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An introduction to BPI group and our services.
This presentation highlights our new Leadership Development coaching program, Navigate. Outstanding for High Potential Endeavors, Team Algnment, and Engagement Models. For more information please contact directly at 770-399-8400

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BPI Group Information

  1. 1. An Introduction to BPI group CREATING SHARED SUCCESS Date (c) U.S. BPI Partners, Inc. [32, Q5 FRAMEWORK, BPI GROUP, EAS, Second Act or relevant service marks] are registered service marks of U.S. BPI Partners, Inc. All rights reserved. This presentation, including but not limited to any images, graphics, trademarks or service marks contained therein, may not be reproduced, in part or in whole, without the express written authorization of U.S. BPI Partners, Inc.
  2. 2. About Us BPI group is a leading global management and human resources consulting firm Talent Global Reach Shared Success Management Lifecycle Through our global We understand that reach, clients benefit sustainable We have 25 years of from innovative organizational success experience in North thinking on people depends, in large part, America providing practices worldwide. on individual success. customized, pragmatic solutions that drive We team across This is why we organization, team, borders, but always approach our work with leadership and deliver services with a a sharp and balanced individual excellence local touch to ensure focus on the and span the entire organizations and their organization and the talent management employees create individual. lifecycle. shared success during times of change. 2 © BPI group
  3. 3. Global Locations Sweden Finland Norway Estonia Denmark Russia Latvia The Netherlands Lithuania United Kingdom Poland Ireland Czech Republic Canada Belgium Austria France Ukraine Germany Hungary Switzerland Romania United States of America Spain Greece Italy Turkey Japan Portugal China Tunisia Lebanon Morocco South Korea Martinique Israel Guadeloupe Algeria Taiwan Mexico India Hong Kong Aruba Singapore Indonesia La Réunion Brazil Australia Chile South Africa Uruguay 3 © BPI group Argentina
  4. 4. BPI group Facts Employees BPI group operates in 2009 revenues 2,000 40 $237 M worldwide countries worldwide 1984 1989 1993 1994 1995 1997 1998 2003 2004 2005 2006 2008 2009 2010 2000 1200 902 835 764 713 Number of 472 350 BPI group 230 250 210 employees 35 2 4 © BPI group
  5. 5. Our Solutions Organization Team Leadership Individual Excellence Excellence Excellence Excellence • Strategic Plan • Team • Executive • Executive Facilitation Effectiveness Coaching Advisory • Organization Diagnosis • High Potential Services Our unique set Design • High Development • 32SM of solutions • Role Design Performance Programs • Second Act covers every Evaluation Team Solutions • Navigate • Career aspect of the • Competency • Team Skill Leadership Transition Modeling Building Development Solutions employee Programs • Leadership • Process • Executive & lifecycle to Improvement • HR Function Learning & Professional ensure that • Workforce Design & Development Search individuals, and Planning Effectiveness • Peer Mentoring • Interim Talent their companies, • Succession • Executive Solutions Management Assessment & • Individual succeed Selection Learning • High Potential Solutions • Coaching for • Career • Change Managers Development Management Q5 Workshops 5 © BPI group
  6. 6. Leadership Excellence  Services at all levels of management to assist in on- boarding executives, develop high-potentials, refine skill gaps, build leadership, retain top people, and guide succession planning  Services include: Strategize Develop See the Future. Challenge  Broad based leadership and individual Create a Vision. Thinking. development solutions Create a Strategy. Encourage Others. Maximize Potential.  High Potential Development Programs: assessments, coaching, leadership learning curriculum, action learning programs Engage Execute  Leadership Development Curriculum Inspire Cooperation. Build Plans.  Executive Coaching: on-boarding, development, Solve Problems. Instill Commitment. Attend to Results. retention and engagement Build Relationships.  Peer Mentoring Programs  Executive Selection/Assessments BPI group is uniquely capable of scaling coaching for global roll-outs in local countries and local languages 6 © BPI group
  7. 7. Leadership Development Services BPI’s Navigate© Coaching Program  The BPI Navigate© coaching program helps develop performance, leadership potential and improve effectiveness by aligning each person’s unique contribution in the pursuit of personal, team, and organizational objectives  The Navigate program is a highly leverageable and scalable model, and allows for flexible deployment to individuals, groups, or in peer mentoring Navigate situations. The program leverages a rigorous process and tool based leverages the methodology NEWS model, a globally tested  All participants are provided with an organizational kit which includes approach to activities that can be completed with the assistance of their coach or in a self- achieving guided manner business results through personal  Sample tools/activities include: stakeholder & political maps, critical goals coaching finder, values finder, behavioral change planner, decision making DNA, vision builder, etc 7 © BPI group
  8. 8. Leadership Development Services BPI’s Navigate© Coaching Program WHERE TO? What is your direction? What is your strategy? What is your vision? HOW? What is your plan? How will you execute it? What skills do you need? WHY? What motivates you? WHY NOT? What are your values? Where are you stuck? What stops you? What are your difficulties? 8 © BPI group
  9. 9. Laser Focus: The 12-box Analyzer Personal Interpersonal Organizational North Personal leadership Team leadership Strategic link West Self management Team management Organizational execution Compatibility with the East Self motivation Team motivation organization Personal South Team development Empowerment development 9 © BPI group
  10. 10. Sample Diagnostic Questionnaire BPI’s Navigate© Coaching Program 10 © BPI group
  11. 11. Leadership Development Services BPI’s Navigate© Coaching Kit 11 © BPI group
  12. 12. Leadership Development Services BPI’s Navigate© Coaching Program - Delivery Individual Group + Peer Virtual Peer Group Program Coaching Mentoring Mentoring • 6-12 individual • Mix of group and • Mix of group and • Completely virtual coaching sessions, individual sessions; facilitated peer program in-person or by full day group mentoring; Full day • Navigate program phone workshop group workshop delivered and • NEWS diagnostic • NEWS diagnostic • NEWS diagnostic taught as a group questionnaire – questionnaire – • Guided peer- questionnaire individual and individual and mentoring • Personalized group (aggregate) group (aggregate) discussions to development results results supplement group planning, individual • Coach directed • Coach works with work coaching, and “homework “ using mentor to identify implementation structured activities and exercises homework for • 1-3 individual coachee sessions with coach • Peer mentoring to create relationships may development plan & be in-person or review homework virtual 12 © BPI group
  13. 13. Executive Coaching Services Contracting • Build a common understanding of process & goals Our Executive Coaching Fact Gathering practice provides structured, customized individual and • Create a shared fact base, reflecting reality group coaching to C-Suite Plan Development Executives and Senior Leaders with an emphasis on • Collaboratively build an action plan to build shared success integrity, accountability and Plan Implementation connection to the business and business results • With support from the coach, manager, and others Measurement and ROI • To ensure objectives are achieved and are sustainable 13 © BPI group
  14. 14. Executive Coaching Offerings Executive Advisory HiPo Development Description Executive Coaching Services Program C-Suite Executives and HiPos at varying levels Individuals C-Suite Executives Senior Leaders within the organization Served (Individual) (Individual or Team) (Individual/Team/Group) What do I need to develop Where am I going and how How does the organization Question or refine to continue to be do I balance my life and grow the HiPo to the next Answered successful within the career? level? organization? On-boarding, retention, Group coaching and training Before, during or after Need succession, development HR professionals to be transition and benefit coaches Consistent, global process Custom designed for Consistent coaching Process / that is scalable and individual career/life process with customized Approach leverageable while also circumstance results individual 14 © BPI group
  15. 15. Learning Principles of Design and Delivery Smart Relevant Sticky • Learning programs must • We design pragmatic, “no- • Ultimately, our goal is to deliver content effectively, fluff” programs that: design sustainable learning efficiently and produce • Address your specific programs that “stick” measurable results. That’s business objectives beyond the learning event why our process begins with • Align with your employees’ itself. We accomplish that learning preferences by: an assessment of your • Support your • Defining learning goals at needs and climate, in which organization’s overall the outset of each project, we: strategic direction and then ensuring • Ask questions about your participants’ mastery of the culture, leadership, key skill or behavior when they stakeholders, performance are back on the job measures, rewards and • Building ongoing support future objectives networks, tools and • Evaluate varied delivery processes to help your methods to find the best employees continue to solutions for you apply their learning long • Ensure that our seasoned after program completion consultants understand your business, your goals and are well-grounded in current best practices 15 © BPI group
  16. 16. Learning Methodology Define Destination (Project Scope) Describe vision for the program Define what success looks like Establish measurement criteria 16 © BPI group
  17. 17. Organization Excellence Customized and innovative solutions focused on assisting Strategy organizations Aligning strategy & structure align their Services business, • Strategy clarification and alignment Organization work and • Organization effectiveness and design Optimizing the work and roles • Role design/job design people • Change management Talent • Assessment/transformation of the HR Getting the right people in the function right roles • Leadership development • Team development Capabilities • Capability building Building capabilities for high performance 17 © BPI group
  18. 18. Organization Excellence 18 © BPI group
  19. 19. Career Transition BPI’s proprietary transition For most, job transition remains a difficult, coaching process has five personal, and confusing time. It is our belief primary areas of focus, that job transition services must be delivered customized for each person by qualified, caring professionals who bring based on their Personal highly personalized and customized support Services Plan for each unique individual Understand Focus Plan Connect Succeed The world is Some candidates Once we establish Its not enough to Our work does changing, know what they a clear direction, understand, focus not stop with the quickly. We see want to do next, we see our role as and plan, we see new role. We our role as while others are consultant, building our role as see our role as instructor, unsure of their the best possible connector with the coach and ensuring each career direction. roadmap and tools market. Through advisor, building candidate has a As career to help candidates technology, our job a 90-day start better sense of counselors, we achieve their goals, booster program, up plan for reality in the leverage including a new job, social networks, candidates to world of work, assessment a business networking group help ensure and what it takes tools, activities acquisition or start and event success in the to be successful and expert up, a part time sponsorship, and new situation. in the short term advice to confirm career, or a direct placement and the or establish a portfolio of activities, we turn long term. career direction. opportunities. plans into reality. 19 © BPI group
  20. 20. Career Transition ► Each client is assigned an experienced coach who has the time required to deliver a quality experience ► We adapt our services to each individual’s needs ► We supplement coaching with appropriate use of technology and other services ► Individual career transition coaching programs ranging from one to 12 months ► Includes customized module coaching approach, with office, job search technology, job developers, peer search teams, seminars, outside speaker program, job link, and administrative support ► Deep expertise in separation preparation, communications, and implementation ► Significant technology solutions 20 © BPI group
  21. 21. Talent Acquisition Solutions  As the talent acquisition company of BPI group, Grant Alexander offers global reach, delivered with a local touch  We know that cultural fit is the key to • Executive search success in talent acquisition • Professional search • Interim talent  We specialize in the acquisition of • On-boarding executives and professionals within HR, coaching Accounting/Finance, Sales/Marketing • Consulting on staffing processes and General Management, including • Outsourcing staffing fulfilling critical talent needs on an Cultural fit is the key to function and interim basis success in acquiring great providing contract talent. The selection recruiting  Our Process: Using our proprietary process results in “shared methodology and consultative approach success” when the (Q5), we partner with our clients to hire candidate’s needs are met and fully engage top performers who by the organization’s offer thrive within each unique organizational and when the candidate’s culture, over the long term offer is a match with company needs. 21 © BPI group
  22. 22. Summary Global Reach With a Local Touch People Matter.  Independent global firm focused on quality, personalized services This is our core value. Who  Capability to deliver consistent services across we are and everything we geographies do reflects this. Experience & Resources BPI group stands alone as  Unsurpassed human capital, career transition, and talent the only global firm with a acquisition expertise business model focused on providing each of our Partnership Commitment clients with truly  Our goal is to form a partnership with a corporate client, personalized service. designing and adapting our approach to meet their unique needs  Strong commitment by BPI group senior leadership to the success of each engagement 22 © BPI group