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Rotary news ltr_insert_jun12ol

  1. 1. da Toloosa Lip 2011-2012 Issue Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa “Because Inquiring Rotarians Need to Know” Photo provided by Studio LombidoPRESIDENT Ali COMPLETES ROTARY “12 step-down” PROGRAMIt was a proud day for Rotary de Tolosa when President Ali Semon received her alcohol and arousal inducing entertainment for at least 24 hours. Atcertificate of completion from District Governor Wade Nomura. She graduated from a time when she needs us the most, it’s comforting to know that thewhat is widely considered Rotary’s version of Narcissist’s Anonymous. It’s a 12 step entire Rotary family will be there for support and to help buoy her up.program designed to help egocentric outgoing presidents suffering from an acuteform of megalomania, prepare for their demotion and a return to ordinary “fork andknifedom.” IN MEMORIAM “ about thisThe Supreme Being disorder typically manifests itself with excessive self-centeredness perfect attendanceand self-importance. The individual is described as an attention-seeking, “admiration at Rotary...”hog” demonstrating an overzealous sense of condescend-itis, severe fine-aphobiaand auto-phelia. They tend to be self-absorbed, swell-headed and frequently sufferingfrom delusions of “grand-doer.”The position becomes such a powerful aphrodisiac, that the “coming down” periodcan last as long as a year or until incoming President Carl sticks his foot in his mouth,whichever comes first. Some of the common withdrawal symptoms include bloating, Rob Brynbitchiness, irritability and…(oops! I’m not going there.) born 1950 Rotary 2005Life coach, Charlie Sheen has been retained by the board to help President Ali with died 2012career guidance. Among the stipulations, she will be required to abstain from drugs,
  2. 2. PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE ROTARIAN (or the Queen Speaketh) What a year! I always knew we had a great club but felt that even more during OF THE YEAR my year as President. We are a club of committed and caring members that “You love me. You put the motto ‘Service Above Self’ into practice as we serve our community really love me.” and world. Thank you for working hard and playing hard! When Donna Lewis asked me if I would serve as President three plus years ago, I had no idea what I was signing up for, let alone what my life would look like! I am grateful that she asked me as it has been an honor to lead as President and I am thankful for the opportunity. I really do love our club! Don’t worry about any Rotary burn out on my end...I am even more committed to the success of our club and look forward to many more years in Rotary service with all of you. President Ali, This year’s Rotarian of the Year is Karen Libby. Karen painstakingly produced timely bulletins and expanded the weeklyGOOD BYE AND MANY THANKS menu to include Santa Maria Style BBQ. She wasPresident Ali pictured here waiting for the next bus to take her on a new Club Service Chair, helpedadventure. She has made our club better during her tenure by welcoming with the holiday party and10 new members, making the Arts Obispo’s Arts in Education Program organized 4H judging. Shea little healthier and representing Rotary de Tolosa above reproach, in was President Ali’s “right-every way. And bear in mind, this is a member that once believed the hand person”, embodying4-Way Test didn’t apply after sundown. “Service Above Self”, while responding to the needsUnfortunately, soothing the club’s emotions due to the sudden loss of of the club with a positivea member has sadly become routine of late. Once again, we have lost a attitude and a great sensecherished member. In her remembrance of Rob Bryn, President Ali shared of humor. (Thank goodnessthe importance of compassion, healing and closing Rotary ranks. Passing some clairvoyant membermembers always leave a void for the members that remain behind, and if had the foresight to bringthe point of comparison is “comic relief”, Rob’s void is rather substantial. her into our club.) “It’s good to be Queen.”
  3. 3. DEPARTMENT OF ADULATION A special thanks to Dave Juhnke, Lyle Meek, Pierre Rademaker hosting Firesides, Maggie Shephard Fall Family BBQ, Kevin Main Fall Billboard Fundraiser,me. You Natalie Tartaglia Child Spree, Kris Kington-Barkere me.” Holiday Party at the Country Club, Karen Libby 4H Judging, Adam Quaglino 4H BBQ, Brian Metcalf Lake Lopez Work Day, Paige Chamberlain Charitable Giving and printing the Newsletter, Rick Owens Spring Fundraiser Steve Lerian, Ron Regier and all committee members, Jason Edwards and John Semon Pre Party at the PAC, Sandra Lee, Carl Dudley, Alan Lethers and Amy Kardel hosting Business Socials, Chris Gardner weekly meeting recaps, Laura Krueger keeping us close to budget, Karyn Carnes bookkeeper extraordinaire, Gay Spencer and Kris Kington-Barker RYLA, Mary Verdin PR, Carl Dudley attending district events and prepping for his year, Jeff Buckingham Past President wisdom and leading May’s board meeting, Donna Lewis and Paul Ready acting as Presidents while I lay on a beach, Doug Dalton COACH CARL ANNOUNCES STARTING LINE-UP keeping us running smoothly, John Semon raising This year’s Team Tolosa, affectionately known as “The 2012-2013 Officers money for the club through fining me left and right, Dudley Do-Littles” will feature the play of “Double Dribble” Carl Dudley, President Susan Dressler Community Service, Tim Williams Dalton, a name given to him by Dr James Naismith back Jenifer Rhynes, President Elect Seeds of Change and encouraging members to go to when he played for the See Canyon Peach Baskets, “Ali-Oop” Dave Juhnke, Vice President Thailand, Melinda Thomas Who Is This Member? and Semon, “Stat Keepin” Krueger, “Run & Gun” Rhynes and & Sergeant at Arms 4-Way Essay Contest , Amy Kardel youth supporter “Dunkin” Dave Juhnke. Ali Semon, Past President New Generations, Jim Eaton Rotaract liaison, Adam Doug Dalton, Secretary Coach Carl has been spotted on the court with a little Quaglino Programs, Bernadette Bernardi Club 2012-2013 Directors extra spring in his step, guaranteeing a win over rivals, the Awards, Mark Furia Assistant District Governor, Barry Karen Libby, Club Service “Monday Club Centenarians” and the “Tuesday Morning Karleskint self proclaimed club nag and Mr. Lombo Kris Kington-Barker, Community Porn Flakes.” Back in Coach Dudley’s day, he was known as a for the fabulous da Toloosa Lip. Service “air ballin’, brick-foistin’, stutter-steppin’, forced shootin’, ball Tim Williams, International Service hoggin’, hoopster.” At home, his wife Robin just refers to him Melinda Thomas, Vocational Service as the “buzzer beater.” Amy Kardel, New Generations Chris Gardner, Membership Chair WHAT A DRAG, PRESIDENT ALI STEPS DOWN The theme for this year’s outgoing board party was, “You’ve come a long way baby, celebrating 25 years of empowering women in Rotary.” Just for comic effect, President Ali made all the guys dress in drag, including her father John Semon, who seemed quite comfortable in fuchsia spandex. Before 1987, women were compelled to cross-dress as men in order to avoid detection into what was generally considered a man cave. Paul Harris would roll over in his grave if he knew our club has been shamed into using pink napkins during weekly luncheon meetings. According to President Ali, “There are few classifications in Rotary that require either estrogen or testosterone, and all others should be open to everyone.” As the board chanted, “Ali, Ali, Ali”, we were all reminded of the “Thilla in Manila.” The out-going President was applauded for her dedication and overseeing this year’s community service project, the gender-neutral Rotary toilets at the new Diamond Adult World Conference Center. (left-right) Jenifer Rhynes, Vice President; Laura Krueger, Treasurer; Ali Semon, President; John Semon, Sergeant at Arms; Doug Dalton, Secretary; Melinda Thomas, Vocational Service; Carl Dudley, President Elect; Tim Williams, International Service; Susan Dressler, Community Service; Jeff Buckingham, Past President; Karen Libby, Club Service; Amy Kardel, New Generations.