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People & Piles: NYC's Compost Sites


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6th National Cultivating Community Composting Forum
Panel 1: New York City Rocks Community Composting!
Vanessa Ventola
NYC Compost Project Hosted by Queens Botanical Garden

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People & Piles: NYC's Compost Sites

  1. 1. NYC’s Compost Sites People & Piles Vanessa Ventola Outreach Coordinator NYC Compost Project Hosted by Queens Botanical Garden
  2. 2. NYC Compost Project Hosted by Queens Botanical Garden
  3. 3. From Compost to Crops
  4. 4. Part 1: Food Scrap Collection Over 150 FSDOs in NYC! NYCCP @ QBG operates 5 FSDOs ● 4 are weekly ● 1 open at QBG Receive about 5000 lb delivery from GrowNYC ~ 1x per month Food scraps are very clean, collection sites are mostly staffed Support several gardens and community spaces that have opened their bins to the public
  5. 5. Part 2: Making Compost
  6. 6. Part 3: Sharing Compost
  7. 7. Master Composters
  8. 8. St. Mark’s Church Garden
  9. 9. People: 2010 Master Composters Church Members Garden Volunteers Community Members Space: Church Garden Open to public Not community garden Compost System: Three bin system Amenities: Water Electricity Access to church (restrooms) Resources/funding: NYCCP
  10. 10. Dunolly Gardens Coop
  11. 11. People: 2012 Master Composter Residents Garden Committee Members Space: Coop Private Garden Compost System: 3 Earth Machines Amenities: Access to building/home (restrooms) Resources/funding: Garden Committee NYCCP
  12. 12. JH Scraps (Jackson Heights Scraps Collection to Revitalize the Areas Poor Soils)
  13. 13. People: 2012 Master Composter 2013 Master Composter 2014 Master Composter & more! Neighborhood Volunteers Community Members Space: Land under highway (owned by DOT) Compost System: Three bin system 3 Earth Machines Table Sifter Amenities: Water (hydrant only) Resources/funding: Citizens Committee Grant JH Beautification Group NYCCP
  14. 14. Queens County Farm Museum
  15. 15. People: Farm Staff 2011 Master Composters Eastern Queens Composters Community Members Space: 47 acre farm Oldest continuously farmed land in NYC Compost System: 4 Compost Tumblers Outdoor Worm Bin 6 Small Windrows Amenities: Water Nearby buildings, restrooms, equipment Resources/funding: Queens County Farm Museum $5000 grant from outside source
  16. 16. And so many more! Dunton Community Garden St. John’s University Evergreen Community GardenEdgemere Farm St. James Compost
  17. 17. 20 Thank you! Vanessa Ventola; 718-886-3800 x 260