Middleboro Marketing Plan


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The Health Systems Administration program at Georgetown has its students complete case projects for a fictional community, Middleboro. Throughout the program we created several deliverables: Community Profile, Community Health Assessment, Strategic Plan, Marketing Plan, and Business Plan.

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Middleboro Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Medical Associates MARKETING PLAN 2011-2012Stephanie Gonzalez. Jessica Jacobs. Karen Jose. Erin Lenhardt. Veronica Locke. Daniel Lynn.
  2. 2. Marketing Plan Strategies & Optimal Objectives Market MarketKey Observations • Expanded Actions Position Insurance Coverage • Physician Recruitment
  3. 3. Key Observations: Insurance Coverage MA is a fee-for-service provider The majority of our clients have insurance and we have contractual relationships with many insurance plans 24.3%, 33.3k people, are uninsured in Hillsboro County
  4. 4. Key Observations: Market Share of Programs and Resources Only physician group in Hillsboro County Niche Market Competitor- MA physicians comprise over 25% of the market for each of our specialties  Exception is pediatrics (23%) Technology Leader –  New Ambulatory Surgery Center  EHR technologies included in current strategic plan
  5. 5. Key Observations: Cardiac Service Expansion Five-Year Estimates:  Cardiac appointments: increase by 5%  Cardiac related surgeries: increase by 57% Healthcare reform will entail expanded coverage for preventative care Strategic Plan directs us to anticipate demand.
  6. 6. Strategy & Objective 1: Expanded Insurance Coverage Observation: 24.3% uninsured in Hillsboro County Strategy: Improve awareness, preference, and quality image among the uninsured population Objective: Capture 25% (750 people) of new market  Healthcare reform  uninsured rate to drop 10% by FYE 2011  3,300 people with newly acquired insurance
  7. 7. Strategy & Objective 2: Physician Recruitment Observation: Large current and potential market share Strategy: Provide support to HR in marketing competitive benefits package and profit sharing structure for physician recruitment Objective : Maintain/increase percentage of physicians within each specialty served by Medical Associates to 25% by FYE 2012  Increase number of cardiovascular physicians and surgeons to meet expected demand by FYE 2012
  8. 8. Market Actions for Physician RecruitmentIdentification Description Priority Time Frame Resources Responsible Action 1 Develop Stock Recruitment Priority 1 By June 2011 Staff: Marketing Package delineating MA benefits 150 Hours Director and profit sharing structure to Physical: Human Resources recruit new physicians. Administrator Printing $1000 Chief Medical Officer Action 2 Develop relations with top ten Priority 2 By February 2012 Staff: 5 Hours/Mo CEO cardiology programs across the United States. Action 3 Become actively associated with Priority 1 By September Staff: 40 Hours/Yr CEO the National Association of 2011 Physical: $600 Physician Recruiters. Action 4 Develop and add brochure to Priority 1 By November Staff: Marketing Director stock recruitment materials 2011 80 hours (In consultation with targeted at recruiting Physical: existing MA pediatricians and mail to pediatricians) Printing $250 pediatric fellowship programs Postage $1000 across the nation. Action 5 Develop and add brochure to Priority 1 By January 2012 Staff: Marketing Director stock recruitment materials 80 Hours (In consultation with targeted at recruiting Physical: existing MA cardiologists and mail to cardiologists) Printing $250 cardiology fellowship programs Postage $1000 across the nation.
  9. 9. Optimal Market Position Majority market shareholder physician group serving niche fields:  Post-acute care  Primary care  Ambulatory surgery in Hillsboro County. Continue to accept all insurance providers Invest in new technologies to:  Provide state-of-the-art services for patients  Provide value added services as physician perks