Jusuru Life Blend – is a Cutting-Edge Liquid Nutritional Supplement


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Jusuru Life Blend is a cutting-edge liquid nutritional supplement that contains essential anti-oxidants, resveratrol and a special form of BioCell Collagen.

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Jusuru Life Blend – is a Cutting-Edge Liquid Nutritional Supplement

  1. 1. Jusuru Life Blendis a Cutting-Edge Liquid Nutritional Supplement
  2. 2. Jusuru Life Blend – is a Cutting-Edge Liquid Nutritional Supplement Jusuru Life Blend is a cutting-edge liquid nutritional supplement that contains essential anti-oxidants, resveratrol and a special form of BioCell Collagen. Jusuru is the first liquid supplement that has BioCell Collagen that has previously only been available in capsule form. BioCell Collagen is a naturally occurring matrix of three elements: hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate. Various studies and clinical trials have shown that BioCell Collagen is a healthy aging ingredient that helps one achieve younger looking skin and healthier joints at the same time. The formulation also has 13 different fruits enriched with various phytonutrients harboring potent antioxidant and anti- inflammatory properties. The trio, resveratrol, thirteen fruits and BioCell Collagen can promote overall wellbeing of people and help them maintain an active lifestyle with youthful looks.
  3. 3. Jusuru Life Blend is The Flagship Product Jusuru Life Blend is the flagship product of the company and complies with the strict criteria of cGMP in manufacturing practices. Backed by safety studies and scientific research, this product has been developed with an aim to help people live healthy and active lives. The cGMP refers to Current Good Manufacturing Practices regulations set forth by the United States FDA. It provides guidelines for systems that assure the proper design, monitoring and control of manufacturing facilities and processes. Compliance with the cGMP ensures the strength, identity, purity and quality of dietary supplement products by requiring that manufacturers monitor the manufacturing operations adequately.
  4. 4. Things to know about Jusuru International, Inc. Jusuru International is a values-driven company that strives to provide people with the most advanced and effective nutritional supplements that have been made with topnotch ingredients. It is headquartered in Anaheim, California and has a professional executive team that supports the companys expanding network of independent distributors. All team members are committed to providing guidance and help with a passion for sharing their experiences. Jusuru provides an array of possibilities to independent representatives, whether they want to help others, earn extra income or promote health and wellness. Jusuru was co-founded by Asma Ishaq who previously held the position of Vice President of Business Development at Give Something Back. She brings extensive experience in product development to Jusuru International, Inc.
  5. 5. Jusuru International Was Co-founded by Asma Ishaq in 2009 Jusuru International, Inc. was co-founded by Asma Ishaq in 2009 with an aim to help and encourage people to live their best possible life. The company is known for its “inside out” approach integrated in its entire lineup of nutritional supplements that work within the body unlike other health products that work from the outside in, such as creams and ointments. Jusurus multi-patented BioCell Collagen augments joint health and reduces wrinkles from the inside out. Due to their revolutionary nutritional supplements, Jusuru International was featured in September 2012 issue of Direct Selling News as the Young Company Focus. The company also earned recognition from the Nutricosmetics Summit as the exemplary U.S. Brand.
  6. 6. Recommentions by Jusuru Life Blend The recommended daily dosage of Jusuru Life Blend is 2 ounces, twice daily, once in the morning and then in the evening. The supplement is all-natural and safe, so one may also take more than the recommended dosage. As per clinical trials, the benefits of the product are evident somewhere between 2 weeks and 3 months of taking the supplement. The key ingredient BioCell Collagen has been tested in many toxicology studies that have proven it to be completely safe. The fruits have been selected carefully, considering the ongoing scientific research and traditional use in countries within South America, North America, Europe and Asia. Resveratrol is naturally found in red grapes and has been consumed by people for many years.
  7. 7. Jusuru Pet Blend Provides Pets With Essential Nutrients Aside from Jusuru Life Blend, what many are calling the “Fountain of Youth”, Jusuru International, Inc. has also introduced Jusuru Pet Blend that provides pets with essential nutrients their joints need to replenish the vital components of cartilage. The benefits are more comfortable fetching, catching, walking, running and stretching. Jusuru Pet Blend is specially formulated to ensure healthy joint structure and flexibility, as well as support optimal health and wellbeing of pets. It is produced by a patented Bio- Optimized process that ensures higher bioavailability and rapid absorption. In fact, BioCell Collagen supplies molecules to cartilage in the same proportions used in joints themselves, and in a form that pets body can easily replenish and rebuild.
  8. 8. BioCell Collagen Provides Benefits For Skin & Joints Problems The skin and joint health benefits of BioCell Collagen are further augmented by 13 fruits as well as resveratrol that has amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. As per the studies, the antioxidants may support the functions of chondrocytes that affect oxidative stress in joints. The thirteen fruits are: apple, blueberry, strawberry, jujube, maqui, nopal, noni, lycium, pomegranate, acai, grape, mangosteen and cranberry. There are many intensive studies that demonstrate the effect of fruit-derived extracts on the risk of chronic conditions. According to these studies, the fruit derived supplements may help reduce several risk factors associated with many neurological and cardiovascular problems. This clearly means that Jusuru Life Blend promotes overall health while being effective in fighting skins aging process and ensuring joint mobility.
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