Math With Morpheus!

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  • 1. Math with Morpheus By: Kara and Katherine
  • 2. Math Boxes/ Study Links
    • They are more practice for what you just learned in the lesson. For example, in lesson 2.7 we learned magnitude estimates. I wasn’t so sure about how I was doing on them, but I when I did the study links, it helped me learn more and get better at them. Now, I’m a pro!
  • 3. Estimating
    • The way I learned to estimate was that Mrs. Moylan said a rhyme. It goes like this: five and above give it a shove, four and below let it go. It means four, three, two, or one keep the number before it the same. Five and above give it a shove. This means if the number is five, six, seven, eight, or nine, bump it up to the next highest number.
  • 4. Geometry
    • In geometry we learned angles and shapes. I thought that the tessellation lesson was the most fun! A tessellation is a shape that you put together. It has no gaps, overlaps, and the shapes does repeat. All rules must apply or else it’s not a tessellation. The picture to the right is a tessellation.
  • 5. Games
    • In Multiplication Bulls-Eye you roll a die and there’s a chart with number ranges. You then have to use the chart and match it up with the number you roll to find out your target product. Pick 4 number cards and create two 2-digit numbers that multiply together. If the product is in your target range (the number from the chart), then you earn a point!
    • Factor Captor helps us practice finding factors of numbers. One player chooses a number and counts that number as his/her score. The other player tries to find all the factors of that number. Once all the factors for that number are covered, you add them up. The player with the highest score wins. What fun!
  • 6. Conclusion
    • I had a lot of fun at South Elementary with Mrs. Moylan's class! Now I hope you see that I had a blast learning math and playing those games! They are SO much fun. Tessellations were fun to make too!