5 website template sites you did not know about


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5 website template sites you did not know about

  1. 1. 5 Website Template Sites You Did Not Know AboutWebsite templates offer a fast and inexpensive way to create a stunning website. One of the best things aboutwebsite templates is affordability. Low cost is one of the main reasons why templates are very popularparticularly among small businesses.There are many places on the web where you can buy website templates. I have compiled a list of fiverelatively lesser known places that offer excellent designs and exceptional value for money. These sites offer aviable alternative to established sites like TemplateMonster.Here are 5 Website Template Sites That You May Now Know About:1. Smallbusinessecommerce.co.ukSmallbusinessecommerce.co.uk is a unique website template service started by a web design agency fromLondon. They are the only place to offer free web-hosting, free logo and free installation with every websitetemplate.This has made the service very popular among small businesses within a relatively short time. Additionally, allwebsites include the following features which make it a viable alternative to the leading established templatesites like Template Monster.Here is what you get with your website:• Stunning websites for a flat one-time fee of £49/$67• 6 core pages plus the ability to add more• Professional prepared industry standard text for your website• Social media features on your website• Built-in features including Live chat with your website
  2. 2. • Email marketing service• Free Web-hosting, logo and installationIn my opinion Smallbusinessecommerce.co.uk is one of the best places to get your templates from. Be sure tocheck it out.2. Templatemo.comTemplatemo.com offers free CSS templates that you can adapt and use on your website. All CSS Templates areabsolutely free to download, modify and apply for your websites without restrictions. You dont even need toregister for the website in order to download files. All of them are W3C standards-compliant free CSStemplates. The site contains over 300 templates divided into CSS and Flash categories. You can also choosefrom a selection of vector graphics for use on your website.The only drawback compared to smallbusinessecommerc.co.uk is that the templates may need somecustomization before you can launch your website. Nevertheless, they are free to use and experiment with.3. Dreamweaver Graphics
  3. 3. Dreamweaver Graphics specializes in templates compatible with the popular Dreamweaver website editingsoftware.The site offers a wide variety of affordable templates for businesses. You can choose designs from a variety ofcategories including Flash, Ecommerce, CMS, Blogs and standard web site templates.4. HTML5 Website TemplatesThis is another template website where you can download the designs for free i.e without paying any fee.The site specializes in HTML 5 templates that can be used for various industries and sectors and includes acommercial use license as long as design from link is retained in the website. Some minor modifications andadjustments will be needed before you can launch your site but as it is free to use, it is much more costeffective than designing your website from scratch.
  4. 4. You can get up and running with basic customization and after inserting your own content. The templates arefree to use for both personal and commercial websites, as long as the5. Theme Forest.NetYou may have already heard or Theme Forest before as it has become very popular in recent years. It is anestablished venture owned by Envato. It is a popular online marketplace with a thriving community of users.The site allows anyone to buy or sell digital goods including templates. It is particularly useful for buyingWordPress themes. If you have a website or blog that runs on WordPress, then this is one of the best places tobuy your designs.Conclusion:There are hundreds of websites that offer templates. Some are established and some are new. The list aboveshowcases five relatively lesser known places for obtaining website templates. They offer excellent designs andgreat value for money. These sites offer a viable alternative to established sites like TemplateMonster. Be sureto check them out.Author K.Singh is the Director of Website Design Agency based in London.