Transit City


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Transit City

  1. 1. Next Stop - Transit City Argument ~ Research Essay Exploratory ESSAY QUESTION: Which plan is the best response to Toronto’s demand for more public transit? Why?
  2. 2. 5 years ago, former Toronto Mayor David Miller and the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) unveiled a plan they called “Transit City”. 7 new train lines were announced, and four of the projects were scheduled to begin right away. 5 years later - no trains. Now, Toronto has a new Mayor and a new plan. When Rob Ford was running for Mayor in 2010, Ford promised to end any further discussion about Transit City. So, why does Mayor Ford dislike the former Transit City plan? Source: When did everything start?
  3. 3. The Transit City expansion is virtually all above-ground, modeled on light-rail electric trains (LRTs) and expanded bus service. But Mayor Ford says that his supporters don’t want anymore streetcars, adding that there isn’t room for them on Toronto’s busy streets anyway. For Ford, the answer is underground. If the Mayor has his way, 8 billion dollars that used to be for LRTs and buses, will be spent expanding Toronto ’ s subway system instead. There’s just one catch - 8 billion buys the city a lot more transit above-ground than it does underground. Subways aren’t cheap.
  4. 4. What will it cost? Source: “Keeping transit on the rails” by Enzo Di Matteao Mouseclick Now News for full text
  5. 5. What will it cost? Mouseclick Now News for full text
  6. 6. What will it cost? Mouseclick Now News for full text
  7. 7. Where does it go? “Comparing Transit City to Rob Ford’s plan for the TTC” The Globe and Mail, MARCUS GEE Published Monday, Mar. 07 2011
  8. 8. Where does it go?
  9. 9. Rob Ford talks about his transportation plan, and promises to expand the subway system IF he is elected mayor. Mouseclick the video to watch. Who is Rob Ford?
  10. 10. Metrolinx is an agency created in 2006 by the Government of Ontario to improve transportation throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. They are responsible for regional transit, including GO Transit. The Big Move is a 25-year plan by Metrolinx to improve transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.
  11. 11. 52 kilometres of new light rail transit underway 8 kilometres of new subway extension underway 52 kilometres of new bus rapid transit underway LRT in Toronto The Big Move is planning to add new Light Rail Transit (LRT) lines to areas in Toronto, such as Finch, Sheppard and Eglinton Avenues. Subway Expansion Extension of the Spadina subway line to York University will be complete in 2016.
  12. 12. Mouseclick the guide for more info
  13. 13. Internet Resources Transit City Plan: 2007 History of Transit City (a timeline) Now Magazine: Keeping Transit On the Rails Youtube: Ford’s Transportation Plan The Big Move: Conversation Kit Toronto Infrastructure Research:  Find ONE (1) article about this issue using the database at  Make point-form notes (max.1 page) that combine information here and in your article.  You may use your notes during your in-class essay.