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The boss

  1. 1. The Boss & His associates Some ways to deal the authoritarian Boss -Courtesy : The Economic Times -Complied by Karthika Petchinathan
  2. 2. Preface Boss is a big term. When you just spell the word, you will feel the positive vibration. Having a good ,well mannered Boss is a key to your professional growth.
  3. 3. The Story @You are in the organization. You love your job. @ You have frequent thoughts of quitting, but the work is good, and so is the pay. @There is not much value attached to your views or methods of working. @ Your boss makes it very clear that it's his rule. @There is no point in trying to talk to such bosses. @You need not give up hope. You can manage the authoritarian boss and even learn a few things along the way.
  4. 4. # Establish your credibility @Earn respect. Stay focused at all times. @Stand up to the boss, politely but firmly. @If you are convinced that your boss will not listen to you, find someone, whom your boss is willing to listen and convey your thoughts
  5. 5. # Build a relationship @Everyone values relationships and this does not change in a professional environment. @Focus on building a long-term relationship with your with your boss. @ For Example: In a situation where the solution has multiple alternatives, always consider your bosses' alternative. @Make sure to your boss that you don’t reject authority of him. @ Do not oppose the boss in a public setting but do it in person if you have to.
  6. 6. # Adapt to your boss's style @ Remember, your boss deals with different people differently. He may authoritarian with some and communicative with others. @ You should know where you are. Work towards that line so that you enable this style to change. @ For Example: Don't hesitate to give regular feedback even if it is met with a negative reaction from your boss. @ After sometimes You will realize that it is surprisingly easy to get into the inner circle of an authoritarian boss.
  7. 7. # Learn from your boss @ Remember, Your boss has reached a certain level because he has done some good things. @ Keep your eyes open and learn from them. @ Authoritarian bosses can sometimes be insecure. When you follow their methods and achieve success, let them know. @Your boss is a human at the end and will appreciate it, which in turn will improve the communication. @But make sure that you don’t follow your boss blindly.
  8. 8. # Stand on your Feet @ Even after trying everything, you cant convince your boos or he is unacceptably authoritarian, don't quit just. @ Don’t quit because of your boss. Bosses will come and bosses will go. Instead keep your eyes on your career and not your boss. @ Nobody can hide the facts for a long time. If the boss is going wrong, then the management will notice it quicker than they notice your mistakes and appropriate action will be taken
  9. 9. Statutory warning @ This compilation and the ideas will work only for those who have positive energy and thoughts and want excel in their career path.