integration Flow Management419. icwai CC Final paper 11 T1&T2420. Hotel Management in PHP421. icwai CC Final paper 14T1&T2422. icwai CC Final paper 12T1&T2423. icwai CC Final paper 15 T1&T2424. icwai CC Final paper 16 T1&T2425. icwai CC Final paper 13T1&T2426. icwai CC Final paper 18T1&T2427. Handy Formulae for Quantitative Aptitude Problems428. Ways to improve the performance of a plant429. infotech aptitude questions paper430. A Civilisation Game431. A Reward Plus System project432. A typing game433. Video Rental System project434. adaptive control system435. advertising Agency system project436. Advanced Failure Analysis Techniques For Pentium and Pentium Pro Microprocessors437. advanced payroll system project438. Agile Manufacturing Strategy439. NANO TECHNOLOGY SWITCHING APPLICATIONS SEMINAR
  17. 17. 440. Quantitative Aptitude441. Non linearlity in the air to create sound442. Computational Fluid Dynamics-CFD443. Reduction of Substrate Noise in Mixed-Signal Circuits444. june 2011Group 4445. AIR BRAKE SYSTEM446. air muscle447. A STUDY ON WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT448. di diesel engine449. Fresher Resume Sample 5450. FresherResumeSample9.451. DNA COMPUTING Seminar452. CONFLICT MANAGEMENT STRATAGIES453. CUSTOMER FOCUS ON SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT454. A STUDY ON EMPLOYEE’S ABSENTEEISM455. A STUDY ON WOMEN CONSUMER ATTITUDE OF PURCHASING CAR456. A STUDY ON EMPLOYEE ABSENTEEISM AND EMPLOYEE MORALE457. A study on Labour Welfare Measures458. CAT full lenght test459. CAT full lenght test 1460. CAT Full Length Test With Solutions461. CAT Full Length Test With Solutions 5462. CAT Full Length Test With Solutions 6463. CAT Full Length Test With Solutions 7464. CAT Full Length Test With Solutions 8465. SNAP Sample Paper466. Mock test 8467. mock test 9
  18. 18. 468. A study on Cash management469. A study about Productive Level470. A STUDY ON DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS471. automatic speed control system Seminar472. An Introduction to SOA Test Methodology Seminar473. Different ways to check the Free space in SQL server Seminar474. ASP VT-Auth v1.0475. A STUDY ON SALES PROMOTION476. College Library Record Application477. Basic student Information program using Php.478. CMOS Technology for Biomedical Oriented System-on-Chip Applications Seminar479. composites materials Seminar480. Minimum Wages and Employment: A Case Study of the Fast-Food Industry in New Jersey andPennsylvania481. Sitefinity Ticked All the CMS Requirements for Zip your Lip482. securities and exchange board of India merchant bankers amendment regulations 2011483. Companies Name Availability Rules, 2011484. Form No. II of The Indian Partnership Act, 1932485. circular for payment of commision to non whole time directors486. Notes On Company Law487. 56 amendments in the notification number sro dated 7th january 1957.pdf488. Company Law Procedure489. 19858 6621 29 the companies passing of the resolution by postal ballot rules 2011490. Clarifiacation regarding Body corporate for the purpose of section 226(3)(a) of the companies act1956491. Format of LICENSE AGREEMENT492. BANKING REGULATION ACT Notes on BANKING REGULATION ACT 1949 BANKINGREGULATION ACT493. Change of Name by Listed Companies
  19. 19. 494. Frequently Asked Questions on Companies (Cost Accounting Records) Rules, 2011495. Frequently Asked Questions on Companies (Cost Audit Report) Rules, 2011496. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE BOARD OF INDIA MERCHANT BANKERS AMENDMENTREGULATIONS, 2011497. companies central government general rules and forms 1956498. Amendment in schedule xiii of the companies act 1956499. Income Tax Return Prepration Software A.Y. 2011-2012500. Income Tax Return Prepration Software A.Y. 2011-2012501. Explainatory notes to the Provision of finance act 2010502. Speech of Minister of Finance503. mock test 10504. Audit of Contracts505. ppt on Power and Politics506. ppt on Accounting Standard Revenue Recognitions507. ppt on Globalisation508. A STUDY ON THE USAGE OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT509. A STUDY ON ATTITUDE OF CUSTOMERS510. The Case for Work or Life Balance511. THE IMPACT OF WORKING WOMEN ON WORK/LIFE BALANCE PERSPECTIVES512. THE IMPACT OF WORKING WOMEN ON WORK/LIFE BALANCE PERSPECTIVES513. Work-Life Balance-A Case of Social Responsibility or Competitive Advantage?514. Feasibiility Report on Namkeen515. English 2010516. ppt on Environment517. Important question on Audit518. A study on Employee Job Satisfaction519. Income under the head House property520. A Study of Effectiveness of Training Programme
  20. 20. 521. A STUDY ON EMPLOYEES PERSONALITY522. A STUDY ON EMPLOYEE’S MOTIVATION523. A STUDY ON ABSENTEEISM AMONG THE EMPLOYEES524. A STUDY ON EMPLOYEE WELFARE MEASURES525. project report on Bharath Heavy Electricals Limited526. A STUDY ON DEALER’S SATISFACTION527. A STUDY ON EMPLOYEES JOB CLARITY528. RATIO ANALYSIS529. A STUDY ON EFFECTIVENESS OF EMPLOYEES SAFETY AND HEALTH530. A STUDY ON MARKET POTENTIAL OF FLOAT GLASSES531. A STUDY ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IN DOMESTIC SALES532. A STUDY ON THE EMPLOYEE PERCEPTION AT APPASAMY OCULAR DEVICES PVT. LTD.,VADAMANGALAM, PUDUCHERRY.533. ppt on Economist534. ppt on oligopoly535. ppt on hacking536. ppt on to IPL Cricket Tournament.537. ppt on INCREASING POPULARITY OF SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES538. Gujarati 2010539. History 2010540. Essay 2010541. Geography 2010542. General Studies2010543. E3390 Electronic Circuit Design Lab544. Gujarati 2010545. CAT practice papers 14546. CAT practice papers 15547. CAT practice papers 16
  21. 21. 548. CAT practice papers 17549. CAT practice papers 18550. CAT practice papers 19551. project report on Angel Broking552. Report on Budget Process in a Hotel – A Case Study of Novotel553. December 2007554. December 2003555. December 2008556. December 2009557. December 2004558. December 2006559. December 2005560. June 2004561. June 2005562. June 2003563. June 2006564. June 2007565. June 2009566. June 2008567. Noise and Vibration Investigation of Composite Shaft568. Women and Gobalization569. OPTICAL CAMOUFLAGE570. NANO TECHNOLOGY COOLING571. Real Time Monitoring of Crystal Habit Changes during a Slurry Conversion572. Lagaan - A Decision Making Case Study573. Case Study of IPL rebook574. Keyword Elite Case Study575. 2010
  22. 22. 576. Notes on Advance Auditing577. English578. Hindi Compulsory 2010579. General Studies 2010580. Geography 2010581. Indian history 2010582. Objective question on basic economics583. Objective question on indian economics584. CONTRIBUTION OF IT SECTOR IN INDIAN ECONOMY585. Banking and trends586. Project Presentation on Inflation587. Application of Demand & Supply Crude Oil588. ppt presentation on Oligopoly- Airlines589. Ten Things for India to Achieve its 2050 Potential590. India: Realizing BRICs Potential591. India’s Rising Growth Potential592. Economic Impact of Factory Farms593. Where is land goinig?594. Report on Home Loan595. Report on Home Loan 1596. 3D Modeling and Virtual Manufacturing of a Machine Component using CATIA V5 andMASTERCAM.597. Unified Wheel Opener598. A Project Report on Three Phase Voltage Regulation using SCR & Micro-Controller.599. WIRELESS LOAD CONTROLLER BY GSM600. Logical Reasoning601. Maths602. Gems & Jewellery Industry
  23. 23. 603. CAT practice papers 20604. CAT practice papers 21605. Quant. Apptitude test 1606. Quant. Apptitude test 2607. Quant. Apptitude test 3608. Quant. Apptitude test 4609. Quant. Apptitude test 5610. Quant. Apptitude test 7611. Quant. Apptitude test 6612. Time and Distance613. Maths Cheat614. Maths Shortcut615. Maths for MBA616. Important Formula for Quant. Apptitude617. Sucess and Growth618. Mechatronics619. Sources of Error in GPS Measurements620. Report on Biometric 1621. ppt on e security622. Global Positioning System623. Micro Electro Mechanical Systems624. Report on Mutual Fund625. icwai Inter P 7 CCAnswers ADT T1 and T2626. Performance of QoS Routing in Multihop, Multimedia, Wireless Networks627. Routing and Multicast in Multihop, MobileWireless Networks628. Behavior Of Mobile Agents with SNMP in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.629. Amazing Power of Voice Over IP630. INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA FOR ASAI-BASED TALKER SYSTEM FOR TAMIL TEXT
  24. 24. 631. Mobile banking632. Hyper threading Technology633. The Convergence of Wireless Technologies and e-Government634. Remotely Operated Application Server635. Exploring Bluetooth Technology and Its Applications1636. Remotely Operated Application Server637. Report on Microprocessors638. New Micro Electro Mechanical Systems639. ANTI-COLLISION SYSTEM USING MICROCONTROLLER640. plasma Television641. Cluster Computing setup with different hardware & performance analysis642. problems on Quantitative643. Rules of Geometry644. Ppt on Competition Act645. Ppt on Strategy Implementation646. Global Positioning System 1647. N1 Architecture For Smart Computing648. Paper on nanotechnology649. Nanotechnology 1650. A Research Paper on M-Commerce Security651. Report on Nano World652. A Research Paper on Nanotechnology653. A Research Paper on Studying and reforming the principal for Liability and Computer Security654.655.656.657.658.
  25. 25. 659.660.661.662.663.664.665.666.667.668. A Research Paper on Studying and reforming the principal for Liability and Computer Security669. Report on Remote Sensing670. Neural Networks671. June 2011672. Inter P10 CCAnswers IDT T4673. icwai Inter P10 CCAnswers IDT T3674. icwai Inter P 09 CCAnswers OMS T3 and t4675. Optical Storage technology676. ICWAI New Syllabus677. icwai Inter P 08 CCAnswers CMA T3 and T4678. Parallel Computing679. Notes on Salary for Assement year 2012-2013680. Real Estate Project Report681. Mobile Communication682. Paper On Data Mining in Knowledge Discovery Using OLAP683. Load Frequency Control of Multi-Area Power System684. E-filing of Income Tax return in respect of companies under liquidation685. Important Due Date686. Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Finacial Accounting
  26. 26. 687. Auditing Objectives688. Objective Questions and Answers on Direct Tax for June 2011689. Short Notes on CMA690. Objective Questions and Answers on Operation Management691. Objective Type questions and Answers on Indirect Tax692. Report on Inventory Managment693. Inventory managment - Logistics Management694. Report on Inventory Managment- Summer trainning695. Sample report on Inventory Managment696. Summer training report on Study of consumer behaviour697. Summer training report on Analysis of working capitqal managment at GNFC698. ppt on Competing with IT,“Using IT as a Strategic Resource and obtaining a competitiveadvantage699. ppt on E- Business Sysytem700. ppt on Model Making Competition701. Body Language702. Becoming a better Comunicator703. Group Discussion704. Group Discussion and Group Task705. How to tie a TIE706. Mock test for Group Discussion707. Mock Personal Interview708. how to preapre for Personal Interview709. Interview - Sample Questions & Suggested Answers710. Tips for Interveiw711. GD TOPICS712. Picture Dictonary part 1713. Picture Dictonary part 2
  27. 27. 714. Picture Dictonary part 3715. GRE picture word716. Picture dictonary for cat exam717. vocabulary in english718. picture vocabulary719. Quiz720. Important Terms in Capital Market721. Objective Questions and Answers of Financial Management722. Ppt on Private sector v/s Public sector723. Resume sample of MBA Student724. Memorandum and Articles of Association of Reliance traiding private Limited725. Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of reliance industries limited726. AN INQUIRY INTO THE NATURE AND CAUSES OF THE WEALTH OF NATIONS727. Summer training report on Reliance Cash and Carry728. ppt on basic Concept of Accounting729. ppt on all accounting standard730. ppt on Depreciation731. ppt on Flavors of accounting732. ppt on understanding business entities733. ppt on understanding transactions and effects734. ppt on Valuation of Inventory735. HERBAL INFORMATICS-TO CONTROL AND CURE DEGENERATIVE DISEASES736. The Generalized Technique for Establishing Mobile Virtual Collaborative Laboratories Based onPeer to Peer Network Technology737. Para Medical Staff738. Study of Diagnostic centre in Ahmedabad739. A Grand project On Equity Research740. Business plan on online hypermarket
  28. 28. 741. WORKING CAPTIAL MANAGEMENT742. GRAND PROJECT ON CREDIT APPRAISAL IN BANKING SECTOR743. A SUMMER INTERNSHIP REPORT ON INVESTMENT PLANNING OF AHMEDABADI PEOPLE744. Investment Avenues In The Present Financial Year – A Case Study745. Feasibility report on Makson Pharmaceuticals (I) Pvt. Ltd.746. Presentation OnEmpirical Analysis Of Working Capital Management747. Project Report on State Bank of India748. Summer intership project report749. Working capital managment on Vadilal Industries Limited750. organizational behavior751. Foundation to Individual Behaviour752. attitude and job satisfaction753. Personality and Values754. ppt on Perception755. Motivation concept756. Motivation from concept to theory757. Emotions and Moods758. FOUNDATION TO GROUP BEHAVIOR759. understanding workteam760. basic appoarch to leadership761. contemporary issuse on leadership762. Conflict and negotiation763. organizational culture764. stress managment765. Question bank of organizational behavior book by stephen robbins766. Managing the Digital Firm767. ppt on information system in the enterprises
  29. 29. 768. INFORMATION SYSTEMS, ORGANIZATIONS, MANAGEMENT, AND STRATEGY769. The digital business- digital business and digital firm770. Etihical and social issuse in digital firm771. Managing the Hardware and Software772. MANAGING DATA RESOURCES773. Telecommunication and networking774. THE INTERNET AND THE NEW INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE775. Managing knowledge for digital Firm776. Enhance decision making for digital firm777. Redesigning the organization with information system778. UNDERSTANDING THE BUSINESS VALUE OF SYSTEMS AND MANAGING CHANGE779. Information system and security control780. International Information Systems781. solution to Ken Black782. solution to Economics book by McKinney783. Software Re-engineering784. Universal Networking Language a Means to Bridge Digital Divide785. ppt on Ten principles of Economics786. ppt on Thinking Like an Economist787. ppt on Market Forces of Demand and Supply788. Computer: A Best Instrument for Time Managers789. Emerging Robotics technologies and its applications 1790. Computer Cards791. RFID Systems and Security and Privacy Implications792. E-GOVERNANCE IN GUJARAT793. The Role of Computers in On-Line Learning794. paper presentation on Nano Technology795. Research Paper On Knowledge Management
  30. 30. 796. Modeling and Verification of Embedded Systems Using Cadence SMV797. Advances in Mobile Computing Using SIP798. Satellite communication799. Hidden key to Communication800. DSP Based Implementation of Vector Controlled 3 Phase Induction Motor Drive801. Radio Detection and Ranging802. Code And Time Synchronization of the Cell Search Algorithms for W-CDMA Systems803. Speech Recognition804. Megnetoelecronics805. FACIAL IMAGE RECOGNITION806. Knowledge Management: We know too much but feel too little807. Manpower SCM model for Indian Rural Development808. teleportation machine809. Achieving Success Through Effective Business Communication810. icwai Inter P 6 CCAnswers CIA T1 and T2811. icwai Inter P 8 CCAnswers CMAT1 and T2812. icwai Inter P 9 CCAnswers OMIS T1 and T2813. HCL Campus Selection Placement Paper Pattern814. Notes on ADVANCE TAX815. Report on uniform costing System816. Operational Excellence& Customer Intimacy817. DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS(DSS)818. Decision Support system forSoftware Specifics819. ppt on Complex Decisions & AI820. SECURING INFORMATION SYSTEMS
  31. 31. 821. ppt on Binary Arithmetic822. ppt on Binary Conversion823. Boolean Algebra& Logic Circuits824. Hardware &Software Selection825. Database Management Systems (DBMS)826. ppt on For Sales & Marketing Information Systems827. An Updated Look at the Connections between Workforce Diversity Workforce Diversity andOrganizational Performance and Organizational Performance828. ppt on Anti-competitive agreements829. ppt on Competition Commission of India830. Investigating Anticompetitive Agreements831. ppt on Monipolistics Competition832. Important questions for Direct tax833. ppt on General Agreement Tariffs and Trade834. ppt on Fedex835. ppt on LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP836. ppt on Consumer Behaviour837. Marketing and innovation838. ppt on price839. Library Management Code in C840. ppt on Building Customer Value, Satisfaction and Loylty841. Comparative Study of Unit Link Product842. Accounting Standard AS 16843. How to improve Concentration844. Economics and Business Fundamentals845. Organization and Management Fundamentals
  32. 32. 846. Notes on Forex847. RTP Group-III june 2011848. All about the HDFC BANK849. Portfolio Management AT JINDAL STAINLESS STEEL Ltd.850. A REPORT ON PERCEPTION TOWARDS LIFE INSURANCE AFTER PRIVATISATON851. Accounting Standard AS 7852. Consumer Preference for Mutual funds Vs Insurance853. Project Report on Computer Quiz854. A STUDY ON “INVESTOR’S WILLINGNESS TO TAKE RISK IN MUTUALFUND INVESTMENTS”.855. Corporate Selling856. Comparative Study of India Infoline with other Broking Firms857. Report on training and development858. Credit Risk Management859. An Overview of the C ++ Programming Language860. How to Manage Records in Your Office861. Prevention and care services on HIV/AIDS to informal workers in key sectors862. Communicating in TEAMS and Listening Skills Non-Verbal Skills863. Intercultural Communication864. Business Message865. Communication through Visuals866. GOOD NEWSANDGOODWILL MESSAGES867. PLANNING BUSINESSREPORTSANDPROPOSALS
  33. 33. 868. Writing Business Messages869. Rural and Urban advertisiment870. ppt on business Etiquette871. Managerial Communication872. non-verbal communication873. ppt on oral communication874. Achieving Success Through Effective Business Communication875. Communicating in Teams and Mastering Listening and Nonverbal Communication876. PlanningBusiness Messages877. ppt on Communicating Interculturally 1878. WritingBusiness Messages 1879. ppt on CompletingBusiness Messages880. ppt on Finding, Evaluating, and Processing Information881. ppt on Communicating Information Through Visuals882. ppt on Planning Reportsand Proposals883. Writing Business Reports and Proposals884. ppt on CompletingReports and Proposals885. OrganizationinTechnical Communication886. Fibers Optic Technology in Telecommunication887. Teleportation888. ppt on Transmitter
  34. 34. 889. Voice compression890. User Level Router891. Hybrid Approach for Managing Cost-Performance Tradeoff in Scheduling for EmbeddedMultiprocessor SOCs892. Exploring .NET with Mobile Controls893. Bio-Medical Instrumentation894. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT & BILL PRINITING SYSTEM FOR KHUSBOO GAS AGENCY895. Paper presntation on Virtual reality896. Ppaer presentation on Laser897. Tips For CA Students898. Report on Blue Ray Disc899. Report on Holographic Memory900. virus library901. THE ESSENTIAL COMMODITIES ACT, 1955902. f6545_THE ESSENTIAL COMMODITIES ACT.docx903. The Environment (Protection) Act, 1986904. New Telecom Policy905. Telemarketing906. An Introduction to TCP/IP Programming907. Introduction to SONET908. Control of Electronic and Electrical Devices by SMS message909. The Impact of Liberalisation and Privatisation in India910. Solution to QT Book ND Vohra911. Data hacking and Cracking912. Wireless Communication913. High Speed Data Application on Mobile Networks914. REport on Jini Technology915. Linux – A powerful operating system for mobile computing
  35. 35. 916. Paper presntation on Biometeric917. Paper Presentation On MOBILE COMPUTING1918. Network attach919. Paper Presentation On Digital jewellery920. Paper Presentation On E-Security921. paper presentation on the Wrileless Sensor Networks922. Red Tacton Human Aread Networking923. Paper Presentation on the Satellite Communication924. Secure Mobile Banking Application925. Banking Network Design926. Phishing & Anti phishing techniques927. Wireless Communication928. Paper Presentation On Wireless Sensor Network929. report on Ponds930. The advantages and disadvantages of Globalisation931. ppt on Organizational Change 1932. E-GovernanceinIndia933. Building digital libraries in Indian languages934. Feasibility report on the Pharmaceuticals935. Feasibility report on ice-cream936. Feasibility Report on Spices937. Audio Spectrum Analyzer using FPGA Technology938. Notes on Central Excise939. Notes on Custom940. Notes on Accounting941. Easy way to learn Income Tax for AY 11-12
  36. 36. 942. Feasibility Report on Bakery943. Report on Airtel944. Revenue Recognition AS 9945. Accounting Standard on Fixed Assest946. Basic Concept of Cost Accounting947. Board Meeting948. Branch Accounts (theory and problems)949. Computation problems in Custom Duty950. Fundamentalof Service Tax Made Easy951. Inter Corporate And Investment952. Practical Questions in Corporate & Other Laws953. MCQ on Law954. Company Auditor955. Auditing and Assurance Standard956. Auditing and Assurance Standard 1957. MCQ on Auditing958. Differences in Information Technology959. Fill up the blanks in Information Technology960. Notes on Auditing961. Advance Management may 2010 suggested answers962. Advanced Accounting may 2010 suggested answers (old)963. Auditing ca final old course may 2010 suggested answers964. Corporate Laws ca final may 2010 suggested answers(new)965. Cost Management ca final old course may 2010 suggested answers966. Corporate Laws ca final old course may 2010 suggested answers967. Direct Tax ca final new course may 2010 suggested answers968. Direct Tax ca final old course may 2010 suggested answers969. Indirect Tax ca final new course may 2010 suggested answers
  37. 37. 970. Indirect Taxes ca final old course may 2010 suggested answers971. Information Technology ca final new course may 2010 suggested answers972. Strategic Management ca final new course may 2010 suggested answers973. The Central Excise Rules, 2002974. CONCISE GUIDE ON CODE OF CONDUCT AND COMPANY AUDIT975. FAQ on VAT976. ISSUES IN TAX AUDIT AND BUSINESS DEDUCTIONS UNDER IT ACT, 1961977. two day seminar on service tax978. CA FINAL NEW MODEL PAPERS SERIES 1 BY ICAI979. CA FINAL OLD MODEL PAPERS SERIES 1 BY ICAI980. CA FINAL OLD MODEL PAPERS SERIES 2 BY ICAI17328final_old_series2981. Chemistry 2008982. Chemistry 2009983. Maths 2005984. Maths 2006985. Physics 2009986. Physics 2008987. Physics 2010988. Physics 2011 with solution989. Chemistry 2010990. Chemistry 2011 with Solution991. Chemistry Sample paper1992. Chemistry Sample paper 3993. Chemistry Sample paper 4994. Chemistry Sample paper 5995. Chemistry Sample paper2996. Maths Sample paper1997. Maths Sample paper 2
  38. 38. 998. Maths Sample paper 3999. Maths Sample paper 41000. Maths Sample paper 51001. Physics Sample paper 20111002. Sample Paper – 201(2)1003. Physics Sample paper 2011 (3)1004. Theory paper of Physics1005. Physics Sample paper1006. Physics Sample paper 2011(4)1007. Physics Sample paper 51008. Electrostatics(Electric field and Electric Force) Sample paper1009. ppt on Capital Budgeting1010. ppt on Cash Managment1011. ppt on Nature of Financial Management1012. ppt on Credit managment1013. ppt pn FINANCIAL INCLUSION1014. ppt on Working Capital Management1015. ppt pn valuation of Bond1016. PPT ON ValuationOfShares1017. Sustainable Competitive Advantage Through Customer Retention: The Roles of Learning andGovernance1018. Notes on PERT/CPM1019. Solution to Paresh Shah1020. Draft CAS 6 ARMS LENGTH PRICE-after Kolkata meeting1021. COST ACCOUNTING STANDARD ON DETERMINATION OF AVERAGE (EQUALIZED)COST OF TRANSPORTATION1022. Cost Accounting Standard1023. Cost Audit Report1024. List of Industry Applicable to CAS
  39. 39. 1025. Establishing Strategic Pay Plans1026. ppt on Employee Testing & Selection1027. Ppt on HRP1028. Ppt on job Analysis1029. ppt on Performance Management1030. Technology & Banking1031. Reveiw questions of the Organizations1032. Summer Intership Report on Makson Pharmaceuticals (I) Pvt Ltd.1033. Industrial Trainning Programme at Amul Anand1034. Summer Internship Report on Metal and Tubes1035. Summer Internship Report on Online trading in Equity Market1036. Summer Internship Report on Chemical Industry at Industrail Solvents and Chemical PvtLtd(ISCL)1037. Summer Internship Report on Implementation of ISO Norms in various departments1038. Summer Internship Report on Door Closer,Automobile Parts & Cylinder head. at PadmavatiEngineers (India).1039. Summer Internship Report on organizational Overveiw in FMGC Product at uncle sam pizza1040. Summer Internship Report on refining of edible oil at N.K.Proteins Ltd.1041. Summer Internship Report on retailers stocking behaviour at Adani Wilmar Limited.1042. Summer Internship Report on India Infoline1043. December 20081044. June 20091045. June 20101046. June 20101047. December 20081048. A PROJECT REPORT ON GUJRAT NARMAD VALLEY FERTILIZERS COMPANY LTD1049. Summer Internship Report on luggage at Safari Industries1050. report on Brand awareness in dealer and distrubutors at Cubit Computer private ltd1051. A REPORT ON GENERAL TRAINING IN GTL-GLOBAL TELECOM LIMITED
  40. 40. 1052. A Summer Training Report On Save Energy for Benefit of Self and Nation1053. Report on Padmavati Engineers (India)1054. Report on Production process of textile industries1055. Report on refining of edible oil at N.K.Proteins Ltd.1056. Service Sector report on Balaji capital Limited1057. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM1058. Cultural aspect of coca-cola1059. Report on Foreign Exchange and Risk Analysis1060. Project report on Foreign operation of indian Banks in india1061. Project report on Basic of technical Analysis1062. Project Report on MARWADI SHARES AND FINANCIAL PVT.LTD1063. Working Capi tal Management And Cost Reduction Tactics1064. Project report on Inventory managment and control1065. Guidelines for information seekers under rti act 20051066. Importance in Direct taxation1067. Problem based on accounting Standard1068. PE Ratio Analysis of Indian Telecom Industry1069. Equity Research of DHANVARSHA FINCAP PVT.LTD1070. Supply chain managment and Financial Analysis of Dhiraj Intermediates Pvt ltd1071. USAGE & SATISFACTION LEVEL OF WATER FILTERRING MACHINE IN HOUSEHOLD1072. Report on stake shoes1073. working capital managment of Arvind Limited1074. Corporate Governance & Strategic Leadership1075. Investors Perception Regarding Various Investment Avenues Available at the Stock Market1076. A STUDY ON FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS AT VIJAY TEXTILE LIMITED1077. report on retail managment1078. Introduction to managment1079. Traning and developement and career planning
  41. 41. 1080. Organizational structure of HDFC Bank1081. Study of Mutual Fund1082. A study of the level of absenteeism and its causes, at Varun Beverages Ltd1083. Report on Stock Exchange1084. Financial Analysis of ICICI Bank1085. Importance of Export Incentives in promoting Export from India1086. Emerging from the crisis: Infrastructure finance post-GFC1087. report on brokerage at GEMS Group1088. A Seminar Report Technology & Banking1089. A report On Library Master1090. Feasibility report on Dry Cleaning and Laundry business1091. Internet Protocol Version 61092. DNA of computer1093. Holography1094. Wireless LAN and Security1095. Smart cards in wireless1096. Network security1097. Mobile Commerce1098. report on Wi-fi1099. Fire wire interface1100. Interplanetary Internet1101. SEMINAR REPORT ON HARDWARE INTERFACING1102. Quantum Cryptography1103. Wireless local area network1104. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE report1105. Technical Paper presentation on Image Processing.1106. Image Processing1107. Virus Technology
  42. 42. 1108. Transcational Analysis1109. Project report on Reserve Bank of India (RBI)1110. Marketing Research Report on Air Conditionrers1111. Feasibility report on Radio FM1112. Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ)1113. HOW TO UTILIZE WASTE HEAT BY THERMOCOUPLE AND PRODUCE ELECTRICITY ININDUSTRY1114. A HIGH PERFORMANCE INDUCTION MOTOR DRIVE SYSTEM USING FUZZY LOGICCONTROLLER1115. Antilock-Braking System Using Fuzzy Logic1116. Microcontroller based on Automatic Railway Gate control1117. Development & Implementation of Direct Torque Control Scheme for Three Phase InductionMotor Drives using MATLAB1118. Decentralised Architecture for power electronic system system design based on bionics1119. Constraints based Maintainence Scheduling on an electrical power distrubution system1120. HVDC Transmission Using voltage Source Converters (VSC)1121. Security System Based On Stepper Motor Control Using Micro Controller1122. Optimal Voltage Regulator Placement In A Radial Distribution System Using Fuzzy Logic1123. A Solution To Remote Detection Of Illegal Electricity Usage Via Power Line Communications1124. Solar Energy The Renewable Energy For The Future1125. voltage source converter topology for hvdc grid connection of offshore wind farms1126. z-source inverter for adjustable speed drives1127. Real Estate Project Report1128. Maths mania for CAT Exam1129. 5 mock CAT papers in one1130. CAT practice paper1131. TEN PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS1132. thinking like an economist1133. Market Forces of Demand and Supply
  43. 43. 1134. Elasticity and its applications1135. Consumers, producers, and the efficiency of markets1136. Firms in Competitive Markets1137. The Costs of Production1138. ppt on monopoly1139. ppt on oligopoly1140. ppt on monopolistic competition1141. ppt on The Theory of Consumer Choice1142. ppt on Measuring the Cost of Living1143. Production and Growth1144. ppt on Saving, Investment, and the Financial System1145. ppt on Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply1146. ppt on The Influence of Monetary and Fiscal Policy on Aggregate Demand1147. ppt on The Short-Run Tradeoff between Inflation and Unemployment1148. solution to mankiw1149. Working Capital Structure and Financing Pattern of Mauritian SMEs1150. Creating and Measuring Shareholder Value :1151. PUBLIC TO PRIVATE TRANSACTIONS1152. Regression Analysis of Stock Price of IT Industry1153. Gactel Turnkey Projects Limited Analysis Report1154. Use of technology in the financial sector1155. ppt on Industrial Policy in India1156. ppt on Business Environment1157. ppt on National Income and Economic Growth1158. Patents, Technological Development, Adaptation and Collaboration1159. ppt on Performance Managementand Appraisal1160. ppt on Special Economic Zones in India
  44. 44. 1161. Planning Process in India and the 11th 5 year plan1162. ppt on Banking technology1163. ppt on The Right to Information1164. IMPACT OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY (,report on 3G )1165. MBA e books1166. Introduction to Introduction to MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS1167. A report on VENTURE CAPITAL1168. ppt on capital budgeting1169. Consumer Finance1170. LEASE FINANCING, HIRE PURCHASE AND FACTORING1171. Performance of mutual funds and it awareness among the partons in the present markets1172. Project Financing1173. Reliance Safety cost analysis1174. GENERAL RISK WARNING CONCERNING FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS1175. Multiple Auidance and Corporate Discolsure1176. Empirical Analysis on Federal Thrift Savings plan Portfolio Optimization1177. Sample MBA final Year report on insurance1178. A paper presentation on Cloud computing(ppt)1179. December 2011 foundation1180. December 2011 Inter Group 11181. December 2011 Inter Group 21182. December 2011 Inter Group 31183. December 2011 Inter Group 41184. Report on the 3G1185. Financial Performance Analysis of Emami Ltd1186. Objective question on operation and management1187. CA PE II Papers of May 2006 Group 11188. CA PE II Papers of may 2006 Group 2
  45. 45. 1189. notes on Accounting for Fixed assest1190. Project report on Capital Market1191. Introduction to the Mutual Fund Industry1192. RBI new Circular for validity period of cheques and DDs1193. Feasibility study on tourism Projects1194. Evaluation of International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO)1195. project feasibility report e-zone1196. project report on Fixed deposit management system1197. A study on employee motivation In Anglo french textiles limited1198. A Study on effectiveness of performance appraisal system at Eureka Forbes Limited1199. A study on turnover of employees in lucas tvs padi1200. A study on satisfaction level on welfare measures among employees1201. A study on motivation of the employees1202. Summer training report on recruitment policy1203. A study on job satification among employes1204. A study on women enterpreneurs1205. A study on welfare measures of employee1206. suggested answer for the PE 2 may 20061207. suggested answer for the PE 2 may 20051208. Suggested answer for the PE 2 novemeber 20051209. Suggested answer for the PE 2 novemeber 20061210. Auditing Full Notes1211. november 20081212. Defining Marketing in the Twenty-First Century1213. Adapting Marketing to the New Economy1214. Building Customer Satisfaction, Value, and Retention1215. Winning Markets through Strategic Planning, Implementation, and Control1216. Understanding Markets, Market Demand, and the Marketing Environment
  46. 46. 1217. Analyzing Consumer Markets and Buyer Behavior1218. Analyzing Business Markets and Buyer Behavior1219. Dealing with the Competition1220. Identifying Market Segments and Selecting Target Markets1221. Developing, Differentiating, and Positioning Products through the Life Cycle1222. Managing Product Lines and Brands1223. Sugar crisis in Pakistan1224. Report on Small medium enterprises1225. Notes on The Indian Contract Act, 18721226. suggested answer of Group 3 december 20091227. Dot Net projects1228. ICWAI 3rd group objectives notes1229. November 20111230. November 20111231. Shortnote of Enterprise Performance Management1232. Question for the Customs Act1233. notes on Business Policy and Strategic Management1234. Summer Report on Transportation and Textile1235. Employees perception on Effectiveness of Safety Measures and Work environment1236. Fixed deposit System at Hi-Flex Modular & Seating Solutions Private Limited1237. A study on customer preference of lg laptop1238. A study on financial performance of kaleeswari refinery ltd1239. A study on recruitment process and outsourcing at idbi1240. COLLEGE INFO SYSTEM USING C#.NET1241. A Project Report On Market Research On Water Purifier1242. Production report on Hydraulic System1243. Production report on mutul fund 11244. Notes on Multinational corporations
  47. 47. 1245. An empirical analysis of Capital Structure & Working Capital Management on Profitability &Shareholders’ value with reference to FMCG Companies1246. consumer preference towards Different brands of mobile handsets1247. Notes on COMPANY LAW THE COMPANIES ACT,1956.1248. COMPARATIVE ANNALYSIS OF FINANCIAL STATEMENT IN RESPECT TO INDAIN RAYONV/S CENTURY TEXTILE1249. Leadership Role Of Indra Nooyi1250. ppt on financial statement analysis1251. A study on turnover of employees In lucas tvs, padi1252. A STUDY ON GRIEVANCE LEVEL OF THE EMPLOYEES ON SAFFRON MICRO SYSTEMSCOIMBATORE1253. Astudy on cost benefit analysis1254. BRAND AWARENESS OF SONY ERICSSON MOBILES1255. A study on the effectiveness of existing performance appraisal system in cag pride, coimbatore1256. major project on simplicity of power1257. A STUDY ON GRIEVENCE LEVEL OF THE EMPLOYEES ON SAFFRON MICRO SYSTEMSCOIMBATORE1258. A STUDY ON GRIEVENCE LEVEL OF THE EMPLOYEES ON SAFFRON MICRO SYSTEMSCOIMBATORE1259. Android music player1260. SeeJoPlayer Android music player Project1261. Android Google Map Application1262. Android Employee Directory1263. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT REPORT ON ASIAN PAINTS LIMITED1264. PGSB Marketing Report1265. Android Smallest webserver1266. Android Sudoku Game Source Code1267. Sample Applications for the Android platform1268. Android Card Game1269. Notes on business enviroment
  48. 48. 1270. COMPANY LAW NOTES1271. HR Interview top questions and answers1272. Notes on Indirect tax1273. Report on Indian Capital Market1274. Employee turnover in IT industry1275. End user deeds life insurance and mutual funds1276. Financial report on jalaram furniture1277. Project report on training and development activities1278. A STUDY OF TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT1279. A STUDY ON CONSUMER SATISFACTION1280. EFFECTIVENESS OF TRAINING PROGRAMME1281. A Critical Study on Effective Manpower Management1282. A PROJECT REPORT ON DISTRIBUTION NET WORK OF NIMBLE PHARMACEUTICALS(PVT) LTD1283. End user deeds life insurance and mutual funds1284. A STUDY ON CONSUMER SATISFACTION1285. A STUDY ON PROFITABILITY MANAGEMENT In NUTRINE CONFECTIONERY COMPANYPRIVATE LIMITED1286. A STUDY ON COUSTOMER SATISFACTION 11287. A STUDY ON EMPLOYEE JOB SATISFACTION1288. An analysis of working capital performance1289. Project report on Working Capital1290. A study on dealer awareness of lanco cement in chittoor district1291. A survey on consumer behaviour1292. A study on brand image of penna cement1293. A STUDY ON CUSTOMER AWARENESS AND PERCEPTION1294. A study on individual and comparative plan analysis of om kotak mahindra life insurance productswith that of lic and icici prudential1295. A study on customer satisfaction of escorts and mahindra tractors in cuddapah
  49. 49. 1296. A study on inventory management in Amara Raja Batteries Ltd1297. A retailer study on britannia biscuits1298. A study on working capital management in nutrine confectionery company pvt. Ltd. Chittoor.1299. A study on brand awareness and market potential1300. A Study on Retailers perception for major confectionaries1301. A study on brand awareness and market potential1302. December 20111303. December 20111304. December 20111305. A study of customer awareness of mobile phone services offered at Visakhapatnam with specificreference to Airtel.1306. A study on mothers perception of confectionery for nutrine chocolate eclairs1307. working capital management and ratio analysis on el forge electronic ltd1308. A study on consumer behavior on soft drinks1309. A study on Brand awareness and consumer satisfaction1310. A study on Financial ratio analysis With reference to ncl alltek & seccolor ltd.1311. A Study on Financial Statement Analysis1312. A Study on Financial Statement Analysis1313. A Study on Financial Statement Analysis1314. Shampoo product launch in Rular market1315. Summer internship Project report on indian bulls1316. New product launch on pen1317. New product launch on HOLOGRAPHIC STORAGE DEVICE1318. Infosys placement papers1319. MBA and ICWAI1320. HR Practices and SAP at Adani Wilmar Ltd1321. DEVELOPMENT OF MULTI-SPECIALITY HOSPITAL AT AGRA1322. INTRODUCTION TO MULTIPLE CORRELATION
  50. 50. 1323. NPD on Chyawanprash1324. Project report on new product launch1325. IT important Questions1326. ORGANISATIONAL & NATURALENVIRONMENT1327. Tips on presentations1328. ppt on logic gates1329. All Resources of I M Pandey Book1330. Integrated Marketing Communication Plan on Hair Care and Hair Style Products1331. Impairment of NonCash-Generating Assets1332. Report on child labour1333. ppt on Transaction Processing Monitors1334. ppt on Object Brokers1335. ppt on Object Brokers1336. ppt on Message-Oriented Middleware1337. Report on Credit Policy1338. ppt on material Management1339. ppt on Introduction to Web Applications1340. ppt on JDBC Basics1341. ppt on Elasticity of Demand1342. ppt on Game theory1343. ppt on BREAK-EVEN ANALYSIS1344. ppt on pricing of input1345. ppt on Customer Relationship Management1346. Market Research On Paint1347. Research project on Airtel1348. Research project on Tata Nano1349. Research Proposal on Consumer Decision Analysis for Purchase of Fruit Drinks
  51. 51. 1350. AIRTEL advertisements and their impact1351. Synopsis of eating out habits of Ahmedabad people1352. Accounting for the Growth of MNC-based Trade using a Structural Model of U.S. MNCs1353. Feasibility report on Ayurvedic Medicines1354. CV of MBA student1355. Comparative annalysis of financial statement in respect to indain rayon v/s century textile1356. ppt on Electronic Commerce and the Internet1357. ppt Presentation on Service tax1358. Multiple Questions for CA ii1359. ppt presentation on Institute for Development and Researchin Banking Technology1360. LATEST TRENDS IN TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT1361. ppt on Banking Technology1362. ppt presentation on 3G SPECTRUM1363. A Study of Tea Plantation Operational Aspects in Relation to Operational Workforce1364. ppt on Artificial Intelligence and expert system1365. ppt on Computer Based Information System1366. ppt on Control ,Audit & Security of Information1367. Amalgamation notes1368. Strategic Analysis and Market Research for EducationERP.Net1369. Design and Fabrication of Compressed Air Engine.1370. ppt presentation on leadership1371. ppt presentation on six sigma1372. ppt on Managining the New Workplace-Management1373. Customer Tailored Logistics1374. Investigation of the ways to improvethe performance of a plant1375. ppt on Import - Export Policy of India1376. ACCOUNTING FOR AMALGAMATIONS AND CORPORATE RESTRUCTURING
  52. 52. 1377. THE STUDY OF MARKET STRATEGIES OF BALL PENS/GEL PENS1378. ppt on DATA FLOW DIAGRAM1379. ppt on Introduction of MIS1380. A PRESENTATION ON WTO1381. MUMBAI DABBAWALA presentation1382. Accounting Concepts and Principles1383. ppt presentation on ACCOUNTING STANDARD-28IMPAIRMENT OF ASSETS1384. ppt presentation on Basel 1 and 21385. ppt on Hardware &Software Selection1386. ROLE OF SALES PROMOTION ON FMCG1387. Project report on Mobile marketing1388. PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT AND MUTUAL FUND ANALYSIS1389. sales and marketing,study of Brokerage Structure in reference of other Broking House1390. Notes on Ratio Analysis1391. New product developement1392. ppt on THOUGHTS OF GANDHI1393. ppt on BRTS1394. ppt on child labour1395. ppt presentation on Entrepreneur1396. ppt presenation on Hand Made Papers1397. ppt presenation on zoom your life1398. Top 10 Women Drivers1399. ppt on Narmada1400. ppt on motivation1401. ppt presentation on Accounting Standard 21402. ppt presentation on TATA Nano
  53. 53. 1403. ppt presentation on Accounting Standard 61404. ppt on BUILDING CUSTOMERVALUE,SATISFACTIONAND LOYALTY1405. ppt on Trade Unions1406. ppt presentation on New product developement1407. ppt on Consumer Behaviour1408. Distribution Channel of pepsico1409. Industrail visit at Balaji Wafar ltd1410. THE REAL IIM(A ) CULTURAL1411. commerical credit appraisal of HDFC BANK1412. portfolio management1413. AIR-LINE RESERVATION in Visual Basic with Report1414. ppt on Managing Career1415. ppt on financial inclusion1416. Performance Managementand Appraisal1417. END USER DEEDS LIFE INSURANCE AND MUTUAL FUNDS1418. project report on RATIOANALYSIS1419. ppt on GLOBAL WARMINGANDNITROGEN OXIDES1420. Report on Dudh-Sagar1421. ppt on Give it a thought for sure1422. A feasibility report on non-stick cook ware1423. Project Report on Smarat Namkeen1424. Project Report On Working Capital
  54. 54. 1425. Market survey on Telephone Instruments1426. ppt on Company Act1427. ppt on Research Methodology1428. ppt on accounting Standard1429. ppt on Communication Visual1430. FedEx Corporation Strategic Management Project1431. Ppt on Marketing Management1432. pnb home loan1433. ppt presentation on Developing Marketing Strategies and Plans1434. ppt on Philip kotler Chapter 3 and 41435. ppt on philip kotler chapter 5,6,7 and 81436. 5 Mock test papers1437. SYMBOL-BASED CONTROL OF A BALL-ON-PLATE1438. Effective manpower management focusing on apprentices1439. A project report on distribution net work1440. A Study on Financial Statement Analysis1441. A Study on Financial Ratio Analysis1442. Service Tax Case Study1443. Direct Tax Case Study1444. Ppt on Delhi Metro1445. ppt presentation on Orkut1446. ppt on Go Green Initiatives1447. ppt presentation C-Veiw TV1448. Ppt presentation on Fans & Blowers1449. Ppt on Honda1450. fund raisind problem & solutions for NGO1451. A Study of Homebased Women Workers1452. credit appraisal
  55. 55. 1453. Credit Appraisal Project Report1454. e-GramPanchayat in Visual Basic1455. Online-voting-system-a-ASP.Net-Project1456. Secure-LAN-Communicator-a-Net-Project1457. BUDGET-ANALYSIS-ASP-NET-PROJECT1458. Bug-Tracking-System1459. Credit Card Fraud Detection1460. Project-Evaluator-an-ASP-Net-Project1461. Notes on Cost sheet1462. Financial Feasibility report on Food Project1463. Accounting Managment System in Visual Basic1464. mcs report1465. IRMA Question Paper1466. cosmetic for man1467. A STUDY ON EFFECTIVENESS OF TRAINING PROGRAMME AT HCL PERIPHERALS1468. MAT sample Paper 20051469. COMMERCIAL BANKING SYSTEM MANAGMENT IN VISUAL BASIC1470. Centralized Admission System for collage in Visual Basic1471. DI –DS Practice sheet1472. The Quadratic formula explained1473. THE PRINCETON REVIEW CET SAMPLE PAPER 11474. Puzzel CAT Exam1475. Data Interpretation Funda1476. Data Interpretation Test1477. Reasoning Test paper1478. Chandresh Agrawal Practice Paper 4 CET1479. ICFAI Entrance Exam Paper1480. Customers &Employees