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Haiti mission
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  • Nathaniel Mulcahy, President Worldstoves


  • 1. Appropriate Technology Agro-ecology and sustainable communities in Mission Work In Haiti
    High impact mission projects to provide timely and sustainable solutions for urgent issues in Thomas/in Haiti
    Bruce Campbell , June 26, 2011
  • 2. Deforestation and loss of topsoil
  • 3. Main Market in Port au Prince
  • 4. Meeting at a Dry Land Farm
  • 5. Sustainable infrastructure and appropriate technology improvements for the School Lunch Program and School in general
    School is microcosm of community
    Pyrolytic Stoves and Kitchen Improvements
    Organic Kitchen Garden(s) and Composting
    Bio-sand Filters
    Dry Eco-sanitation
    Greywater collection and use
    Rainwater harvest and water harvesting earthworks
    Permaculture Approaches to restore soils, watersheds and sustainable communities
  • 6. The Farmer and the Children
  • 7. Pyrolytic stoves (with kitchen improvements)
    • Smoke from Cooking fires kill thousands of women and children in Haiti every year (CO poisoning and chronic lung damage)
    • 8. Charcoal costs for cooking average 40% of monthly budget for many Haitian families ($275/month for Charcoal in School Lunch Program)
    • 9. Deforestation and destruction of new growth continues because charcoal is so valuable/expensive
  • The School Kitchen
  • 10. Charcoal at the market
  • 11. Pyrolytic Stove Solutions
    Eliminates most smoke and CO (healthy cooking environment)
    Can burn almost any dry biomass (inexpensive & eliminates need for wood/deforestation)
    Can produce valuable by-product/income stream: bio-char
    Carbon negative
    Possible small businesses fabricating pyrolytic stoves
    Working with WorldStove President
  • 12. Haitian model of the 'Lucia' stove that turns biomass into biochar, and cooks dinner, too
  • 13. Lucia Stove for Institutional Use
  • 14. Organic Kitchen/Demonstration Garden(s) and Composting
    Collaboration between local farmers and school
    Teach children / parents how to grow nutritious organic food sustainably
    Grow food for School Lunch Program
    Need to clear space(s) for kitchen garden(s) and composting bins (food forest landscape)
    Trial, Demonstration and Instructional Garden (farmers, school and community)
    Teach science and sustainability through garden concepts
  • 15. Meeting with the Farmers
  • 16. Meeting w/ Farmer Mssr. Ocean
  • 17. With Farmer Mssr. Ocean
  • 18. Meeting with Farmer
  • 19. Kitchen garden location
  • 20. Underutilized area between Toilet and Kitchen
  • 21. Land behind Church/School
  • 22. Sanitation and Hygiene
    Inadequate public and household sanitation is a major cause of childhood mortality and environmental degradation
    Pit toilets and cesspools dominant technology
    Ground and surface water contamination
    Cholera outbreaks
    Disease vectors
    Malodorous and unsanitary
  • 23. Current Toilet - Cesspool Facility
  • 24. Dry Eco-Sanitation Solutions
    Dry collection and aerobic composting of human excreta is hygienic, kills all pathogens and produces a high value/quality organic fertilizer.
    The Give Love Dry EcoSan system and its successful field implementation
    UMCOR and UMVIM Pilot project collaboration with Give Love
  • 25. Jean (Give Love) and Principal
  • 26. Dry Toilet and Lavatory
  • 27. Lavatory and Urinal
  • 28. EcoSan Thermophilic Composter
  • 29. Bagasse and sawdust
  • 30. The Big Picture
    Mission Projects to assist Haitian schools/ communities develop and evolve sustainably
    Similarities in sustainable organic agriculture/gardening and use of appropriate technologies at the Garden of Grace and Haitian School Program
    Garden of Grace as a training resource for missionaries preparing for appropriate and sustainable technology projects.
  • 31. Some of the kids
  • 32. The First School Lunch!
  • 33. Thomas EMH School