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English twitter 14

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  2. 2. 142BBC Breaking News ?@BBCBreakingProminent Russian opposition activist calls #Sochi Winter Olympics "a monstrous scam", claiming half the moneyspent has been stolen Mark Bridger, 47, sentenced to life with a whole-life tariff for murder of 5-year-old AprilJones Main Syrian opposition group outside country says it wont participate in peace talks while massacres are un-derway Mark Bridger, killer of 5-year-old April Jones, "evil & manipulative individual" says UK police officer wholed case Mark Bridger, 47, convicted of abducting & murdering 5-year-old April Jones in mid-Wales in 2012 MarkBridger found guilty of abduction and murder of April Jones who went missing near her Machynlleth home on 1 Oc-tober 2012 Michael Adebowale wearing handcuffs, his hand bandaged, told he will appear at Old Bailey on Monday3 June Michael Adebowale, 22, charged with murder of Drummer Lee Rigby appears at Westminster MagistratesCourt, judge refers case to Old Bailey Bomb blasts in Iraq kills at least 11 people and leaves dozens more woundedin latest eruption of violence Bomb explosions in Iraqi capital Baghdad and northern city of Mosul kill at least 11people, officials say Man arrested on suspicion of murder of Georgia Williams following developments in investiga-tion, say police 22-year-old man arrested on suspicion of murdering teenager Georgia Williams, who went missingin Shropshire on Sunday 26 May Woolwich attack suspect Michael Adebowale to be charged with murder A lettersent to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg tests positive for ricin, US media reports say Departing Malagamanager Manuel Pellegrini says he has a verbal agreement to coach Manchester CityEnglish on the Rocks ?@EnglishOTRcome back (a) regresar, volver, recordar (b) to - comenzar a hablar de algo nuevamente I cant remember exactlywhat happened, but Im sure it will come back eventually. No recuerdo exactamente qué ocurrió, pero estoy segurode que al final ocurrirá otra vez. Let me come back to my original point, I think Im getting side tracked. Dejadmeque vuelva a lo que estaba diciendo, creo que me estoy yendo por las ramas.come up (a) subir (b) acercarse (c) against - tropezar con, tener que vérselas con alguien (d) to - llegar hasta (e)with - proponer, sugerir una idea come up to her room, shes in there. Sube a su habitación, ella está allí. He cameup and asked for my phone number. Él se acercó y me pidió mi número de teléfono. He came up against somestrong competition to make it to the final. Él tuvo que vérselas con una gran competencia para llegar a la final. Thewater only comes up to my knees. Él agua sólo me llega hasta las rodillas. He asked me why I didnt show up lastnight and I couldnt come up with an answer. Él me preguntó por qué no aparecí anoche y no se me pudo ocurrir unarespuesta. come across encontrarse con, toparse con John came across a very interesting film the other day. Johnencontró una película muy interesante el otro día.come away (a) desprenderse, (b) marcharse the picture came away from the wall and smashed on the floor.I only went in Ikea for a light bulb, and I came away with a new sofa!come into (a) heredar (b) tener que ver con, ser parte de, estar de moda After his father died, James came into afortune. Despues de la muerte de su padre James heredó una fortuna. I have no idea what has come into fashionthis season. Attention whore Centro de atención, notas. Shes in a bikini in all of her Facebook photos, shes anattention whore. Ella está en bikini en todas sus fotos de Facebook, es una notas. More people would like you if youwerent such an attention whore. Le caerías bien a más gente si no fueras buscando atención. "Big Brother" is realitygameshow in a house full of attention whores. "Gran Hermano" es un concurso "reality show" en una casa llena denotas.to break the news to someone darle una noticia a alguien I hate to be the one to break the news to you. But we nolonger want you to work for us.Gareth H. Jones ?@gar_jones"Europe to tackle (afrontar) Spain in health insurance row."lamansiondelingles ?@mansiontwit" I used to be indecisive, but now Im not so sure."To be tarted up emperifollarse. Why are you all tarted up? Where are you going?Gareth H. Jones ?@gar_jonesjeans /djiins/ vaqueros Id say that jeans are the most popular style of trousers in the worldListen! If you don’t get this job, what are you going to do? You need other options just in case. Don’t put all youreggs in one basket. ¡Escucha! Si no consigues este puesto, ¿qué vas a hacer? Necesitas otras opciones por si acaso.No te lo juegues todo a una sola carta. After claiming that his team would win the cup last year, the manager got eggon his face when they were knocked out in the first round by a team from a lower division.Después de afirmar que su equipo ganaría la copa el año pasado, el entrenador acabó por estar avergonzado cuando
  3. 3. 143fueron eliminados en la primera ronda por un equipo de una división inferior. I hope Mark won’t be there this eve-ning. I’m always walking on eggshells when he’s around. I know that whatever I say will just set him off and he’llbe in a bad mood, moaning and complaining, for the rest of the night. Espero que Mark no esté esta noche. Siempretengo que tener mucho cuidado / ir de puntillas cuando él está. Sé que cualquier cosa que diga le provocará y estaráde mal humor, quejándose durante el resto de la noche. The financial collapse led to their nest egg decreasing dra-matically. El desplome económico provocó que sus ahorros bajaran drásticamente. The government claims that thecuts in social spending are necessary for long-term economic growth and that you can’t make an omelette withoutbreaking eggs. El gobierno afirma que los recortes de los gastos sociales son necesarios para el crecimiento econó-mico a largo plazo y que no se puede hacer una tortilla sin cascar huevos.to do a runner hacer una sinpa They did a runner from the restaurant because they didnt have enough money to paythe billEnglish on the Rocks ?@EnglishOTRThe actual number of words in the English language is up for debate: Some dictionaries claim there are 600,000,while others say less than 500,000. Either way, it’s a lot. El número real de palabras del idioma inglés está sujeto adebate: algunos diccionarios aseguran que hay 600.000, mientras que otros dicen que menos de 500.000. De cual-quier manera, son muchas.to give up the ghost darse por vencido My car gave up the ghost on the way here so I caught a taxi.Hun Cariño Hun, I have a reservation for a restaurant tonight. Cariño, tengo una reserva para un restaurante estanoche. How was your day, hun? ¿Qué tal te ha ido el día, cariño? Yes hun, we are the best couple ever. Sí cariño,somos la mejor pareja de todos los tiempos. take aback desconcertar, sorprender The news took me aback, it wascompletely unexpected. Las noticias me desconcertaron, fue completamente inesperado.take along llevar consigo When you go camping you should take along some toilet paper. Cuando vayas de cam-ping debes llevarte algo de papel higiénico.take around visitar un lugar con alguien mostrándole los lugares más interesantes If you come and visit I will takeyou around the city. Si vienes a visitarme te enseñaré la ciudad. take off (a) quitar(se) (b) descontar (c) despegar(d) imitar I took my jacket off and hung it by the door. Me quité la chaqueta y la colgué en la puerta. Our foodarrived late so I asked them to took it off the bill. Nuestra comida llegó tarde así que les pedí que la descontaran dela cuenta. The plane takes off in an hour, we dont have time for a meal. El avión despega en una hora, no tenemostiempo de comer. Colin is good at taking off the voices of celebrities. Colin es bueno imitando voces de famosos.take over (a) asumir, encargarse de (b) from - reemplazar a alguien I would like your colleague take over the de-sign if you dont mind. Me gustaría que tu colega se encargara del diseño, si no te importa. Kyle will take over fromAlberto until he has recovered. Kyle reemplazará a Alberto hasta que éste se haya recuperado.bright brighter - the brightest : brillante, luminoso Its bright in here, do you mind if I close the curtains? Haymucha luz aquí, ¿te importa si cierro las cortinas? The future of our company is looking brighter than ever. Elfuturo de nuestra empresa se ve más brillante que nunca. Follow the brightest star in the sky. Sigue a la estrella másbrillante del cielo.cursoingles ?@curso_de_inglesWhy aren´t you at work today, John? Didn´t you hear? MUCH TO MY REGRET, I WAS FIRED last week!Oh no! Well, LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF THINGS….. this way you will be able to spend the summer holi-days with your children. Why are you GOING DOWNSTAIRS with that bucket of soapy water? I´m ABOUT TOwash the car.You bought a new T.V.! Yeah, they DROPPED THE PRICE in the shop so I bought it! Oh, IF ONLY I had waitedto buy mine. I bought my new t.v. last week at full price. Who are you calling? I´m calling the Doctor´s office toMAKE AN APPOINTMENT for James. What happened to him? Is he ill? No, he fell and BANGED HIS HEADon the edge of the table JUST NOW. He´s probably fine but I think the Doctor should see him JUST IN CASE.I think I will watch a movie after dinner….. ON SECOND THOUGHT, I better study for my exam tomorrow.Yes, YOU´RE RIGHT. You don´t want to WASTE TIME with the school year finishing WITHIN A WEEK.Why aren´t you at work today, John?Didn´t you hear? MUCH TO MY REGRET, I WAS FIRED last week! Oh no! Well, LOOK ON THE BRIGHTSIDE OF THINGS….. this way you will be able to spend the summer holidays with your children.Why are you GOING DOWNSTAIRS with that bucket of soapy water? I´m ABOUT TO wash the car.You bought a new T.V.! Yeah, they DROPPED THE PRICE in the shop so I bought it!
  4. 4. 144cursoingles ?@curso_de_inglesOh, IF ONLY I had waited to buy mine. I bought my new t.v. last week at full price. Who are you calling?I´m calling the Doctor´s office to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT for James. What happened to him? Is he ill?No, he fell and BANGED HIS HEAD on the edge of the table JUST NOW. He´s probably fine but I think the Doctorshould see him JUST IN CASE.I think I will watch a movie after dinner….. ON SECOND THOUGHT, I better study for my exam tomorrow.Yes, YOU´RE RIGHT. You don´t want to WASTE TIME with the school year finishing WITHIN A WEEK.BBC Breaking News ?@BBCBreakingDoctor Who star Matt Smith is to leave his role as the Doctor at the end of this year, the BBC announces Policecharge Michael Adebolajo with the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in #Woolwich - the second man to be chargedAt least two guards killed in attack on prison in centre of Nigers capital, Niamey - Justice Minister Marou AmadouUnidentified gunmen open fire on a prison in the centre of Nigers capital Niamey Body found in search for 17-year-old Georgia Williams http://bbc.in/138hGdY who vanished in Shropshire on Sunday Police accused of "excessiveforce" in #Istanbul http://bbc.in/11gsqXE at 4-day protest over #Taksim Square plans Woolwich murder suspectMichael Adebolajo released from hospital & taken into custody, Metropolitan Police say Foreign Office confirmsUK national killed in Syria. Family informed & receiving consular assistance Defending champion Bradley Wig-gins ruled out of this years Tour de France because of injurySELVA inglés ?@SELVAinglesThey lived in Washington. Vivieron en Washington. The dog played with the ball. El perro jugó con la pelota. Hewalked on the beach. Caminó en la playa. They didn’t live in Washington No vivieron en Washington The dogdidn’t play with the ball El perro no jugó con la pelota He didn’t walk on the beach No caminó en la playa.Did they live in Washington? ¿Vivieron en Washington? Did the dog play with the ball? ¿El perro jugó con la pelo-ta? Did he walk on the beach? ¿El caminó en la playa? Didn’t they live in Washington? ¿No vivieron en Washing-ton? Didn’t the dog play with the ball? ¿El perro no jugó con la pelota? Didn’t he walk on the beach? ¿No caminóen la playa? Did they not live in Washington? ¿No vivieron en Washington? Did the dog not play with the ball? ¿Elperro no jugó con la pelota? Did he not walk on the beach? ¿No caminó en la playa? What did you do last week?¿Qué hiciste la semana pasada? What didn’t you do last week? ¿Qué no hiciste la semana pasada?lamansiondelingles ?@mansiontwitI follow the "3 strikes law" on Twitter. They can annoy me twice, but the 3rd time theyre unfollowed.“It is always easier to ask forgiveness than permission.”Vaughan Systems To break/bust someone’s chops vacilar/darle caña Does your boss always break yourchops? Here at the book fair The Verb Circus is selling como churros. Come see me tomorrow, Sunday in caseta57 from 12-2SELVA inglés @SELVAingles Reglas para Pronunciar la Terminación -edRegla 1 – /id/ Si el infinitivo del verbo termina en los sonidos /t/ o /d/, se pronuncia la -ed al final /id/ agregandootra sílaba. Por ejemplo, el verbo “decide” termina en el sonido /d/. Entonces, la pronunciación de la -ed de “deci-ded” es /id/. Otros ejemplos: started pointed wanted heated created dated neededRegla 2 – /t/ Si el infinitivo del verbo termina en un sonido sin vibración en tu garganta, la pronunciación de la -edes /t/. Por ejemplo, el verbo “mix” termina en un sonido donde no vibra la garganta. Entonces, su pronunciación enpasado será como si tuviera sólo una “t” al final de la palabra y sin pronunciar la “e” de la “-ed.” Es importante queno agregues otra sílaba. Entonces, la palabra “mixed” se pronunciaría “mixt”. Sonidos sin voz: /ch/ – /f/ – /k/ – /p/– /s/ – /sh/ – /x/ Otros ejemplos: switched laughed shocked jumped passed finished boxedRegla 3 – /d/ Si el infinitivo del verbo termina en un sonido con vibración en tu garganta, la pronunciación de la -edes /d/. Por ejemplo, el verbo “enjoy” termina en un sonido donde vibra la garganta. Entonces, su pronunciación enpasado será como si tuviera sólo una “d” al final de la palabra y sin pronunciar la “e” de la “-ed.” Es importante queno agregues otra sílaba. Sonidos con voz: /b/ – /g/ – /l/ – /m/ – /n/ – /r/ – /v/ – /w/ – /y/ – /z/ y las vocalesOtros ejemplos: begged yelled named mined considered raved buzzed showed criedEnglish on the Rocks @EnglishOTRto get a move on darse prisa John, get a move on or well miss the start of the match!¡No way! ¡No puede ser! ¡ni hablar! Has Jonny gone to live to China? No way! ¿Se ha ido Jonny a vivir a China?,¡No puede ser! Mike wants to borrow your car.No way? Mike quiere tomar prestado tu coche.¡Ni hablar! Marta ishaving a baby. No way! Shes still a teenager! Marta va a tener un bebé. ¡No puede ser! ¡Si todavía es una adolesc
  5. 5. 145BBC Breaking News @BBCBreakingLabour peers Lord Cunningham and Lord Mackenzie of Framwellgate suspended pending investigation into lobb-ying claims - party spokeswoman Labour party suspends peers Lord Cunningham and Lord Mackenzie of Framwe-llgate over lobbying claimslamansiondelingles @mansiontwitExpecting the world to treat you well because you are a good person is like expecting a bull not to attack you becau-se you are a vegetarian If youre in Valencia tonight, Ill be co-hosting the pub quiz at the Portland Ale HouseGareth H. Jones @gar_jonesfuturo future /fiúcha/ cultura culture /cólcha/ agricultura agriculture /ágricolcha/ textura texture /técs-cha/escultura sculpture /scólpcha/ estructura structure /stóc-cha/ literatura literalture lítracha/temperatura temperature /témpracha/ posibilidad possibility /posabílati/ probabilidad probability /probabíliti/oportunidad opportunity /opachúnati/ electricidad electricity /electríciti/ universidad university /iunivérsati/claridad clarity /cláriti/ ciudad city /siti/ disponible available /avéilabal/disponibilidad availability /avéilabaliti/ posiblemente possibly /pósibili/ probablemente probably /próbabli/normalmente normally /nóomali/ generalmente generally /géna-rali/ personalmente personally /pérsonali/simplemente simply /símpli/ realmente really /ríali/ francamente frankly /fráncli/actualmente currently /córentli/ actually /ác-chuali/ de hecho, realmente1.Personalmente tengo la oportunidad de trabajar en la universidad en el futuro. 2.Francamente es una tortura notener electricidad. 3.Realmente la posibilidad de trabajar en el campo de arquitectura es limitada. 4.Simplementeno es mi responsabilidad controlar la temperatura en la oficina. 1.Personally, I have the opportunity to work in/at theuniversity in the future. 2.Frankly, it’s a torture not to have / not having electricity. 3.Really / Actually, the possi-bility to work / of working in the field of architecture is limited. 4.Simply, it isn’t my responsibility to control thetemperature in the office. It simply isn’t my responsibility to control the temperature in the office.Vocabulario basico en INGLESEnglish on the Rocks ?@EnglishOTRFunky Que apesta, apestoso Take a shower, you smell funky. Date una ducha, hueles fatal. This milk is lookinga little funky, maybe its time to throw it out. Esta leche parece que apesta un poco, quizá es momento de tirarla.If your shoes smell funky leave them outside! Si tus zapatos apestan, ¡déjalos fuera!to make it snappy darse prisa Ill have a large haburger an fries, and make it snappy !put down (a) apuntar (b) sacrificar un animal enfermo (c) bajar, dejar (d) to - atribuir algo a alguien Would youput your phone number and email address down on this list? ¿Podrías apuntar tu número de teléfono y direcciónde correo electrónico en esta lista? The cat was so ill that we had to put it down. El gato estaba tan enfermo quetuvimos que sacrificarlo. Would you please put your mobile phone down while I am talking. Podrías, por favor,dejar tu teléfono móvil cuando estoy hablando I put Jennys depression down to her divorce. Yo atribuyo la depre-sión de Jenny a su divorcio.put away poner en su sitio, guardar Once you have put away the shopping Ill make dinner. Una vez que hayasguardado la compra haré la cena. put aside (a) dejar a un lado, apartar (b) ahorrar Put the video games you wantaside, Ill keep the rest. Aparta los video juegos que quieres, yo me quedaré el resto. I put a little money asideeach month so I could afford to go on holiday. Ahorré un poco de dinero cada mes y así me pude permitir irme devacaciones. put to presentar Ill put the idea to her, but I dont think shell like it. Le presentaré la idea, pero nocreo que le guste. put towards usar una cantidad de dinero para pagar parte del costo de algo I am saving moneyto put towards a new car. Estoy ahorrando dinero para destinarlo en un coche nuevo.lamansiondelingles ?@mansiontwit Ill seize the day tomorrow.SELVA inglés ?@SELVAinglesShe reads more books than magazines. Ella lee más libros que revistas. I have more coffee than tea. Tengo máscafé que té. I have more coffee than cups. Tengo más café que tazas. She reads more books than James (d0es).Ella lee más libros que James. I have more coffee than you (do). Tengo más café que tú. We eat fewer vegeta-bles than our neighbors (do). Nosotros comemos menos verduras que nuestros vecinos. You have less hatred thanlove. Tú tienes menos odio que amor. You have less hatred than Sarah and John (do). Tú tienes menos odio queSara y Juan.El blog para aprender inglés Thats not likely to happen. No es probable que eso ocurra. Theyre likelyto believe everything. Son propensos a creérselo todo. He is likely to lose his temper if he sees you wearing hisglasses. Es probable que pierda los estribos si te ve con sus gafas.
  6. 6. 146El blog para aprender inglésWhat is likely to happen in this situation? ¿Qué es probable que ocurra en esta situación?1.No es probable que ella venga. 2.Ellos son propensos a mentir. 3.¿Qué es probable que ocurra? 4.Es probableque se tengan que marchar. 5.Lo más probable (que ocurra) es que lleguen a un acuerdo. 1.She is not very likely tocome. 2.They are likely to lie. 3.What is likely to happen? 4.They are likely to leave. 5.The most likely thing tohappen is that they reach an agreementMe gustas I like you. Él me gusta I like him Ella me gusta I like her Me gustáis I like you Me gustan I likethem Yo te gusto You like me Yo le gusto (a ella). She likes me. Yo le gusto (a él) He likes me Yo les gustoThey like meMe caes bien I like you ai láik iú No me caes bien I don’t like you ái dóunt láik iú ¿Me caes bien? Do I likeyou? Du ái láik iú? Me cae bien (él) I like him ái láik him No me cae bien (él) I don’t like him ái dóunt láikhim ¿Me cae bien? (él) Do I like him? dú ai laik kim? Me cae bien (ella) I like her ái láik herNo me cae bien (ella) I don’t like her ái dount láik her. ¿Me cae bien ella? Do I like her? dú ái laik her?Tú me gustas. En español tarzánico sería: Yo gustar tú. I like you. Tú no me gustas. Sería: Yo no gustar tú. I dontlike you. Él no me gusta: Yo no gustar a él. I dont like him. Él me gusta: Yo gustar a él. I like him. Yo les gusto.Ellos gustar a mi. They like me. Ellos nos gustan. Nosotros gustar a ellos. We like them. Me gusta. Yo gustar a él/ella. I like him/her.1.Ellos no me gustan. 2.¿Les gustas (a ellos)? 3.¿Quién te gusta? 4.Nos nos caen bien. 5.A todo el mundo le caesbien. 1.I dont like them. 2.Do they like you? 3.Who do you like? 4.We dont like them. 5.Everydody likes them.High /hai/: Those planes fly very high. Aquellos aviones vuelan muy alto. no tocan el suelo, por tanto He has ahigh position in the organization. Tiene una alta posición en la organizaición. En este caso, el significado es figurado,y por ello, utilizamos "high", ya que no se toca el suelo. How high is the object? ¿A qué altura está el objeto (en elespacio)?Height /hait/ I suffer fear of heights. Tengo miedo a las alturas. This plane can fly at a height of 9.000 meters. Esteavión puede volar a una altura de 9000 metros. What is his height? ¿Qué altura tiene él? The stick has a height of2 meters. El palo tiene una altura de 2 metros.Tall /tol/: El objeto, o persona, toca el suelo. He is a very tall guy. Él es un tipo muy alto. The Dutch are the tallestpeople in Europa. Los holandeses son los más altos de Europa. How tall is he? ¿Cuánto mide él? Peter is very tall.Peter es muy alto. How tall is Peter? ¿Cuánto mide Peter.The building is very tall El edificio es muy alto. The building is very high. El edificio está muy alto.High /hai/ estar alto y no tocar el suelo. Tall /tol/ ser alto -estar tocando el suelo. height /hait/ es la altura.BBC Breaking News ?@BBCBreakingImprisoned ex-Taiwan president Chen Shui-bian has attempted to take his own life, says Justice Ministry US callson #Turkey security forces to "exercise restraint" amid continuing unrest Fire at slaughterhouse in #Chinas north-east province of Jilin kills 43 At least 43 people killed in fire at poultry plant in north-eastern #China, state mediareport"high" "height" y "tall"Duke of Edinburgh withdraws from gala reception but will be at coronation service on Tuesday, Buckingham Palacesays Police fire tear gas to disperse protesters in #Taksim Square and near Turkish PM Erdogans office in IstanbulUK government to bring forward bill on lobbying before the summer recess, following accusations of rule-breakingLords Commissioner for Standards to investigate 3 peers accused of agreeing to do parliamentary work for payment- Leader of House of Lords Nine children killed by suicide bomb in eastern Afghanistan, police say Suicide bomberkills 9 children, 1 policeman outside market in Samkani district, eastern Afghanistan, police say Michael Adebo-lajo, charged with #Woolwich murder of Lee Rigby & attempted murder of 2 police officers, has case referred toOld Bailey Michael Adebolajo, charged with #Woolwich Lee Rigby murder, remanded in custody to appear at OldBailey within 48hrs Michael Adebowale, charged with murder of Lee Rigby, refused bail at Old Bailey & remandedto appear again on 28 June Jose Mourinho signs 4-year contract to become new Chelsea FC (@chelseafc) manager,the club confirms Jose Mourinho "number one choice" to keep club moving forward to greater success in future -Chelsea FC chief exec Protester killed after a car drives into a group of demonstrators in Istanbul, Turkey, doctorsunion saysVaughan SystemsDo you have any problems with “SOME and ANY”? Would you like some help? Take a look at this lessonConseguí ahorrar algo de dinero el mes pasado. I managed to save some money last month.
  7. 7. 147Vaughan SystemsHay azúcar en la estantería de arriba. Theres some sugar on the top shelf. Me apetece mucho tomar vino con lacena. I really feel like some wine with dinner. Te has manchado la camisa con tinta. Youve spilt some ink on yourshirt. Creo que necesito agua; me siento algo mareado. I think I need some water; Im feeling a bit faint. No mequeda cerveza en la nevera. I dont have any beer left in the fridge. Todavía no tenemos muebles en el piso. Wehavent got any furniture* in the flat yet. No hay leña en la leñera. There isnt any wood in the woodshed. No quie-ro hielo en mi ginebra. I dont want any ice in my gin.English on the Rocks @EnglishOTRsimple - simpler - the simplest : sencillo, simple I never got married or had children, I prefer a simple life. Nuncame casé ni tuve hijos, prefiero tener una vida sencilla. This could be simpler if both worked together Esto sería mássencillo si los dos trabajáramos juntos. The simplest solution is usually the right one. La solución más simple esnormalmente la correcta.back away from echarse atrás, evitar She started to back away from him she could see he was angry. Ella empezóa evitarlo, ellá podía ver que él estaba enfadado. back out of (a) decidir no cumplir algo prometido o planeadocomo consecuencia de dejar de apoyar el plan (b) atrás, echarse para atrás They backed out of the deal becausethey couldn’t afford the price. Ellos se echaron para atrás con el trato porque no podían permitirse pagarlo. The carbacked out of the driveway. El coche salió marcha atrás de la entrada de vehículos. back down (a) on/over - ce-der y cambiar una decisión tomada (b) hacer retroceder We can’t back down on this decision, no matter what. Nopodemos ceder en esta decisión, bajo ningún concepto. The army will never back down to their enemy. El ejércitonunca hará retroceder a su enemigo.back off (a) dejar de criticar o dar órdenes Mum! Will you back off! I’m an adult now! ¡Mamá! ¿Vas a dejar dedarme órdenes! ¿Ya soy un adulto! back up (a) respaldar/sustentar (b) relacionado con el tráfico: atascar/embote-llar (c) dar marcha atrás (d)hacer una copia de seguridad de As you can see, the sales figures backed up what ourfinancial director predicted. Como pueden ver, las cifras de ventas respaldan lo que nuestro director financiero pre-dijo. I am going to be late, the traffic is backed up for miles. Voy a llegar tarde, el tráfico está atascado kilómetros.I failed my driving test because I hit a car when I was backing up. He suspendido mi examen de conducir porquegolpeé a un coche cuando estaba echando marcha atrás. You should back up all your work on a pen drive to be safe.Deberías hacer una copia de seguridad de todo tu trabajo en un pen drive para que esté seguro.No me dieron ningún buen consejo. They didn’t give me any good advice*.Carlos - InglesTotal @InglesTotalLista de palabras similares en INGLES y ESPAÑOL con distinto significado:actually es similar a la palabra en español actualmente; sin embargo, actualmente se traduce mejor con, por ejem-plo currently, ya que actually significa en realidad.embarrassed no es lo mismo que embarazada. La traducción de embarrassed es avergonzado. Embarazada es preg-nant.realize no debe de ser confundido con realisar. Realize significa “darse cuente (de algo)”approve es muchas veces traducido como aprobar como en el ejemplo: “Teacher, did I approve the exam? (ESTO ESUN ERROR)” approve significa estar de acuerdo con algo.eventually no es lo mismo que eventualmente. Eventually es mejor traducido como finalmente.Muchos estudiantes usan el término career para referirse a sus estudios (Spanish carrera):”When I finish my career,I want to go to United States (sic)”. Career, en inglés se refiere a su trabajo profesional, es decir, “When you finishyour career you’ll be an old person!”lecture no es lo mismo que lectura. Un lecture es un discurso hablado de un tema.apartment in Spanish is departamento y tambíen department es departamento. Por ende un error clásico es que allugar donde vives le digan department.try no es tratar como vemos en estas oración erroneas “the movies tries with the problems of a strange man,” “inbusiness, you have to try with people.” Cuando se refieran a “tratar” es este contexto el verbo es deal with.win no siempre es ganar. No se dice:”They win a lot of money,” se dice “They make/earn a lot of money.” You winmoney in the lottery.Politics/ Politician: muchos confunden politico(s) with English politics. Politician = politico. Politics se refiere a lapólitica en general.library = biblioteca bookstore = libreria bookcase = librero
  8. 8. 148Compromise y compromiso no son lo mismo. Compromiso debe de ser traducido como commitment.La palabra familiar existe en español e inglés; sin embargo, el significado es distinto. Familiar en español se puedereferir a un miembro de la familia. En inglés es un adjetivo no mas como “Eso me parece familiar”.La palabra cientifico es tanto sustantivo como adjetivo. Por ello los estudiantes usan de manera erronea la palabrascientific para referirse a la persona lo cual es un error. Para referirse a la persona se usa, scientist como en “He is afamous scientist”Parents solo se refiere a padre y madre. Por otro lado, parientes Tpuede ser utilizado para otros familiares. Parientesen inglés es relativeslamansiondelingles @mansiontwitIf God were a woman, would sperm taste of chocolate? To browse around echar un vistazo “I’m going to brow-se around the electronics departmentcursoingles @curso_de_inglesIm talking. Estoy hablando. Hes eating. Está comiendo. Theyre learning. Están aprendiendo. Im not talking. Noestoy hablando. Hes not [He isnt] eating. No está comiendo. Theyre not [They arent] learning. No están apren-diendo. Are you talking? ¿Estás hablando? Is he eating? ¿Está comiendo? Are they learning? ¿Están aprendien-do? Im studying now. Estoy estudiando ahora. Hes eating at the moment. Está comiendo en este momento.Is it raining? ¿Está lloviendo? Theyre learning English. Están aprendiendo inglés. Shes currently looking for ajob. Actualmente está buscando un trabajo. Are you working much lately? ¿Estás trabajando mucho últimamente?Im going to the party tonight. Voy a la fiesta esta noche. Hes not [He isnt] coming to class tomorrow. No viene ala clase manaña. Are you working next week? ¿Trabajas la semana que viene?"As well as" se traduce en español como la locución preposicional "además de" Ive got a motorbike, as well as a cartengo una moto, además de un coche. She is lovely, as well as beautiful ella es encantadora, además de guapa.Cuando hay que prestar atención es al usar un verbo después de "as well as". Normalmente, el verbo que va detrásde "as well as" ha de ir en gerundio. Pero si hay un INFINITIVO en la clausula principal, se puede poner infinitivodetrás de "as well as", y su significado es "tan bueno como", "tan bien como".I like swimming as well as running. Me gusta nadar, además de correr. I swim as well as I run. Yo nado tan biencomo corro. He teaches guitar as well as singing. Él enseña guitarra, además de canto. He teaches guitar as wellas he sings. Él enseña guitarra tan bien como canto. I am good at writing in English, as well as speaking it. Soybueno escribiendo en inglés, además de hablándolo. I can write in English as well as I speak it. Yo puedo escribir eninglés tan bien como hablarlo.Gareth H. Jones @gar_jones a part of una parte de apart from aparte de, apartado decords /coods/ pantalones de pana Are cords always or never in fashion? Los pantalones de pana, ¿están de modasiempre o nunca?InglesParaUsted @InglesParaUsted"Creo que estoy sordo":"I think Im deaf""Suenas tan aburrido.":"You sound so boring." "No me llames.":"Dont call me." "No cometas el mismoerror.":"Dont make the same mistake."BBC Breaking News ?@BBCBreaking"Syrian regime and accomplices" used Sarin nerve agent, French foreign minister says Sarin gas used "severaltimes" during Syria conflict, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius says Tests on Syria samples prove positive forsarin nerve agent, French foreign minister says UK MPs reject proposal to set a carbon emissions target for energyindustry by 2030, by 290 votes to 267 A former UK soldier is fined £1,000 and a serving soldier is demoted after ad-mitting abusing Afghan civilians Man, 72, arrested under Operation Yewtree on suspicion of sexual offencesA 72-year-old man is arrested in London on suspicion of sexual offences by officers investigating the Jimmy Savilesex abuse scandal Tulisa Contostavlos arrested in London over drug deal allegations Russia has not delivered S-300missile defence system to Syria, President Putin confirms Two British soldiers admit abusing Afghan civilians,during a court martial hearing in Germany Cairo court convicts 43 Egyptian and foreign NGO workers for workingillegally Turkeys deputy PM apologises to those wounded in Istanbul park protest Turkeys Deputy PM Arinc saysinitial reaction of Istanbul protesters to park development was "just and legitimate" The Queen arrives at Westmins-ter Abbey for service marking Coronation 60th anniversary Queens Coronation 60th anniversary service at Wes-tminster Abbey UN finds "reasonable grounds" to believe chemical weapons used in Syria UN finds evidence ofchemical weapons attacks in #Syria, by both sides
  9. 9. 149BBC Breaking News ?@BBCBreakingOscar Pistorius court hearing adjourned until 19 August Trial of Oscar #Pistorius postponed to 19 August to allow"time for further investigations" by defence and prosecution South African athlete Oscar #Pistorius arrives in courtfor pre-trial hearing over killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp 22-year-old man confirmed dead following un-rest in southern 22-year-old member of #Turkeys opposition Republican Peoples Party reportedly dies of injuriesafter Antakya demoEnglish on the Rocks ?@EnglishOTRcome after perseguir a alguien, o buscar a alguien generalmente para castigarlo The police are coming after us,run! La policía nos está persiguiendo, ¡corre! come along (a) acompañar, presentarse, aparecer, apurarse, (b) pro-gresar, evolucionar Come along with me, I have something to show you. Acompáñame, tengo algo que mostrarte.How is the patient coming along after the surgery? ¿Cómo está evolucionando el paciente después de la cirugía?come before comparecer ante The defendant will come before the court next week. El acusado comparecerá anteel juzgado la semana que viene. come between arruinar una relación Dont let my friendship with my ex-bo-yfriend come between us. No dejes que mi amistad con mi ex-novio arruine nuestra relación.come by conseguir, adquirir, visitar, entrar a ver Well-paid jobs sometimes are hard to come by. A veces es difícilconseguir un trabajo bien pago. come down (a) bajar, caer, aterrizar, derrumbarse, ser derribado (b) on - castigaro criticar a alguien duramente (c) with - caer enfermo They chopped the tree for hours, they didnt think it wouldever come down. Estuvieron cortando el árbol durante horas, creían que nunca iba a ser derribado. The law shouldcome down hard on criminals. La ley debería castigar duramente a los criminales. Joan will not be able to come,she has come down with a flu. Joan no podrá venir, ha contraído la gripe.come loose aflojarse If you pull the rope it will come loose! ¡Si tiras de la soga se aflojará! This bar is a bag ofshit, lets go somewhere else. Este bar es una mierda, vámonos a otro sitio. My ex-boyfriend is a complete bag ofshit. Im glad I met someone else. Mi ex-boyfriend es una completa mierda. Estoy contenta de haber encontrado aalguien. That other website is a bag of shit compared to English on the Rocks. Esa otra web es una mierda compa-rada con English on the Rocks.to beat someone hollow/black and blue darle una tremenda paliza a alguien If you call me that again Im going tobeat you black and blue!Vaughan Systems The quietest radio guest Ive ever had.Gareth H. Jones ?@gar_jonesintroducir (meter) to put in (normal), to insert (formal) 1) He put in his PIN 2) Please insert your cardYo debería irme I should go ¿No deberían estar aquí? Shouldn’t they be here? No deberíamos llegar tarde Weshouldn’t arrive late ¿Por qué deberías hacerlo? Why should you do it? Él podría dártelo He could give you it¿Podrías venir? Could you come? No podrían aceptarlo They couldn’t accept it ¿No podrían quedarse? Couldn’tthey stay?I could already walk when I was only 10 months old. Ya podía caminar cuando tenía sólo diez meses. Rob couldn’tspeak Dutch despite living in The Netherlands for ten years. Rob no podía hablar holandés a pesar de vivir diezaños en Holanda.A:Could you really run a marathon in less than three hours? B:Yes I could, even though I couldn’t train more thanthree times a week. A:¿De verdad podías correr un maratón en menos de tres horas? B:Sí, podía, aunque no podíaentrenar más de tres veces por semana.1.¿Podríamos ir a la playa mañana? 2.No deberíamos volver demasiado tarde. 3.(Ella) no podía pagar tanto. 4.(Ella)no podría pagar tanto. 5.Me dijeron que no podían ayudarnos. 6.Podrías llamarlo pero deberías hacerlo pronto.1.Could we go to the beach tomorrow? 2.We shouldn’t go back / return too late. 3.She couldn’t pay that much.4.She couldn’t pay that much. 5. They told me that they couldn’t help us. 6. You could call him but you should doit soon. Could you understand it clearly?¿Quieres cenar conmigo mañana? ¿Trabajas cerca de aquí? ¿Necesitas salir pronto? ¿Dónde vives? ¿A qué horaempiezas normalmente? ¿Cuándo vas a llegar? Do you want to come with me tomorrow? Do you work near here?Do you need to leave soon? Where do you live? What time do you normally start? When are you going to arrive?Las peticiones, en cambio, son el tipo de preguntas en las que se pide algo y que implica, aunque no se diga, un “porfavor”¿Me ayudas (por favor)? ¿Vienes conmigo mañana (por favor)? ¿Me lo envías (por favor)? ¿Abres el vino (porfavor)?Could & Should
  10. 10. 1410Gareth H. Jones ?@gar_jonesWill you help me, please? Will you come with me tomorrow, please? Will you send me it, please?¿Puedes ayudarme (por favor)? Can you help me, please? ¿Puedes venir conmigo mañana (por favor)? Can youcome with me tomorrow, please? ¿Puedes enviármelo (por favor)? Can you send me it, please? ¿Puedes abrir elvino (por favor)? Can you open the wine, please? En resumen, no utilices el do para pedir algo sino el will o el can.Respuesta positiva: Claro/Por supuesto. Of course. Vale. OK. Sin problema./Ningún problema. No problem.Respuesta Negativa: Me temo que… I’m afraid that… Lo siento pero… I’m sorry but… A:¿Hablas con Markde la presentación de mañana, por favor? B:Por supuesto. Lo llamo esta tarde. A:Will you speak with Mark abouttomorrow’s presentation, please? B:Of course. I’ll call him later.C: ¿Compras un regalo para el cumpleaños de Fiona, por favor? D: Ningún problema. Lo hago de camino a casa. oD: Sin problema. Puedo hacerlo de camino a casa. C:Will you buy a present for Fiona’s birthday, please? D:Noproblem. I’ll do it on my way home. or D:No problem. I can do it on my way home.E:¿Puedes ayudarme a arreglar el problema que tengo con mi ordenador? F:Vale. Puedo intentarlo. Le echo un vis-tazo más tarde. E:Can you help me to fix / repair the problem (that) I have with my computer? F:Ok. I can try. I’lltake a look at it later.Se utiliza “I’ll” porque la respuesta trata de algo puntual sin planificación previa y no de algo habitual.G: ¿La llamas, por favor? G: Will you call her, please? H: Me temo que no tengo su número. H: I’m afraid I don’thave her number. I:¿Me esperas, por favor? I:Will you wait for me, please? J:Lo siento pero debo salir en 5 mi-nutos. J:I’m sorry but I must leave in 5 minutes. K:¿Puedes decirme dónde está la estación, por favor? K:Can youtell me where the station is, please? L:Lo siento pero no sé donde está. L:I’m sorry but I don’t know where it is.1.¿Me llamas más tarde, por favor? 2.Vale. Te llamo sobre las 19h. 3.¿Puedes prestarme 10 euros, por favor? 4.Losiento pero no tengo suficiente dinero 5.¿Llevas el bolso de tu abuela, por favor? 6.¿Preparas la cena, por favor?7.Ningún problema. Lo hago ahora. 1.Will you call me later, please? 2.Ok. I’ll call you about / around 7 o’clock.3.Can you lend me 10 euros, please? 4.I’m sorry but I don’t have enough money. 5.Will you carry / take yourgrandmother’s bag, please? 6.Will you prepare the dinner, please? 7.No problem. I’ll do it now. Will you open thewine, please?To take …. by storm1. conquistar algo o a alguien con rabia. En español se dice asaltar, tomar por asalto, tomar por la fuerza. Por ejem-plo: The rebel army took the king’s palace by storm. El ejército rebelde tomó el palacio del rey por asalto.2. tener un éxito rápido y clamoroso dejando una fuerte impresión en algo o alguien. Marilyn Monroe took Hollywo-od by storm in the 1950’s. Marilyn Monroe cautivó a Hollywood en los años 50. Marilyn Monroe tuvo un éxitoclamoroso en Hollywood en los años 50.A storm in a teacup There was a big argument yesterday between the two team leaders regarding the use of officespace but it was just a storm in a teacup and today it’s as though nothing ever happened. Ayer hubo una discusiónfuerte entre los dos responsables de equipo respecto al uso del espacio de la oficina pero todo quedó en nada y hoyes como si no pasara nada.To go down a storm En español se dice simplemente (muy) bien recibido. The latest film by Martin Scorsese wentdown a storm with the film critics. La última película de Martin Scorsese fue muy bien recibida por la crítica.The calm before the storm With her daughter’s 18th birthday party ready to start at 8pm, Mary enjoyed the calmbefore the storm by watching her favourite soap opera on television. Con la fiesta de 18 cumpleaños de su hija listapara comenzar a las 20h, María disfrutó de la calma que precede a la tormenta viendo su telenovela favorita en latelevisión.To weather the storm sobrevivir un problema o momento difícil. Losing 1-0, the opposing team put us under a lotof pressure but we weathered the storm and won the match. Perdiendo 1-0, el equipo contrario nos puso bajo muchapresión pero sobrevivimos a la tormenta y ganamos el partido.The eye of the storm (literalmente: el ojo de la tormenta) significa el centro de un desacuerdo o una situación difícil.The Spanish government found itself in the eye of the storm when it asked for a bailout for its banks.El gobierno español se encontraba en el ojo del huracán cuando pidió un rescate para sus bancos.cursoingles ?@curso_de_inglesEnglish is SO important nowadays. This May was SUCH a cold month. Learn SO&SUCHlamansiondelingles ?@mansiontwit“The only thing one can do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.”peticiones Will / CanExpresiones del clima – storm (tormenta)
  11. 11. 1411Gareth H. Jones ?@gar_jones¡NO CONFUNDAS! tres y media (cantidad) three and a half a las tres y media (la hora) at half past three1.to bite one’s tongue morderse la lengua Christina, who’s a dog-lover, diplomatically bit her tongue as her father-in-law voiced his opinion about what dirty animals they were. Cristina, que adora los perros, se mordió la lenguadiplomáticamente mientras su suegro opinaba sobre lo sucios que eran como animales.2.to grab a bite to eat comer algo, comer un bocado We’ve been working all morning but I’m hungry now; shallwe grab a bite to eat? Llevamos toda la mañana trabajando pero ahora tengo hambre, ¿comemos algo? The actorsgrabbed a quick bite to eat between takes. Los actores comieron algo rápido entre las tomas.3.to bite off more than you can chew tratar de abarcar más de lo que se puede Has the Education Minister bitten offmore than he can chew with his promise to reform the education system? ¿El Ministro de Educación ha tratado deabarcar más de lo que puede con su promesa de reformar el sistema educativo?4.i) to have / get a second bite at the cherry ii) to have / get another bite at the cherry iii) to have / get two bites atthe cherry tener / conseguir una segunda oportunidad Paul failed his maths exam but he’ll have a second bite at thecherry in September. Pablo suspendió el examen de matemáticas pero tendrá una segunda oportunidad en septiem-bre. In the driving test, you get two bites at the cherry if necessary so don’t worry too much if you fail the first time.En el examen de conducir, tienes dos oportunidades si hace falta entonces no te preocupes tanto si suspendes laprimera vez.5.to bite the bullet afrontar una situación dolorosa o desagradable The Reservations Manager bit the bullet andwent to speak to the angry passengers who hadn’t been able to board the flight due to overbooking. El responsablede reservas hizo de tripas corazón y fue a hablar con los pasajeros enfadados que no habían podido embarcar en elvuelo debido al overbooking. I’m afraid we’ll just have to bite the bullet and lay off half the factory workers. Metemo que simplemente tendremos que hacer de tripas corazón y despedir a la mitad de los trabajadores de la fábrica.6.to bite someone’s head off responderle a alguien con enfado o agresividad Brian’s in a bad mood this morning.He just bit my head off when I asked him if I could leave early this afternoon. Brian está de mal humor esta maña-na. Acaba de gritarme cuando le pregunté si podía salir antes esta tarde.7.to bite the hand that feeds you morder la mano que te da de comer It wasn’t in their interests to wonder wherethe money came from as they would have been biting the hand that feeds them. No les interesaba preguntarse dedónde llegaba el dinero porque habrían estado mordiendo la mano que les da de comer.Once bitten, twice shy el gato escaldado del agua fría huye After falling off the swing and hurting herself, Emmawas afraid of getting on again. Once bitten twice shy. Después de caerse del columpio y hacerse daño, Emma teníamiedo de volver a subir. El gato escaldado del agua fría huye.BBC Breaking News ?@BBCBreakingPublicist says Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, is in hospital after attempting to kill herself UK DeputyPrime Minister Nick Clegg will not support changes to ratios for the care of pre-school children Michael Jacksonsdaughter Paris tried to commit suicide, her grandfathers publicist confirms US soldier Robert Bales, accused of 16Afghan civilian deaths, pleads guilty to murder charges Woolwich murder accused Michael Adebolajo has courtvideo link cut after repeated interruptions about his treatment 5 people injured and up to 10 still trapped after 2 buil-dings collapse in US city of Philadelphia Former Met Police officer Paul Flattley, who sold information on celebri-ties to The Sun newspaper, is jailed for two years Everton confirm appointment of Roberto Martinez as manager.Counter-terror police investigate fire at London Islamic centre where EDL (English Defence League) graffiti foundCoroner calls for public inquiry into death of poisoned former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko, who died in Londonin 2006 Susan Rice, US ambassador at the UN, is to become President Obamas national security adviser, officialssay Turkey activists reject apology from deputy PM and demand sacking of police chiefs PMQs David Cameronresponds that "numbers of doctors are up" and "waiting times are down" under his government Turkish protestersdemand the resignation of police chiefs over a violent response to demonstrations that began six days ago. PMQs EdMiliband says there is a "crisis in A&E" after a key waiting time target was missed by NHS in England. Inquestsinto deaths of 96 victims of #Hillsborough football stadium disaster will have a jury, coroner in London rulesSyrian army regains full control of strategic border town of #Qusair, says state TV Tesco first quarter UK like-for-like sales excluding petrol down 1% Supermarket giant #Tesco reports fall in UK sales over past three monthsRebels in Syria confirm that government troops have seized control of the strategically important town of QusairPakistans parliament endorses Nawaz Sharif as the countrys new prime minister Pakistans new PM Nawaz Sharifcalls for end to US drone strikesbite
  12. 12. 1412English on the Rocks ?@EnglishOTRback away from echarse atrás, evitar She started to back away from him she could see he was angry. Ella empezó aevitarlo, ellá podía ver que él estaba enfadado.back out of (a) decidir no cumplir algo prometido o planeado como consecuencia de dejar de apoyar el plan (b)atrás, echarse para atrás They backed out of the deal because they couldnt afford the price. Ellos se echaron paraatrás con el trato porque no podían permitirse pagarlo. The car backed out of the driveway. El coche salió marchaatrás de la entrada de vehículos. back down (a) on/over - ceder y cambiar una decisión tomada (b) hacer retrocederWe cant back down on this decision, no matter what. No podemos ceder en esta decisión, bajo ningún concepto.The army will never back down to their enemy. El ejército nunca hará retroceder a su enemigo.back off (a) dejar de criticar o dar órdenes Mum! Will you back off! Im an adult now! ¡Mamá! ¿Vas a dejar dedarme órdenes! ¿Ya soy un adulto!back up (a) respaldar/sustentar (b) relacionado con el tráfico: atascar/embotellar (c) dar marcha atrás (d)hacer unacopia de seguridad de As you can see, the sales figures backed up what our financial director predicted. Comopueden ver, las cifras de ventas respaldan lo que nuestro director financiero predijo. I am going to be late, the trafficis backed up for miles. Voy a llegar tarde, el tráfico está atascado kilómetros. I failed my driving test because I hit acar when I was backing up. He suspendido mi examen de conducir porque golpeé a un coche cuando estaba echan-do marcha atrás. You should back up all your work on a pen drive to be safe. Deberías hacer una copia de seguridadde todo tu trabajo en un pen drive para que esté seguro.To forsake forsook - forsaken : abandonar I will forsake my career for a simple farming life. Abandonaré micarrera por una vida simple de granjero. My girlfriend forsook me when she found out about my criminal record.Mi novia me abandonó cuando se enteró de mis antecedentes penales. She has forsaken her violent life and turnedto God. Ella ha abandonado su vida violenta y se ha hecho religiosa.Backhander Soborno, pago bajo cuerda We are determined to win, even if we have to give the referee a backhan-der. Estamos decididos a ganar, aunque tengamos que sobornar al árbitro. They won the trial because they gave thejudge a backhander. Ganaron el juicio porque pagaron al juez bajo cuerda. Officer, Im sure you could forget howfast I was driving if you were open to a small backhander. Agente, estoy seguro de que podría olvidar lo rápido queestaba conduciendo si estuviera abierto a un pequeño soborno.to put on airs darse aires de grandeza Dont put on airs with us, youre not better than we are!lamansiondelingles ?@mansiontwitNO SWEAT (easily) - Are you sure you can do it? - no sweat!- ¿Estas seguro de que puedes hacerlo? - ¡Descarado!“Make everything a simple as possible, but not simpler.”Ive just examined CAE candidates for the speaking test, 99% of whom were Spanish. The strongest candidate wasBelgian. What does that mean?Gareth H. Jones ?@gar_jonesOver1. acabado / terminado to be over acabarse, que algo ha terminado The game’s over. El juego / partido se acabó.The relationship was over long before they actually separated. La relación se acabó mucho antes de que se separarande verdad. The war will be over soon. La guerra se acabará pronto. After losing the first leg 4-0, the tie was prac-tically over for Barcelona FC even before the home leg. Después de perder la ida 0-4, la eliminatoria prácticamentese acabó para el FC Barcelona incluso antes de la vuelta en casa.2. excesivamente / demasiado to overbook reservar demasiado, hacer demasiadas reservas We weren’t able toget on the plane because the flight was overbooked. No pudimos subir al avión porque habían aceptado demasiadasreservas para el vuelo. to overwork trabajar demasiado Our company overworks us. Nuestra empresa nos hacetrabajar demasiado. We’re overworked. Tenemos demasiado trabajo. to overprice fijar un precio excesivo, serdemasiado caro The food was good but a little overpriced. La comida estaba buena pero un poco cara / demasiadocara para lo que era.3. durante over the weekend durante el fin de semana over the summer durante el verano over Christmas du-rante la Navidad over dinner durante la cena We can discuss it over dinner. Podemos abordarlo durante la cenaovernight durante la noche It snowed a lot overnight. Nevó mucho durante la noche.4. más de It cost over €1000. Cóstó más de 1000€. There were over 200 people at the presentation. Había más de200 personas en la presentación. The BBC received over 300 complaints related to a joke made by a TV presenterwhich was considered by many to be sexist. La BBC recibió más de 300 quejas relacionadas con una broma queover
  13. 13. 1413hizo un presentador de televisión que muchas personas consideraron machista.5. encima de / por encima de They hung the painting over/above the fireplace. Colgaron el cuadro encima de lachimenea. There’s a cold front over the UK at the moment.. Hay un frente frío sobre Reino Unido en este momen-to. The government built a new bridge over the river. El gobierno construyó un nuevo puente sobre el río. Planesfly over our house all day every day. Los aviones vuelan por encima de nuestra casa todo el día, todos los días.The burglar jumped over the fence and got away. El ladrón saltó por encima de la valla y se escapó. We walkedover the bridge. Caminamos por encima del puente. He looked over his shoulder. Miró por encima del hombro.6. por – por encima de, a través de The army advanced over the mountains. El ejército avanzó por las montañas.The safety announcement was made over the loudspeaker El anunció de seguridad se hizo por el altavoz.overland por tierra7. al otro lado / de un lado a otro They live over the road from us. Viven al otro lado de nuestra calle. We crossedover the road. Cruzamos la calle (de un lado a otro). They walked hand in hand over the bridge.Cruzaron el puentecaminando cogidos de la mano.8. por (posición) over the other side por el otro lado over here por aquí over there por allí9. vertical a horizontal to fall over caerse Babies always fall over a lot while they learn to walk. Los bebés siem-pre se caen mucho mientras aprenden a caminar. to knock over tirar, volcar He accidentally knocked over hisglass of wine and stained his trousers. Volcó / Tiró sin querer su copa de vino y manchó su pantalón.10. otras expresiones sueltas overall en general, en total, en global over and over una y otra vezto overcome (formal) superar to get over superar, recuperarse de, pasar por encima to be over the hill ser muymayor¡NO CONFUNDAS! si no if not PERO sino but. De hecho "but" tiene una variedad de significadospedirle la cuenta al camarero to ask the waiter for the bill NOT to ask the bill to the waiterpreguntar algo to ask something preguntarle a alguien to ask somebodypedirle a alguien to ask somebody pedir algo to ask for something¿Puedo preguntar algo? Can I ask something? ¿Puedo preguntarte algo? Can I ask you something? ¿Puedo pediralgo? Can I ask for something? ¿Puedo pedirte algo? Can I ask you for something? Pregúntame lo que quieras.Ask me whatever you want. Pídeme lo que quieras. Ask me for whatever you want. Necesito preguntarte si pue-des hacerme un favor. I need to ask you if you can do me a favour. Necesito pedirte un favor. I need to ask you fora favour. Voy a pedir ayuda. I’m going to ask for help. Voy a pedirles ayuda. I’m going to ask them for help.preguntarle algo a alguien to ask somebody something pedirle algo a alguien to ask somebody for somethingNecesito preguntarle algo. I need to ask him/her something. Necesito preguntarle algo a mi hermano.ERROR TÍPICO: I need to ask something to my brother. Hay que decir: I need to ask my brother something.Voy a pedirles ayuda. I’m going to ask them for help. Voy a pedirles ayuda a mis amigos.ERROR TÍPICO: I’m going to ask help to my friends. Hay que decir: I’m going to ask my friends for help.Quiero pedirle un aumento de sueldo. I want to ask him for a raise. Quiero pedirle un aumento de sueldo a mi jefe.I want to ask my boss for a raise.On his first day at school, David cried and asked for his mother. En su primer día en la escuela, David lloró y pre-guntó por su madre.1.¿Puedes preguntarle si la respuesta es correcta? 2.¿Puedes preguntarle al profesor si la respuesta es correcta?3.¿Puedes pedirle el libro? 4.¿Puedes pedirle el libro al profesor? 1.Can you ask him / her if the answer is correct?2.Can you ask the teacher if the answer is correct? 3.Can you ask him / her for the book?4.Can you ask the teacher for the book?I cant wait to see you Tengo muchas ganas de verte. "Cant wait" es una manera de expresar "tengo ganas"BBC Breaking News ?@BBCBreakingPrince Philip expected to stay in London hospital "for up to two weeks", Buckingham Palace confirms Prince Philiphas been admitted to hospital for an exploratory operation, Buckingham Palace says Buckingham Palace says Prin-ce Philip admitted to London Clinic for "exploratory operation following abdominal investigations" Russias Presi-dent Putin and wife, married for 30 years, go on Russian state TV to make their divorce public Russian PresidentVladimir Putin and wife Lyudmila go on national TV to say their marriage is over and they have divorcedAnyone cautioned over child pornography in future will be banned from teaching, Department for Education saysCoronation Street star William Roache charged with five counts of indecent assault Swimming champion turnedmovie star Esther Williams dies aged 91overto ask v to ask for
  14. 14. 1414BBC Breaking News ?@BBCBreakingTwo men are jailed for 15 years for raping a 14-year-old boy in department stores toilets in Manchester MatthewTvrdon detained indefinitely over series of hit-and-run crashes in Cardiff that killed mother of thre Plans to redeve-lop Istanbuls Gezi Park, near Taksim Square, will go ahead despite protests, says Turkish PM Erdogan Eurozoneeconomy will contract by 0.6% in 2013 but grow by 1.1% in 2014, European Central Bank forecasts Austria to re-move troops from UN peacekeeping mission in Golan Heights after fighting in area European Central Bank main-tains benchmark interest rate at 0.5% £19.9m in compensation to be paid to 5,200 people tortured during KenyasMau Mau uprising, The Bank of England keeps UK interest rates on hold at 0.5% A Turkish police officer has diedafter falling from a bridge while pursuing protesters in the southern Adana province, reports say The Syrian armyhas used tanks to retake a Golan Heights crossing point from rebels, the Israeli military confirms Former No 10communications chief Andy Coulson pleads not guilty in court to phone hacking and bribing officialsBritish author Tom Sharpe, whose books included Porterhouse Blue, has died aged 85 Aung San Suu Kyi says sheintends to run for president if Burmas constitution is changed to allow this 90.9% of UK passenger trains ran ontime in the last year, compared with 91.6% in 2011-12, Network Rail says N Korea proposes official talks withSouth on "commercial projects" after operations at joint Kaesong zone suspended North Korea proposes talks withSouth on normalising commercial projects, month after work at joint industrial zone halted Death toll from buildingcollapse in US city of Philadelphia rises to 6, mayor says 1 woman dies & 13 people hurt after building collapses incentre of US city of Philadelphia, fire officials say 30-year-old man charged with terror offences after being arres-ted on Wednesday in east London UK expected to apologise after 5000 Kenyans said they were tortured or mistrea-ted during Mau #Mau uprising in 1950s UK to make apology & announce compensation for some victims of tortureduring #Mau Mau uprising in Kenya, BBC understands Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says hewill go ahead with plans to redevelop Istanbuls Taksim Square, despite protestsInglesParaUsted ?@InglesParaUsted "Tengo una entrevista hoy.":"I have an Interview today."English on the Rocks ?@EnglishOTRcome after perseguir a alguien, o buscar a alguien generalmente para castigarlo The police are coming after us,run! La policía nos está persiguiendo, ¡corre! come along (a) acompañar, presentarse, aparecer, apurarse, (b) pro-gresar, evolucionar Come along with me, I have something to show you. Acompáñame, tengo algo que mostrarte.How is the patient coming along after the surgery? ¿Cómo está evolucionando el paciente después de la cirugía?come before comparecer ante The defendant will come before the court next week. El acusado compareceráante el juzgado la semana que viene. come between arruinar una relación Dont let my friendship with my ex-boyfriend come between us. No dejes que mi amistad con mi ex-novio arruine nuestra relación.come by conseguir, adquirir, visitar, entrar a ver Well-paid jobs sometimes are hard to come by. A veces es difícilconseguir un trabajo bien pago. come down (a) bajar, caer, aterrizar, derrumbarse, ser derribado (b) on - castigaro criticar a alguien duramente (c) with - caer enfermo They chopped the tree for hours, they didnt think it wouldever come down. Estuvieron cortando el árbol durante horas, creían que nunca iba a ser derribado. The law shouldcome down hard on criminals. La ley debería castigar duramente a los criminales. Joan will not be able to come,she has come down with a flu. Joan no podrá venir, ha contraído la gripe.come loose aflojarse If you pull the rope it will come loose! ¡Si tiras de la soga se aflojará!Funky Guay Theres a funky song on the radio, come and listen. Hay una canción guay en la radio, ven y escucha.I love the way you painted your house in bright colours! It looks really funky! ¡Me gusta cómo pintaste tu casa encolores vivos!¡Es guay! If you want to go for a drink, I know a funky little bar in the center of town. Si quieres ir atomar algo, sé de un pequeño bar en el centro que está guay.to take someone at their word decidir creerle a alguien He said hed never do it again so I took him on his wordmonicatstocker ?@monicatsGet verbo que sirve para indicar procesos, Im getting tired Me estoy cansando. Shes getting old Ella envejece.lamansiondelingles ?@mansiontwitTo call round pasar por casa de alguien “What time shall I call round tomorrow?”cursoingles ?@curso_de_inglesStarting an E-mail (Empezar un correo electrónico) Hello, Ms. Brown [name of recipient]. (Hola, Sr. Brown [nom-bre del destinatario].) How are you? (¿Cómo está?) Hows everything? (¿Cómo va todo?) I was glad to hear fromyou. (Me alegró tener noticias suyas.) I hope thing are going well with you these days. (Espero que todo vaya biencon Uds. estos días.) I hope you are well. (Espero que esté bien.) Whats new? (¿Qué hay de nuevo?)mansioningles.com/vocabulario
  15. 15. 1415cursoingles ?@curso_de_inglesReason for writing (Motivo del mensaje) I am writing because... (Le escribo porque...) The reason I am writing isbecause... (El motivo de mi mensaje es....) I wanted to ask you for a favor... (Quería pedirle un favor...) I wouldlike to... (Me gustaría...)Responding to an E-mail (Responder a un correo electrónico) Thanks for your email. (Gracias por su correo elec-trónico.) It was great to hear from you. (Me alegró mucho recibir noticias tuyas.) Sorry for not writing earlier.(Siento no haberle escrito antes.) I hope you and your family are well. (Espero que Ud. y su familia estén bien.)Responding to News (Responder a noticias) Glad to hear that youre well. (Me alegra saber que estás bien)Sorry to hear about... (Lamento oír sobre...) Good luck with... (Buena suerta con...) Hope you feel better soon.(Espero que se recupere pronto.)Ending an email (Terminar un correo electrónico) Thanks for your attention. (Gracias por su atención.)Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. (Por favor, avíseme si Ud. tiene cualquier pregunta oduda.) Many thanks. (Muchas gracias.)I look forward to hearing from you. (Tengo ganas de tener noticias suyas./Esperaré su respuesta.)Writing EmailsBBC Breaking News ?@BBCBreakingSeven dead after suspected drone strike on village in Pakistans North Waziristan tribal area Im told Nadine Dorrieswill be investigated by Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. Complaint made and accepted this week.Drone strike in north-western Pakistan kills seven, officials say Prince Philip is said to be "comfortable". The ope-ration is said to have gone "as planned". "You cant have 100% security, and also 100% privacy and zero inconve-nience" - Obama defends US surveillance tactics Prince Philip has had his exploratory operation and is progressingsatisfactorily, Buckingham Palace says Palace say following Prince Philips operation the "results will be analysed"and at this early stage he is progressing satisfactorily US President Obama defends surveillance programmes, tellingcitizens: "Nobody is listening to your phone calls" More than 10m people will need humanitarian aid in #Syria byend of 2013, says UN, as it launches appeal UN launches record $5.2bn appeal for Syria, saying half of populationwill need humanitarian aid by end of year The Queen has officially opened the BBCs new London HQ at Broadcas-ting House with a live broadcast on Radio 4 Coronation Street actor Bill Roache to "vigorously protest innocence"after he is charged with 5 counts of indecent assault - barrister Man charged with plotting to murder police officersin pipe bomb attack in north Belfast Bundesbank cuts growth forecast for Germanys economy - now expected toexpand by 0.3% in 2013 & 1.5% in 2014 A smash and grab robbery has taken place at Selfridges department storeon Oxford Street in London, police say Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan greeted by crowds at Istanbul airport,amid continuing anti-government protests Thousands of supporters greet #Turkey PM after he returns from over-seas trip, amid ongoing anti-government protests Turkey PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrives back in Istanbul - saysprotests must end immediately Protests against #Turkey government border on illegality, PM Recep Tayyip Erdo-gan tells supportersInglesParaUsted ?@InglesParaUsted"Vamos a crear una revolución.":"Lets create a revolution." "¿Qué tan bien lo conoces?":"How well do you knowhim?"English on the Rocks ?@EnglishOTRcarry away (get carried away) dejarse llevar, cometer actos desmedidos, entusiasmarse My son normally gets alittle carried away on his birthday. Mi hijo suele entusiasmarse un poco en su cumpleaños.carry off ganar un premio Mary carried off a gold medal in the swimming championship. Mary ganó una medallade oro en el campeonato de natación. carry on (a) seguir/continuar Please, carry on the way you are; I am onlyhere to observe. Por favor, continúa como lo estás haciendo: sólo estoy aquí para observar. After the divorce wejust carried on with our lives. Después del divorcio simplemente continuamos con nuestras vidas.carry out (a) an investigation - llevar a cabo una investigación (b) a survey - realizar una encuesta (c) a promise -cumplir una promesa The police will carry out an investigation and inform the press of any new developments.La policía llevará a cabo una investigación e informará a la prensa de cualquier novedad. We will carry out a surveyto see if our clients are happy with our service. Realizaremos una encuesta para ver si nuestros clientes están satis-fechos con nuestros servicios. I am a man of my word, I always carry out my promises. Soy un hombre de palabra,siempre cumplo mis promesas, carry through llevar a cabo/a término The plan was carried through to perfection,thanks for your help. El plan se llevó a cabo a la perfección, gracias por vuestra ayuda.mild - milder - the mildest : afable, suave, leve
  16. 16. 1416English on the Rocks ?@EnglishOTRmild - milder - the mildest : afable, suave, leve Winters are mild close to the Equator. Los inviernos son suavescerca del Ecuador. You should use a milder soap, this one is harsh on the skin. Deberías usar un jabón más suave,este es muy duro para la piel. First-degree burns are the mildest type, only damaging the top layer of skin. Las que-maduras de primer grado son las más leves, dañando sólo la capa superficial de la piel.Get a load of Quedarse con, fijarse en Get a load of my ring! My boyfriend proposed to me. ¡Fíjate en mi anillo!Mi novio se me ha declarado. Wow! Get a load of that girl at the bar, shes beautiful. ¡Guau! Fíjate en esa chica delbar, es preciosa. She wasnt interested in me until she got a load of my Ferrari. Ella no estaba interesada en mí hastaque vio mi Ferrari.to make up ones mind decidirse I dont know if I prefer to eat pizza or a burger, I just cant make up my mind .Gareth H. Jones ?@gar_jonesShe changes her mind from one day to the next Ella cambia de opinión de un día para otroWhat is your favourite car? ¿Cuál es tu coche favorito? Which is your favourite car? ¿Cuál es tu coche favorito?What do you want to drink? ¿Qué quieres beber/tomar? Which beer do you want? ¿Qué cerveza quieres?¿Qué necesitas? What do you need? ¿Cuál es la diferencia? What’s the difference? ¿Cuál es tu opinión? What’syour opinion? ¿Qué teléfono es el tuyo? Which telephone is yours? ¿Cuál es el tuyo? Which is yours? o Whichone is yours? ¿Qué opción es mejor? Which option is better?1.¿Cuál es el problema? 2.¿Qué tipo de piso te gusta? 3.¿Qué piso prefieres? 4.¿Cuál es el mío? 1.What’s theproblem? 2.What type of flat/apartment do you like? 3.Which flat/apartment do you prefer? 4.Which is mine? /Which one is mine?Don’t allow your emotions to cloud your judgement. No permitas que tus emociones te nublen el juicio.Maria realised that every cloud has a silver lining when, just a few weeks after being made redundant, she found abetter job with a major company in the same sector. Maria se dió cuenta de que no hay mal que por bien no vengacuando, justo unas semanas después de ser despedida, encontró un puesto mejor con una empresa importante en elmismo sector. John has his head in the clouds if he thinks he’s going to be a rock singer. John está en una nube sipiensa que va a ser cantante de rock. Andy Murray was on cloud nine after winning the US Open shortly after win-ning Olympic Gold in London in 2012. Andy Murray estaba muy emocionado después de ganar el US Open pocodespués de ganar la Medalla de Oro en los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres de 2012. The politician resigned under acloud after admitting using public money to pay for his personal trips. El político dimitió deshonrado después deadmitir haber usado dinero público para pagar sus viajes personales. Lance Armstrong was left under a cloud afteradmitting doping during his cycling career. Lance Armstrong quedó deshonrado después de admitir haberse dopadodurante su carrera ciclista.lamansiondelingles ?@mansiontwitTo be tickled pink very pleased, delighted I was tickled pink when I got a compliment from my bossWhat y WhichBBC Breaking News ?@BBCBreakingTurkish police use tear gas and water cannon as thousands take part in fresh protest in capital, Ankara At least sevenpeople died in the Libyan city of Benghazi after protests outside a militia headquarters, reports say Police appeal forwitnesses after death of boy, 4, thought to have been injured in a Hugo Boss store in Oxfordshire Boy aged 4 diesafter it is believed part of a shop fitting fell on him in a Hugo Boss store in Bicester Nelson Mandelas wife GracaMachel at his bedside since he went into hospital - South Africa presidential spokesman US tennis player SerenaWilliams beats Russias Maria Sharapova 6-4 6-4 to win French Open for first time since 2002 Victims of "insiderattack" in Afghanistan are two US soldiers and a US civilian working with the military Ex-President Nelson #Man-dela is breathing on his own - a "positive sign", South African spokesman says 3 troops killed in green-on-blueattack in Afghanistan but insurgents killed Italian soldier Four international soldiers killed in two separate insiderattacks in Afghanistan, Isaf officials say "My thoughts are with Nelson Mandela, who is in hospital in South Africa,"tweets UK PM Nelson Mandelas condition "serious but stable", South Africas presidential spokesman tells BBCNelson Mandela admitted to hospital with lung infection, office of South African President says Man arrested onsuspicion of attempted murder after a police officer is hit by a car in Birmingham, UK police sayEnglish on the Rocks ?@EnglishOTRThe verb "clip" has two synonyms which are antonyms of each other: 1.To fasten with or as if with a clip; holdtightly 2.To cut, cut off, or cut out El verbo “clip” tiene dos sinónimos que son antónimos entre sí: 1.Sujetar con ounir con un clip; sujetar fuertemente. 2. Cortar, amputar o desconectar, recortar.
  17. 17. 1417English on the Rocks ?@EnglishOTRkeep at perseverar en algo, insistir I wanted to write the article before today so I kept at it. Quería escribir el artí-culo antes de hoy así que seguí trabajando en ello. keep down (a) bajar (b) oprimir Please, keep the music down.Im trying to sleep. Por favor, baja la música, estoy intentando dormir. The strickers were kept down by the mana-gers. Los jefes reprimieron a los huelguistas.keep in (a) castigar (b) estar ingresado (c) with - estar bien con alguien Her mother kept her in because she didntstudy enough. Su (de ella) madre le castigó sin salir porque no había estudiado lo suficiente. The surgery was asuccess. Now were gonna keep him in for a few days. La cirugía ha sido un éxito. Ahora vamos a tenerlo ingresadounos días. Try to keep in with Jack, hell become your boss soon. Trata de llevarte bien con Jack, él se convertirápronto en tu jefe. keep to mantener un secreto Will you tell us what hapened or will you keep it to yourself? ¿Vasa contarnos lo qué pasó o no se lo vas a contar a nadie?Nuts Loco The parrot goes nuts every time we take it to the vet. El loro se vuelve loco cada vez que lo llevamosal veterinario. Tony is nuts about his boss. Tony está loco por su jefa. The music in that bar drives me nuts! ¡Lamúsica de ese bar me vuelve loco!to let it drop that decir algo como si nada Sharon let it drop that she was trying to have a baby.English on the Rocks @EnglishOTRMitts Manos, zarpas Dont forget your gloves, you dont want your mitts to get cold. No te olvides los guantes, noquerrás que se te enfríen las manos. I cant wait to get my mitts on a new computer. Me muero de ganas de ponerlas zarpas en un ordenador nuevo. Always wash your mitts before you cook. Siempre lávate las manos antes decocinar.to give it to someone straight decirle algo a alguien de una vez Dont keep me in suspense doctor, just give it toome straight .cut up cortar en pedazos, picar, acuchillar My mother used to cut up my food when I was young. Mi madre solíacortarme la comida cuando era pequeño. cut off (a) aislar (b) desheredar (c) dejar de servirle bebida a alguien enun bar porque ya ha bebido demasiado All the people from the city has been cut off due to the blizzard. Toda lagente de la ciudad ha sido aislada debido a la tormenta de nieve. I quit university so my father cut me off. Dejé launiversidad por lo que mi padre me desheredó. The barman cut me off because Id had too much to drink. El bar-man dejó de servirme bebida porque ya había bebido demasiado.cut across tomar un atajo We will gain time if we cut across this field. Ganaremos tiempo si tomamos un atajo poreste campo. cut down (a) cortar, acortar, reducir, abreviar (b) on - reducir el consumo de, reducir, recortar Theteacher asked Ross to cut down his essay, it was too long. El profesor pidió a Ross que abreviara su ensayo, erademasiado largo. Sally is cutting down on sweets, she says she wants to lose weight. Sally está comiendo menosdulces, dice que quiere perder peso.Gross Asqueroso Your gross baby vomited on me again. Tu asqueroso bebé me ha vomitado otra vez. Cris alwayseats with his mouth open. Thats gross! Cris siempre come con la boca abierta. ¡Es asqueroso! Oh, no! Dont tellme your gross experience with your dentist again! ¡Oh, no! ¡No me cuentes otra vez tu asquerosa experiencia con eldentista!to put ones finger on it decir exactamente qué es Something strange is going on here but I just cant put my fingeron it .BBC Breaking News @BBCBreakingNelson #Mandela remains "serious but stable" in hospital, South Africas government says Market bombings nor-th of Baghdad kill at least 12 people and injure dozens Four teenagers arrested on suspicion of arson over fire atIslamic boarding school in Chislehurst, London At least 12 people reported killed in a series of bomb attacks in theIraqi capital Baghdad Suspected militants launch attack close to main airport in Afghan capital, Kabul, security for-ces say Explosions and gunfire heard coming from international airport in Kabul, Afghan police say Ex-CIA techworker Edward Snowden unmasked at own request, Guardian says, after leaks on US surveillance programmesFormer CIA technical worker identified by UKs Guardian newspaper as source of leaks on US surveillance progra-mmes Rafael Nadal beats David Ferrer 6-3 6-2 6-3 to become the first man to win a Grand Slam singles title eighttimes: Rafael Nadal beats David Ferrer at tennis #FrenchOpen; becomes person to win same Grand Slam singles tit-le 8 times Author Iain Banks has died aged 59, months after announcing he had cancer The fire at an Islamic schoolin south east London was started by "intruders", school spokesman says http://bbc.Best-selling Scottish author Iain Banks has died
  18. 18. 1418BBC Breaking News ?@BBCBreakingLebanese man reportedly protesting at role of #Hezbollah in Syria killed outside Irans Beirut embassy - sourcesProtester reported shot dead outside Iranian embassy in Lebanese capital #Beirut, security sources say Parliamentwould get to vote before UK sent any arms to #Syrias opposition, @WilliamJHague tells BBCs "Normal citizens"have nothing to fear from UK intelligence gathering, says UK Foreign Sec @WilliamJHague after GCHQ spyingclaims #MarrShowlamansiondelingles @mansiontwitTo chinwag,chat,to gab charlar “I had a beer with John last night and we had a good old chinwagSELVA inglés @SELVAinglesSolía hacer ejercicio todos los días. I would exercise everyday. I used to exercise everyday.Él solía tener paciencia. He used to have pacience.“Would” tiene otros significados y se puede confundir con “solía”. I would work. Solía trabajar. Trabajaría.I wouldn’t work. No quise trabajar. No trabajaría.Acostumbrar to BE used to something Estoy acostumbrado al olor. I am used to the smell. Ella estaba acostum-brada a vivir sola. She was used to living alone.Acostumbrarse to GET used to something Me acostumbré al olor. I got used to the smell. Ella se acostumbrará avivir sola. She’ll get used to living alone.El blog para aprender inglésGuilt: /gilt/ They admitted their guilt in the crime scene. Confesaron su culpabilidad en la escena del crimen.This feeling of guilt is killing me. Estos remordimientos me están matando. She went on guilt trip for what she did.Sintió remordimientos por lo que hizo. Is he guilty? ¿Es él culpable? De un crimen, por ejemplo. Hes guilty of love.Es culpable de amar. Letra de una canción, sentido poético. Is Amanda guilty of murdering her neighbor? ¿Es Aman-da culpable de matar a su vecino?Fault /folt/ I couldnt call you because she didnt tell you that you were sick. Its her fault. No te pude llamar porqueella no me dijo que tú estabas enferma. Es su culpa. There is a broken glass. Whose fault is it? Hay un vaso roto.¿Dequién es la culpa? Its nobodys fault. No es culpa de nadie.Blame /bleim/ She blamed me. Ella me echó la culpa Dont blame me of your problems. No me culpes de tus pro-blemas Who should we blame? ¿A quién deberíamos culpar?No se de quién es la culpa. Ella le echa la culpa a todo el mundo de sus problemas. Él fue declarado culpable de unatraco a un banco. Ella se siente culpable (remordimiento) por lo que hizo. No les eches la culpa a los demás de tusproblemas. I dont know whose fault it is. She blames everybody of her problems. He was found guilty of a bankrobbery. She feels guilty for what she did. Dont blame others of your problems.Blame FOR echar la culpa POR (algo) They blamed her for what she did. La culparon por lo que hizo.Blame ON echar la culpa A (alguien) Dont blame it on me. No me eches la culpa a míEnglish on the Rocks ?@EnglishOTRthick - thicker - the thickest : grueso, denso, espeso I like my hot chocolate thick and hot! ¡Me gusta mi chocolatea la taza espeso y caliente! This bed is very uncomfortable, we need a thicker mattress. Esta cama es muy incómo-da, necesitamos un colchón más grueso. To prepare leg of lamb, make deep cuts where the meat is the thickest. Parapreparar pierna de cordero, haz cortes profundos donde la pierna es más gruesa.throw up vomitar This medicine made me throw up all night. Este medicamento me hizo vomitar toda la noche.throw over dejar, abandonar James has thrown Maria over without giving her any explanation. James ha dejadoa Maria sin darle ninguna explicación throw off librarse de You must stay in bed for a few days if you want tothrow off that cold. Debes quedarte en cama unos días si quieres librarte de ese resfriado.throw away/throw out tirar, soltar Please throw that rubbish away in the bin. Por favor tira esa basura en el cubo.Gareth H. Jones ?@gar_jonesWhere are you from? ¿De dónde eres? What are you thinking about? ¿En qué estás pensando? ¿En qué estásinteresado? What are you interested in? ¿A quién lo vendiste? Who did you sell it to? ¿De quién lo compraste?Who did you buy it from? ¿De/Sobre qué están hablando? What are they speaking about? ¿En qué empresa trabajatu hermano? What company does your brother work for? ¿De qué depende el resultado? What does the resultdepend on? ¿Qué estás mirando? What are you looking at? ¿Qué tipo de música te gusta escuchar? What kind ofmusic do you like listening to? ¿Por qué estás preocupado? Why are you worried? o What are you worried about?¿Por qué estaban sorprendidos? Why were they surprised? o What were they surprised by?
  19. 19. 1419Gareth H. Jones ?@gar_jones¿Sabes de dónde son? Do you know where they are from? Dime en qué estás pensando. Dime en lo que estáspensando. (qué / lo que what) Tell me what you are thinking about. Me gustaría saber en qué proyectos estántrabajando. I would like to know what / which projects they are working on. Tienes que decirme para cuándo lonecesitas. You have to tell me when you need it for. /You have to let me know when you need it by.No entiendo por qué estás tan enfadado. I don’t understand why you’re so angry. o I don’t understand what you’reso angry about. ¿Me dices con qué niños estaban jugando? Will you tell me what / which children you were pla-ying with?Se ve poco hoy en día porque se considera demasiado formal o anticuado pero no sería incorrecto decir, por ejem-plo: You have to tell me for when you need it. You have to let me know by when you need it1.¿Para qué lo necesitas? 2.¿Con quién está hablando? 3.No han dicho de dónde lo robaron. 4.¿Sabes en qué edificioviven? 1.What do you need it for? 2.Who is he/she speaking with? 3.They haven’t said where they stole it from.4,Do you know what / which building they live in?Origen de palabras en #inglés: "BREAKFAST" viene de "break": ROMPER y "fast": AYUNO--> "Romper el ayu-no"...igual que en español: DES-AYUNOun billete (para viajar) a ticket; un billete (de dinero) a note, I only have a £50 note to pay for the ticketBBC Breaking News ?@BBCBreakingThe Queen visits Duke of Edinburgh at London Clinic, where he is spending his 92nd birthday after abdominalsurgery Duke of Edinburgh comfortable and in good spirits but will rest for two months after hospital stay, Allega-tions that GCHQ uses US intelligence to obtain data it cannot legally get in UK are "baseless" William Hague saysGCHQ staff "conduct themselves with the highest levels of integrity and legal compliance" Prince Edward saysPrince Philip is well after he visits his father in hospital Coronation Street actor cleared of child sex abuse Nelson#Mandelas ex-wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela arrives at hospital where he is in serious condition Former Coro-nation Street actor Andrew Lancel, who played Frank Foster in the soap, cleared of indecently assaulting 15-year-oldboy PM David Cameron says British intelligence surveillance operates within a legal framework Six men from theWest Midlands jailed for up to 19-and-a-half years each for planning to bomb an EDL rally Coronation Street actorBill Roache bailed until September after appearing at Preston Crown Court on charges of indecent assault and rapelamansiondelingles ?@mansiontwitAnother piece of advice to take your English to the next level. Otro consejo para mejorar tu inglésTo drop by/in, to pop by/in pasar, ir de paso “Why don’t you drop by for a coffee this afternoon?cursoingles ?@curso_de_inglesI am going to London next week," she said. "Voy a Londres la semana que viene," ella dijo. "Do you have a pen Icould borrow," he asked. "Tienes un bolígrafo que puedas prestarme," él preguntó. Alice said, "I love to dance."Alice dijo, "Me encanta bailar." Chris asked, "Would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow night?" Chris pre-guntó, "Te gustaría cenar conmigo mañana por la noche?" "Hes American," she said. She said he was American."Im happy to see you," Mary said. Mary said that she was happy to see me. He asked, "Are you busy tonight?" He asked me if I was busy tonight. Dan is living in San Francisco," she said. She said Dan was living in SanFrancisco. He said, "Im making dinner." He told me that he was making dinner. "Why are you working sohard?" they asked. They asked me why I was working so hard. "We went to the movies last night," he said. Hetold me they had gone to the movies last night. "Greg said, "I didnt go to work yesterday." Greg said that hehadnt gone to work yesterday. "Did you buy a new car?" she asked. She asked me if I had bought a new car."I was working late last night," Vicki said. Vicki told me shed been working last night. They said, "we werentwaiting long." They said that they hadnt been waiting long. "He asked, "were you sleeping when I called?" Heasked if Id been sleeping when he called. "Heather said, "Ive already eaten." Heather told me that shed alreadyeaten. "We havent been to China," they said. They said they hadnt been to China. "Have you worked herebefore?" I asked. I asked her whether shed worked there before. "Ive been studying English for two years,"he said. He said hed been studying English for two years. "Steve said, "weve been dating for over a year now."Steve told me that theyd been dating for over a year. "Have you been waiting long?" they asked. They askedwhether Id been waiting long. "Id been to Chicago before for work," he said. He said that hed been to Chica-go before for work. She said, "Id been dancing for years before the accident." She said shed been dancing foryears before the accident. "Im 30 years old," she said. ? She said she is 30 years old. Dave said, "Kelly is sick." ?Dave said Kelly is sick.Preposiciones en INGLES