Drupal 7 Feeds Intro Drupal Camp Indianapolis 2011

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Slideshow without talk not very useful. Posted for participants future reference.

Slideshow without talk not very useful. Posted for participants future reference.

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  • http://d7win.education.illinois.edu/ title, body, published, guid (many_nodes), content.csv "guid","title","created","alpha","beta","gamma","delta","body“, users.csv name,mail,since,password
  • https://preview.education.illinois.edu/admin/structure/feeds
  • https://preview.education.illinois.edu/admin/structure/feeds/faculty_taxonomy_importer https://preview.education.illinois.edu/admin/structure/feeds/webtools_listbuilder_importer


  • 1. Feeds Module for Drupal 7 Use Cases, Overview, and Walktroughs
  • 2. Who Am I?
    • johnbarclay on drupal.org
    • University of Illinois College of Education web developer
    • Pixotech.com (Pixo) Consultant
    • Maintain LDAP module
    • Like drupal community/dev model
    • Need to be interrupted
  • 3. Who are You?
    • Who has used feeds in drupal 6
    • Who has used feed in drupal 7
    • Who knows they have a use case for feeds?
    • Who may have a use case for feeds (importing or synching data into drupal)
    • Be thinking of these for middle part of talk.
  • 4. Goals
    • In love with feeds. Using like crazy the last couple of months.
    • Want to:
    • sell the module it
    • give leg up and warnings for new users
    • give away a book
  • 5. Breakdown
    • Terms, Module Features, General Use Cases. 10 minutes. Keep me in check.
    • A simple node import walk through. 10 minutes.
    • Examples of use cases we’ve implemented or need to implement. 20 minutes. Start thinking.
    • Advanced Feeds. Gotchas and Tools.
  • 6. What is Feeds Module?
    • Feeds is a pluggable system for importing or aggregating content into Drupal.
    • Investing time into learning it can make user import, node import, etc. obsolete.
    • Very extensible. Class Based with stack of interchangeable plugins + hooks.
    • Supports exportables/features.
  • 7.  
  • 8. Use Cases for Site Builders
    • Data Sources: RSS Feeds, XML Feeds, CSV Files, SOAP, WDSL, LDAP, Databases...
    • Data Targets: Nodes, Users, Taxonomy, ...
  • 9. Use Cases For Developers
    • For data ingestion, only need to write plugins for unique data sources or targets. Can leverage other plugins and core feeds functionality (batch, unique identifiers, user interface).
    • For migrations and many use cases don’t need any code at all
    • Supports exportables/features
  • 10. Architecture Fetcher Parser Processor Importer mapper
  • 11. Know the Lingo
    • Feeds Glossary very helpful http://drupal.org/node/622710
    • Key to understanding documentation
  • 12. Fetcher
    • Fetcher gets data.
    • Specific to transport/storage type
    • crawling, directory, file upload, http, ldap query, sql,
  • 13. Parser
    • Parser Normalizes Data.
    • Specific to data structure
    • Known Data Structures: CSV, RSS, LDAP Entry, OPML, SQL Recordset Customizable Data Structures: Querypath, Xpath, Xpath HTML
    • http://drupal.org/node/856644
  • 14. Processor
    • Processor “does stuff”. Generally stores feed items in a data structure. Could send out emails or do other obscure use cases.
    • Node, Taxonomy Term, User built in.
    • Data, Commerce Products, Self Node Processor, etc.
  • 15. (field) Mappers
    • http://drupal.org/node/856780
    • required to know where data from feed goes into a field.
    • basic core field types in Feeds module
    • contrib mappers in contrib modules
  • 16. Other Terms
    • plugin – fetcher, processor, parser
    • feed – body of data (csv file)
    • feed item – individual item (csv line)
    • feed node – confusing. instance of importer stored in node.
    • mapping – source to target field mapping
    • guid and unique target
  • 17. Import CSV Example
  • 18. Examples for Learning
    • In the simpletest folder in feeds are example feeds sources and test configurations
  • 19. Our Use Cases
    • What are you using feeds for?
    • What do you need to either import on a one time basis or synch continually.
  • 20. My Common Use Cases
    • MSSQL Data Synch to Nodes & Taxonomy
    • XML Feed to Nodes
    • LDAP Query to User Records
    • CSV to Nodes to Taxonomy
  • 21. Where are Plugins
    • Processors and Mappers: for core structures such as node, user, and taxonomy in feeds module. Outside core, should be in related contrib module or own module.
    • http://drupal.org/node/856644
  • 22. 7.x version not ready
    • Lots of bugs and RTBC patches
    • If it does the job great. Read issues.
    • When importing large amounts of data, everything has to work or need an alternative approach.
    • my notes: http://drupal.org/node/1301604
    • if you use a patch, RTBC!
  • 23. Feeds Tamper
    • Handy for edge cases
    • trim, regex, explode, etc.
  • 24. Write Plugins
    • search the sandbox
    • use other plugins as templates
    • extend other plugins rather than rewriting
    • use file logging for debugging because of batch nature of execution. dpm() and tracing problematic.
  • 25. Add to documentation
    • http://drupal.org/node/1307732
    • feeds are confusing
  • 26. 7.x-2.x gotchas
    • http://drupal.org/node/1301604