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This is the presentation that opened TEDx on Nov. 29th 2010. It focuses on unlocking creativity in education and beyond

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  • This mosaic in Rio, Brazil is quite beautiful as it shows how even though all the pieces and steps are decorated differently, they still get you to where you need to go. They I just want to paint a senario for you. Just imagine if you can, that a 15 year is in the higher level tier of their maths class and then it comes to the exam and there is a problem. The person who is faced with this problem sees at least 7 ways that she can solve this. She begins to solve it one way but then feels the pressure of the clock and decides to solve it another way, and then again the other way. That student has just spent ten minutes on one problem that should have taken her two, however, because no one has see their ability to solve the problem in a multitudes of ways and value that diversity of solving that problem and instead they focus on speed over and above their ability to see a problem from a multitude of angles. Because of this, people think that she is slow and is in the wrong class. So this person learns out of force to cut off all that diverse of ways of solving problems and decides that they must conform and get quick in order to get ahead. As a result, they become one of the most narrowly focused people who pushes they`re way around and criticises everyone who tries to be diverse, open and interdisciplinary in their approach, just like she had been. This is the profile of many of the `successful` students that we are turning out today. As a result we have an elitist society where those who are successful are those that have conformed and left most of themselves behind and those that succeed in their place are those that conform again to their way of thinking. Do we really want our future to be like this.
  • By unlocking creativity we welcome in so many voices into one space, so we allow people to shine in their own way, their own sense of freedom, strength and courage, whilst at the same time, uniting in that diversity
  • creativity diversifies our way of interacting with each other. This recognition of diverse ways of making meaning would be supporting us all to develop a sense of belonging, rather than alienation that seems to be happening at present, if we do not fit into one standardised norm.
  • During a recent meeting with another facilitator where we were discussing how to approach a making an animation in the ZOOM lab, learning environment in the Children`s museum in Vienna
  • we don`t all see things in the same way.
  • This was a poster where I asked them to represent on here what they thought the project was about. You can see different things on there, the characters, the masks, adjectives, the circus tent. They interpreted what the project was in different ways. Within the group there was a debate about that. One of the girls made a point of saying “That`s not what the project was about, don`t put that there” so as facilitators we also have to be aware of the children themselves being judgmental and critical of each other, so vigilance is needed for this. Not only that we as teachers do not judge too much but also the students themselves do not judge each other and then there is forceful peer pressure.
  • We need to welcome our diverse ways of understanding ourselves and others whilst still sharing the same learning spaces. We need to be comfortable with risk taking in education and welcome the unexpected, even if it seems at first absurd and crazy and then allow an open process to work. Goethe said: “No one can control what is really creative, and everybody just has to let it go its own way” it is
  • When someone loves you and shows you that the heart is real
  • One of the major challenges of our current education system is not to confront our diversity, evident through our creativity, with harsh judgement and rejection due to fear for the other. Rather than being fearful, wouldn`t it be better to be curious about these expressions and welcome them in to enrich our lives. There are a great deal of creative programs around at present and there is a focus on innovation and yes, we do have creativity in learning environments, but what have I seen is that one or two main models are upheld as the best and then everything is viewed through this one model. YOU NEED A STORY HERE. I am not saying that models are bad in education. Talk about Modelling in education and then put a story in to illustrate your point.
  • Here is one of the students who I was told she wasn´t creative, but here we see her playing around with shadows and light whilst we were setting up the final presentation. She was unsupervised here.
  • and the way in which we create our lives, express ourselves, solve problems, build our world, is as diverse both within ourselves, our communities, and other communities We would all benefit from unlocking creativity in learning so that we can access and appreciate diversity both within ourselves and between each other furthermore, understanding and flow between each other can increase.
  • creativity because it is emotional, because it touches our emotions and our heart it is an access point to our beliefs and highest values. The heart doesn`t discriminate and is open point of tolerance of each other`s diversity. Creativity is the expression of the heart, it`s manisfestations are as diverse as humanity as a whole. So we can find a common language and a common unity through our diverse creative expressions.
  • By welcoming all our creative expressions to our Earth Tree, our tree of life. We can can find simultaneous unity within diversity.
  • Then our vision can be universal enough to encompass all and open enough to have the diverse expressions of that all.
  • Ted x presentation

    1. 2. think you Do that society is nurturing humanity`s complexity?
    2. 3. People have had to leave part of themselves behind to “get ahead”
    3. 8. Creativity broadens the scope of how we interact with each other creativity supports our multiple visions for the future.
    4. 11. Allowing diverse teaching and learning strategies
    5. 15. Unlocking creativity takes us further than we ever could have imagined or expected with prescribed outcomes
    6. 25. Unlocking creativity brings our core values to the surface
    7. 29. Unlocking Creativity broadens our scope of how we see ourselves in the world
    8. 34. Diversity in creativity
    9. 42. It Starts With Oneour connection to each other is as colourful as we are
    10. 43. Unlocking creativity gives us our own symbolic language increasing our diverse expressions of the world that allows in turn for more acceptance of diversity How can unlocking creativity allow us a more holistic way of connecting civilizations and cultures?
    11. 44. Unlocking creativity is our bridge between what has been, what is and what will be
    12. 45. Wish Tree & Tree of Life
    13. 46. Then our vision can be universal enough to encompass all and open enough to have diverse expressions of that all.