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saer elettropompe pumps

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Saer elettropompe pumps | Elettropompe pumps

  1. 1. Saer Elettropompe Pumps With a full range that goes from the peripheral pumps to the most sophisticated pressure groups, SAER is the ideal pumping solution in the field of clean water, waste water and sewage. All the four factories are located in Italy, in addition to the R & D department. A team of competent designers, technicians and sales managers are capable of meeting any customer requirement and the quality assurance ensures precise delivery of exactly what is committed. SAER has distribution channels in more than 120 countries around the world. SAER ranks among the leading manufacturers of submersible pumps, surface pumps and special MOC pumps. SAER also makes EE Motors. Mission SAER offers its customers the best quality, all designed and made only in Italy. SAER's decision to maintain centralized production in Italy only is dictated by the need to present itself in the market as a real quality product, differentiating itself through excellence and professionalism. SAER offers a range of innovative, not only in quality but also with intent to give precise solutions to the demands of the global market, thanks to the results achieved by the activity of research and development. SAER exports all over the world to all the quality markets of US & Europe and is recommended and preferred by consultants and international agencies from all over the world. Since 1951, SAER ELETTROPOMPE (Electrical Pumpsets) manufactures pumps and electric pumps for water, waste water and sewage, and also for other liquids. These find extensive applications in civil, municipal, industrial, agricultural and domestic, for drainage, fire protection and also in air-conditioning and heating, shipbuilding and mining. SAER's products include Monobloc, Close Coupled or Long Coupled up to 160KW Centrifugal Pumps up to 355KW End Suction Pumps according to EN733 and exceeding EN733 up to 355KW Vertical and Horizontal Multistage pumps with Power from 0.75 to 500 kW Split Case Pumps with capacities from 15 to 1500 kW Small Pumps for Residential / Domestic applications
  2. 2. Pressure Booster Sets Submersible Enbloc (Openwell or Borewell Submersible Monoblocs) Submersible Borewell Electric Pumps, 4" to 14", Power up to 300KW Submersible Radial 4" to 10" and Semi-Axial 6" to 14". Submersible Motors Oil Filled Rewindable, 4 "to 6", Power up to 18.5KW Submersible Motors Water Filled, 4 "to 14", Power up to 300KW Waste Water & Sewage Sub Pumps with Channels, Vortex, Blades, Grinders, Mixers Control Panels and VFD Inverters Offered in MOCs – CI, CS, Different grades of SS & Bronze, Techno Polymer. APPLICATIONS With a full range which includes more than 12000 different models of submersible & surface pumps, SAER ELETTROPOMPEis positioned as an optimal solution for any type of requirement. Possible applications are many, here summarized in fire fighting, pressurizing units, cisterns, shipping, mining, irrigation, heating, heat recovery, air conditioning, municipality, water distribution etc. If you Want to More Information Please visit our website:-