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OIGA Mobile Marketing Presentation

OIGA Mobile Marketing Presentation



Slides from my presentation on mobile marketing given at the 2011 Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association.

Slides from my presentation on mobile marketing given at the 2011 Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association.



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    OIGA Mobile Marketing Presentation OIGA Mobile Marketing Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Overview of Mobile MarketingOverview of Mobile Marketing Judd Wheeler August 17, 2011
    • How Big Is Mobile?1.7 billion television sets
    • How Big Is Mobile?2 billion Internet users
    • How Big Is Mobile?1.2 billion computers (including tablets)
    • How Big Is Mobile?4.9 billion combined
    • How Big Is Mobile?4.9 billion combined > 5.3 billion paid subscribers
    • Growing Trend Growing Trend• Americans are Americans are  getting rid of landlines
    • Growing Trend Growing Trend• 10 States that have at least 30% of adults rely strictly on cell  phones – Arkansas – Mississippi ‐ highest poverty rate at 21.9% in 2009 (Census Bureau) – Colorado – Idaho – Kentucky – Nebraska – North Dakota – Oklahoma – Oregon – Texas
    • Within Arms Reach 24/7 No 9% Yes 91% Morgan Stanley
    • Reach• Cell phone penetration is 96% of the US Cell phone penetration is 96% of the US  population• High in low income population High in low‐income population• That means… Over 87% of the U.S. population is within an  O 87% f h U S l i i i hi arm’s reach
    • Smartphone Demographics Smartphone Demographics• Income over $75,000 Income over $75 000• College graduate• Men/women: 55/45 split / / li• Higher percentage African‐Americans and  Hispanics than white – URBAN• Roughly 75% of the users being between age  g y g g 18 and 54
    • Mobile Technologies Mobile Technologies• Text Messaging (SMS/MMS) Text Messaging (SMS/MMS)• 2D Barcodes• Mobile Web & Search Mobile Web & Search• Advertising• Location‐Based Services (LBS) Location Based Services (LBS)• Near Field Communications (NFC)• Augmented Reality (AR) Augmented Reality (AR)• Apps
    • Text May Not Be Sexy, BUT….. Text May Not Be Sexy, BUT…..• 90% of all text messages read within 3 minutes of delivery• 95% within the 1st 15 minutes• Over 99% read by the recipient • SinglePoint Conversational Advertising g g• Text: – CTR 14.06%  Conversion 8.22%• Email: – CTR   6.64%  Conversion 1.73% (average 33% change yearly)• Internet Display – CTR 0 76% C CTR   0.76%  Conversion 4.43% i 4 43%• Direct Mail – Response 1.4‐3.4% (Conversion < 1%) • DMA 2010 Response Rate Trend Report
    • Text (SMS/MMS) Text (SMS/MMS)• Alerts • Text4Offer• Text2Win • Polls• Text4Info • Pics & Text2Screen & Text2Screen Courtesy of iMobilize Media
    • • Let gamblers text Poker Blackjack etc for Let gamblers text Poker, Blackjack, etc. for  seating requests versus having to wait for a  table to open table to open• Reservation requests• R i d l Remind players they  h are within 200 points  of moving to the  f i h next level
    • Stop, Shop & Play?Stop, Shop & Play?
    • Stop, Shop & Play? Stop, Shop & Play?• Text‐to‐win contest Text to win contest• Billboards spaced out• Unique code & guarantee at least $5 prize i d & l $ i Could take home $1 million
    • Stop, Shop & Play? Stop, Shop & Play?• After 8 weeks After 8 weeks – 25% added to player loyalty club• After a year After a year – HUGE database of customer contact numbers
    • SMS Appeal SMS Appeal• Short convenient format Short convenient format• Most effective marketing messages =  Least amount of thought from the consumer. Least amount of thought from the consumer• Permission‐based• Redeemed value of mobile coupons – 24% higher than Internet and e‐mail coupons – Nearly 50% higher than paper coupons
    • Goals• Get them in the door Get them in the door – Coupons – Special entry sweepstakes Special entry sweepstakes• Keep them there – Provide interactive experience• Get them to come back – Maintain communication
    • Alert Ideas Alert Ideas• Concert/entertainment schedules Concert/entertainment schedules• New restaurant or specials• Tournament schedules (special messages go  h d l ( i l out with incentives to fill slots)• Pre‐register for tournaments• Encourage guests to text reviews or  g g suggestions
    • Mobile Barcodes Mobile Barcodes 30 characters 3,296 alphanumeric 1,000 characters• 1992 – Denso‐Wave (Toyota) ( y )• Additional storage capacity accommodates a variety of data beyond  numbers: – Text – Hyperlink – Telephone number (Phone call) – SMS/MMS message – Email (Send message) – Contact entry (vCard or meCard) – Calendar entry (vCalendar)
    • Deals, ads and a videoD l d d id7,581 web site visits (90 days)
    • Top 5 Reasons ‐1st Time QR Scan Top 5 Reasons  1 Time QR Scan• 87% to find a discount 87% to find a discount• 64% to enter a sweepstakes• 63% to access additional info 63% ddi i li f• 60% to make a purchase• 53% to sign up to receive more information
    • Don t Don’t• Don’t distribute a mobile barcode without Don t distribute a mobile barcode without  thoroughly testing it• Don’t link to a Don t link to a  generic webpage• D ’ li k Don’t link to a  webpage that  isn’t mobile‐friendly i ’ bil f i dl
    • SnapTag• Send MMS – feature phones Send MMS  feature phones• Scan with app
    • Retail Mobile Web Retail Mobile Web Mobile enabled retail web site Mobile‐enabled retail web site• 54% consumers would shop  directly from barcodes in  magazines i Have • 12% of retailers offered it Not 40%• Must break away from  traditional channels Have 60%• E b Embrace evolution, prepare  l ti for future demands OR be  left behind
    • More browser phones than PCs
    • Search
    • Mobile Advertising Mobile Advertising• Opportunity to reach  Oppo tu ty to eac consumers improving• Mobile ads perform  5 times better than  Internet ads I t t d• Match the creative to Match the creative to  the devices smaller  screen size
    • Mobile Advertising Mobile Advertising• Fragmented – Over 10 ad networks in U.S. alone – Players like inMobi, AdMob (Google), iAd (Apple),  y , ( g ), ( pp ), Microsoft Mobile Advertising, Millennial Media,  Greystripe… (none dominate)• Types of networks – Blind (largest) ‐ awareness – Premium Blind ‐ action – Premium ‐ conversion
    • Location Based Service Location‐Based Service 10,000,000• Check in• Find friends Find friends• Share on social networks (FREE word of mouth)• Unlock rewards
    • Location Based Service Location‐Based Service 10,000,000Brand engagement through social mobile interaction
    • Location Based Service Location‐Based Service 10,000,000• Domino’s: 29% profit increase to social media and  Foursquare• McDonald’s check‐in increased 33% during their  Foursquare Day campaign Foursquare Day campaign
    • Location Based Service Location‐Based Service 10,000,000• Translation: “Stop by anytime this weekend and check‐in on  p y y FourSquare to receive a free buffet and $100 free  slot play” p y
    • Shopkick (Proximity Marketing) (Proximity Marketing)
    • ShopAlerts • Works with any phone Works with any phone  (no GPS) • Opt‐in p • SMS, Facebook, Twitter,  web, in‐store signage g g • Geo‐fences based off  cell towers
    • SCVNGR  Buffalo Wild Wings SCVNGR – Buffalo Wild Wings• Go places p• Do challenges• Earn points• 720 locations 12‐week campaign  12 week campaign (March Madness)• Media & customer  engagement• Improve customer return  rate – drive revenue rate – drive revenue
    • Turn Watching Games into a GAMETurn Watching Games into a GAME• Rewards for completed  p challenges included:  – $5 off (3 points),  – a free Coca Cola (20 a free Coca‐Cola (20  points) and  – free wings (30 points)• T k i of friends,  Take pics f f i d sauciest wing in the  basket, fans of rival  teams, crowd going wild…• Could share to Facebook & Twitter & Twitter
    • Results• Players generated 20,000+ challenges• There were 184,000 unique players• 1 in 3 players returned to play again• On average, users completed 7  challenges• 100 million social impressions via  Facebook and Twitter.• On average, a player spent 90  O l 90 seconds per challenge, meaning that  BWW saw the equivalent of 3.6 years  of brand engagement in its locations  g g during the campaign.Now had an established database of 184,000 people for its next campaign l f
    • Near Field CommunicationNear Field Communication • Subset of RFID • 150,000 NFC • 6 illi t diti 6 million traditional l Crone Consulting
    • NFC Predictions NFC Predictions• Chip makers predict 40‐50 million NFC phones Chip makers predict 40 50 million NFC phones  by 2011• ~300 million phones worldwide (20%) phones ~300 million phones worldwide (20%) phones  with NFC by 2014 (Juniper Research)• 30% of all mobile phones worldwide will be  f ll bil h ld id ill b NFC enabled in 2015 (HIS research)
    • Digital Signage + NFC  mTAGDigital Signage + NFC = mTAG • Cafes • Health clubs • Airports • Airplanes • Pharmacies • Casinos
    • People Aren t WaitingPeople Aren’t Waiting
    • Augmented Reality Augmented Reality• Yelp • Zagat RETINA –SSee restaurants t t –C i t Can interact & virtually  t & i t ll – Click to get ratings and  walk down the street reviews – Click to get full review  g and details
    • • Create your own AR world• Open platform Open platform• 1.4M active users • Bring digital into reality Bring digital into reality
    • Apps Ave Price: $3.64Over 7 TB Free,  36% Pay,  64%$891,982.24
    • Apps Dirty Little Secret Apps Dirty Little SecretAverage: 60 apps downloaded to iPhone or iPadAverage: 60 apps downloaded to iPhone or iPadPaid Free• 30% first downloaded • 20% first downloaded• 5% by day 21 • 5% by day 25• 1% by day 90 b d • 1% by day 90 b d Socialize Inc.
    • And/ + OR =
    • Three Pillars of Good App Three Pillars of Good App• Design – UX – A polished look• Development – Innovate – Analytics & events tracking – Updates• Presentation – Get more ratings Get more ratings – Social integration – App store pictures
    • North Face (China) North Face (China)• Stake virtual claim • > 2 million unique visitors to • Li Live score kept on web &  k b& web outdoor electronic board • > 651,000 red flags planted• 18 days 18 days • Champion > 4,000 Champion  4,000
    • Vegas AppsVegas Apps
    • Beyond the Standard Beyond the Standard• Layout of floor = easily to find favorite games Layout of floor = easily to find favorite games• Utilize “loyalty” section• G Geo‐triggered push notifications i d h ifi i
    • Palms Fantasy Blackjack Palms Fantasy Blackjack• Join league or start one Join league or start one• Play against other people over time period• Keeps Palms brand top of mind l b d f i d
    • “Put your best people on mobile.people on mobile ”
    • Overview of Mobile MarketingOverview of Mobile Marketing Judd Wheeler Judd Wheeler August 17, 2011 jwheeler@comm‐arts.com (918) 493‐5700