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  • 1. Employment in the Creative Media Sector Rachel Heyes The Manchester College
  • 2. Types of Companies• PLC – Shares held publically• Limited – Shares held privately• Small Partnerships – Two or more individuals with a business for profit• Family Owned Businesses – One or more family members have significant ownership and commitments• Government Bodies – Elected group of people who make up a body for the purpose of administering something for Government• Schools/Colleges – Institution of Learning• Charities – Non profit organisation for well meaning giving purposes
  • 3. Types of ProductsWhat is the media product produced by the company and in which sector?• Photography > Graphic Design• Audio Recording > Broadcast• Video Recording > Broadcast• Interactive Media Development > Distribution• Computer Games > Design
  • 4. Employer Profile• Private Sector – Run by private Individuals/Groups for Enterprise/Profit• Internet Based – Without a physical presence. Mainly website, email etc.• Advertising – Form of communication to persuade an audience• Entertainment – Activity which provides a diversion or permits people to amuse themselves in their leisure time• Education – Act or Experience that has a formative effect on the mid, character or physical ability of an individual• Information – Notions of constraint, Communication, Control, Data, Form, Instruction, Knowledge, Meaning, Mental Stimulus, Pattern, Perception and Representation
  • 5. BBC• Type of Company – Government Body• Type of Product and Market – TV Programme, Radio Programme, Film, Documentary > Broadcast• Employer Profile and Market – Entertainment, Education, Information http://www.bbc.co.uk/aboutthebbc/
  • 6. Google• Type of Company – PLC• Type of Product and Market – Interactive Media > Distribution• Employer Profile and Market – Internet Based, Information, Entertainment http://www.google.co.uk/intl/en/c orporate/
  • 7. All3Media• Type of Company – Limited Company• Type of Product and Market – TV > Production and Distribution• Employer Profile and Market – Entertainment http://www.All3Media.com/about_us .php
  • 8. News Corporation• Type of Company – PLC• Type of Product and Market – TV, Film > Broadcast, Magazine, Newspaper, Books > Publishing, Websites > Distribution• Employer Profile and Market – Entertainment http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/News_Cor poration
  • 9. Task1. Research a prospective employer in the Creative Media Industry2. Determine their type of company, type of product and market and employer profile and market3. Feedback to the class
  • 10. Choosing an Employer
  • 11. Choosing an Employer• Own Interests – Ensure keen, proactive participation, motivation and sharp focus on tasks and activities• Matching Knowledge and Skills – Maintain positive attitude and moral
  • 12. Choosing an Employer• Even within a single career area, employers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes• They offer a diverse range of working options and opportunities for career development• It’s worth sparing some time to reflect on what you want• Think about the attributes that will be vital in your future employer• Research the Company Profile
  • 13. The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies Rank Company 2012 Industry Products 1 UKRD Group Radio Yorkshire Coast Radio, Pirate FM 21 MEC Media Advertising Wrigleys Extra, Specsavers Agency 30 Iris Advertising London 2012 Mascots 34 Bartle Bogle Advertising Levis, Audi, Vodafone Hegarty (BBH) 52 MediaCom Advertising Procter & Gamble, Shell, Volkswagenhttp://features.thesundaytimes.co.uk/public/best100companies/li ve/template
  • 14. What’s Important to YOU?• Size – Multinational Corporation, a Valued Employee in a Small Business, An Essential Cog?• Company Culture – Ethics, Methodologies and Values, Hierarchical or Laid Back• Location – Country or City, Regional Area and Location• Commuting – Car or Public Transport, How long?• Work/life balance – Longer Hours, Financial reward, Flexible working opportunities• Training – Progression, Offered/Provided? Study Leave?• Career Paths - Opportunities• Travel – National or International?
  • 15. What happens if you don’tchoose the right employer?
  • 16. Task1. Join Prospects.ac.uk2. Complete the Interests and Motivations Section of Prospects Planner3. View your Personal Profile4. What is the top good job listed under Publishing, Media and Performing Arts?