Social media in Scandinavia.


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How many users are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in Scandinavia? What tools can we use to monitor our performance and enhance our content on these platforms?

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Social media in Scandinavia.

  1. 1. The global homescreen Users: Denmark: 3.2 mio. Sweden: 5.2 mio. Norway: 3.0 mio. Finland: 2.4 mio. Iceland: 220k Characteristics: Focused on “friends” and family from the real world. The newsfeed works as a microcosmos for events and news from and about our friends. Facebooks newsfeed is not chronological which makes the platform less efficient for “live”-updates or following events, TV-shows or other. Conversations are “owned” by users or pages. Facebook is tremendous for building public support for cases and mobilizing people. 1 © Copyright 22-01-2014
  2. 2. The value of Facebook Which strategic values can Facebook help your organization achieve? PR Recruitment Fundraising Branding Shared knowledge International awareness Marketing Dialogue Crowdsourcing Internal communication / Intranet Positioning of academic rapports 2 © Copyright 22-01-2014
  3. 3. Measuring your reach, performance and ROMI Tools for statistics and analytics on Facebook Facebook insights (Personal favourite)* Visually creates cool infographics to Impress your manager, boss and CMO 3 © Copyright 22-01-2014
  4. 4. En platform i hastig vækst! Users Denmark: 200.000. Sweden: 475.000 Norway: 250.000 (2012) Finland: 63.000 Iceland: N/A Characteristics: Niche / interestgraph based social media. Real-time, fast and subjectoriented communication. Limit of 140 chars. Hashtags (#) are used to index conversations. Targetgroup: Journalists, communication and marketing, politicians, C-suite, athletes and celebrities. 4 © Copyright 22-01-2014
  5. 5. Keep it easy breezy. Twitter is not for corporate talk The tone of voice on Twitter is down-to-earth and human. 5 © Copyright 22-01-2014
  6. 6. Keep it easy breezy. Twitter is not for corporate talk The tone of voice on Twitter is down-to-earth and human. 6 © Copyright 22-01-2014
  7. 7. Keep it easy breezy. Twitter is not for corporate talk The tone of voice on Twitter is down-to-earth and human. 7 © Copyright 22-01-2014
  8. 8. Monitoring Twitter and measuring performance Tools for the Twitter-pro Tweetdeck (For monitoring lists, hashtags, mentions and using several profiles). (creates a rapport for the reach of your tweets and/or a hashtag). (plugin for chrome) (Good tool for quickly identifying influencer-tweets on a hashtag or in a conversation). Topsy: (Find popular tweets) (Create your own “resume” of tweets from an event or subject). 8 © Copyright 22-01-2014
  9. 9. The hipster and the urban/cultural elites favourite. Visual storytelling on steroids: Users: (Drawn from Facebooks Power Editor). Denmark: 540.000 Sweden: 1.3 mio. Norway: 880.000 Finland: 220.000 Iceland: 60.000 Characteristics: Hashtags and filterfunctions. Can be used as a crossposting platform for photos.. Targetgroup: A lifestyle media for urban and cultural groups. A young demographic. Extremely focused on identitybuilding, events and the “selfie”-revolution. © Copyright 22-01-2014 9