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Pronouns Wiki Pronouns Wiki Presentation Transcript

  • Pronouns
  • A word which takes the place of a noun is called a PRONOUN .
  • Tony isn’t at home. He ’s at work. Diana hasn’t got a motorbike. She ’s got a car. Computers aren’t cheap. They ’re expensive. We also use it to talk about: The time It is two o’clock. Days It ’s Monday today. The weather It ’s sunny. Distances It ’s 4 kilometres to the town center. Subject or personal pronouns are placed in front of the verb. Notice that he is used for the masculine and she is used for the femenine.
    • Exercise A
    • Rewrite these sentences, using pronous where necessary to avoid repeating the nouns.
    • The pilot said that the pilot had made a forced landing.
    • The children cried when the children were scolded.
    • The queen said that the queen had a severe headache.
    • Exercise B
    • Add he, she, it, we or they.
    • Judy is very nice. _____ is my best friend.
    • Judy and I aren’t English. ______ are from Sydney.
    • Sydney is a beautiful city. ______ ‘s in the south-east of Australia.
    • Paul is my brother. _____ ‘s 25 years old.
    • Paul and Emma are married. _______ ‘ve got two children.
    • Emma is 22 years old. ______ ‘s a nurse in a hospital.
  • Object pronouns are placed behind the verb. We use these as the object of a sentence and after a preposition. There’s Joe. Can you see him ? Mary is repairing the roof. I’m helping her . Those people are very nice. I like them . She gave me a book . The policeman spoke to him . I brought a present for her .
  • Complete the pen letter. Add me, you, him, her, it, us or them. Dear Tommy, I’m 16 years old. That’s ____ (1) in the photo. I’m a student at Manchester College. I live at home with my family. I’ve got one brother and one sester, My sister’s name is Tina. She’s very nice. Everyone likes _____ (2). My brother’s name is Dennis. He’s sometimes horrible , but I like _____ (3). My grandmother also lives at home with _____ (4). I’m interested in music. I play the gutiar, but I can’t play ____ (5) very well. My favourite group at the moment are U2. I like _______ (6) very much. What about _____ (7)? What kind of music do you like? Please write to _____ (8) again soon. With best wishes, Mike
    • Put a personal or object pronoun in each of the following spaces:
    • You sold that pen to me. _____ gave _____ $2 for ______.
    • I sold that book to Jim. ______ gave ______ $4 for _____.
    • Mary sold the chairs to Mr and Mrs Scott. ______ gave ______ $20 for _______.
    • We sold our old car to Victoria. _____ gave ______ $300 for _____.
    • Mr Smith sold his stamps to us. ______ gave _____ $50 for _______.
  • The pronouns I and me cause much confusion, so it is important to know how to use them properly. Using the correct pronoun How would you complete this sentence: Keith and _____ are going to the cinema. If you are in doubt divide the sentence into two short sentences: Keith is going to the cinema. I am going to the cinema. You could not say: Me am going to the cinema. Father told John and _____ to wait for him. Make two sentences: Father told John to wait for him. Father told ____ to wait for him. Note: Me is always used after between . Between you and me , I do not like this photo of Mary. This secret is between Jane and me .
  • Fill in the correct pronoun in each sentence below, using I or me:
    • Francis and _____ are going to the party.
    • Frian invited Paul and ____ to the party.
    • Between you and _____ the boy made a mistake.
    • Richard and _____ received presents from Uncle David.
    5. Uncle David sent presents to Richard and ______. 6. Mother scolded Janet and _____ for being late. 7. They were waiting for Sally and ______. 8. It was evident that Sally and _____ were in trouble.
  • We use a possessive adjective before a noun to say who the noun belongs to. Julia and her brother. Tony and his grandmother.
  • What is Mary Adams saying? Add my, your, his, her, our or their. My (1) first name is Mary. ______ (2) family is Adams. What about you? What’s _____(3) first name? What’s ______(4) family name? I’m married. You can see _____ (5) husband in the picture. ______(6) name is Arthur. We have got one son and one daughter. _____(7) son is 20. _____(8) name is Nick. _______(9) daughter is 25. _____ (10) name is Emily. Emily is married. ______(11) husband’s name is Bruce. Emily and Bruce have got two children. ______(12) names are Ken and Eva. Mary Arthur Nick Emily Bruce Eva Ken
  • We use a possessive pronoun without a following noun (instead of repeating the noun. This is your coat. That’s mine . (= my coat.) My name is Tony. What’s yours ? ( = your name)
  • Complete with a possessive adjective or pronoun in each space.
    • Whose are those books?
    • They’re _______ . They’ve got my nave in them.
    • 2. Whose shirt is this?
    • It’s Peter’s. It’s got ______ name in it, so it must be _______.
    • 3. Whose are those records?
    • They are mine and Jane’s. They’ve got ______ names on them, so they must be _______.
    • 4. Whose dog is that?
    • It’s Mr and Mrs smith’s. It’s got _______ names on _____ collar, so it must be ________.