Eddy Wouters, APL Logistics on '3PL Branding & Marketing'


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Eddy Wouters, VP Logistics Europe, APL Logistics gets many laughs and lots of good feedback as he speaks on '3PL Branding & Marketing' at the 7th European 3PL Summit in Brussels, November 25th 2009.

To download all of the slides from the conference for free visit www.3PLsummit.com/eu_2009ppts

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Eddy Wouters, APL Logistics on '3PL Branding & Marketing'

  1. 1. 3PL Branding & Marketing 25th November 2009
  2. 2. Company Introduction NOL Founded: Singapore 1968 1997: Acquisition of APL (Oakland 1848) 2008 Turnover: $ 9.3 bn 10,000 staff in 115 countries Business Units APL (Container Shipping, $ 7.4 bn) APL Terminals (Container Ports, $ 0.6 bn) APL Logistics (3PL, $ 1.3 bn) 1
  3. 3. APL Logistics (3PL) International Logistics Services United Kingdom Canada Supply Chain Solutions & Forwarding Germany Benelux France USA (850,000 TEUS) Portugal Italy Spain Turkey South Japan Lebanon China Korea Tunisia Israel Jordan Morocco Bahrain Pakistan Bangladesh Mexico Egypt UAE India Dominican Republic Myanmar Honduras Oman Guatemala Nicaragua Thailand Vietnam Philippines El Salvador Malaysia Costa Rica Colombia Panama Contract Logistics Services Kenya Sri Lanka Brunei Singapore Indonesia Peru Brazil Warehousing & Distribution Madagascar Mauritius Australia Fiji Chile APL Logistics Argentina Uruguay (1.7 million sqm) South Africa Worldwide Presence Offices / local partners 2
  4. 4. 3PL Branding & Marketing 3
  5. 5. Marketing: It's all about competing… …for the ultimate goal: getting to the RFP & retaining / winning the business! 4
  6. 6. 10 minutes to go… you can do it! 5
  7. 7. 3PL Market – Recent Developments • Crowded and fragmented market • Fast growing demand for 3PL services • Customers of all sizes and industries with fast changing needs • Many providers have expanded rapidly, geographically and in services scope • Growth through acquisitions and mergers • Brands disappear, new brands emerge • Greater pressure to gain and retain business • Buyer confusion leading to commoditisation and price compression BRANDING IS REQUIRED TO DIFFERENTIATE 6
  8. 8. Brand 7
  9. 9. Brand • A name, term, sign, symbol or design that identifies the services of a seller and differentiates them from those of competition (Kotler & Armstrong) • A brand reminds the marketplace what a company stands for and what it does • A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well • A brand name is more than a word. It is the beginning of a conversation • Brand value is very much like an onion. It has layers and a core. The core is the customer who will stick with you until the very end UNIVERSAL AGREEMENT ON BRAND VALUE 8
  10. 10. Differentiation 9
  11. 11. Differentiation • Define and select unique areas of differentiation • Internal process Global Yet… customers expect Footprint local flexibility Superior Yet… we need to differentiate IT from pure IT providers High Quality Yet… customers expect to get prices Customer Service in line with "no frills" 3PL's Excellent Yet… need to remain Execution asset light 10
  12. 12. I was losing you… Stay focused 11
  13. 13. Communication Customers CHANNELS MESSAGES Mass Media Investors Media Specialty Press Direct (E-) Mailing Compelling Website Consistent Integrated Conferences Memorable Communication Contests/Awards Succinct Plan Surveys Executive Interaction Employees Suppliers / Partners Customer Facing Government / Regulators 12
  14. 14. Marketing Challenges In The B2B 3PL Industry • Poor market share data • Lack of research on marketing effectiveness • Message or medium? • Limited articulated differentation between providers • Focus on short term / tactical actions • Easy target for cost reduction programmes • Still an operations & sales driven market • Marketing functions low on the organisational food chain 13
  15. 15. Influencing The Purchase Decision Awareness MARKETING BRANDING Acceptance Preference SALES Choice 14
  16. 16. Don't let me down – hang on in there 15
  17. 17. Some Good Practices (In A Depressed Market) • Strategy before tactics • Invest in an effective CRM application – enhancing control and measurement of marketing efforts and results • Apply search engine optimisation (SEO) on your website • Maximise your marketing efforts in industry vertical specific messaging • Invest in identification of the decision makers and influencers • Never move away from your basic messages – unless your strategy changes • Stimulate intense interaction with external stakeholders about your company's reputation and perceived differentiation CREATE STAKEHOLDER INTIMACY 16
  18. 18. BUT most effective of all… Let your customers do your marketing through word of mouth! 17
  20. 20. Thank You (Bon Appétit ☺)