Taller recuperacion 4 to periodo 2011 copia


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Taller recuperacion 4 to periodo 2011 copia

  1. 1. Taller de refuerzo grados 10msNota: Este trabajo debe ser hacho a mano y en el cuaderno es decir,deben copiarlo en su cuaderno completo preguntas y repuestas contodas la opciones y señalando la correcta, plazo máximo 11 denoviembre ni un día más así tenga excusa. Sí ha perdido algúnperiodo con esto lo puede recuperar o si va perdiendo le cuarto.El taller cumple 5 de las competencias de la lengua extranjera inglès yabarca cada una de las teorías trabajadas en clases durante el año.  Construcción de oraciones  Construcción de párrafos  Situaciones comunicativas  Comprensión de textos.COMPRENSIÓN DE TEXTOS A. give up. B. look for.Responde las preguntas de la 1 – a la 3 de C. take care.acuerdo al siguiente texto. D. find out.Many major cities in the world today have largepopulations of people who have recently arrived; 3. According to the text,they have emigrated from other countries. A. people are forced to leave their nativePerhaps you, too, have left a familiar place to countries.come to a new city or a new country. Or you may B. major cities of the world have received manylive in a city where there are large numbers of visitors.newcomers. Adapting to a new place forces C. people have immigrated to other countries duepeople to seek out new friends, face new to overpopulation.problems, and often learn a new language. D. living in a new place implies many changes for1. The underlined word who is related to immigrants. 4-6A. cities.B. people. People are living longer in the United States. As aC. major. result, more and more middle aged adults areD. countries. becoming caretakers of their aging parents. When their parents can no longer care for2. The underlined words seek out can be themselves, these adults stay at home to care forreplaced by them in much the same way they cared for their own children. Playing the role of "parent sitter" is quite difficult and frustrating. For example, an aging parent may become blind. No longer able
  2. 2. to see, the old person needs his or her children to three kinds: they prohibit smoking by employeesperform many every day jobs. Another example is when they are working, they hire only non-the parent who becomes brain damaged during smokers, or they force workers who smoke tothe aging process. Natural roles are then quit smoking.reversed, as children are forced to care for theirparents as if their parents were children. 7. The underlined sentence they force workers who smoke to quit smoking means that4. The underlined words middle aged can bereplaced by A. workers are hired because they smoke. B. workers have to give up smoking if they wantA. very young people. to continue working.B. ancient people. C. workers are required to smoke if they want toC. very old people. continue working.D. people in their 50s. D. workers are fired because they smoke.5. According to the text, the underlined words 8. According to the text, we can infer that"parent sitter" refer to a person who A. none of the company policies ban smoking.A. takes care of his/her father or mother. B. all of the company policies ban smokers.B. loves and works for his/her family. C. the first policy bans smoking, and the otherC. looks after his/her children. two, ban smokers.D. likes helping his/her relatives. D. the first and second policies ban smokers, and6. The main idea of this text is: the last one bans smoking. 9. According to the text, the authors intention isA. Sons and daughters take care of their parents tobecause of longevity.B. Children do not like to take care of their A. describe how the U.S. is regulating smoking.parents. B. promote discrimination against smokers in theC. The natural roles of parents and children have U.S.changed throughout history. C. protest against people who smoke in the U.S.D. Parents stay at home to take care of their D. show how smokers can quit smoking in thechildren. U.S.7-9The United States is now becoming a non- 10 - 12smoking society. Across the country, hundreds oftowns and cities, and even entire states, are We owe our nations state park system to one ofpassing strict laws to control the sale and use of the worlds most recognizable landmarks -Niagaracigarettes. In New York, for example, smoking is Falls. By 1880, a ring of industrial sites and man-illegal in public buildings, hospitals, schools, made attractions had so completely choked offbanks, stores, movie theaters, taxi-cabs, and public access to the falls that the only views fromrestrooms, to name a few places. American soil were on private land. News of Niagaras plight spread when a group of artists In addition, smoking is prohibited anywhere in and politicians spearheaded a campaign to buythe U.S. on airline flights that last two hours or back the land, creating a preserve.less. And now many private companies have alsomade rules prohibiting cigarette smoking. At least Finally in 1885, after six years of legislative40% of American companies restrict smoking by wrangling, New York Governor David B. Hilltheir employees. Company policies are mostly of dedicated the famous landmark "free to
  3. 3. mankind", and our state park system was born. of music that was typical in Arabian countries wasAmericas parks really took off in the 1930s when the Huda. It had a special rhythm, which imitatedthe country was booming with public works the rhythm of a camel’s walk. Experts believe thatprojects. The Civilian Conservation Corps built Arabs thought this music would keep them safecamps and trails that gave Americans access to from spirits in the desert.the outdoors. Now, there are more than 5.000state parks, nearly ninety-five times the number 13. The underlined word Therefore can beof national parks. That means at least a few per replaced bystate, or a short drive for most families. A. In the same way.10. The underlined expression choked off can be B. On the other hand.replaced by C. As a result. D. That is.A. suspended. 14. The underlined expression, a different use,B. increased. establishes a relationship of contrast withC. promoted.D. eliminated. A. the use of rhythm in Arabian music.11. The underlined sentence Americas parks B. Koto music to accompany plays.really took off in the 1930s, when the country C. folk music for telling stories and poetry.was booming with public works projects means D. the role of drum music for Africans.that 15. The conclusion of this text could be:A. Americas parks were destroyed in the 1930sbecause of the increase of public works projects. A. Music had more purposes than justB. Americas parks began to emerge in the 1930s entertainment in the past.due to the decrease of public works projects. B. Folk music was very important in Africa andC. public works projects increased because of the India.beginning of Americas parks in the 1930s. C. Folk music started with drums as its mainD. public works projects encouraged the instrument during the last decade.beginning of Americas parks in the 1930s. D. Music has evolved differently in different12. The title of the text could be cultures. 16 - 18A. The history of Americas state parksB. How were Americas national parks born? Meteorologists are scientists who study theC. Why visit Americas state parks? weather and make weather predictions. In orderD. A guide to Americas national parks to make a successful reading, meteorologists must take a lot of things into consideration. In fact, the data required are collected several times13 - 15 Folk Music a day from different sources all over the world. To gather this information, special types ofThe drum music of Western Africa played an instruments are used.These data are of courseimportant role in communicating over long valuable to everybody since the reports anddistances. Drummers used tone and rhythm to warnings that meteorologists give aresend messages from village to village. Therefore, usuallyreliable. Failing to take their advice could,it was easy for people to get in contact with each in some cases, be a matter of life or death.other. In Japan, a special type of music calledKoto music had a different use. Musicians played 16. The underlined word valuable can bethe Koto to accompany classical plays. One kind replaced with
  4. 4. A. expensive. C. visiting zoos can be a really enrichingB. useless. experience.C. necessary. D. people who do not know anything aboutD. useful. animals can visit zoos to learn about them.17. The underlined expression usually reliablesupports one of the following ideas: 20. Based on the text, the author uses the underlined word demeaning to communicateA. Weather information is generally accurate. that animalsB. Meteorologists read very successfully.C. Meteorologists work really hard. A. live in comfortable conditions.D. Weather information is rarely precise. B. deserve respect. C. have a life of pleasure.18. The underlined sentence, Failing to take D. prefer to live in zoos.their advice could, in some cases, be a matter oflife or death, communicates the idea that 21. The intention of the author in this article is toA. meteorologists.observations are sometimesright. A. describe the life of animals in zoos.B. it is necessary to ignore scientists. B. advise animals about their poor conditions.recommendations. C. invite people to visit as many zoos as possible.C. it is prudent to pay attention to D. make people reflect on the life of animals in ameteorologists. suggestions. zoo.D. scientists.Directions are usually inefficient. 22 - 2419 – 21 Zoos A few years ago, scientists videotaped mothers.Zoos are basically designed for human reactions to young babies. They needed a babyentertainment. People can learn little or nothing for their research. Although it was a boy, theyfrom seeing poor undignified animals forced to go dressed it in pink. They then gave it to severalround and round in cages. Tests have shown that mothers to hold. Because the baby was dressedpenned-up animals suffer high levels of stress and in pink, everyone praised its appearance and saidboredom not to mention physical harm. Those things like, "There’s a pretty girl". When the babywho claim that zoos prevent the extinction of made a noise, or moved, they tried to calm itendangered species should ask themselves down by saying, "Stop crying, darling".whether it is really preferable for them to live insuch a demeaning and artificial environment than The scientists then dressed the same baby innot to live at all. blue. In spite of the fact that it was the same baby, the mothers.reactions were completely19. From the underlined sentence people can different. This time they said things like, "What alearn little or nothing from seeing poor big strong boy!" When the baby moved or madeundignified animals forced to go round and a loud noise, they laughed and encouraged it,round in cages, we can conclude that saying, "Listen to that shout! What strong lungs!" Although the baby’s size hadn’t changed and theA. animals cannot teach us anything about cries were identical, mothers reacted differentlythemselves. to the baby in blue.B. people are wasting their time, if they visit zoosin order to learn about animals.
  5. 5. 22. The underlined sentence, everyone praised boots, and has a long white beard. Over theits appearance, means the same as centuries he has come to be considered magical and a symbol of Christmas time.A. people criticized the boy’s looks.B. people expressed positive feelings about the 25. A proper title for this reading would be:baby’s physical aspect.C. people censured the boy’s clothes. A. Santa Claus and Christmas beliefs.D. people demonstrated negative attitudes B. Christmas traditions and Santa Claus stories.towards the baby’s actions. C. Traditional stories at Christmas time. D. History of, and beliefs about Santa Claus.23. According to the two types of reactions thatthe mothers showed, we can state that 26. An important idea that could be taken from the reading is:A. if the mothers thought the baby was a boy,they talked to him softly. A. For many years Santa Claus has helped people,B. if the baby boy cried, the mothers were very and he became important around the world inrude. this era.C. if the mothers thought the baby was a girl, B. For a few years Santa Claus has beenthey talked to her energetically. considered a magician because he flies over theD. if the baby girl cried, the mothers were very roofs.gentle. C. For a few years Santa Claus has given presents24. Based on the context, we can say that to poor people, so that they will consider him a generous man.A. people’s behavior towards babies is influenced D. For many years people have thought Santaby colors. Claus is a kind man for his generosity atB. there is a strong natural relationship between Christmas.color and a child’s sex.C. babies.behavior depends on the color they are 27. According to the reading, this iswearing.D. there’s a poor association between a babys A. an account about stories of people atactions and the mother’s reactions. Christmas time. B. a summary of events about Santa Claus’ life. C. a tale about anecdotes of people at Christmas25 - 27 time. D. an abstract of Santa Claus and his friends’ lives.The story of Santa Claus began with a kind bishopnamed Saint Nicholas. He lived during the fourthcentury in what is now Turkey. He often gave 28 – 30 WRITE LETTERSpresents to children and poor people in secret.One day he heard about three young sisters. They The pen is mightier than the sword, they say; sowere poor, lived alone, and had nothing to eat. So why not use it? Write to packaging manufacturershe climbed up on their roof, and dropped three and ask them to forgo CFCs and excess packagingbags of gold down their chimney. on items you buy regularly. Write to manufacturers of canned goods and ask them toThe legend of this good saint and his generosity remove the sugar. Write to paper suppliers andgrew. Now, children believe that Santa Claus lives ask them to produce unbleached and recycledat the North Pole with his wife and his reindeer. paper.This friendly old man wears a red coat and black
  6. 6. 28. In the text, the underlined word it refers to: 33. The most appropriate title for this text is:A. The pen A. Summer VacationB. Letters B. A Natural ParkC. The sword C. Western PlacesD. Items D. A Luxurious City29. In the text, the underlined word regularlymeans 34 - 36A. Only In the early 1950.s rock and roll radically changedB. Rarely the way people thought about music. Before thatC. Frequently time, songs were generally popular because theyD. Lately appealed to a broad spectrum of people, and the30. In the text, the words canned goods mean: music and lyrics were more important than the individuals who perfomed them. Rock and rollA. Plastic goods merged the music and the performer and aimedB. Dog food itself at young audience teenagers. In writing andC. Metal goods performing songs that spoke specifically toD. Tinned food teenagers, Chuck Berry, a black rhythm and blues musician from St. Louis, helped invent rock and roll.31 - 33 34. The underlined word they refers to:It is time to get away! Let yourself be enchantedby landscapes where clear, blue waters catch the A. peoplelight of green hills and red rocks. Take in the B. 1950.sclean, fresh air; enjoy the unusual; walk through C. lyricsboutiques, museums, galleries and amusement D. songsparks, or simply relax as time passes peaceful 35. The underlined word spectrum can beby... The province’s resorts offer all this, and replaced by:more. A. community31. According to the text: B. troop C. groupA. You usually visit provincial resorts. D. qualityB. You are going to hate our province’s resorts. 36. The underlined word merged means theC. You are marvelous for province’s resorts. same as:D. You can be marvelled by province’s resorts. A. marked32. The underlined expression Let yourself be B. joinedenchanted by landscapes means: C. emerged D. dividedA. Let yourself be motivated by amusementbuildings. 37 - 39B. Let yourself be attracted by splendid views.C. Let yourself be unhappy to see a paradise. S.A.F.E. (Stop All- Fur Wearing Everywhere) is anD. Let yourself be anxious to take photographs. American organization whose intent is to make people conscious of the cruelty of wearing fur.
  7. 7. Around the country, thousands of people have Italy but also in other countries where it is servedturned in their fur hats, jackets, stoles and coats with different sauces. There are so many thatto S.A.F.E. offices. Locally, we have received even the most demanding eaters are sure to findtwelve fur items so far. On August 28, there will something they like.be nationwide fur-burying ceremonies by S.A.F.E.members. Ours will be at the Nordstrom Farm at 40. According to the context, the underlined11 AM. After we have buried the furs, we will word starter meansplant trees on the site as a memorial for the A. someone who begins something.animals that died for vanity and fashion. We urge B. sweet food eaten at the end of a meal.you to hand over your fur clothes before August C. something that begins an activity.28 and to join us for the ceremony that day. D. food served as the first part of a meal.37. An adequate definition for the underlinedword fur would be 41. The intention of the first paragraph of the text isA. the hard, outer covering of some animals.B. the flexible, outer covering of a human or A. to correct the idea people have about theanimal body. origin of pasta.C. the thick, hairy outer layer of some animals. B. to explain how people all over the world eatD. the natural, outer layer which covers a person pasta.or an animal. C. to compare different types of sauces used with38. The underlined sentence thousands of pasta.people have turned in their fur hats, jackets, D. to support the traditional concept we havestoles and coats to S.A.F.E.offices, suggests that about pasta.A. people rejected S.A.F.E.’s claim. 42. The text suggests that thanks toB. people didn’t care about S.A.F.E.’s invitation.C. people didn’t answer S.A.F.E.’s demand. A. Marco Polo, the Chinese know how to sellD. people responded to S.A.F.E.’s request. pasta. B. China, people know how to cook pasta.39. According to the context, this text can be C. Marco Polo, the Italians know how to makefound in pasta. D. Italy, the world knows how to eat pasta.A. an encyclopedia entry.B. a newspaper article. 43 - 45C. an ecology bulletin.D. a fashion magazine. Once, long ago, the sky was very close to the earth, and people walked on their hands and40 - 42 knees. They could not stand up. At that time, there were some birds called magpies. They wereNo matter what you may think and contrary to intelligent birds that thought they could raise thepopular belief, pasta is not an Italian invention, sky. They got sticks and pushed. They raised thebut a Chinese one. It is said that Marco Polo, the sky a little bit, and then they got big stones andexplorer, learned the recipe for pasta from the rested the sky on them. People stood up. TheChinese and brought it to Italy. Nowadays, pasta birds raised the sky again. Suddenly it split openis the most important food in Italy. It is served as and people saw the first beautiful sunrise. Thea starter to every meal. It is not only popular in
  8. 8. magpies started singing. Since then, birds have Well, think again. A surprising number of peoplealways sung at sunrise. (A legend from Australia) are injured while in, or around a bed. And that is precisely where most people die.43. According to the text, 46. The underlined expression due to can beA. birds raised the sky because they wanted to replaced bysee a sunrise and sing.B. people could not stand up because there A. in addition.wasn’t enough space between the land and the B. because of.sky. C. besides that.C. birds started singing because people could D. in contrast.stand up and walk. 47. The underlined sentence you should thinkD. people could not see the sun because they twice before biting into that piece of toastwalked on their hands and knees. suggests that44. The underlined word them refers to A. you shouldn’t eat toast for breakfast. B. you will get hurt if you eat toast at home.A. magpies. C. you need to be careful while you are eating.B. sticks. D. you mustn’t worry about what you have forC. birds. breakfast.D. stones. 48. According to the text,45. From the legend, we can now understand A. most of the accidental deaths at home areA. why people can stand up and walk. related to falling down stairs, choking on foodB. how people lived a long time ago. and making the bed.C. why birds sing in the morning. B. many people are not worried about theD. how birds raised the sky. dangers they face when they are outside the house traveling by car46 - 48 or plane. C. people have to be aware of the dangersWhen you get up in the morning, you probably around them not only when they are out butdon’t think much about all the dangers you face even at home.even before you leave the house. When people D. in order to avoid accidents, people have tothink of getting hurt, the first thing that comes to leave home and not travel by car or by plane.mind is a car or plane accident. The truth is, 49 - 51however, that millions of people suffer seriousinjuries, and even death, in their own homes. THE TRAMPFalls on stairs account for 30% of all accidental A tramp was sleeping on a park bench late atdeaths at home. And be careful as you plug in the night. A man and woman went past. One of themtoaster: many people die from electrocution due tapped him on the shoulder and asked, "Excuseto bad electrical wiring. In fact, you should think me! Whats the time?". The tramp was verytwice before biting into that piece of toast, annoyed at being woken up. "I dont know!", hebecause statistics indicate that thousands of said angrily. "I dont have a watch". And he wentpeople die each year as a result of choking on back to sleep. Sometime later another man whofood. With all these hidden dangers, you might was passing by, woke the tramp up and said, "Imthink that it would be safer just to stay in bed. sorry to bother you, but I wonder if you could tell
  9. 9. me what time it is". Again the tramp said that he 3. Peter’s room smelled like cigarettesdidnt know. By now he was very irritated so he yesterday.got a pen and a piece of paper and wrote "IDONT KNOW WHAT THE TIME IS" on it, and went A. In the room somebody had been smoking.back to sleep. Half an hour later, a policeman B. Smoking had been somebody in the room.went by. He read the sign, woke the tramp up C. Somebody had been smoking in the room.and said: "Its 2:30, sir". D. In the room smoking had been somebody.49. Based on the text, we can conclude that 4. Two boys are talking about their duties at home. Aurelio says:A. it was an unlucky night for the man.B. the man should have had a watch. A. I hate ironing, but I have to do it once a week.C. the man was finally able to sleep well. B. I have to iron, but I hate once a week to do it.D. it was a lucky day for the man. C. I hate to ironing, but I have to do it a week once.50. The underlined word it refers to: D. I have iron but, I hate to do it a week once.A. the watch. 5.Tom is talking about his dreams.B. the park bench.C. the piece of paper. A. If I had money enough, I would buy a car.D. the pen. B. If I had enough money, I would bought a car. C. If I had enough money, I would buy a car.51. The underlined sentence He read the sign, D. If I had money enough, I would bought a car.woke the tramp up and said: "Its 2:30, sir",implies that the policeman 6. Lisa went to the doctor because she was really concerned about her weight. The doctor told herA. hated people who sleep on park benches. thatB. didnt want the man to stay there anymore.C. wanted to start a conversation with the man. A. if she doesn’t go on a diet, she wouldn’t loseD. thought the tramp wanted to know the time weight.CONSTRUCCIÓN DE ORACIONES B. if she didn’t go on a diet, she wouldn’t lose weight.1. Paul and Carol ran into each other in the park. C. if she wouldn’t go on a diet, she doesn’t loseWhile they are talking, Carol asks him where he weight.is going this summer.Paul says: D. if she wouldn’t go on a diet, she didn’t lose weight.A. I am thinking to go to Germany.B. I am thinking of going to Germany. 7. Patricia’s birthday was a week ago. She isC. I am thinking to going to Germany. telling her teacher about it.D. I am thinking of go to Germany.2. Carol is doing research on the book Moby A. My grandfather gave me a watch.Dick. She asks her literature teacher about the B. My grandfather given me a watch.author of this book. The teacher answers: C. My grandfather gives to me a watch. D. My grandfather to me gave a watch.A. Moby Dick was writing by Herman Melville.B. Moby Dick was write by Herman Melville. 8. Edward is participating in a TV game show.C. Moby Dick was wrote by Herman Melville. The interviewer asks:D. Moby Dick was written by Herman Melville.
  10. 10. A. When was Simon Bolivar born? 13. Steve is talking to a friend about the firstB. When borns Simon Bolivar? thing he normally does as soon as he gets home.C. When was Simon Bolivar borns?D. When borned Simon Bolivar? A. “I turn on frequently the TV right after I get home from work.”9. Mathew had a meeting at his office with his B. “I turn on the TV right after I frequently getboss and some clients at 9:00. At 9:30, his boss home from work.”asked his secretary to call him to find out why he C. “I turn on the TV right after I get home fromwas late. After talking to Mathew, the secretary work frequently.”said: D. “I frequently turn on the TV right after I get home from work.”A. He say that there is a problem with his car.B. He say that a problem with his car there was. 14. When Charles and Vicky were asked aboutC. He said that there was a problem with his car. Jack,D. He said that a problem with his car there is. A. they said they hadn’t seen Jack for a long time.10. Lisbeth is tired because B. they say they hadn’t seen Jack for a long time. C. they told they hadn’t seen Jack for a long time.A. she has been swim for two hours. D. they tell they hadn’t seen Jack for a long time.B. she has swim for two hours.C. she has been swimming for two hours. 15. Peggy and Michael are talking aboutD. she has swimming for two hours. restrictions on smoking in public places.11. A zoo guide is describing and comparing A. In recent years, more and more public placessome animals for a tourist group. He is saying: have been restricted smoking. B. More and more public places have beenA. A hippo is heavier and bigger than a panda restricted smoking in recent years.bear. C. More and more public places in recent yearsB. A hippo is more heavy and big than a panda have been restricting smoking.bear. D. In recent years, more and more public placesC. A hippo is he aviest and biggest than a panda have been restricting smoking.bear. 16. Catherine is talking about the place whereD. A hippo is more heavier and big than a panda she went on vacation.bear. A. Cartagena is an old Colombian lovely city.12. John has been reading about mountains in B. Cartagena is an old lovely Colombian city.his encyclopaedia. He learned that C. Cartagena is a Colombian old lovely city. D. Cartagena is a lovely old Colombian city.A. Mount Aconcagua is the most high mountain inAmerica. 17. Paul and his daughter Annie are looking atB. Mount Aconcagua is the highest mountain in some family pictures. He says:America.C. Mount Aconcagua is the higher mountain in A. I used to had long hair when I was younger.America. B. When I was younger, I used to have long hair.D. Mount Aconcagua is the more high mountain C. I use to had long hair when I was younger.in America. D. When I was younger, I use to have long hair.
  11. 11. 18. Carol and Francis are talking about the and South American continents to furtherchanges in temperature over the last few days. exploration and eventual settlement.Carol says: 1.A. Yesterday was more hot than today.B. Yesterday was as hotter as today. A. centenaryC. Yesterday was much hot than today. B. anniversaryD. Yesterday was hotter than today. C. celebration19. One Hundred Years of Solitude is a famousnovel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. People all over D. birthdaythe world have been able to read it because 2.A. it have been translated into different A. followinglanguages.B. it has been translate into different languages. B. earlierC. it has been translated into different languages.D. it have been translate into different languages. C. previously20. Paul has just found a good job. Today was his D. laterfirst day. His friend George asks: 3.A. How is your job new, Paul? A. arrived atB. How are your new job, Paul?C. Paul, how is your new job? B. came fromD. Paul, how are your job new? C. moved out21. Two friends were talking about a picnic day D. went backthey had two days before. One of them said tothe other: 4–6A. See? I tell you it was going to be fun. The happiest person in England today is aB. See? I told you it is going to be fun. professional, married man (4)…………..lives in theC. See? I told you it was going to be fun. southern part of the country. He owns aD. See? I tell you it is going to be fun. comfortable house and (5)…………..two cars. He has a steady job in an office in London. (6)…………..a hard day at work, he relaxes in frontCONSTRUCCIÓN DE PARRAFOS of the television and watches a video with his two1-3 children.1992 marked the 500th (1) of Christopher 4.Columbus’ discovery of the New World. Many A. whichpeople do not know that other explorers came to B. whoseNorth America before Columbus. However, these C. where(2) explorations do nothing to diminish the fact D. whothat when Columbus landed in the Bahamas and 5.(3) to report his discoveries, he opened the North
  12. 12. A. has reason is to kill 11………… prey, if they are to live.B. having In general, snakes will not bite unless there is aC. have disturbance of some sort.D. had6. 9.A. Then A. WhenB. Later B. WhatC. After C. HowD. Next D. Why7. Valerie is talking to her friend Bob about her 10.uncle Alan A. attack1. He has been doing the same job for nearly 40 B. protectyears, C. affect2. I was a girl. So he hasn’t changed much. D. prevent3. and he has been driving the same car since4. My uncle’s been living in the same house since 11.the 50.s. A. their B. yoursA. 2,1,3,4 C. yourB. 4,3,1,2 D. theirsC. 2,4,1,3D. 4,1,3,2 12 - 148. Sue will be home late and has left a note for Japanese couples 12………… a list of weddingher husband about things she wants him to do: presents; friends and relatives are expected to give cash instead. During a typical Shinto1. and my jacket at the dry cleaner? ceremony, the bride 13………… a kimono and only2. I’ll be home late tonight. the relatives of the bride and groom 14 attend3. Will you please pick up the children at school, the actual ceremony.4. Don’t wait for me because 12.A. 2,3,4,1B. 3,4,1,2 A. haveC. 4,2,3,1 B. don’t haveD. 3,2,1,4 C. had D. didn’t have9 - 11 13.The belief that all snakes are poisonous is wrong. A. carriesOf the 3,000 or so species of snakes that have B. takesbeen classified, 400 are dangerous and only a few C. wearsare deadly. 9………..do snakes bite? It is a defense D. bringsmechanism to 10………….. themselves. Another
  13. 13. 14. A. what B. whereA. never C. whoB. rarely D. whichC. everD. usually 18.15. London was the world’s biggest city at the A. occupiedtime of World War II but now it isn’t. B. occupies C. occupyingAccording to historians: D. occupy1. but now there are many cities 19.2. From about 1800 until World War II,3. London was the biggest city in the world, A. or4. which are much bigger. B. by C. ofA. 2,1,4,3 D. norB. 2,3,1,4C. 3,2,1,4 20 - 22D. 3,1,2,4 Jogging is good exercise when it is done regularly:16. Amy Johnson is from England and she is at least three times a week. It strengthens the legknown for being the first woman pilot to fly to muscles, and, 20………..it forces the heart to beatAustralia. faster, it also improves blood circulation. Many people also jog 21………… control their weight.1. and she became the first woman pilot to fly to Joggers burn up 62 calories for every kilometerAustralia. they run. 22 ……………, jogging helps decrease2. when she was still a school girl. levels of emotional stress.3. There, she was taught how to service planes4. Amy Johnson joined the London Aeroplane 20.Club A. sinceA. 3,2,4,1 B. thusB. 2,4,1,3 C. alsoC. 4,2,3,1 D. furthermoreD. 4,1,2,3 21. A. helping17 - 19 B. help withMatter is the name given to everything C. helps17……………. has weight and 18………… space. It D. to helpmay usually be detected by the senses of touch, 22.sight 19…………. smell. Matter may exist in three A. Howeverstates: solid, liquid and gas. B. In addition17. C. In contrast D. Whereas
  14. 14. 23. One of the little peculiarities of the way in A. were namedwhich houses are bought and sold in England B. are calledand Wales is the estate agent system, C. were known D. are introduced1. whereby the selling of a house is handed overto a group of professionals 26.2. who do their best to exaggerate3. its virtues and play down its defects A. swimming4. in a very special language of their own. B. surfing C. shippingA. 2, 3, 1, 4 D. sailingB. 3, 2, 1, 4 27.C. 2, 1, 3, 4 A. braveryD. 1, 2, 3, 4 B. anger C. risk24. The first real counting machine was invented D. dangerby a Frenchman called Blaise Pascal in the XVIIcentury. 28 - 301. One man who inspected the machine was Bread is an important part of what we eat. BreadGottfried Leibniz, who was born in Saxony in has been present in man’s diet 28…….prehistoric1646. times. In fact, the Egyptians made bread four2. Leibniz used the binary system to simplify the thousand years ago, and the ancient Romans hadnumber of wheels and cogs a calculator needed. a public oven in 29………. they could bake theirIt was a very important improvement, daily supply. Recent studies have shown that3. but Leibniz was too busy with other questions bread has nutritional value. 30……………… protein,to work out the idea. bread contains plenty of starch, calcium and4. It did additions and subtractions but very few vitamin B.people were convinced of its value. 28.A. 1, 2, 3, 4B. 4, 1, 2, 3 A. forC. 4, 2, 3, 1 B. aboutD. 2, 3, 1, 4 C. from D. since25 - 27 29.The people who live on the South Sea Islands25……………Polynesians. These people first came A. whereto the islands a long time ago, 26……………..across B. whatthousands of miles of ocean in tiny boats. It took C. whosegreat 27…………..to face the winds and storms, the D. whichsharks and other dangerous creatures of theocean, and to journey to unknown islands. 30.25. A. Besides
  15. 15. B. In contrast (35) ,…………..we decided to call the police. Mr.C. In addition and Mrs. Peters admitted to the police (36)…………D. Moreover they had been arguing. However, they denied having thrown the chair.!31. Some of the words we use today come fromthe names of people who lived in the past. 34.1. that is done to remove a baby from its A. Whenmother’s womb. B. Before2 The name comes from the name of the Roman C. FirstEmperor Julius Caesar, D. Thus3. who was reputedly born this way. 35.4. A Cesarean section is a surgical operation A. Therefore B. In this respectA. 2,3,4,1 C. In the same wayB. 4,1,2,3 D. BesidesC. 2,1,4,3D. 4,3,2,1 36.32. Ruth is reading a manual of instructions for A. whichher new video camera and she finds this B. howquestion: C. what D. thatEver notice that people sometimes look older invideos than they do in person? 37. Karen is studying English at a school in1. That is why it’s helpful to use a video light both London. She lives with an English family, theday and night Browns. She writes her friend David a letter to2. whether you are shooting inside or outside. tell him about them. Lets read the first3. That is because bright light from overhead paragraph.bulbs or the sun4. can cast unattractive shadows down a person’s 1. but it isnt easy to understand them!face. 2. Mr. and Mrs. Brown have three children. 3. My new address is at the top of the letter. ImA. 1,2,3,4 with an English family, the Browns.B. 3,4,1,2 4. Thomas is fourteen, Catherine is twelve, andC. 1,4,3,2 Andrew is seven. They are very friendly,D. 3,2,1,4 A. 3, 4, 2, 133 - 35 B. 4, 2, 3, 1 C. 3, 2, 4, 1Patrick and Pauline Peters got married six months D. 4, 3, 2, 1ago and they are already famous for their fights.Mrs. White, who lives opposite, says: ¡ SITUACIONES COMUNICATIVAS(34)………….. I asked them nicely to stop fightingbecause my baby couldn’t get to sleep, but they 1. Al is in his bedroom when his mother arrives.didn’t. Then my husband knocked at their door Mother: What are you doing, Al?and told them to stop. They threw a chair at him. Al: I’m listening to music.
  16. 16. Mother: You have Math and German tests healthy and keep your skin free of acne. It Saystomorrow. thatAl: I know. . Math is easy, and I’m listening to aGerman song. A. you should put on make up. You shouldn’tMother: Al! clean your face everyday. B. you should wash your face carefully. YouA. I really have to study. shouldn’t eat candy.B. Anyway, I don’t like exams. C. you should do more exercise. You shouldn’tC. But I don’t need to study. sleep in the afternoon.D. I think exams are difficult. D. you should eat chips everyday. You shouldn’t drink pop and coffee.2. Maggie and Anna live in an apartment andthey have a dog as a pet. It’s Sunday morning 5. Your boss is very busy and you need to talk toand they are in their apartment. him. You insist on talking to him without letting him know. The secretary might suggest:Maggie: I’m bored.Anna: Well, it’s a lovely day. Why don’t we take A. You shouldn’t be kind.the dog for a walk? B. You shouldn’t disturb him.Maggie: I’m too tired. C. You shouldn’t be patient.Anna: You need to go out! ____________ D. You shouldn’t have lunch with him.Maggie: Oh no! I’d prefer doing anything butgoing out. 6. Frank is tidying his room and his sister, Sally, is helping him. Frank is throwing some thingsA. Let’s go shopping! away.B. How awful for you!C. What about watching TV? Sally: Frank, what a nice poster!D. Try not to worry. Frank: Which one? Sally: This one. The Shakira poster. Are you going3. Lucy is going to travel to Moscow. Now to keep it? Frank: No. Put it in the wastebasket.she is arranging her luggage. Sally: _____________________________Lucy: Have you seen my passport? Frank: Oh, yes, I do. I like her music. But, I don’tMark: Your passport? ______________ want the poster.I saw it in the drawer last night. A. Don’t you like Shakira anymore?Lucy: But it’s not there. B. Have you heard her new song?Mark: Did you already look in your pocket diary? C. Would you like a Shakira CD?Lucy: (she takes her pocket diary out.) Let’s see. D. Why don’t you give it to me?Yes, it’s here! Thank you. 7. Tom is reading the newspaper.A. Where on earth can it be?B. It can be on the night table. Tom: You know, the Russian ballet has been hereC. You are joking, aren’t you? for a month and we still haven’t seen it.D. It’s time for you to go. Hurry up! Paula: I know. _____________________________4. Sara is reading a magazine about health and Tom: That sounds great!nutrition which gives advice about how to be A. It must be wonderful. B. You could go tomorrow.
  17. 17. C. Why don’t we go tomorrow night?D. Do you have any suggestions? 11. Luisa is at the market now. There she finds her friend, Teresa, who is a green grocer.8. Julia is at a shopping center with a friend. Sheis buying a jacket. Luisa: Hi! Teresa: Hello. You look pale. What’s the matter?Julia: How much is it? Luisa: I don’t feel well.Seller: 500 dollars. Teresa: Then, you shouldn.t be here.Julia: O.K. Just a moment, please. (She opens her Luisa: Yes, but... I need some oranges.handbag.) Oh no! I can’t find my credit card. Teresa: _____________________Fred: Are you sure you brought it with you? Luisa: I didn’t think about that. Next time I will doJulia: Yes. ______________________________ it.Fred: Well, why don’t you go to the informationstand? A. Would you like to eat them while watching TV in bed?A. I can’t believe it! B. You should have gone to the supermarket andB. Have you seen it? bought a jar.C. Don’t laugh at me! C. You should have called me and asked me toD. What should I do? take you some. D. Would you mind ordering them through your9. You are looking for a place to hang an home computer?advertisement for a concert. You find this sign: 12. Mrs. Johnson is shopping at thePOST NO BILLS supermarket.This means: Mrs. Johnson: Do you have any fresh eggs? Storekeeper : Absolutely! How many do youA. You cannot pay any of your bills now. want?B. You should not pay for your invitation cards. Mrs. Johnson: ________________________C You may not put any posters up here. Storekeeper: Fifty cents a dozen.D. You must not post any letters to this address. Mrs. Johnson: O.K. Give me a half dozen, please.10. Lisa is going to lend her camera to her friend A. How much money do you have?Mike. She wrote him a note. Mike, B. How many are there? C. How much are they?* Don’t forget that it uses up batteries very D. How many eggs do you want?quickly, so please be sure you turn it off whenyou aren’t using it. 13. A tourist has just arrived in New York. He is* Try to keep it in the case - especially if you take lost...it to the beach. Miguel: Excuse me, ma.am. Can you help me?In the note, Lisa is Rose: Of course. Miguel: ________________________A. advising. Rose: Just walk up Fifth Avenue to 50th Street. St.B. informing. Patrick.s is on the right.C. describing. Miguel: Is it near the Rockefeller Center?D. verifying. Rose: Yes. It.s right across from it.
  18. 18. Miguel: Thank you. C. Thats unfair. He shouldn’t drink a bit less.A. Can you tell me if St. Patrick.s Cathedral is on D. Great! He shouldn’t drive so slowly.Fifth Avenue?B. How do I get to St. Patrick.s Cathedral? 17. Isabel is at the doctor’s office because sheC. Are you going to tell me where St. Patrick.s does not feel well.Cathedral is?D. Is St. Patricks Cathedral near here? Doctor: What’s the matter? Isabel: I have had several colds. I cough a lot.14. Luisa and John are married. Yesterday Luisa Doctor: Do you smoke?was making dinner when John arrived. He Isabel: Yes, I love smoking.looked pale because he had a terrible headache. Doctor: ___________________Luisa said: Isabel: 4 or 5.A. You ought to change your old-fashioned hat. A. How often do you smoke in a week?B. You can stay at home and help me with dinner, B. How much money do you spend on cigarettes?then. C. How long does it take you to smoke one?C. You should come back to work. D. How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?D. You should take a pill and rest for a while. 18. Juan and Esther have a date, but she is late.15. Rosaura is in the living room reading anewspaper. Esther: Hi! ... Juan: What took you so long?According to the information in the box, she is Esther: I’m sorry for the delay. There was areading terrible traffic jam, and the taxi driver did. tknow anotherA. a personal ad. route...B. an editorial. Juan: ___________________________C. a classified ad. Esther: It was so crowded that I couldn’t even getD. an advertisement. into it. Juan: Oh, well. Let’s forget it.16. Betty and Sally are gossiping about theirboss’s bad behavior. Sally is happy about the A. That’s not a good reason.results. B. I’m sorry to hear it. How is it now? C. Why didn’t you call me?Betty: Guess what, Sally? D. You should have used the subway.Sally: What Betty?Betty: You know our boss has been absent fortwo days, don’t you? 20. Martha is a Colombian woman who has justSally: Sure. He was driving drunk again, I suppose. gotten to Canada. She is talking to her friend, butBetty: Right, but he was also stopped for breaking she has some problems understanding him. So,the speed limit. What do you think about that? she says:Sally: _______________________________ A. Speak faster, please. So, I can’t understand.A. Oh poor man! He should have at least one B. Please, don’t speak so fast. I can’t understand.more chance. C. I can’t understand so fast. Don’t speak, please.B. Wonderful! He should have his license taken D. Please, I can’t understand fast. So, don’t speak.away.
  19. 19. 21. A relative arrives at Dianes house. C. At St. Rose Church was held a wedding last milenium.Diane: What a nice surprise! Please come in. D. The Church of St. Rose was held a lastRelative: Thank you. milenium wedding.Diane: _____________________________Relative: Please! They are very heavy. 4. Colombia is considered one of the most violent countries in the world.A. Can I help you with your suitcases?B. Must I help you with your suitcases? A. It not is a simple task, because Colombia hasC. Should I help you with your suitcases? not achieved peace.D. Do I have to help you with your suitcases? B. Because it not is a simple task, Colombia have not achieved peace.22. Mark has a problem with his pen. So, he asks C. Colombia has not achieved peace, because it ishis teacher for one. Mark says: not a simple task. D. Because Colombia have not achieved peace, itA. Could you lend me your pen? is a simple task.B. It would be great if you can give me that pen.C. I need that pen, please give it to me. 9. COLOMBIA AND ITS PRIVILEGESD. Would you like to give me that pen? 1. and seafood are found. 2. Atlantic and Pacific oceans,EXAMEN INTERACTIVO 3. where exquisite varieties of fruit 4. Colombia is a country bathed by the1. You are in a clothing store and a beautifuldress catches your attention. You touch it and it A. 2, 3, 1, 4is very soft. So you would ask: B. 4, 2, 3, 1A. Where is this dress making by? C. 2, 1, 4, 3B. Is this dress made of China? D. 4, 3, 2, 1C. Is this dress making by hand?D. What is this dress made of? 10. Peter and Mary are having a party tonight. A. It wouldnt arrive at any moment.2. John went to a shop by bike and the clerk told B. It should arrive at any moment.him: C. It shouldnt arrive at any moment.A. Do not leave your window by the bike please. D. It would arrive at any moment.B. Touch your bike leaving the window please do.C. Do not leave your bike by the window please. 11. Margie wants to do something different thisD. Touch your window leaving the bike please do. weekend. Margie: Im bored. Would you go shopping with3. Somebody is talking about an important me?event. Nancy: Yes, of course. Do you enjoy shopping?A. The wedding was held at St. Rose last milenium Margie: Not much, butChurch. ____________________________B. The last wedding of the milenium was held at Nancy: Ok. Lets go. I need to buy a new pair ofSt. Rose Church. shoes.
  20. 20. A. I love watching television on the weekends. peaceful by... The provinces resorts offer all this,B. I hate staying at home on the weekends. and more.C. I hate visiting malls and supermarkets.D. I love spending Saturdays in bed. According to the text, A. you will visit our provinces resorts.12. While I was coming to work, I tripped over a B. you are going to hate our provinces resorts.man because I was in a hurry. I was C. you can be terrified by the provinces resorts.embarrassed. So, D. you will be amazed by the provinces resorts.A. I said to him: "Sorry, it was nothing".B. I just continued on my way and forgot about it. 16. It is time to get away! Let yourself beC. I explained to him that I was in a hurry. enchanted by landscapes where clear blue watersD. I apologized and told him that I was in a hurry. catch the light of green hills and red rocks. Take in the clean, fresh air; enjoy the unusual; walk13. Two men are talking about Camilas through boutiques, museums, galleries andappearance. She is exercising a lot to be in amusement parks, or simply relax as time passesshape. One of them says: peaceful by... The provinces resorts offer all this, and more. The most appropriate title for this textA. If you saw her now, you would hardly is:recognize her.B. If she didnt answer, she must have been A. Summer Vacationsexercising. B. A Natural ParkC. If I had her phone number, I would invite her C. Western Placesfor a walk. D. A Luxurious CityD. If she drank more water, she could lose weight.14. Canada is a land of diversity; for example, it 17. Alfred had a job interview at IBM. His wifehas two national languages. In Quebec, a very old asked him about his performance. He answered:city, French is the main language; however, many A. The Director said I could start working nextpeople there also speak English. Canada has large Monday.deposits of many valuable minerals such as gold, B. The Director says I can starting work nextsilver and copper. In addition, it is very rich in Monday.farmland, fish and lumber. It also has some of the C. The Director said me I could start work nextworlds largest lakes. Moreover, one third of the Monday.worlds fresh water is in Canada. The word D. The Director say me to start working nextdiversity can be replaced by Monday.A. unity.B. similarity. 18. Two people are talking about tourist placesC. variety. in Colombia.D. uniformity. A. I has visited Park Tayrona twice. B. I have visited Tayrona Park three times.15. It is time to get away! Let yourself be C. I has visiting Tayrona Park two times.enchanted by landscapes where clear blue waters D. I have visiting Park Tayrona twice.catch the light of green hills and red rocks. Takein the clean, fresh air; enjoy the unusual; walk 19. Two women are new members of a gym.through boutiques, museums, galleries and They are talking about food habits. Both are inamusement parks, or simply relax as time passes
  21. 21. good shape. One of them asks the other: "How enjoy. It is also a sport that does not require a lotmuch water do you drink every day?" The other of special equipment. The only things runnersone answers: need are running shoes and a place to run. According to experts, people who are interestedA. I drink many water every day. in _________ stress must run for at least twentyB. I drink a few of water every day. to thirty minutes threetimes a week. They alsoC. I drink lots of water every day. say that beginners should consult their doctorsD. I drink any water every day before they start running programs.20. The doctors secretary asks the patient how A. loweringhe spells his name. B. reduce C. lackingA. How does you spell your name? D. downB. How do you spell your name?C. How your name does you spell? 23. A doctor is talking about stress and itsD. How your name do you spell? possible solutions.21. A doctor is talking about stress and its One thing doctors recommend for people whopossible solutions. are under a lot of stress is running. Running is a sport everyone canOne thing doctors recommend for people who enjoy. It is also a sport that does not require a lotare under a lot of stress is running. Running is a of special equipment. The only things runnerssport everyone can need are runningenjoy. It is also a sport that __________ require a shoes and a place to run.lot of special equipment. The only things runners According to experts, people who are interestedneed are running in lowering stress must run for at least twenty toshoes and a place to run. thirty minutes three times a week. They also say that beginnersAccording to experts, people who are interested _________ consult their doctors before they startin lowering stress must run for at least twenty to running programs.thirty minutes three times a week. They also saythat beginners should consult their doctors A. willbefore they start running programs. B. haveA. was not C. wouldB. is not D. shouldC. does notD. did not 24. Mark is the only child in his family. 1. Mark enjoys his vacation a lot.22. A doctor is talking about stress and its 2. he prefers to play chess, swim and walk.possible solutions. 3. He doesnt like to watch TV, films or play teamOne thing doctors recommend for people who games;are under a lot of stress is running. Running is asport everyone can 4. Mark is probably a very introverted boy. A. 4,1,3,2 B. 1,3,2,4
  22. 22. C. 4,3,2,1 28. A hot -air balloon floats because hot air isD. 1,2,4,3 lighter than cool air.25. Sally is seven years old. She is watching a TV A hot-air balloon consists of a basket in which theprogram. Her mother warns her about it. pilot and the crew stand, a gas burner and a largeMother : What are you watching, Sally? balloon. To take off, you turn on the burnerSally: A horror film. which heats the air inside the balloon. When theMother : _______________________ air gets hot, the balloon rises. To land, you allowSally: Why? the air inside the balloon to cool. The wordMother : Because they can make you feel afraid. because is used for A. opposing two ideas.A. You should watch more horror films. B. emphasizing an idea. C. giving a reason for an idea.B. You should not watch horror films. D. adding an idea.C. You could watch that program at night. 29. A hot -air balloon floats because hot air isD. You could not watch another program. lighter than cool air.26. Paula is asking Andrea about her hair. A hot-air balloon consists of a basket in which the pilot and the crew stand, a gas burner and a largePaula: Your hair is beautiful. Do you wash it every balloon. To take off, you turn on the burnerday? which heats the air inside the balloon. When theAndrea: No, not really. air gets hot, the balloon rises. To land, youallow the air inside the balloon to cool. The relationshipPaula: ___________________________ between To take off and To land is:Andrea: About three times a week. A. Contrast B. EquivalenceA. How long do you spend doing it? C. SequenceB. When do you do it? D. AdditionC. How long have you done it?D. How often do you do it? 30. A hot -air balloon floats because hot air is lighter than cool air.27. Carol has problems with her mathhomework. She asks John to help her. He agrees A hot-air balloon consists of a basket in which theto help if she goes to the movies with him. pilot and the crew stand, a gas burner and a large balloon.To take off, you turn on the burner whichJohn says: heats the air inside the balloon. When the air getsA. Will you go to the movies with me if I dont hot, the balloon rises. To land, you allow the airhelp you? inside the balloon to cool. The word which refersB. If I help you, will you go to the movies with tome? A. the air.C. If I went to the movies, would you help me? B. the balloon.D. Would you help me if I didnt go to the C. the gas.movies? D. the burner.
  23. 23. 31. Pop videos are called PROMOS in Britain and A. What is the sort of the car?CLIPS in the United States. They are similar to B. What sort of the car it is?advertisements, C. What sort of car is it? D. What sort it is of car?because their purpose is to promote and sellrecords; that is why they are very important for 34. Paul Jones is a good British soccer player. Hethe music business. There are two types of pop plays for England. England played againstvideos. One is called PERFORMANCE video, where Germany last Tuesday and won. Paul scored athe singers are shown singing and playing their goal. Today,songs. The other type is the CONCEPTUAL video,where singers do not appear and caves, old docks A. there is a match in which Paul is going to play.or exotic settings are shown as settings for their B. in which Paul is going to play a match is there.music. According to the text, an advertisement is C. there is a match in which is going to play Paul.a D. in which Paul is going to play a match there is.A. TV program about videos. 35. Charles is comparing two sports. He says:B. musical count down.C. campaign to sell a product. A. I think than boxing is more dangerous thatD. marketing plan. wrestling. B. I think that boxing is more dangerous than32. Pop videos are called PROMOS in Britain and wrestling.CLIPS in the United States. They are similar to C. I think than is more dangerous boxing thatadvertisements, wrestling. D. I think that is more dangerous boxing thanbecause their purpose is to promote and sell wrestling.records; that is why they are very important forthe music business.There are two types of pop 38. Jenny told Peter she was sick. Read thevideos. One is called PERFORMANCE video, where advice he gave her.the singers are shown singing andplaying theirsongs. The other type is the CONCEPTUAL video, "Well, Jenny, if you are sick, you shouldnt bewhere singers do not appear and caves, old docks smoking. Youd _________ go home and getor exotic settings are shown as settings for their some rest! Moreover, whymusic. dont you get some medicine for yourself? I really think you need it!".According to the text, it is true that A. wantA. a pop video is important because it makes B. latersingers popular. C. haveB. a pop video is important because the sale of a D. betterrecord depends on it.C. a pop video is important because it makes a 39. Jenny told Peter she was sick. Read theplace attractive for tourists. advice he gave her.D. a pop video is important because it attracts theattention of concert managers. "Well, Jenny, if you are sick, you shouldnt be smoking. Youd better go home and get some33. John is asking Peter about his fathers rest! Moreover, whycomfortable new car.
  24. 24. _________ you get some medicine for yourself? I Mike: Everyone says that New York is veryreally think you need it!". dangerous. Is that true? Marian: I dont think so. But,A. dont ________________________ late at night, justB. are like in any big city.C. do Mike: That makes sense! Thanks for the advice.D. arent Marian: Have a nice trip!40. Jeannie calls Mr. Parkers radio program A. you must walk alone in Central Parkbecause she has a problem: "My aunts husband B. you should talk with strangersdrove her everywherebefore he died. Now, since C. you must carry your walletshe doesnt drive, shes bought herself a bicycle, D. you should avoid deserted streetsbut shes 71! Shes my favorite aunt and I thinkshe should do something less energetic. What do 43. Two friends are traveling by car.you think? Mr. Parker says to Jeannie: Cathy: Oh! Hey, can you turn that up a little?1. Its better for her to ride a bike than to spendher days slumped in front of the TV; Dick: Sure.... Do you like salsa?2. or why dont you suggest that she trains slowly, Cathy: Oh yes, I love it!3. How about buying a bicycle yourself and goingwith her? Dick: Really? So do I. Do you like going to4. instead of trying to ride a lot right away. concerts?A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Cathy: Yes, but ___________________________ .B. 3, 2, 1, 4 I cant stand crowded places.C. 1, 4, 3, 2 Dick: Yeah, I know what you mean.D. 3, 1, 2, 4 A. I want to listen to CDs41. Melinda is telling us about her free-timeactivities. B. I like watching videos1. When I can, I love having friends over for C. I prefer to listen to recordsdinner; D. I love going to discos2. we sit, eat, drink, and talk for hours. 44. Bill asks David about his hobbies.3. Well, I really have little free time. Bill: __________________________________4. And, of course, I love listening to good music. David: Yes, Ive been in a balloon several times.A. 3, 1, 2, 4B. 1, 2, 3, 4 Bill: When did you make your first flight?C. 3, 1, 4, 2 David: I first went up in a balloon in 1997.D. 1, 3, 2, 4 Bill: Did you enjoy it?42. Mike is planning to visit New York City. Hesasking a friend of his, who is from New York, for David: Oh yes, and I decided to do it again asadvice. soon as possible.
  25. 25. A. Have you ever slept in a balloon? 47. Read the comments of an expert in Baroque music.B. Have you ever got a balloon? George Frederick Handel is one of the mostC. Have you ever bought a balloon? outstanding composers of the Baroque period. He composed manyD. Have you ever flown in a balloon? operas, but since he wasnt good at money45. Bill asks David about his hobbies. management, he went broke. He was well-Bill:________________________________ known, though, due to his vast cosmopolitan repertoire, including over fifty offertories. It canDavid: Yes, Ive been in a balloon several times. be said that he was a German artist who wrote Italian music with a French style for the EnglishBill: When did you make your first flight? people. The expression he wasnt good at moneyDavid: I first went up in a balloon in 1997. management means thatBill: Did you enjoy it? A. Mr. Handel didnt have any financial ability. B. Mr. Handel was financially terrific.David: Oh yes, and I decided to do it again as C. Mr. Handel was used to being in good financialsoon as possible. condition. D. Mr. Handel didnt have many financialA. Have you ever slept in a balloon? resources.B. Have you ever got a balloon? 48. Read the comments of an expert in BaroqueC. Have you ever bought a balloon? music.D. Have you ever flown in a balloon? George Frederick Handel is one of the most outstanding composers of the Baroque period. He46.Taylor: I hope hes all right. composed many operas, but since he wasnt good at money management, he went broke. He wasAdam: Dont worry. Im sure he is. well-known, though, due to his vast cosmopolitanTaylor: But where on earth can he be? repertoire, including over fifty offertories. It can be said that he was a German artist who wroteAdam: Hes probably catching mice somewhere. Italian music with a French style for the English people.Taylor: Do you think we should call the police? The word though implies thatAdam: No, not yet. A. in spite of his great skill, he is still well-known.In the conversation B. somehow, Handel did a good deal of work. C. hed never have succeeded unless he hadA. Taylor is sad, and Adam is upset. composed a lot of music.B. Adam is calm, and Taylor is worried. D. despite his financial difficulties, his music was very successful during his own time.C. Taylor is bored, and Adam is angry. 49. Helen stops in front of a department store, and she reads this sign:D. Adam is nervous, and Taylor is confused.
  26. 26. ALL PRICES REDUCED THIS WEEK D. summarize the advantages of working without a secretary.It means that 52. The business was there to be done, he found.A. everything is high-priced. For the first time in twenty-seven years he hadB. everything is cheaper. no secretary to type his letters, answer hisC. everything is more expensive. telephone, book his tickets, be polite to visitors,D. everything is free. and organize his papers. The phone rang, and no50. Read the comments of an expert in Baroque one answered; he got an answering machine, butmusic. forgot to turn it on. He misplaced letters, andGeorge Frederick Handel is one of the most missed vitalappointments. Typing was a disaster,outstanding composers of the Baroque period. He but his handwriting was worse; and when the taxcomposed many operas, but since he wasnt good inspector called on him, he wasalmostat money management, he went broke. He was prosecuted for evasion, because no accounts hadwell-known, though, due to his vast cosmopolitan been kept at all. The sentence For the first timerepertoire, including over fifty offertories. It can in twenty-seven years he had no secretary tobe said that he was a German artist who wrote type his letters means thatItalianmusic with a French style for the English A. his secretary worked for twenty-seven years.people. The sentence a German artist who wrote B. his secretary was twenty-seven years old.Italian music with aFrench style for the English C. he had been working with a secretary forpeople is intended to twenty-seven years.A. show the places he visited. D. he had been working by himself for twenty-B. show how international his music was. seven years.C. determine the origin of his music.D. determine geographic influences on his music. 53. The business was there to be done, he found. For the first time in twenty-seven years51. The business was there to be done, he found. he had no secretary to typeFor the first time in twenty-seven years he had nosecretary to type his letters, answer his his letters, answer his telephone, book his tickets,telephone, book his tickets, be polite to visitors, be polite to visitors, and organize his papers. Theand organize his papers. The phone rang, and no phone rang, and no one answered; he got anone answered; he got an answering machine, but answering machine, but forgot to turn it on. Heforgot to turn it on. He misplaced letters, and misplaced letters, and missed vital appointments.missed vital appointments. Typing was a disaster, Typing was a disaster, but his handwriting wasbut his handwriting was worse; and when the tax worse; and when the tax inspector called on him,inspector called on him, he was almost he was almost prosecuted for evasion, becauseprosecuted for evasion, because no accounts had no accounts had been kept at all. According tobeen kept at all. According to the text, the the text,authors intention is to A. secretaries are not indispensable to theirA. describe the situation of an executive without bosses.a secretary. B. its easy for an executive to work on his own.B. compare the duties of bosses and secretaries. C. the majority of bosses cannot function withoutC. explain the differences between executives a secretary.and secretaries jobs. D. being a secretary is less difficult than being a boss.