HowTo Create your Social Media Strategy

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A simple guide to developing your own Social Media Strategy.

A simple guide to developing your own Social Media Strategy.

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  • 1. HowTo create your Social Media Strategyby Kameel
  • 2. Campaign Objective
    The first step is understanding whatyou are trying to do:
    Increase revenue? Gain more customers?
    Gain market insight? Raise awareness?
    Develop new products?
    This should match your corporate objectives
  • 3. Why?
    because your objectives
    will determine your audience
    the mediums you’ll use
    your content strategy
    and the if the campaign was a success
  • 4. Example
    Corporate Objectives:
    To increase restaurant sales by 10% this year.
    To reduce operating expenses by 10% this year.
    Social Media Objective:
    For the next six months, use free social medias to generate positive customer recommendations that will attract XXX new customers.
  • 5. Who are you talking to?
    Segment them & discover their behavior
    Who are they?
    Customers? Product reviewers? Industry pundits? News content creators? Suppliers?
    Demographics?(Age, gender, location)
    Readers? Bloggers? mobile access? web access? from home or work? what sites do they visit? what do they want? What are they currently saying online?
    Verify your research, if possible, meet these people
  • 6. Example
    Customers are aged between 25-35, live within 3km of the property, they are tech-savvy, participate online on blogs and review sites, they have a high use of mobile devices, likely to have a profile in one or more social networks, and are consumers of video content, etc
  • 7. Select the Medium
    There are lots of social media mediums
    Not just Twitter, LinkedIN & Facebook
    What do mediums do your audience use?
    It’s a waste of time using a tool that your audience doesn’t use.
  • 8. Implementation
    Create content your audience is looking for (based on your audience research)
    Allocate internal resources or get an agency
    Put widgets for content creation / distribution on your own website
    Begin distributing your content & engaging your audience
  • 9. Monitor & Manage
    You’re now the host of an on-going event
    Treat everyone like they’re your guest
    Respond to your guests
    Increase where you get positive responses
    Change or remove where get negative responses
    Monitor & ask for guest feedback
    Constantly measure against your campaign objective, recycle & improve
  • 10. Example
    Menu & Food suggestions from customers are increasing, so involve the Chef / F&B in the conversations
    Pictures of parties/events are being heavily viewed, so increase the frequency and number of pictures, ask for audience contributions
    Comments on rooms are negative/positive, understand and respond to guest feedback, provide incentives/responses based on your current corporate policies.
  • 11. Questions ?please get in touch.
    about the author
    Kameel Vohra
    Marketing Consultant