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Help desk white paper

  1. 1. REMOTE Network Monitoring Rest Assured with 24 x 7 Help Desk and On-Call Technical Support
  2. 2. The Business World Runs 24 x 7: Shouldnt Your Technical Support?Its 5:00 pm. Your last customer has walked out, your office staff has switched out the lights, andyour business is closed for another day. Or is it? Depending on the nature of your business – if youoffer online retail or merchandising, or if you serve customers in a variety of timezones, yourbusiness may never shut down.And even if are a services provider sticking to a straight 8:00 am to 5:00 pm schedule … ITvulnerabilities and hackers, dont. Many a management team has fallen victim to the frustration ofworking late to meet deadlines, only to have a server or IP outage block their abilties to doanything. Or, has asked staff to “call technical support,” for a given product or network issue … onlyto have them sit on hold for extended wait times, be shuttled from one help desk personnel toanother, and after an hour or more of time investment, still have no solutions.Unskilled help desk staff, trying to assist unskilled office or management staff, can be as dangerousor frustrating as no available help desk staff.The Help Desk Solution That Really Works, 24 x 7In an extensive review, CRN magazine rated N-central – the Help Desk and Support Software utilizedby Imaging Network Technology and other leading MSP providers - the #1 IT automation andmanaged services software. Now you can see the features that convinced CRNs Test Centerengineers that N-central is the best remote monitoring and management solution available.Tired of repeated calls, to the same Help Desk or Technical Support line, on the same issue? Orrepeat occurrences of the same issue? Our unique trouble-ticketing system offers enhancedcustomer control over technical support and call history.Talking to our Help Desk is – literally – talking to a real person. Remote screen viewing capabilitieslet us sign onto your screen, without business interruption, to view what you are viewing. Customersare offered a real-time, simple to use, web-based gui interface directing them into our Help Desk.
  3. 3. Unique Trouble Ticketing SystemUsing a Remedy-based trouble-ticketing system, we allow callers to track each and every issue callmade, and to escalate if you feel your issue is not fully resolved, or receiving the time andattention it needs to receive. Each call is assigned a unique trouble ticket ID, which is shared withthe customer, so that issues, and their escalation and time to resolve, may be tracked from start tofinish.No longer do callers have to waste time repeating the same scenario, to different technicians ordifferent levels of technical support. Even leading phone and internet providers – AT&T, Sprint – donot offer this level of external customer technical support. Anyone who has spent hours online withan AT&T service representative, or waded through tiers of Quick Books or other support, willappreciate the labor cost savings and time value in have one, state-of-the-art trouble ticketreference #.And our trouble-ticketing system integrates with most of the leading CRM software, including SAGE(the leading non-profit software services suite), Siebel, etc.Simple Web-Based Customer Gui
  4. 4. Take a Test DriveTo take a test drive of our Help Desk functionality and online technical support capabilities, pleasevisit the above link. Use the guest sign-in of “client” and “client.” And see what real 24 x 7, real-time network technical support can feel like.Dont let technical support issues keep you from optimum business performance, or let one secondof downtime cost a critical client.
  5. 5. Price List and SpecsImaging Network Technology is a Washington DC-based Managed Service Provider, offering 24 x 7remote network monitoring and technical support solutions. Details may be found on our website,at Our tiered support plans and 24 x 7 Help Desk let usmanage your networks, so you can manage your business.For further details or inquiries, or to sign up for Network Monitoring services, please contact ourHelp Desk, or Live On-Line Chat, 24 x 7, at: 1-800-719-6545.