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Brand identityguide

  1. 1. Brand Identity Guide 1Running head: BRAND IDENTITY GUIDE Brand Identity Guide Isiah Baldwin Full Sail University Business Storytelling and Brand Development MAR 628 Professor Ken DeGilio and Professor Ginger Palmisano October 12, 2012
  2. 2. Brand Identity Guide1. Halo is my company name. Synonymous with the name, are terms like pure and highquality. This description is the strength, essence and core of Halo. Because I believe that what isdone with any Halo product comes in a higher quality in concept and production. The productsprovided by Halo are marketable and products consumers will need. The name also gives way tothe incredible psychological autonomy that is associated with the word. Above the norm, this iswhat people will embrace with this name. The strengths of Halo are the well thought out strategies surrounding the product linegiving the edge to the product in the market place. My biggest concern is applying the correcthammer. If the brand and hammer are strong enough and, the consumer receives the image, myconcerns will need no further thought. The brand name Halo is in the suggestive category. HALO, A STEP HIGHER, suggestthat when you are with Halo, business is going to be better than imaginable. The brand name andvisual design for Halo are original and eligible for protection (Van Hoosear, Evans & KnobbeMarten and Olson & Bear LLP, 2009) (p. 2). The strategy for this brand is to apply product to learning institutions with e-books,musical videos and music cd’s. These products carry a visual message and a strong morallearning platform for all age groups. The product also provides an entertaining component withquality production, an affordable price and professional delivery response time.2. The company Halo presents the following logo reading, HALO, A STEP HIGHER. Thedesign and name are original and has the traditional circular halo pattern. A horizontal setup is
  3. 3. used for the wording, which coordinates with the laws of shape creating maximum impact (Ries& Ries, 2002). All of the words in the visual are in reddish lettering. There is a blue halo underneath thelettering in a smaller dimension compared to the blue halo above the lettering that is larger inarea. The second elevated halo is highlighted with the yellow sunbeam ornamentation depictingan illusion of a deity persona. Three colors are in use and the focus is on the wording althoughthe surrounding elements are in touch with the design for a proper visual impact. The simplicityof the design is cost effective and equally as effective among consumers.3. The tagline is short and positive, easy to read. The message of the tagline is clear and thelogo is reflective of the message. Below the wording is a halo and above the wording is a halo;with one view and reading the message is conveyed. Respectfully, the higher halo is larger,reflecting a greater change from the lower halo with the larger halo reflecting luminous yellowbeams. This is a unique tagline design and compliments the brands message. Halo has asuperlative tagline because it positions the company as best in class, a step higher.
  4. 4. 4. Zappo’s has the corporate climate of not just reverencing the customer but the staff. Thisis a good method of applying an engaging corporate climate. I can agree with that philosophy.The type of climate that Halo is poised to portray in climate culture is similar to the Zappocorporate climate. A stiff corporate climate is not what I would embrace because I would wantthe employees to know that they are valued as well as my customer base (Mickiewicz, 2009). Having a quarterly cool down session with the staff is a good way to share a peoplefriendly company climate. During this one or two hour period, refreshments, at the expense ofthe company, would be brought in and soft music would be playing to induce a non- workingatmosphere. This would be in line with what the company is reflecting, stepping higher withHalo.5. The mantra for Halo is HALO, A STEP HIGHER. This would be conveyed to everyclient and the staff. I would want this philosophy to ring throughput the existence of thecompany. For this principal to adhere to people’s lives and the Halo products, I believe that thatis what helps make products and brand, circulate into society becoming a household name.6. The following images are product package designs for Halo. cd face image andpackaging are represented. The cover designs are original and represent a human heart, exposedbeneath the human flesh, to coincide with the tile cd track, “Open my Heart”.
  5. 5. 7. The Hallmark crown was designed by Andrew Szoeke and was installed as part of thelogo in 1949 ("Hallmark," 2012). Their tagline reads, “When you want to send the very best.”This has long been a very favorite line of advertisement for what Hallmark is selling. Whenpeople have something special that they want to say and, someone special they want to say it to,they will look for a Hallmark card. What I like about the product is that they have what they say they have, the best way tosay something, in most cases. The crown affect is a royalty concept that psychologicallyexpresses the idea of the highest order of thought with a royal symbol, hence, the very best.Hallmark is my selection for a favorite trademark brand. These three companies are a portion of Halo’s competition, Capitol Records, VerityRecord Group and Warner Music Group. Their logo is black and white and uses the dome of theU.S. Capitol Building. All three are very successful in their business as music companies.Capitol Records boasting generations of the most legendary artist in the music businessinternationally. Johnny Mercer was the founder of Capitol Records and from a $15,000.00investment; it is one of the most prominent companies in the music world ("Capitol records,"2012). Capitol Records has recorded a huge category of artist but most impressive is their
  6. 6. longevity and diversity of business. Their catalogue of business consists of the music for majorTV series such as the Hanna-Barbera series, The Donna Reed Show and David and Goliath.They also include some of the most successful Broadway musical soundtracks like Carousel andThe King and I. One last note, Nat King Cole was one of Capitols most successful artist.Included in the Wikipedia article is the fact that earnings under Nat King Cole built thelegendary Los Angeles spiral shaped Capitol Records building ("Capitol records," 2012). Warner music is a worldwide publisher and is one of the largest record companies in theworld. Their logo has always looked peculiar and is not hard to distinguish in a crowd. Their useof a two-color scheme logo is good and there is no tagline that I could locate but with a trackrecord like theirs, they may not really need one ("Warner music group," 2012). The Verity Music Group uses the horizontal lettering approach to their brand. Connectedto the 1st letter of the Verity there appears to be a dove on the top right section of the “V”. Theircolor scheme is basically lavender with a dark purple lettering contrast. The golden gradientcolor is the backdrop adorned with short yellow sunbeam lines centered on a sunset kind ofsetting. That picture sort of creates a serene mindset ("Verity music group," 2012).Verity host the most influential line up of singing and musician artist in contemporary gospel up
  7. 7. to date. There is no tagline or a positioning statement to be located with this company. If I wereto analyze their name as a type of tagline, they make a statement of absoluteness, without a doubtin other words. Most of their acts are very strong, so, that is probably why they use the wordVerity ("Verity music group," 2012). The competition of the three company brands is strong because they seem to beprofessionally done and they have longevity. My focus for Halo’s brand is to put it out into themarketplace with product and see how the average person responds to the brand and the product.I am prepared if need be to redesign the brand if needed. Halo’s corporate vision statement: Take those to the top that would do business withHalo. We believe in going a step higher in everything that we do and, in what we do for you.ReferencesCapitol records. (2012, October 6). Retrieved from (2012, jULY 15). Retrieved from
  8. 8. Mickiewicz, M. (2009, March 30). How zappos does customer service and company culture. Retrieved from company-culture/Ries, A., & Ries, L. (2002). Te 22 immutable laws of branding. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers Inc.Van Hoosear, J., Evans, J., & Knobbe Marten and Olson & Bear LLP (2009, March 30). Pursuing strong brand. Retrieved from 8c53-df9efdba8213.pdfVerity music group. (2012, AUGUST 18). Retrieved from music group. (2012, October 13). Retrieved from