Integrated Management of Land- Based Activities in the Sao Francisco River Basin


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Objective: Development of Integrated Watershed.
Management Program, promoting sustainable development and addressing
root causes for actual degradetion.

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Integrated Management of Land- Based Activities in the Sao Francisco River Basin

  2. 2. P R O J E C T R E S U L T S A N D B E Y O N D I N T E G R A T E D M A N A G E M E N T O F L A N D - B A S E D A C T I V I T I E S I N T H E S Ã O F R A N C I S C O R I V E R B A S I N A N A / G E F / U N E P / O A S
  3. 3. The São Francisco Project National Background and Context Implementation of 1997 National Water Policy GEF Programming Framework OP10 Contaminants Based Operational Program GPA Demonstration Project Cost and Financing Development: 2000 - 2004 Objective: Development of Integrated Watershed Management Program, promoting sustainable development and addressing root causes for actual degradetion 4,771,000 17,168,000 275,000 22,214,000 GEF Government of Brazil OAS/UNEP Total Project Cost US$ US$ US$ US$ São Francisco River Basin Mosaic of Landsat satelite images(1991/1992) Transboundary National Basin – 7 States ANA priority
  4. 4. The Basin: Opportunities and Challenges Area: 636,920 km 2 Total length: 2,863 km States: 7 Municipalities: 503 Population: 13,297,955 (year 2000) Average Annual Flow:2,850 m3/s Major Water Uses [or Demand]: irrigation - 138.1 m3/s urban supply - 35.3 m3/s rural - 8.7 m3 /s livestock - 7.8 m3 /s industrial - 12.9 m3 /s Average Water Availability:7,024 m3/person/year
  5. 5. The Basin: Economic Potential Water Resources Availability Q=2,850m3 /s Q95 =813m3 /s QREG =1,815m3 /s Development Areas 9 areas Hydroelectric Plants 10,300 MW (installed)/ 26,300 MW (potential) Irrigated Areas 342,712 ha / 800,000 ha (potential) Main Aquifer Systems Urucuia-Areado, Bambuí and others 2,061 km Navigable Waterways Conservation Units Federal, State and others
  6. 6. Critical Issues and Environmental Impacts from Land-based Activities Water use conflicts Point and non-point water pollution Inadequate soil occupancy and use Alterations and degradation of the aquatic ecosystem and loss of biodiversity Restrictions to navigation Lack of institutional articulation Undisciplined exploitation of surface water dissociated from groundwater The DAB Process – 28 activities
  7. 7. Structure, Execution and Results Project Components: I. River Basin and Coastal Zone Environmental Analysis II. Public and Stakeholder Participation III. Organizational Structure Development IV. River Basin Management Program Formulation 28 Activities Federal Institutions (4), State agencies (3), Universities (4), NGOs (4) Institutional participation: more than 450 institutions Institutional partners (local execution):
  8. 8. Project Results: Towards the Integrated and Sustainable Management of the São Francisco River Basin and its coastal zone Enhanced public and scientific awareness and knowledge of the river basin and its coastal zone environment Improved public and stakeholder participation through involvement of local communities Strengthened institutional framework and staff capabilities Comprehensive assessment of economic instruments for rational and sustainable water resources management in the São Francisco River Basin and its Coastal Zone Sucessfull experience integrated water resources management and environmentally sustainable development in the São Francisco River Basin and its Coastal Zone
  9. 9. Public Participation: The DAB/SAP Process To create The Water Parliament - Basin Committee São Francisco Basin Committee - established June 5, 2001 6,600 stakeholders involved in the mobilization process 66 public events Representation of 503 municipalities and 13 million people Competence under the National Policy on Water Resources 227 public events 12,097 people 483 organizations 205 consultants and 1,262 voluntaries Training of more than 4,000 people In Project Development 26 indigene people Basin Committee
  10. 10. The Strategic Action Program: Structure Strategic actions Strategic actions Strategic Action Program for the Integrated Management of the São Francisco Basin and its Coastal Zone ­ SAP Component I Implementation of the Integrated Basin Management System for the Basin and its coastal zone Component II Sustainable use of Water Resources and Environmental Restoration of the Basin and of its Coastal Zone Components I.1Strengthening of institutional articulation I.3Development of technical instruments for the Integrated Basin Management System I.2Implementation of institutional instruments of the Integrated Basin Management System and public participation mechanisms I. 4Social Mobilization and Environmental Education II.1Foster multiple use of water II.3 Access to environmental sanitation and measures to be taken in the event of floods and droughts II.2 Conservation of water, soil and biodiversity II.4 Sustainable use and protection of groundwater Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities
  11. 11. Inputs for initial discussion and public participation 1st stage of the GEF São Francisco Project /Activities and preparation of the DAB and SAP Prepare 29 activities Preparation of the DAB Structure and details of the SAP components and actions (short-term: 4 years) Other actions (mainly actions of a structural nature medium and long term) Actions eligible for GEF (Non-structural actions in general) Preliminary proposal for investments in the Basin Formulate the SAP GEF Action Program and Budget CBHSF (Basin Committee) Public Participation Knowledge of needs of river basin and its coastal zone Project Brief SEAIN, PNUMA, GEF Council Develop Basin Plan and Investment Program 2nd stage of Implementation of the SAP Application of GEF Funding for proposed actions GEF funds Estimates and Letters of Consultation (BIRD, BID, JBIC, etc) The SAP and the Basin Plan (2004 - 2013)
  12. 12. The Decennal Water Resources Plan for the São Francisco River Basin (2004-2013) Components: Water Allocation Proposal Non-structural Actions (related to the SAP) · Implementation of the Integrated Basin Management System for the Basin - US$ 30,5 million · Sustainable use of water resources and environmental restoration of the Basin - US$ 47,28 million Structural Actions · Water resources and land use services and works - US$ 42,67 million · Environmental sanitation services and works - US$ 1,46 billion · Water resources sustainability in the semi-arid region - US$ 155,03 million
  13. 13. Providing a model for the management of similar large river systems in semi-arid and arid regions within Latin America and beyond, including lessons learned such as: Managing for multiple uses, including both consumptive and non-consumptive uses, while ensuring the survival of the river system as a living resource Establishing Basin Committee as a basic mechanism for integrated, decentralized, and participative management at the basin level Including public involvement not only in defining Issues of concern but also in developing solutions Disseminating information throughout the basin and providing feedback to basin stakeholders and communities on the achieved results Global Benefits and Lessons Learned
  14. 14. Global Benefits and Lessons Learned Restoring critical ecosystems, including riparianforests, dune ecosystems, and beach systems, as well as protecting critical species such as native species of fishes Improving scientific knowledge on the relationship between the Atlantic Large Marine Ecosystem and the São Francisco River Basin and its Coastal Zone Reconciling potentially competing uses within the basin
  15. 15. Communication and Dissemination 3,000 copies in portuguese of the SAP/DAB for national distribution 3,000 copies in portuguese of the SAP/DAB Executive Summary 15 Complete Collections of the Reports - Reference Libraries in the basin 15 Executive Summaries of the Reports - Libraries of the main water resources management bodies of the basin 2,500 copies of the SAP/DAB in English for worldwide dissemination, including III GEF IW Conference in Rio de Janeiro All Reports available in Portuguese and English at: 2,500 copies of the SAP Executive Summary in English
  16. 16. Thanks! National Water Agency – ANA João Gilberto Lotufo Conejo Water Resources Planning Superintendent
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