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Cb insights overview 2013 (investment bank) - media page

  2. 2. Can we help? info@cbinsights.com 2 “CB Insights is a product designed by a VC insider who truly knows the space and understands the end-user needs. In particular, Industry Analytics allow you to see macro-trends at the sector level, providing a top-down look on what is happening in a given space. This, combined with a clean and easy to use interface and a super responsive customer support team makes CB Insights the best option for Comcast Ventures’ research needs.” Greg Bae Investments & Biz Dev Comcast Ventures Jack Leeney Portfolio Manager Telefonica Ventures “CB Insights provides MESA with financing and M&A data that has proven invaluable on both the investment banking and investment sides of our business. Having data feeds delivered to our inboxes on a daily basis saves us a ton of time and uncovers transactions we wouldn't have otherwise known about. And when we need more detail, their web platform provides user- friendly search capabilities that are a refreshing departure from what we typically see in data offerings.” Andrew Montgomery Partner MESA+ “CB Insights provides our team with a holistic and thematic approach that really captures market activity. In private markets with fragmented public, private and often blogged deal data to parse through we've found CBI to have the best access for the most accurate market view.” See what other customers have to say at http://www.cbinsights.com/customer-love
  3. 3. Can we help? info@cbinsights.com High Growth Private Company, Industry, Investor and Acquirer Intelligence 3 CB Insights is a data company backed by the National Science Foundation. Founded in 2008, we have developed tools that track the world’s most promising private companies, their investors, their acquirers, their executives and the high-growth industries they compete in. Our investment banking clients use CB Insights to research specific companies, get comparable transaction data, stay ahead of trends in emerging industries, quickly get industry intelligence on financing and exit patterns and to keep informed about high-growth private companies and their investors and acquirers. Our primary products include: Private Company Financing & Exit Database Industry Analytics Data Feeds & Newsletters
  4. 4. Can we help? info@cbinsights.com Better Technology Means Better Data and Better User Experience 4 1991 The Old Way Since 2010+ The CB Insights Way • Manual (Researcher/Analyst-Driven) • Calling VCs/PEs for data • Large offshore centers • Not scalable & data shows up late • Incomplete data • Terrible UI/UX • Expensive Process Implications • Technology-driven • #1 – Efficient extraction of public data • #2 –Proprietary pvt company data partnerships • Scalable • Data appears real-time • More data • User experience is front & center • Better customer service & experience
  5. 5. Can we help? info@cbinsights.com A Go To Source for the Media 5 “According to CB Insights” In just the first six months of 2013, we’ve been featured in over 100 media articles. We’ve quickly become a go to source for media outlets who want information on emerging companies, industries and the investors and acquirers behind them. To see all of our press mentions, visit http://www.cbinsights.com/press
  6. 6. Can we help? info@cbinsights.com Transaction Feeds Based on Your Preferences 6 Goals • Feeds offer a single destination for you to find the latest financing, M&A and IPO news • Customization of feeds allows you to select the geographies, sectors and company stages of interest to ensure you see only what is useful and interesting to you What We Do • On a daily basis, CB Insights crawls and extracts information from tens of thousands of information sources • Information sources include SEC filings, press releases, investor/acquirer & company websites, blogs and Twitter to name just a few
  7. 7. Can we help? info@cbinsights.com See Where Markets are Going Before Others with CBI Industry Analytics 7 Industry Analytics is a decision-making tool that quickly improves your strategic and industry analysis. Goals • Allow you to see early which industries are showing momentum and which are showing signs of stress • Understand financing and exits trends over time to an industry and compare vs. hundreds of other industries • Allow you to drill down to the company transaction data that drives the trend with clickthrough visualizations • Give you data-driven tools to improve with strategic and industry analysis What We Do • Use aggregated financing and exit data over time by industry to develop industry level statistics and analytics • Make the data easily and intuitively accessible by using data visualizations
  8. 8. Can we help? info@cbinsights.com Mobile and Email Alerts to Track Portfolio Companies and Competitors 8 Goals • A seamless way to follow companies and investors of interest and get financing, M&A and other news related to them • Deliver these alerts to you via email that is web and mobile optimized • Make tracking of portfolio companies and competitors dead simple and without the noise of other methods, i.e. RSS feeds, Google Alerts What We Do • We aggregate relevant financing, M&A and news data for companies of interest and package them up into a clean, weekly digest • Ensure that alerts are mobile optimized allowing you to get upto speed while on- the-go
  9. 9. Can we help? info@cbinsights.com Deal Search Allows You to Identify Transactions by Geo, Industry, Stage, etc. 9 Goals • Find the deals relevant to user’s areas of interest through extremely flexible deal search • Series • Date • Amount • Location • Sector/Industry • Investors • Investment history • Portfolio, analytics • Personnel • Basic profile information • Insights into deal trends What We Do • Leverage CB Insights company and dealflow database • Update deal flow on real-time basis
  10. 10. Can we help? info@cbinsights.com Rankings to Build Lists of Most Active Investors, Acquirers, Largest Deals 10 Goals • Build refined rankings that let you see • Most active investors • Most active acquirers • Largest financing deals • Largest exits • Rankings is incredibly flexible. For example, you could build a ranking of the top investor in Series A deals in mobile companies in California in the last 12 months in 20 seconds What We Do • Leverage CB Insights company and dealflow database • Robust logic on top of our data to make your life easier in identifying top deals, investors and acquirers
  11. 11. Can we help? info@cbinsights.com Get Hard-to-Find Private Company Valuations and Multiples 11 Valuation / Multiple Search helps you find rumored and real exit and financing valuations and multiples like price/sales ratios. Goals • Allow you to get to hard-to-find valuations and multiples for private companies • Make comparables searching easier and more relevant • Provide you with the best, most closest comparable transactions making your valuation efforts more science and less art What We Do • We aggregate real and rumored financing and exit valuations making them searchable • We layer on operating and financial metric data to provide you with valuation multiples such as Price/Sales, Price/Customer and other multiples
  12. 12. Can we help? info@cbinsights.com Get Email and Phone Details for Company Executives and Investors 12 We have over 2.1 million people’s email addresses and phone numbers making it easy for you to reach out to company execs and team members as well as investment partners and staff. Goals • Allow you to get to hard-to-find private company and investor/acquirer contact details • Let you search within contacts to find the most relevant titles / functions you care about, i.e. Director, finance, etc.. • Allow you to download contact data into Excel so you can import into your CRM What We Do • We combine our contact data with data licensed from third-parties to offer the most comprehensive and accurate view of email and phone contacts • Make it searchable by title and location
  13. 13. Can we help? info@cbinsights.com Help Portfolio Companies Find Talent (aka Poaching) 13 People Search lets you identify relevant contacts at firms of interest by selecting the title, role, geography, funding status and other criteria you are interested in. Goals • Allow you to build hyper-targeted lists of relevant contacts with emails and phone numbers • Provide the ability to search by title (CEO, C-level, VP as well as function, i.e. HR, Sales, etc.) • Enable downloading of contact data into Excel making importing of contact data into your proprietary systems (CRM) easier What We Do • We combine our contact data with data licensed from third-parties and layer on company data allowing you to build complex filters very easily • Allow company and person-specific filters • Make it all exportable so you can take and use the data in your own systems
  14. 14. Can we help? info@cbinsights.com Flexible Company, Investor & Acquirer Search to Help You Find Info You Need 14 Goals • Flexible search parameters to help you discover the right companies, investors and acquirers • Export data to CSV/Excel for offline manipulation & analysis • Allow you to track companies, investors and acquirers of interest by receiving automated emails. • Auto-fill search highlights relevant companies, investors and acquirers making your life easier What We Do • Leverage CB Insights company database on real-time basis • Make new company information available immediately • When companies on your Watchlist are updated, you’ll receive an email
  15. 15. Can we help? info@cbinsights.com Company Profiles Offering Rich Financing, Competitor and People Data 15 Goals • Robust company profiles provide insight into: • Investors & Funding History • Competitors • Management Team • Board of Directors • Basic profile information • Real-time tracking of companies of interest via Lists • Classify companies with private labels and by creating lists • CRM features including Notes & Tasks What We Do • Leverage CB Insights company and dealflow database • Add companies of interest to your Watchlist for email updates • Leverage available third party information sources to complement CB Insights info and increase your efficiency
  16. 16. Can we help? info@cbinsights.com Identifying Relationships – At the Firm Level 16 Goals • Help you visually understand co- investment firm relationships between firms, specifically answering, what firms do they co- invest with: • By stage? • By sector? • geography? • Give you the ability to see the actual companies & deals in which the firms have co-invested with each other What We Do • Leverage CB Insights company and dealflow database to determine firm relationships • Use current charting libraries and visualization tools to help you quickly and graphically see relationships between firms
  17. 17. Can we help? info@cbinsights.com Identifying Relationships – At the Board of Directors Level 17 Goals • Help you understand relationships between • Individuals and the company boards they sit on • Board members who tend to share relationships with each other via common Board memberships • Individuals and other investment professional based on a combination of Twitter and CB Insights data • Individuals and executives and entrepreneurs they know based on a combination of Twitter and CB Insights data What We Do • Mine SEC filings, company & investors announcements and Twitter to identify Board relationships • Use CBI algorithms to identify relationships among Board members & companies
  18. 18. Can we help? info@cbinsights.com Investor & Acquirer Profiles 18 Goals • Robust investor profiles provide insight into: • Investment history • Investment portfolio • Analytics • Personnel • Basic profile information • Profiles highlight most frequent co-investors and recent exits • Real-time tracking of investors of interest What We Do • Leverage CB Insights company and dealflow database • Add investors of interest to your Watchlist for email updates
  19. 19. Can we help? info@cbinsights.com Export Data to Excel & PDF for Offline Manipulation, Addition to CRM, etc.. 19 Goals • Allow you to download data to excel for offline manipulation and analysis or uploading your own dealflow/CRM applications • PDF profile tearsheets allow you to save company, investor and acquirer profiles for your own files and/or to share with colleagues