Email Etiquette


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Email Etiquette

  1. 1. Email Etiquette By: Alex
  2. 2. Use Good Grammar• Always spell everything correctly and don’t use abbreviations.
  3. 3. Always use appropriate language• Don’t say any mean words or put people down in an email.
  4. 4. Know who you can trust when sending an email• Don’t send a random email to some person you don’t know, because they could spam you.
  5. 5. Proofread• Always look over your emails. Especially to someone of authority.
  6. 6. Always use a subject• Most people just put emails in the trash box if it doesn’t have a subject
  7. 7. Never open random forwards• If you open a random forward from random people it could spam your computer and download a bunch of that stuff that you don’t want
  8. 8. Keep emails brief• Always keep your emails short and to the point
  9. 9. Make sure you have correct spelling• Make sure you spell everything correctly because people might not be able to understand what your trying to say
  10. 10. Your email address should be appropriate• If your name was something immature then your work boss might thing your childish and might not hire you
  11. 11. Always type formally• Don’t say hey man like how’s it going dawg. You should say Hello, how are you on this fine day. If your speaking to someone of authority to you
  12. 12. Citations••••••••••