100 Google+ tips


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100 short tweetable tips to help you get started and to make the most of Google+.and social media for business

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100 Google+ tips

  1. 1. 100 Google+ tips from Jonathan Pollinger of www.intranetfuture.com Updated: 8 May 2014 If you like a tip below please copy and share on Google+ followed by ‘via +Jonathan Pollinger’ or copy and tweet followed by ‘via @intranetfuture’. Thank you! For more help with Google+ you can book some call time with me – 15 minutes to 1 hour. -------------- 1. Google+ is great for your improving your website search ranking. Get involved! #GooglePlustip 2. Google+ is not Twitter. Make use of the unlimited space you have to post. #GooglePlustip 3. A profile and a cover photo can be displayed at top of your Profile/Page. Use to create the right impression. #GooglePlustip 4. Google+ has a video conference/messaging system - use Hangouts to communicate with clients and to collaborate with colleagues. #GooglePlustip 5. You can broadcast live video and record using Hangouts on Air. Great for training, product launches and announcements. #GooglePlustip 6. Use bitly on your Google+ posts to shorten links and to measure click throughs. #GooglePlustip 7. To learn how you can benefit from Google+ book a call with me using Clarity. #GooglePlustip 8. To mention a Google+ Profile or Page put + in front of account name eg +John Smith. It’s the equivalent of @ on Twitter. #Googleplustip 9. Just like Twitter, Google+ supports hashtags so create and use them – especially to promote your events. #GooglePlustip 10. Google+ has a great Events function. Use to raise awareness of your event and to group all attendees photos. #GooglePlustip 11. You can ‘direct message’ on Google+. Simply share with a single named person who is also on Google+. #GooglePlustip 12. Share your posts and photos even if intended recipients are not on Google+. Add email addresses in Share field. #GooglePlustip 13. To create a Google+ Page for business go to https://plus.google.com/pages/create. #GooglePlustip 14. Ask questions and poll your audience to find out what content they're interested in. #GooglePlustip
  2. 2. 100 Google+ tips from Jonathan Pollinger of www.intranetfuture.com Updated: 8 May 2014 15. Use the ‘Share this page’ icon to tell people in your Profile Circles about your and others’ Pages. #GooglePlustip 16. Comment on other people’s posts to engage and raise your profile. #GooglePlustip 17. You can use hashtags in Comments as well as on Posts. #GooglePlustip 18. Use ‘What’s hot’ to discover relevant and interesting new content. #GooglePlustip 19. Join Communities related to your business sector for networking. #GooglePlustip 20. Watch your spelling and grammar. #GooglePlustip 21. Put words in asterisks to make them *bold*. #GooglePlustip 22. Put underscores either side of a word to make it _italic_. #GooglePlustip 23. If you make a mistake you can edit your post after sharing. Hover over top right of post title then select Edit. #GooglePlustip 24. To change order in your drop down list when adding, re-order your Circles by dragging and dropping. #GooglePlustip 25. Decide the purpose of your Google+ page/profile and create a content plan. #GooglePlustip 26. Use Google+ to blog. Unlike Twitter you’re not limited to 140 characters. #GooglePlustip 27. You can display or remove the Hangouts (Chat) window by selecting icon on top right. #GooglePlustip 28. You can increase and decrease the size of Circles via Actions on the Your Circles tab. #GooglePlustip 29. Respond promptly to all +mentions and comments on your posts. #GooglePlustip 30. Know your audience and segment them into Circles as appropriate. eg suppliers, advisors, clients and so on. #GooglePlustip 31. Delete a member of a circle by pointing to their image in the circle, clicking and dragging them out. #GooglePlustip 32. To view all posts from a Circle right click on a circle and select “View stream for this circle”. #GooglePlustip 33. On the Your Circles tab you can add people via email addresses using ‘Add a person’. #GooglePlustip 34. You can download some or all of your data from Google+. Click the down arrow to the right of your profile pic then Account/Data tools/Download Data. #GooglePlustip
  3. 3. 100 Google+ tips from Jonathan Pollinger of www.intranetfuture.com Updated: 8 May 2014 35. It’s easy to upload photos and videos onto Google+ and they look great so take pictures/shoot video and upload. #GooglePlustip 36. You can add photos and videos to Google+ just by dragging and dropping them into the share box. #GooglePlustip 37. To enable instant upload of photos for easier sharing. On your Google+ phone app go to Settings/Auto Backup. #GooglePlustip 38. You can automatically upload all your photos to Google+ as you take them from your Android phone. #GooglePlustip 39. Decide whether to upload compressed or full size photos. #GooglePlustip 40. Include titles and descriptions for your photos on Google+ to help SEO. #GooglePlustip 41. Whether you’re setting up a Profile or a Page it’s important to complete all your details. #GooglePlustip 42. All fields on your Google+ Profile and Page support hyperlinks so include appropriate links. #GooglePlustip 43. Remember that Profiles and for people and Pages are for companies – just like Facebook. #GooglePlustip 44. You only need 1 password for all your Google tools make sure you use a strong unique password containing CAPS + numbers. #GooglePlustip 45. Put a Google+ icon on your website to make it easy for people to visit your Page. #GooglePlustip 46. Set up Google+ Authorship for good SEO. If you use WordPress try the Yoast plugin. #GooglePlustip 47. Add +1 buttons to website articles, photos and products to make it easy for visitors to share your content. #GooglePlustip 48. As you might expect the Search on Google+ is top notch. Use it to find people, companies and content to follow and engage with. #GooglePlustip 49. You can find out the total number of views your Profile/Page, Posts and Photos have received to the right of the number of your Followers. #GooglePlustip 50. If you use Hangouts and Chrome install the Hangouts extension for quick access to conversations. #GooglePlustip 51. Your website will rank higher on Google Search results for your followers, so grow your audience. #GooglePlustip
  4. 4. 100 Google+ tips from Jonathan Pollinger of www.intranetfuture.com Updated: 8 May 2014 52. If mentioning a person, business or brand, tag them by using the + symbol followed by their Profile or Page name. #GooglePlustip 53. Make people aware of your Google+ presence on your other social networking sites. #GooglePlustip 54. Add the +1 button to your blog posts so readers can easily recommend and share your content. Eg: http://intranetfuture.com/blog/ #GooglePlustip 55. "Websites that use Google’s +1 button generated 3.5 times more traffic from Google+ than websites that don’t have the button installed" via @hubspot. #GooglePlustip 56. In your Introduction, put a list of suggested Circles for people to add you to. Thanks to Jeff Korhan for this one. #GooglePlustip 57. If people add your Page to their Circles, make sure you add them back on your Page so you can target your communications. #GooglePlustip 58. Use Circles to share photos as well as text updates with your contacts, friends and family. #GooglePlustip 59. Publish your Press Releases on Google+. #GooglePlustip 60. Ensure your posts are always positive. No one likes a moaner. #GooglePlustip 61. Engage with others by commenting and adding +1s to their posts. #GooglePlustip 62. Don’t plagiarise other’s content as your own. Always give an author credit. #GooglePlustip 63. Link to a job vacancy or your jobs vacancy page to increase your chances of finding a new employee. #GooglePlustip 64. Take the time to read other people's posts and learn how they use Google+. #GooglePlustip 65. Join Communities. That’s where the action is. #GooglePlustip 66. Unlike Facebook Google+ is an open platform ie it’s not just about existing friends, so make new friends, connections and contacts. #GooglePlustip 67. Google+ supports hashtags so use them for events and to follow and join into conversations. #GooglePlustip 68. Above all else listen, connect and engage. #GooglePlustip 69. Use interesting preview photos in your blog posts. Readers are more likely to click the link when you share to G+ if there’s an attractive photo. #GooglePlustip 70. Download 'Google+ for Business: How Google's Social Network Changes Everything' by Chris Brogan. amzn.to/y7vyi1 #GooglePlustip
  5. 5. 100 Google+ tips from Jonathan Pollinger of www.intranetfuture.com Updated: 8 May 2014 71. Reply promptly to all the mentions you receive. #GooglePlustip 72. Don’t share anything on Google+ you wouldn’t shout in the street. #GooglePlustip 73. Try and post at least once every day on Google+ to show you have an active presence and to increase awareness. #GooglePlustip 74. Be nice. Thank people for +1s, Comments and Shares. #GooglePlustip 75. Google+ is great for thought leadership, discussions, debates and opinions. Focus your efforts around these activities. #GooglePlustip 76. Think about why you’re using Google+. Stick to your objectives. #GooglePlustip 77. Link to your blog posts but give people a reason why to read them. #GooglePlustip 78. To obtain the hyperlink of a Google+ post select the date/time of the post (date stamp). #GooglePlustip 79. Consider Google+ for Employee Communications. Create Circles for teams and departments and use Hangouts for collaboration. #GooglePlustip 80. Sneaky tip! Create a Circle containing competitors so you can keep an eye what they are up to. #GooglePlustip 81. Google+ has trends just like Twitter – join into popular conversations. #GooglePlustip 82. Add an additional Manager to your Google+ Page for cover in the event of sickness or holidays. Here’s how. #GooglePlustip 83. On Google+ you can edit posts after they've been published. Just select the down arrow on the top right of a post. #GooglePlustip 84. You can disable sharing of a post after publication on Google+. Just select the down arrow the 'Disable reshares'. #GooglePlustip 85. You can delete a post after publication on Google+. Just select the down arrow the 'Delete post'. #GooglePlustip 86. If you read a great post let the author know you found it useful with a +1 or a Comment. #GooglePlustip 87. Connect your Google+ Profile or Page to your YouTube channel. #GooglePlustip 88. To stop receiving updates from a post and remove it from your stream, click the down arrow at the top of the post, then select ‘Mute post’. #GooglePlustip 89. You can Embed any public post on your website or blog. Just select the down arrow then 'Embed post'. #GooglePlustip
  6. 6. 100 Google+ tips from Jonathan Pollinger of www.intranetfuture.com Updated: 8 May 2014 90. Google Places is now Google Local. As part of Google+ it’s more visible so even more important to complete and keep up to date. #GooglePlustip 91. Google+ works great on mobile and tablet apps and you can access via m.google.com/plus. #GooglePlustip 92. You’re not permitted to run contests, sweepstakes, offers, coupons or other such promotions on your Google+ Page but you can link to them elsewhere. #GooglePlustip 93. You’ll like this one: Tap the Space bar to scroll down your Google+ Home Page. #GooglePlustip 94. Select Shift + Space bar to scroll up your Google+ Home Page. #GooglePlustip 95. Select J to jump to the top of Google+ Home Page. #GooglePlustip 96. To view +1s, Comments and Shares for a post, select Shared Publically (or similar) at top of post. #GooglePlustip 97. Post to Google+ without leaving your Gmail inbox (and from anywhere in G+). Select Share button on the top right. #GooglePlustip 98. To control your G+ email notifications and other settings click the your profile pic then Account then Edit Settings under Google+ settings. #GooglePlustip 99. Use your other channels eg Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn to promote your presence on Google+. #GooglePlustip 100. Use Google+ to ask your customers for feedback. It’s a great place to have a conversation. #GooglePlustip Follow @intranetfuture on Twitter Like Intranet Future Facebook Page Connect with Jonathan Pollinger on LinkedIn Visit intranetfuture.com To book an online call with Jonathan go to Clarity or to arrange a face to face consultation call +44 (0)1242 332016 or email me.