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1. connectors


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1. connectors

  1. 1. CONNECTORS Connectors are the words which combine two words, prhases and sentences together The most usted are : but Besides otherwise however in addition to in another way even so because on the other hand Although due to moreover As a result First of all
  2. 2. Opposition but ----------------------------------- pero however ---------------------------- sin embargo nonetheless / nevertheless --- sin embargo even so ----------------------------- aun así although --------------------------- aunque in contrast ------------------------- por el contrario on the other hand --------------- por otro lado High level positions are stressful at times; on the other hand, the financial rewards make these positions very desirable indeed.
  3. 3. He spoke clearly, but I didn't understand him. Habló claramente pero no lo entendí He doesn't study much; however he gets good grades at school. El no estudia mucho; sin embargo obtiene buenas notas en la escuela. She had no experience; nonetheless she got the job. Ella no tenía experiencia; sin embargo consiguió el trabajo.
  4. 4. ADDITION then ------------------ entonces moreover ----------- además furthermore --------- además besides -------------- además in addition to ------- además de despite, in spite of ----- apesar de In spite of the stressful nature of high level positions, professionals can learn to manage their stress levels.
  5. 5. Soccer is a good sport; moreover, it is very easy to learn. El fútbol es un buen deporte; además es muy fácil aprenderlo. He is perfect for the job; furthermore, he is the only applicant. El es perfecto para el puesto; además, es el único postulante. I don't like that house; besides, it's too expensive for me. No me gusta esa casa; además es demasiado costosa para mí.
  6. 6. CAUSE/ EFECT because ----------- porque for ------------------ porque because of ------- debido a since --------------- puesto que due to ------------ debido a Therefore -------- ademas As a result ------- como resultado
  7. 7. The baby is crying because he is hungry. El bebé está llorando porque tiene hambre. We'll have to stay home, for it is raining. Tendremos que quedarnos en casa porque está lloviendo The unemployment was high due to the economic crisis. El desempleo era alto debido a la crisis económica. We are working harder in order to earn more money. Estamos trabajando más duro para ganar más dinero
  8. 8. CONDITION if -------------------------------- si unless ----- -------------------- al menos only if --------------------------- solo si even if --------------------------- aun si otherwise ----------------------- de otra manera You should remember the financial rewards of high level positions; otherwise, you might find the stressful nature of these positions too demanding.