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Published in: Travel, Technology

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  • 1.
    • An Innovative Approach to Promote Vibrant and Diverse Neighborhoods in Chicago
    • by Justin Massa,  & Madeline Troche Rodriguez, Harry S Truman College
  • 2. research background
    • Krysan’s Chicago Area Study and “Racial Blind Spots” research
        • discrimination, economics, or individual behavior?
    • Turner & Briggs’ MTO/MTW analysis
        • challenges and opportunities mismatch
    • Chicagoland housing counselor survey results (MCIC)
    • successes of One Economy’s Beehive, Illinois Legal Aid Online, Center for Access to Justice & Technology
  • 3.
    • 40th anniversary of the Chicago Freedom Movement, unchanged segregation
    • demise of Leadership Council for Metropolitan Open Communities
    • information/data challenges in CHAC’s EHOP
    • emerging web 2.0 map technologies
    • housing search moves online, craigslist lawsuit
    background / context
  • 4. site features and functions
    • Guides (live)
    • Neighborhood Finder (8/15/09)
      • Dig Deeper (9/21/09)
    • “ My new neighborhood is...” Stories (11/09)
    • Neighborhood Connections (1/10)
    • Housing Counselor Tools (3/10)
    bilingual (Spanish) + W3C/WCAG 2.0 compliant (3/10, pending funding)
  • 5. neighborhood finder data
    • Amenities:
        • grocery stores, libraries, public transit access, car sharing, schools, daycare centers, parks, farmers markets, health centers, etc.
    • Quality of Life:
        • crime index, air quality / incidence of asthma, incidence of lead poisoning, WalkScore, food deserts, diverse community, etc.
    • Opportunities:
        • affordable housing choices, community gardens, after school programs, social services, NPO-created google maps, etc.
      • note: some data is searchable, all is mappable
  • 6. my new neighborhood is...
    • stories of integrative moves and their impact in response to a prompt
    • written by registered users and edited by staff and volunteers
    • rich media - videos, pictures, text, and a map
    • displayed throughout the site
  • 7. neighborhood connections
    • goal: rebuild social capital and put down roots
    • internal database of neighborhood-based organizations
    • pull data from wide variety of websites
    • one-click submission to neighborhood orgs + printable directory
  • 8. housing counselor & organization tools
    • add, edit, and tag Guides and neighborhood organizations
    • branded, printable Guides and search results
    • upload additional data sets, view and alter search matrix factors, granular permission controls
  • 9. evaluation
    • Site Analytics registered users count, time on site, bounce rate, completed searches
    User Neighborhood Opinions pre-results neighborhood quiz matched to saved favorites, evaluate if changed attitudes Successful Integrative Moves post-move users return to site, confirm new location for comparison to starting neighborhood
  • 10. why
    • research-based approach
    • overcomes barriers of time and web savviness by aggregating data in an intuitive interface
    • counters ignorance and prejudice with contextual info that builds social capital
  • 11. why
    • open source = affordable, license-free, volunteer-ready innovation springboard
    • peer-vetted: NetSquared finalist, KnightPulse, ReadWriteWeb,, fair housing community
  • 12.
    • technology for residential integration
    100 N LaSalle St Suite 600 Chicago, IL 60605 [email_address] phone: 312.436.1482