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Release form


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Published in: Education
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Release form

  1. 1. The Manchester CollegeRELEASE FORMI___________________________________ OF _________________________________________________________________________________________________________Programme(s): ……………………………………………(working title)In consideration of The Manchester College filming me for inclusion in the Programme(s), I herebyconfirm:I agree and consent to the filming and recording of me and my voice at The Manchester College’sdiscretion and the use of this contribution (including any personal material such as photographssupplied by me) in whole or in part or not at all. I irrevocably grant The Manchester College all rightsand consents or waive the same so as to permit the fullest use throughout the world of thiscontribution or any part(s) thereof in perpetuity by all means and in all media.I warrant that the content of my contribution, and any other information I provide to The ManchesterCollege, shall be true in all respects to the best of my knowledge and belief and shall not containanything intended to bring The Manchester College into disrepute. I will advise The ManchesterCollege Ltd of any information which might call into question the integrity of the Programme(s).I understand that my contribution and biographical material may be used for promotional purposesrelating to the Programme(s). I agree to make no comment to the media about the Programme(s) ormy contribution without The Manchester College’s prior consent. I certify that I am a UK citizen.I hereby agree to the recording and/or broadcasting and/or live relay of the interview. The nature ofthe Programme has been explained to me and I confirm that I am happy to participate in theProgramme by providing the interview which shall be factually true and an accurate representation ofyour own personal circumstances and experiencesI hereby grant to you throughout the world:All consents including without limitation consent under part II of the Copyright and Patents Act 1988or any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof for the time being in force (“the 1988 Act”)and assign all rights necessary for the broadcast, exhibition, reproduction, transmission andexploitation of the interview by all means, formats and media without liability or acknowledgementto me.The right to issue publicity concerning the interview and for such purpose to use and reproduce yourname, photograph likeness and biography and recordings of your voice and the interview but so thatwithout your prior written consent such use shall not suggest that you endorse, recommend or use anycommercial product or service save any programme of film including the interview.I confirm that I have no criminal convictions .I confirm that I am not aware of anything that could beused to discredit me or the content of my interview or bring the credibility of the Programme or thebroadcaster into disreputeThis agreement may be freely assigned or licensed by us without your prior consent.This agreement is to be governed by and construed in accordance with English law.Signed_________________________________ Dated_________________The Manchester College, Shena Simon Campus, Whitworth Street, Manchester M1 3HB