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  • 1. DVD COLLECTION (CURRENT) FOREIGNNo. CALL NUMBER TITLE ACCESSION NUMBER HUMANITIES AND RESEARCH1 001.3 H88h The Heritage of the humanities: a bridge to ourselves2 001.3 H88h Humanities: a bridge to ourselves3 001.3 H88h The Humanities: what they are, what they do4 CD 011.42 R311r The Research paper INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY5 CD 004 ADO Adobe photoshop CS data files and 30-day tryout CD-421 software6 CD 004 A+G A+ guide to PC operating systems CD-4227 004 An27a 2004 A+ guide to managing and maintaining your pc: CD-231 resource pak. 4th ed.8 004 Ar1a 2000 ARCserve 2000 CD-3259 CD 004 C1c Cisco Networking Academy Program CCNA 1 and 2: 2 cps. Companion Guide. Revised Third Edition10 CD 004 C1c Cisco Networking Academy Program CCNA 3 and 4: 2 cps. Companion Guide. Revised Third Edition11 CD 004 C++ C++ Program Design. Third Edition CD-42412 004 C175c 2004 Computer Tools for information age. 2004 ed. CD-22613 CD 004 C269s 2006 Study tool for systems analysis and design. 6th ed. 2 cps. Version 1.014 CD 004 C624c Cloudscape: write once, win anywhere15 CD 004 D262d DB2 Universal database personal edition, version 6.1 CD-353 for the Windows operating environments16 004 Dig Digital signal processing: a hands-on approach CD-32117 CD 004 Exp Exploring Photoshop CS CD-42618 CD 004 Exp Exploring Dreamweaver MX 2004 CD-42519 CD 004 F776f 2000 Forte for Java. Community ed. 1.0, Update release 2. CD-31620 004 F875f 2001 Free trial: America online ver. 7.0 CD-34521 CD 004 F875f 1998 Free Utilities! PC Computing. 50 essential tools CD-33922 CD 004 G1g GFi23 CD/DVD Leeds Metropolitan University, Guide: for international students
  • 2. 24 CD 004 H717h Holiday bonus software25 CD 004 Im7i 2000 Impact/interactive. Seventh ed. CD-44926 004 Ine i-net+ guide to the internet. 3rd ed. CD-45327 004 Ine i-net+ guide to the internet. 3rd ed. CD-45428 CD 004 M582m Microsoft Visual C++.net standard. Version 2003 CD-41229 CD 004 M582m 2003 Microsoft Visual Studio.net. Version 2003 CD-41730 CD 004 M582m 2002 Microsoft Visual Studio.net Professional ver. 2002 CD-41831 CD 004 M698d 2006 CD to accompany: Digital signal processing: a computer-based approach, 3/e. by: Sanjit K. Mitra.32 CD 004 M582m 2007 Microsoft forefront, Microsoft system center33 CD 004 M583m Microsoft Office 97 CD-36434 CD 004 M583 2001 Microsoft visual basic.net: comprehensive concepts CD-411 and techniques.35 CD 004 M583m 1997 Microsoft NT network administration training CD-36736 CD 004 M888u 2004 Upgrading and repairing PCs: 10th Anniv. Ed. CD-ROM 2 CD-320 of 2.37 CD 004 M888u 2004 Upgrading and repairing PCs: 10th Anniv. Ed. CD-ROM 1 CD-302 of 2.38 004 N42n 2000 New 1045 hours free! For 45 days. AOL version 8.039 CD 004 Off1o Office connect: network assistant. Version 3.00 CD-31440 004 O2o 2000 1000 hours free for 45 days: America online CD-33541 004 O2o 2000 1000 hours free for 45 days: America online CD-33642 004 O2o 2000 1000 hours free for 45 days: America online CD-34344 CD 004 O25p 1999 Personal computer secrets CD-38244 CD 004 P432p PC Computing: Best free software CD-35745 CD 004 P943s Progress. Sonic MQ 2000.1 CD-28846 004 Pow Powerpoint advanced presentation techniques CD-45547 CD 004 R682r Using computers in the law office, 4th ed.(2 cds) CD-40948 CD 004 Sa94j 2004 Java: an introduction to computer science and 2 cps. programming. 3rd ed.49 CD 004 San59s 2006 Student toolbox CD-Rom: for use with educational psychology50 004 Com Student CD-ROM to accompany: Computing today CD-314 with Tim’s toolbox.51 004 Red Red Hat Linux: new perspectives. Publisher’s ed. CD-392 Version 8.052 GS CD 004 Si57s 2007 Simplify C++: an application driven tutorial approach CD-1453 CD 004 So87s South-western Microsoft office 2000 series: CD-365 introductory, advanced, and complete tutorials54 CD 004 Sy71s 2003 Sys Admin: the journal for unix and linux systems CD-447 administrators. CD/DVD 004 Sy71s 2005 Samsung syncmaster monitor. Driver.55 CD 004 T62t 2004 PC Magazine Top Web Tools56 004 T78t Try earthlink and get 1000 hours free for 45 days CD-35857 CD 004 V829v 2002 Visual C++.net: developer’s guide58 CD 004 Vis Microsoft Vusual C++ 6.0 compiler. Introductory ed. CD-433
  • 3. 59 004 U4u 2004 Utility megapac + hardwood spades, magic world, ricochet-thinktanks60 004 Web Web design: complete course CD-45661 CD 004 W556w What is computer? The robot revolution CD 004 W556w What is computer?62 CD 004.0151 In8 Student CD-ROM to accompany Introduction to CD-250 Management Science: a modeling and case studies approach with spreadsheets.63 004.6 D833w Web-based training: using technology to design adult CD-319 learning experiences64 004.6 G569l 2004 Local area networks: a business-oriented approach, 2nd CD-315 ed.65 004.6 H122t 2001 TCP/IP. Microsoft Windows NT server version 4.0 CD-297 evaluation edition66 004.6 N163m 2000 Mastering and using Microsoft office 2000 series: CD-366 beginning, intermediate, advanced, and comprehensive courses67 CD 004.6 N163m 2000 Mastering and using Microsoft office 2000 series: CD-318 beginning, intermediate, advanced, and comprehensive courses68 CD 004.6 N163m 2000 Mastering and using Microsoft office 2000 series: CD-289 beginning, intermediate, advanced, and comprehensive courses69 004.6 Sk54e 2000 Educating with the internet: using resources at school CD-351 and home COMPUTER PROGRAMMING70 CD 005.1 G193o 2003 Object-oriented programming: from problem-solving CD-375 to java71 CD 005.1 J328j Java: how to program CD-20972 CD 005.1 P943p Programming in C#.net CD-38973 005.3 As22e 2000 Enterprise linux at work: how to build 10 distributed CD-324 applications for your organization74 005.3 C839r 2000 Red hat linux: administrator’s guide CD-33475 005.3 C723m 2004 The Microsoft windows 2000 professional handbook CD-36876 005.3 D922a 2001 CD-ROM to accompany Assembly language step-by- CD-282 step. Snd ed.77 CD 005.3 D368c 2001 Software to accompany C++: how to program. CD-211 Microsoft C++. Introductory edition78 CD 005.3 D368c 2001 Software to accompany C++: how to program. CD-212 Microsoft C++. Introductory edition79 005.3 D368c 2004 C++ how to program. 2004 ed. CD-22580 005.3 D368c 2004 C++ how to program. 2004 ed. CD-22981 005.3 D368j 2004 Java how to program. 2004 ed. CD-02882 005.3 D357p 2004 Big blue Java: complete guide to programming Java CD-327 applications with IBM tools
  • 4. 83 005.3 D291v 2004 Visual age for java. Entry enterprise edition for CD-298 windows 95, windows 98, and windows NT84 005.3 D452w 2000 Windows NT network management: reducing total CD-296 cost of ownership85 005.3 D286w 2008 Windows server 2008 TCP/IP protocols and services IMC-21086 005.3 EC281l 2004 Linux+: in depth CD-22487 005.3 F399m 2008 Microsoft office accounting: professional 2007 step by IMC-207 step88 005.3 F899m 2008 Microsoft expression design: step by step IMC-20689 005.3 G695m 2002 Microsoft visual C++ 6.0: Introductory ed., ENU ed. CD-29490 005.3 G695m 2002 Microsoft visual C++ Programming: source code CD-34891 005.3 H998v 2000 Visual J++. Trial ed. CD-30092 005.3 B85m 2008 Microsoft office communications server 2007: IMC-208 resource kit93 005.3 H729w 2008 Windows administration resource kit: productivity IMC-209 solutions of IT professionals94 CD 005.2 J111j Java: how to program CD-21095 005.3 J776j 2000 JFC: Java foundation classes CD-30396 CD 005.3 L659l 1999 Linux system administration: the M&T slackware CD-286 series 97 005.3 Lin Sams teach yourself linux programming CD-355 98 005.3 L533v 2000 Visual C++6 bible CD-285 99 005.3 M318v 2000 Visual studio 6 for dummies CD-257100 005.3 M583m 2000 Microsoft windows NT network administration CD-332 training101 005.3 M583m 2004 Mastering and using Microsoft frontpage 2000: data CD-329 CD-ROM102 005.3 M976m 2007 Music 2 go: student CD-ROM103 005.3 P442l 2003 Linux: the complete reference: Caldera openlinux 2.2. CD-269 3rd ed.104 005.3 P442l 2003 Linux, the complete reference: Red Hat Linux 6.0 CD-355 Publisher’s edition105 CD 005.3 Sa52a 2000 Sams teach yourself access 97 in 21 days CD-290106 CD 005.3 Sa52a 2000 Sams teach yourself Linux programming in 24 hours. CD-356 Complete learning edition107 005.3 Sh44m 2004 Micorosoft Window NT workstation 4.0 CD-354108 CD 005.3 Sh44m 2004 Microsoft Access 7 CD-295109 005.3 So74b 2004 Building visual foxpro 5 applications CD-292110 CD 005.3 V829v Visual Basic 6: How to program. International ed. CD-410111 005.3 W474p 2007 PowerPoint 2007 Bible IMC-205112 005.3 W673a 2000 Administering Window NT 4.0 fundamentals CD-317113 005.3 W371 2000 Powerpoint 97! CD-291114 005.3 W371 2000 Creating cool powerpoint 97 presentation CD-301115 CD 005.72 G716m 2004 More excellent HTML: built to HTML 4.0 specifications CD-253 with an introduction to javascript116 CD 005.74 D262 2005 Database management systems. 3rd ed.
  • 5. 117 005.74 P846d 2000 Database management systems: designing and CD-283 building business applications118 006.3 L546k 2000 Interactive physics simulations: knowledge revolution, CD-385 insight through interaction119 006.7 H559m 2000 Multimedia techniques and applications CD-270120 020 M1m 2003 MDSN library for Microsoft visual studio.net 2003 CD-372 (Disc 1) CD-373 (Disc 2) CD-374 (Disc 3)121 022.3 F875f Free 45 day trial version of Actrix technical simply CD-326 smarter diagramming122 025.04 C253d 2006 Doing data analysis with SPSS, Version 14123 028.7 Mc178m The McGraw-Hill desk reference for editors, writers and proofreaders124 CD 070 New News scene: interactive news assignments CD-429125 CD 070.94 R259r 2000 Radio production work text: studio and equipment CD-260 100 PSYCHOLOGY, LOGIC 1 CD 150 ABN Abnormal psychology, live! Version 2.5 CD-479 2 CD 150 ANT Doing Anthropology today: for anthropology: the CD-480 human challenge, 11th ed. For student study. 3 CD 150 Ess Student CD-ROM to accompany Bernstein/Nash CD-481 Essentials of Psychology, 3/e. 4 CD 150 Exp Exploring biological psychology, version 1.0 CD-457 5 CD 150 Int Try-it-yourself Introduction to psychology: with critical CD-150 video exercises 6 CD 150 Lif Life map to accompany John W. Santrock, Life-Span CD-458 development, Tenth edition 7 CD 150 L139p 2000 In-psych plus to accompany Lahey, Psychology: an 2 Discs introduction, Ninth ed. 8 150.72 P686b 2003 Behavioral research: design and analysis 001 9 160 H939c 2002 Logic resource for Hurley’s A concise introduction to CD-264 Logic, seventh ed. Version 1.010 150 Org Student CD-ROM for use with Organizational Behavior CD-46011 150 Soc Social sense to accompany David G. Myers, Social CD-459 Psychology, 8th ed.12 CD 150.195 B458s 2005 Student CD-ROM to accompany Bernstein/Nash Essentials of Psychology, 3/e13 152 C197p 2004 Neuroscience animation to accompany Physiology of CD-254 behavior, seventh ed.14 152 C197p 2004 Neuroscience animation to accompany Physiology of CD-386 behavior, seventh ed.15 CD 152.33 C839e The 8th habit DVD: from effectiveness to greatness16 CD 152.4 H874e 2005 Emotional intelligence in action: training and coaching activities for leaders and managers17 155 P198h 2004 Student CD-ROM to accompany Human development, CD-222
  • 6. ninth ed.18 155.4 B869c 2004 Student CD-ROM to accompany Bukatko/Daehler Child CD-223 Development: a thematic approach, fifth ed.19 CD 155.5 San95l 2000 Life map to accompany John W. Santrock, CD-390 Adolescence, Tenth ed.20 CD 155.5 F844s 2000 Social sense to accompany Stephen L. Franzoi, Social psychology, fourth ed. 200 RELIGION1 CD 234.163c Celebration of the Eucharist 1, 2, 3 & 4. Converted from VHS2 CD 246.75 So57s 2002 Songs of communion: a collection of inspirational songs3 CD 246.75 Y84y 2001 Your presence: Praise Music AUDIO DISC4 CD 291.2117m Miracle of life/Eclipse of reason [Beginning of Converted from VHS life/Abortion] 300 SOCIAL SCIENCE, STATISTICS, ECONOMICS1 CD 300 F875f 2000 Free migration trial! Net IQ mission critical software CD-344 for e-business: domain migration administrator2 CD 301 L745l 2006 Living anthropology: video supplement & review questions to accompany anthropology texts by Conrad Philip Kottak3 301 K849a 2008 Living with anthropology: student CD-ROM, 12th ed. IMC-2114 302 Exp Student CD-ROM to accompany Exploring social CD-324 psychology, third edition.5 302.14 F844s 2000 Social sense to accompany Social psychology, 4th ed. MASS COMMUNICATIONS 6 IMC 302.2 B292b VCD1 Basic Radio Skills: Announcing. (Life Skills Series) IMC-1 7 IMC 302.2 B292b VCD2 Basic Radio Skills: Editing. (Life Skills Series) IMC-2 8 IMC 302.2 B292b VCD3 Basic Radio Skills: Radio Interview. (Life Skills Series) IMC-3 9 IMC 302.2 B292b VCD4 Basic Radio Skills: Radio News. (Life Skills Series) IMC-410 IMC 302.2 B292b VCD5 Basic Radio Skills: Radio Talkback. (Life Skills Series) IMC-511 IMC 302.2 B292b VCD6 Basic Radio Skills: Radio Writing. (Life Skills Series) IMC-612 IMC 302.2 B292b VCD7 How to do a TV Stand-up. (Life Skills Series) IMC-713 IMC 302.2 B292b VCD8 Interview Techniques. (Life Skills Series) IMC-814 IMC 302.2 B292b VCD9 Techniques of TV interviewing. (Life Skills Series) IMC-915 IMC 302.2 B292b VCD10 TV News Room: News Gathering. (Life Skills Series) IMC-1016 IMC 302.2 B292b VCD11 TV News Room: News Production. (Life Skills Series) IMC-1117 CD 302.2 G875c Conversations with communication theorists 2.0, IMC-142(Disc 2) student CD-ROM IMC-143(Disc 1)18 CD 302.2 In8i Introduction to Mass Communication: Student CD- IMC-147
  • 7. ROM, Disc 119 CD 302.2 In8i Introduction to Mass Communication: Student CD- IMC-148 ROM, Disc 120 CD 302.2 In8i Introduction to Mass Communication: Student CD- IMC-145 ROM, Disc 221 CD 302.2 In8i Introduction to Mass Communication: Student CD- IMC-146 ROM, Disc 222 CD 302.2 M468m Media World IMC-150-15223 CD 302.2 N213n News scene: interactive news assignments IMC-15324 CD 302.2 Ob2c BusCom Writer: Contemporary business IMC-141 communication.25 CD 302.2 T996t Television and radio announcing: student audio CD IMC-15426 CD 302.2 T996t Television and radio announcing: student audio CD IMC-15527 CD 302.2 V838m Media of Mass Communication, 7th ed. Electronic IMC-149 chapters28 CD 302.2 W85c CD-ROM for Communication Mosaics IMC-14029 CD 302.2 W85i Every connections CD-ROM for interpersonal IMC-144 communication: everyday encounters, 4e30 CD 302.35 K62o 2006 Organizational behavior 2: key concepts, skills & best practices31 CD 305.553 P942p 2003 Microsoft Office project professional 2003, 120-day trial.32 CD 306 K832f 2006 Film, form, and culture. Student DVD-ROM STATISTICS, INVESTMENTS AND ECONOMICS33 CD 310 K281s 2003 Statistics for management & economic-6th includes Data analysis plus 4.0: a statistical software add-in for Microsoft Excel.34 CD 310 L329e 2006 Instructor-to-instructor CD to accompany Elementary Statistics: featuring the world CD 330 B340 2006 Data CD-ROM to accompany Managerial economics and business strategy, 5th edition35 330 B969e 2005 Boyes/Melvin Interactive turorial CD-ROM Economics, 004 6th edition36 332.6 Fin Prentice Hall Finance Center CD-32737 332.6 Fun Self-study CD-ROM to accompany Fundamentals of CD-330 investment, 3rd edition38 332.6 N89o 2005 Interest rate risk modeling: the fixed income valuation course39 338.04092 L744l 2005 Goventure: live the life of an entrepreneur 00540 371.33467 M919m 2007 Multimedia differential equations41 CD 380.1 M341m 2001 Mastering marketing version 1.0, Universal CD ed. CD-36242 CD 363.192 F739f Food safety: what you don’t know can hurt you
  • 8. 400 LANGUAGES, GRAMMAR1 428 C694a 2007 The Collins COBUILD Advanced Dictionary of American IMC-49 English2 428 W893w 2006 Entre Amis: world languages series IMC-62(Audio CD1)3 428 W893w 2006 Entre Amis: world languages series IMC-63(Audio CD2)4 428 W893w 2006 Entre Amis: world languages series IMC-64(Audio CD3)5 428 So47k 2006 Key concepts 1: Listening, note taking, and speaking IMC-52 across the disciplines, Chapters 1-6(audio CD)6 428 So47k 2006 Key concepts 2: Listening, note taking, and speaking IMC-53 across the disciplines, Chapters 1-4(audio CD)7 428 So47k 2006 Key concepts 2: Listening, note taking, and speaking IMC-54 across the disciplines, Chapters 5-7(audio CD) 500 EARTH SCIENCE1 CD 500 B777b Britannica: Evidence for the Ice Age: the wind & the promise; continental drift; theory of plate tectonics2 CD 500 Ech45e Echinoderms, sea stars & their relative3 CD 500 Sci1s Science world: 1. Circulatory system 2. Digestive system 3. Endocrine system4 CD 500 Se23s Secrets of Science: video eleven, Energy5 CD 500 Sec25s Secrets of Science: Video 12, Of wheels and wings (defective disc) BUSINESS STATISTICS6 GS CD 519.5 B292b 2007 Basic statistics for business and economics CD-117 GS CD 519.5 B963B 2007 Business statistics in practice CD-268 IGS DVD 519.5 Learning normal distribution, learning application, binomial theorem 9 519.5 B452b 2004 Basic business statistics, 2004 ed. CD-22710 CD 519.5 Fun Fundamentals of business statistics, data CD CD-47411 CD 519.5 Qua Quantitative analysis for management, 7th ed. CD-47712 519.5 St29s 2000 SPSS 7.5 for Windows, student version. CD-30713 519.5 St29s 2000 SPSS Student version 9.0 for Windows: with student CD-265 assistant and data sets for marketing research, 3rd ed. ASTRONOMY14 520 Ast Astronomy: essential study partner CD-30615 520 Ast Astronomy: essential study partner CD-30716 CD 523.2 Sci1s Science world: 1. The solar system 2. Beyond the solar system 3. The sun and its energy17 CD 525 Sp11s Space, earth and atmosphere
  • 9. GEOLOGY18 CD 551.22 Ear71e Earthquakes: restless crest19 CD 553.7 G918g Ground water, erosion, leveling the lands, rivers, the work of tuning water20 CD 540 In8i Glencoe Chemistry concepts and applications, sampler. Interactive teacher edition21 CD559 Ear76e Earth science: exploring mother earth; the moon, a giant step to geology22 CD 551.46 Oc2o Ocean dynamics: the works of the sea; the beach: a river of sand; waves on water23 574 Bio Campbell biology: objectives, word roots, key terms, CD-310 activities, case studies in the process of science, quizzes, articles, interviews, glossary24 CD 578 T245t Temperate deciduous forest, coniferous forest, biomes: an introduction25 CD 590 H817h 2003 Jon Houseman Digital zoology: CD-ROM and student workbook, version 2.026 CD 593.4 Sp61s Sponges: annelids27 CD 597 F526f Fish, reptiles: animal of a living reef28 CD 597.8 Am71a Amphibians, birds, mammals29 CD 599 J668j Jointed-legged animals; arthropods; adaptive radiation: the mollusks. 600 MEDICINE1 612 T638p 2004 Student companion CD-ROM for Principles of anatomy CD-261 and physiology, 9th ed. Version 1.0 GS CD 613 H349h 2007 Health quest CD-122 613.7 C745c 2004 HealthQuest 3.0: an interactive exploration of your CD-221 health and well-being. Hybrid DE-Rom3 615.14 M656m 2000 MIMS interactive: drug information, drug CD-322 identification, drug-drug interaction, RX writer. Vol 2 No 3. MANAGEMENT OF PUBLIC HOUSEHOLDS4 CD 641.3 P919p Preparing buffet foods 2 copies5 641.36 M464m Meat Cutting: beef ribs and loin cuts; Beef round and Converted from VHS chuck cuts; pork cuts; Lamb and veal cuts6 CD 641.5 So1s So you want to be a chef? Your guide to culinary careers 7 CD/DVD 641.84 Sa57s Sandwiches 8 CD 642 B74b Breakfast: the most important meal Converted from VHS 9 CD 647.9 Bak Baking seminar (Venue: coffee shop)10 CD 647.9 Nut Nutrition connections to accompany nutrition CD-445
  • 10. concepts and controversies, 9th ed.11 CD 647.9 Ser ServSafe instructor CD-ROM. 3rd ed, ver 1.0 CD-43012 VCD 647.94 B171 2009 Baking Pastry IMC-26213 VCD 647.94 B18 2009 Banquet preparation and service IMC-26314 VCD 647.94 B181 2009 Basic skills for food service IMC-26415 VCD 647.94 B29 2009 Beverage service IMC-26516 VCD 647.94 B89 2009 Buffet display techniques IMC-26617 VCD 647.94 C12 2009 Cakes, cookies & decoration IMC-267 GS CD 647.94 C897c 2007 Culinary creation (.pdf/.doc) CD-3718 VCD 647.94 C965 2009 The Customer IMC-26819 VCD 647.94 D472 2009 Desserts IMC-26920 VCD 647.94 Eq91 2009 Equipment IMC-27021 647.94 Enc The encyclopedia of restaurant forms: a complete kit CD-323 of ready-to-use checklists, worksheets and training aids for a successful food service operation.22 VCD 647.94 F26 2009 Fast food restaurants IMC-27123 VCD 647.94 F739 2009 Food borne disease IMC-27224 VCD 647.94 F739 2009 Food service IMC-27325 VCD 647.94 F739 2009 Food service excellence IMC-27426 CD 647.94 F739f Foodwise 1.2: diet analysis software CD-48927 CD 647.94 F739f Food and beverage: suggestive selling IMC-9328 CD 647.94 F739f(1) Handling Food Safely (Life Skills Series)29 CD 647.94 F739f(2) Food Service Excellence(Life Skills Series)30 CD 647.94 F739f(3) Food Borne Disease(Life Skills Series)31 CD 647.94 F739f(4) Fast Food Restaurants(Life Skills Series)32 CD 647.94 F739f(5) Meat Cutting(Life Skills Series)33 CD 647.94 F739f(6) Meat Handling(Life Skills Series)34 CD 647.94 F739f(7) Sanitation and Safety(Life Skills Series)35 CD 647.94 F739f(8) Equipment(Life Skills Series)36 CD 647.94 F739f(9) Quality and Cost Control(Life Skills Series)37 CD 647.94 F739f(10) Kitchen Safety: Preventing Falls(Life Skills Series)38 CD 647.94 F739f(11) Kitchen Safety: Working with Utensils(Life Skills Series)39 CD 647.94 F739f(12) Stocks, Sauces and Gravies(Life Skills Series)40 CD 647.94 F739f(13) Vegetables and Fruits(Life Skills Series)41 CD 647.94 F739f(14) Meat, Seafood and Poultry(Life Skills Series)42 CD 647.94 F739f(15) Salads(Life Skills Series)43 CD 647.94 F739f(16) Sandwiches(Life Skills Series)44 CD 647.94 F739f(18) Pastry(Life Skills Series)45 CD 647.94 F739f(20) Desserts(Life Skills Series)46 CD 647.94 F739f(21) Banquet preparation and service(Life Skills Series)47 CD 647.94 F739f(22) Buffet Display techniques(Life Skills Series)48 647.94 F957h 2004 How to Open a Financially Successful Bakery IMC-10249 GS CD 647 H83h 2007 How to open a financially successful bakery CD-29 (.PDF/.DOC)50 GS CD 647 H83h 2007 How to open a financially successful coffee, espresso CD-28 & tea shop (.PDF/.DOC)
  • 11. 51 GS CD 647 H83h 2007 How to open a financially successful specialty retail & CD-39 gourmet foods shop52 VCD 647.94 H193 2009 Handling food safely IMC-27553 647.94 H83h 2007 How to open a financially successful pizza and sub IMC-104 restaurant54 CD 647.94 H794h 2007 Hospitality & tourism: powerpoint instructor CD-490 presentation software IMC-9555 CD/DVD 647.94 H797h 2003 CD-ROM to accompany Hotel front office simulation: a workbook and software package56 VCD 647.94 In8 2009 Introduction to baking IMC-27657 647.94 K555c 2007 The complete guide to successful event planning IMC-10158 VCD 647.94 K647 2009 Kitchen safety: preventing falls IMC-27859 VCD 647.94 D647 2009 Kitchen safety: working with utensils IMC-27960 VCD 647.94 M464 2009 Meat cutting IMC-28061 VCD 647.94 M464 2009 Meat handling IMC-28162 VCD 647.94 M464 2009 Meat, seafood and poultry IMC-28263 VCD 647.94 M51 2009 Mis en place IMC-28364 CD/DVD 647.94 N959n Nutrients: their interactions65 GS CD 647.94 Op2o 2007 Opening a restaurant or other food business starter kit CD-3666 VCD 647.94 P913 2009 Preparing buffet foods IMC-28467 VCD 647.94 Q25 2009 Quality and cost control IMC-28568 GS CD 647.94 R 2007 The Responsible serving of alcoholic beverages (PDF/DOC)69 VCD 647.94 Sa31 2009 Salads IMC-28670 VCD 647.94 Sa59 2009 Sandwiches IMC-28771 VCD 647.94 Sa591 2009 Sanitation and safety IMC-28872 VCD 647.94 St51 2009 Stocks, sauces and gravies IMC-28973 VCD 647.94 T12 2009 Table service IMC-29074 CD 647.94 T682 Train the trainer: conducting one-on-one training IMC-9675 VCD 647.94 V46 2009 Vegetables and fruits IMC-29176 VCD 647.94 W125 2009 The Waiter’s role IMC-29277 CD 647.94 W893w World trainer: extended stay guestroom cleaning IMC-9778 VCD 647.94 Y75 2009 Yeast raised products IMC-29379 647.95 G445p 2000 CD-ROM to accompany Professional cooking, 4th ed. CD-25880 650 Au 2005 Audio-tech business book summaries: today’s best 040 business books summarized on CD, MP3 or Audio Cassette!81 CD 650 F413b Student CD-ROM for use with Business: a changing CD-313 world, 4/e. ACCOUNTANCY & MANAGEMENT82 657 Int Intermediate accounting: digital tool CD-ROM, ver CD-437 1.0, 10th ed.83 657 K696i 2009 Integrated accounting for Windows, 5e 5262783 657 K696i 2009 Integrated accounting for Windows, 5e 52628
  • 12. 84 657 K696i 2009 Integrated accounting for Windows, 5e 5262985 657 K696i 2009 Integrated accounting for Windows, 5e 5263086 CD 658 Bus Student CD-ROM for use with Business CD-42387 657 P442c 2000 Company data CD-ROM college accounting with CD-272 peachtree88 657.028 P429b 2002 Building accounting systems: using access 2000 CD-30489 657.044 K848i 2004 Intermediate accounting,: digital tool SC-ROM, ver 1.0, CD-312 10th ed.90 CD 657.42 M277f 2006 Topic tackler plus to accompany Fundamentals of cost accounting91 658 B317m 2004 Student CD-ROM for use with Management, 6/e. 007 Bateman/Shell92 GS CD 658 B963b 2007 Business & administrative communication CD-2193 GS CD 658 B963b 2007 Business forecasting CD-2794 GS CD 658 B963b 2007 Business forecasting CD-3295 658 D131m 2000 Discovering your management career CD-ROM to CD-305 accompany Management, 5/e by Richard L. Daft96 658 F58s 2000 Student resource CD-ROM to accompany Service CD-255 Management: operations, strategy, and information technology 97 IGS DVD 658 G875f 2003 No.1 Fundamentals of management, Tape 1 DD 98 IGS DVD 658 G875f 2003 No.2 Fundamentals of management, Tape 2 DD 99 658 K887f 2005 Kreitner foundations of management 002100 CD 658 M72 Modern Management: diversity, quality, ethics, and CD-273 the global environment101 GS CD 658 P943p 2007 Project management simulation software CD-35102 658 w832g 2000 The Global business game CD-259103 GS CD 658.15 F963f 2007 Fundamentals of corporate finance CD-31104 GS CD 658.15 F963f 2007 Fundamentals of corporate finance CD-38105 GS CD 658.15 P936p 2007 Principles of corporate finance106 CD 658.1511 G193m 2000 Student CD-ROM for use with Managerial accounting CD-284107 658.1511 H559m 2000 Student success CD-ROM to accompany Managerial CD-256 accounting108 658.30235 R636o 2000 Organizational behavior CD-313109 658.4038 Ol81 2001 Student resource CD-ROM to accompany Introduction 041 to information systems project management110 658.404 G341p 2002 Full-product120-day evaluation version of Microsoft CD-280 Project 2000 to accompany Practical Project Management111 658.5 B214b 2004 Business logistics management 4th ed. CD-274112 GS CD 658.5 M319m 2007 Manufacturing in real time (PDF/DOC)113 CD 658.5 Op4o 2000 Student CD-ROM by Irwin/McGraw-Hill to accompany CD-276 Operations Management: contemporary concepts and cases114 CD 658.5 Op4o 2003 Operations management inline access, 3rd ed. CD-275115 658.5 Sch76o 2007 Student CD-ROM to accompany Operations IMC-204
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  • 14. FILIPINIANANo. CALL NUMBER TITLE ACCESSION NUMBER 1 CD Fil 004 P69p PLDT play: ready room 2 FIL REF 050 P538P 2001 The 2001 Philippines yearbook: facts and figures CD-281 3 CD FIL 070p Public Journalism: connecting with the community CD-247 4 CD Fil 070s Student works: a compilation of student exercise videos, vol. 15 CD Fil 070.4 Rags to riches: story of VP Noli L. De Castro6 CD 070.4 T667t Toxic Sunset7 300 W817w 8 Wonders of the Phils, Rated K.; Ang Huling Princsesa ng Panay, I Witness; Palimos, I Witness; Sa hirap at ginhawa, I Witness; Rizal sa Europa, I Witness; Lupa’t bahay, Rated K; Ang tsinelas, Rated K. 8 CD FIL 305.4 V842v Behind the veil: voices of Moro women 9 CD FIL 302.2242 Ar69r 2004 SONA 2004, Pres. G.M. Arroyo (7-26-04)10 CD FIL 302.2242 P925p 2006 SONA 2006, Pres. G.M. Arroyo11 CD FIL 305k Katutubo: memory of dances CD-24012 CD FIL 320 Vot Seminar on Voter’s Education Program CD-44613 CD FIL 331 N66n No time for play: Child labor in the Philippines14 CD 338.479 Q32 Quiet places: a look on ecotourism in the Phil.15 CD FIL 338.479 PIA Primer 2 Copies16 CD FIL 338.74 T62t 2004 Top 7000 & next 5000 corporations: the engines of economic growth, business profiles 2003-200417 CD FIL 361B Behind the veil: voices of Moro women CD-23818 CD FIL 361G Graftbusters: kontra kurakot CD-23919 CD FIL 361M Mula pabrika hanggang Fukuoka CD-24320 CD FIL 361N No more Sabado nights CD-24421 CD FIL 361T Toxic sunset: on the trail of hazardous waste from CD-248 Subic and Clark22 CD FIL 361.1b Breaking rules: children in conflict with the law and 2 Copies the juvenile justice process23 CD FIL 361.1 Q48s Surviving in chronic conflict environments: the experience of IDPS in Central Mindanao24 FIL CD 658 D44s 2006 SME information Material. DTI 6 Copies
  • 15. 25 CD FIL 658.045 Top 7000 corporations 2002-2003, next 5000 CD-399 corporations 2002-200326 CD 780 Sa59t Tunugan: four essays on Filipino music27 CD 800 R322l Literature of voice: epics in the Philippines28 CD FIL 900p The Philippine Story: 1. The Negritos, 2. The Ifugao 3. The Tabon Caves 4. Fiestas of the Phils. 5. Heroes of war 6. Song of Adarna 7. Bahay 8. Likha 9. Fiesta 10. Years of change 11 The Chinese connection 12. S.P.W.C.29 CD/DVD 915 M314m Manila noon30 CD FIL 920g The Greatness of Ordinary life: biography and teachings of Msjr. Josemaria Escriva (1902-1975). CD-ROM SPECIAL COLLECTIONS FILIPINO HERITAGE SERIES1 FIL CD 959.9 F477f V.1 Filipino heritage the making of a nation, volume 1. CD-435 The Stone Age in the Philippines: the search for early man. (PDF ON CD-ROM)2 FIL CD 959.9 F477f V.2 Filipino heritage the making of a nation, volume 2. CD-436 The Metal Age in the Philippines: the foundations of the society. (PDF ON CD-ROM)3 FIL CD 959.9 F477f V.3 Filipino heritage the making of a nation, volume 3. CD-437 The age of trade and contacts: visitors from across many seas. (PDF ON CD-ROM)4 FIL CD 959.9 F477f V.4 Filipino heritage the making of a nation, volume 4. CD-438 The Spanish colonial period: the day of the Conquistador. (PDF ON CD-ROM)5 FIL CD 959.9 F477f V.5 Filipino heritage the making of a nation, volume 5. CD-439 The Spanish colonial period: under the church bells. (PDF ON CD-ROM)6 FIL CD 959.9 F477f V.6 Filipino heritage the making of a nation, volume 6. CD-440 The Spanish colonial period: Roots of National Indentify. (PDF ON CD-ROM)7 FIL CD 959.9 F477f V.7 Filipino heritage the making of a nation, volume 7. CD-441 The Spanish colonial period: the awakening. (PDF ON CD-ROM)8 FIL CD 959.9 F477f V.8 Filipino heritage the making of a nation, volume 8. CD-442 The period of armed struggle: night of heroes. (PDF ON CD-ROM)9 FIL CD 959.9 F477f V.9 Filipino heritage the making of a nation, volume 9. CD-443 The American colonial period: under the school bell. (PDF ON CD-ROM)10 FIL CD 959.9 F477f V.10 Filipino heritage the making of a nation, volume 10. CD-444 Birth of a nation: War baby. (PDF ON CD-ROM)
  • 16. TIPONG PINOY SERIES 1 CD 647.949 P538P (1) Philippine Architecture IMC-178 2 CD 647.949 P538P (2) Philippine Cinema IMC-179 3 CD 647.949 P538P (3) Philippine Dances IMC-180 4 CD 647.949 P538P (4) Philippine Drama IMC-181 5 CD 647.949 P538P (5) Philippine Fiestas IMC-182 6 CD 647.949 P538P (6) Philippine Games and toys IMC-183 7 CD 647.949 P538P (7) Philippine Komiks IMC-184 8 CD 647.949 P538P (8) Philippine Food IMC-185 9 CD 647.949 P538P (9) Philippine Christmas IMC-186 10 CD 647.949 P538P (10) Todos Los Santos IMC-187 11 CD 647.949 P538P (11) Cavite in History IMC-188 12 CD 647.949 P538p (12) Cordillera IMC-189 13 CD 647.949 P538p (13) Intramuros IMC-190 14 CD 647.949 P538p (14) Manila and Intramuros IMC-191 15 CD 647.949 P538p (15) Islam IMC-192 16 CD 647.949 P538p (16) Education IMC-193 17 CD 647.949 P538p (17) Courtship practice IMC-194 18 CD 647.949 P538p (18) Western influenced Filipino music IMC-195 19 CD 647.949 P538p (19) Jeepney as a folk art IMC-196 20 CD 647.949 P538p (20) Museum IMC-197 21 CD 647.949 P538p (21) The wonders of Folk medicines, superstitions and IMC-198 belief 22 CD 647.949 P538p (22) Earth, wind, fire and water lores IMC-199 23 CD 647.949 P538p (23) Indigenous music IMC-200 24 CD 647.949 P538p (24) Trading in the Philippines IMC-201 25 CD 647.949 P538p (25) Women in the revolution IMC-202 26 CD 647.949 P538p (26) What is Filipino Music? IMC-203 SAN SEBASTIAN COLLEGE-RECOLETOS, MANILA COLLECTION 1 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 2005 Birthday party, Fr. H. Omecillo, OAR. Sept 29, 2005 2 Copies HRM 2 3 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 C180c Career Expo 2007, March 2, 2007 20074/7 SSC-R DC/DVD 080 C737c Community sporstfest 2006 2 Copies 2006 5-6 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 C413c CHED Earthquake drill. SSC-R Auditorium July 12, 2 Copies 2006 2006 8 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 C737c Community sportsfest flashback 1999-20059-10 CCS-R CD/DVD 080 Em74e Employees League 2005 2 Copies 2005 (Defective discs)11-13 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 Em74e Employees Pilgrimage 2005. Balayan and Calatagan, 3 Copies
  • 17. Batangas, October 21, 2005. 14 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 Em74e Employees Pilgrimage 2006 2006 15 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 F467f 2006 59th Foundation anniversary Celebration, January 18-20, 2006 (music video) 17 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 F467f 2006 59th Foundation, Funlympics ‘05 18 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 F467f 2006 59th Foundation, Mrs. Linda Apa-ap, 30 yrs service. Jan. 18, 2006 Century Park Hotel19-20 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 F467f 2006 59th Foundation, Awards night 2006. 2 copies 21 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 F467f 2006 59th Foundation, Motorcade 2006 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 F467f 2006 59th Foundation, Service Awards Night 22 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 F892f 2006 Freshmen Student/Parents Gen. Orientation June 10, 2006 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 In7i 2005 Institutional Christmas Party Dec. 16, 2005 25 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 L761l 2006 Living rosary October 3, 2006 26 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 M857m Motorcade 2007 2007 27 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 M858m Motorcade 2006, SSC-R Canlubang Campus 200628-29 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 N113n NCAA Opening 2005, MIT v/s SSC-R 2 Copies 200530-31 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 N563n Night Camp ‘04 2 copies 2004 33 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 P643p Employees pilgrimage 2004 CD-387 2004 34 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 P659p Pioneers of the spirit, Augustine of Hippo Defective Disc 36 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 San51s SSC-R Staglets Defective Disc 37 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 Se69s 2006 Service Awards Night 2006, Jan. 18, 2006 38 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 Sh15r 2005 Shakey’s V-league, SSC-R vs. ADMU 3rd Place Game 239-42 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 Si97s 2007 60th Foundation Anniversary, Field Demontrations 4 copies 200743/45 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 Si97s 2007 60th Foundation Anniversary, Funlympics 2007 2 copies44/46- SSC-R CD/DVD 080 Si97s 2007 60th Foundation Anniversary, Motorcade 2007 5 copies 4950-53 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 Si97s 2007 60th Foundation Anniversary, Service Awards Night 3 copies 2007 54 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 T675k Tradex ’06: 1st SSC-R Trade Exhibit. 200655-58 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 T714 2006 Tree Planting Day, June 2, 2006, SSC-R Canlubang 4 copies59-60 SSC-R CD/DVD 080 t920T 2006 2006 NCAA Seniors Basketball, JRU vs. SSC-R 2 copies