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  • 1. Ana karen Martinez M #13 8B
  • 2. 1. Most of PowerPoint´s basic text formatting are found on the Home tab of the ribbon.2. There are two groups of text formatting tools on the Ribbon: the font group and the paragraph group.
  • 3. Fonts Fonts are sets of characters, numbers, and symbols in a specific style or design. Power point presentations have two fonts: one for headings and one for body text. A theme is a set of formatting specifications, including the colors, fonts, graphic effects, and slide layouts available.
  • 4. Applying font styles and effects
  • 5. Changing font color Use the Font Color button in the font group to access a palette of colors you can apply to selected text. Format Painter Format painter is a tool that copies formatting from one block of text to another.
  • 6. Indentation Indentation controls the horizontal spacing of a paragraph. Line spacing controls its vertical spacing. There are two indentation settings:1. Hanging: a reverse indent.2. First Line: a standard first-line indent.3. (none): this setting revomes any special indents for the first line.
  • 7. Numbered Lists Wordart fill color PowerPoint enables  The WordArt fill you to create color is the color you numbered lists to see inside teh place a list of WordArt characters. itemized information  You can change in numeric order. color or apply a special effect.
  • 8. Texture Textures are graphics that repeat to fill an object with a surface that resembles a familiar material. Outline Color Most WordArt styles include a colored outline around the edges of the WordArt characters. Special Effects You can apply special effects to your WordArt objects, such as shadows, reflections, glows, transformations, and more.
  • 9. Formatting textwith WordArt Adding Text Boxstyles You can apply  Text boxes can be WordArt styles to used to place text any text in a slide. on a slide anyplace you want it.
  • 10. Resizing a text box Text boxes can be resized. The height automatically fots the content A text box has eight resizing handles.
  • 11. Applying texture and pattern fills  A texture fills repeats a small graphic to fill the area.  A pattern fill is a repeating pattern that consists of a background color and a foreground color.cChanging text box shape and applyingeffects  You can apply special effects to text boxes as you can to WordArt, drawn shapes, and other objects.  These effects include reflection, glow, 3-D effects, etc…
  • 12. Orienting text in a text box You can change the text direction in a text box. Setting the margins in a text box set the margins in PowerPoint enables you to a text box. Aligning text boxes on a slide  You can align the text box itself with other objects on the slide.
  • 13. Checking Spelling The spelling feature compares each word in the presentation to its buiult-in and custom dictionaries.
  • 14. The thesaurus Is a reference book or utility that offers suggestions for words that are similar in meaning to the word you are looking up or that are opposite in meaning.