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final capstone presentation

final capstone presentation

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  • 1. Capstone Presentation July 18, 2009 Jan Brooks
  • 2. Portfolio Introduction   Built with Weebly
  • 3. Information Literacy  Helping patrons "locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information" (Association of College & Research Libraries).  Association of College & Research Libraries. (January, 2000). Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education. Retrieved from their website.
  • 4. Artifacts  Olathe, KS:  International Information Needs Chick Lit Assessment
  • 5. Olathe, Kansas: Community Profile and Information Needs Assessment Outcome #3 Conduct an information needs assessment, and design and evaluate customized information services and products based on those needs.
  • 6. Olathe, Kansas  History of area and library system.  Critical analysis of information needs. -Observation -Demographics -Patron Survey
  • 7. Olathe, KS  Recommendations:  Expand collection  Space—real estate!  Special Populations • Children • Hispanic Community • Deaf Community  Market, Market, Market! • Existing resources and strengths • Resource Sharing • Possibilities
  • 8. International Chick Lit Outcome #7 Communicate effectively in writing, orally, and in using information technologies presentation
  • 9. International Chick Lit  Stepped outside my own comfort zone.  Retrieved, interpreted and repackaged information.  Stressed the value of reading outside our own familiar culture.
  • 10. Reflections… Academic 8 outcomes. Professional I see the big picture, rather than a job. Increased responsibility—resource sharing. KCMLIN Interlibrary Loan Committee. Personal Took on technology challenges. Collaboration. Lifetime friendships.
  • 11. Philosophy of Service Resource sharing challenges me daily to share our collection freely, to find correct and current information, and to provide resources in the quickest way possible. I salute Ranganathan for his Five Laws of Library Science:  Books are for use.  Every reader his [or her] book.  Every book its reader.  Save the time of the User.  The library is a growing organism. May I continue to grow with the library… jb
  • 12. Questions?