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Do you know that confrontation and even conflict canbe positive and beneficialfor an organization attimes? This, of course...
do a lot of thinking. Deciding hastily could put you in avery unfamiliar position with no professional networkand enough e...
new kid on the block over and over again. And althoughyour age tells that you are experienced and can beconsidered a senio...
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Changing careers and job change


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Changing careers and job change

  1. 1. Spadina Road, Suite BToronto ON M5P 2X5info@workcanadanow.ca1-866-486-4112
  2. 2. Do you know that confrontation and even conflict canbe positive and beneficialfor an organization attimes? This, of course,doesn’t mean that youshould cultivate conflict andmisunderstanding in aworkplace. It is alwaysbetter to avoid and resolve conflicts in the soonestpossible time.As an employee, you know that it isn’t a good idea toconfront your supervisor. Doing so may jeopardize yourchances of advancing in your job and could even causeyou to lose it. And so, if you want to avoid the need ofchanging jobs because you had an argument with yourboss, the best thing you can do is to work aroundwhatever conflict you have. Here’s how you can do this:1. Empathize with Your Boss.If you feel like confronting your boss, you should realizefirst that he looks at things not the same way as you do.Although he may obviously be wrong in this case, butyou should still give him the benefit of the doubt.Psychologists explain that seeing things in anotherperson’s perspective will help in taking control of youremotions. This will also make you think of a betterapproach to the situation.2. Control Yourself.It is never right to let your emotions control yourbehavior or action. Rather than feeling mad about whatyour boss is saying, why not block his criticisms byactually agreeing with him? Remember that animpossible boss is not likely to stay long in anorganization. But you have to make sure that the wayyou handled the conflict will him will leave you a goodimpression.3. Don’t Point Fingers.In case your boss asks to talk to you, you should expectit to be a heated conversation. Nevertheless, there is noreason for you to accuse him of anything or blame him.It is a natural reaction of any individual to defendthemselves when they are criticized or attacked. Makesure that you keep yourself calm and attentively listento everything that he has to say. If there’s somethingyou find confusing about what he’s saying, don’thesitate to ask. Do not consider your conversation asconfrontation. Think of it as a collaboration instead.As an employee, it is part of your job to be humble attimes, especially in dealing with your boss. If you wantto avoid having to consider an untimely job change,then you need to be open-minded enough to do what ittakes to properly and professionally deal with yourboss.You have spent so many hours, nights, and days tryingto make yourself betterin your job. Not onlythat, you havesacrificed time withyour loved onesbecause you thoughtbeing seriouslycommitted to your job is the ticket to a better andhigher paying position. But then, nobody seems tonotice you and appreciate the work that you do. So youdecide it’s time to change careers.Although you feel you have all the reasons in the worldto look for a different career to pursue, you still need to
  3. 3. do a lot of thinking. Deciding hastily could put you in avery unfamiliar position with no professional networkand enough experience. Changing careers is not as easyas changing a job. Before you submit your resignationletter, consider these solutions to the problems you arehaving in your current career.IF you don’t feel you fit in with the culture in thecompany…If you are having issues with your relationships withyour coworkers, boss, or anyone you work with, thenyou may consider working in another place. Rememberthat you don’t necessarily have to get a different careerif your main problem is your workplace.IF you are not given the recognition or appreciation youdeserve…It’s nice to be recognized, of course, but if you are usingthis as your drive to work hard, there must besomething wrong with your self esteem. You need tolearn how to set goals that don’t depend on otherpeople’s approval.IF you don’t feel enthusiastic about working anymore…If you find yourself yawning too often at your desk, thenyou should look for some projects to do on your own.You could ask around also to see if someone may needthe skills that you have. It would be good for you also tochallenge yourself to be more efficient in your own job.IF you feel there’s no way up in your company…It is always a good idea to acquire new skills and gainmore knowledge. You can talk to your manager and askwhat you could do to deserve a promotion in the future.If it means that you need to take training courses onceagain, then do so. If it seems like it’s dead end in yourcurrent job, this could be a good reason for you toconsider changing jobs instead. Remember thatwherever you go, your skills will remain your tool forcareer advancement.Moving from one company to another may seem like agood strategy for you toacquire different skillsand more experience toinclude in your resume,but what you may notknow is howdisadvantageous this could also be for you and how itcould affect your future employment.Uncertain Retirement PlanOne of the biggest reasons you would want to stay inthe same job for a long period of time is that it allowsyou to prepare better for your retirement. Those whofrequently change jobs are unconsciously setting theircontributions to their 401k and other retirementaccounts to the lowest level. You perhaps don’t think ofthis as something significant right now because you arestill employed, but you should think about how you aregoing to live in the future if you are to depend solely onretirement programs offered by the government.Lack of Stability and CommitmentEmployers do not always favor those who keepchanging jobs because they seem like they are notcommitted to anything. If your resume shows howconstantly you switch employment, you will be seen assomeone who is unstable and uncertain of his or herlife. More importantly, you should understand thatemployers want to hire people who can stay for a longtime so that they could contribute to the company’ssuccess.Always a BeginnerIf you constantly change jobs, you may never know howit feels to be a veteran in a company. You will be like a
  4. 4. new kid on the block over and over again. And althoughyour age tells that you are experienced and can beconsidered a senior, you will not receive that type ofrespect because you are always a newcomer to aworkplace.ConclusionIndeed, there are many valid reasons why you wouldwant or even need to go look for a different job. Thereis nothing wrong also if you want to look for a job thatwill make you happy. But this also doesn’t make it rightfor you to keep jumping from one company to another.Job change is a serious decision that requires a lot ofthinking and planning. Before you decide to findanother place of employment, why don’t you first try toaddress whatever it is that’s actually making you wantto leave your company? You could also work with acareer coach just so you can get the guidance as you gothrough this crucial stage in your career.Should you choose not to invest in your skills andpersonalitydevelopment, it will belike letting yourself flywithout wings. In short,you are setting yourselfup to fail. Although youbelieve that people canbe stable enough in their careers even without makingany investment, you should realize that eventually,competition gets the better of them and leave themregretting that they didn’t take the time to makethemselves better.If you want to stay away from a career disaster, thenplanning is crucial. Also, you cannot keep hesitatingabout investing in your career development becausethis is the only way you can achieve your career goals.To help you understand it more easily, here are thegood reasons you should invest in your career.1. This is an investment where you cannot lose.As we all know, any type of financial investment comeswith a possibility to fail and lose, but not this one. Bymaking yourself better professionally, you will gainmore opportunities in your career, you can stay awayfrom early and unexpected employment, and you cango on changing careers without much trouble as well.2. This can increase your market value.Companies are continuously searching for individualswho have the most complete sets of skills. If yousucceed in acquiring more skills related in your field,your value also continues to increase. This means thatyour current employer will never think about letting yougo and this could also mean that any other employerout there could be keeping an eye on you.3. You build your own future for yourself.You are the only one responsible for how bright yourfuture will be. Every decision that you make right nowcertainly has its effects on your future. And so investingin your skills right now is a way for you to build abrighter future for yourself.4. This can help you prepare for future changes.Nobody knows what job could give you the biggestfulfillment. There is always a possibility that you willwake up one day thinking of doing something moreexciting and more meaningful. In short, the thought ofchanging jobs can strike you anytime, so you have to beready for it. The best thing you could do to make surethat you are ready to make the shift any moment fromnow is to equip yourself with the important transferableskills. This way, you will always be ready to go if youdesire to.