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Cabinet 360 feedback questions
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Cabinet 360 feedback questions


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Published in: Business, Education
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  • 1. DRAFT- Cabinet Member 360 Feedback Questions1. The “cabinet member” responds to phone calls, emails, etc. in a timely manner.2. The “cabinet member”clearly sets and communicates direction in his/herdepartment or area of responsibility.3. The “cabinet member”leads by example.4. When conflict occurs, the “cabinet member”resolves it in a constructive, win-win manner.5. The “cabinet member”is knowledgeable and competent in his/herduties.6. The “cabinet member”carries out her duties in an ethical and legal manner.7. I can be candid with the “cabinet member”and there are opportunities to share my opinions and provide input/feedback.8. I have confidence in the ability of the “cabinet member”to lead his/herdepartment.9. The “cabinet member”uses District funding to achieve the most effective and efficient use of taxpayers dollars.10. The “cabinet member”recommends the appointment, assignment, transfer, promotion, detention, discharge and /or suspension of employees within his/her department.11. The “cabinet member”leads, guides, coaches, supervises and evaluates staffhe/she is responsible for.12. The “cabinet member”directs the work of the professional staff within his/herdepartment.13. The “cabinet member”represents the District well in dealing with the general public, community, governmental agencies, and other school systems as issues relate to his/herdepartment.14. The “cabinet member’s”leadership is transparent, open, honest and candid.15. The “cabinet member”communicates well with staff, parents, citizens and business leaders of the community as appropriate to his/herposition and within his/herarea of responsibility.16. The “cabinet member”participates in professional growth activities to stay abreast of educational practices and trends.17. The “cabinet member”manages and recommends needed updates and enhancements of areas within his/herarea of responsibility.18. The “cabinet member”provides effective management systems for the students (example: discipline, athletics, technology plans, handbooks, etc.)19. The “cabinet member”has established/is establishing good relations with the Dunlap Education Association.20. I believe the “cabinet member” is leading his/her department in the right direction.21. I believe the “cabinet member”models effective leadership in his/herposition.22. The “cabinet member”demonstrates the values of teamwork, collaboration and shared leadership.23. The “cabinet member”is committed to continuous improvement and expects others to embrace quality processes and tools.24. The “cabinet member”is effective in clearly setting and communicating direction in his/her area of responsibility.25. The “cabinet member” assists in rendering sound judgment, establishing policies, approving those matters which the law requires, and providing necessary and helpful facts/information for planning within his/herdepartment.