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How to get Bloggers to Write about Your Business
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How to get Bloggers to Write about Your Business


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A presentation on the importance of blogs, how to find the best ones and outreach tips. Also in webinar format here: …

A presentation on the importance of blogs, how to find the best ones and outreach tips. Also in webinar format here:

Published in: Marketing, Technology

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  • 1. LogMyCalls webinar May 2014 ! How to get Bloggers to Write About Your Business Hugh Anderson Co-founder, Inkybee
  • 2. What We’ll Cover Today • Why blogs are so important for marketers • The benefits of blogger outreach • How you can get your business talked about by bloggers and reporters • How to find the best and most relevant blogs • 5 ways to reach out to bloggers/reporters
  • 3. CONTEXT: ! The changing world of consumer consumption
  • 4. Why blogs matter: stats • 78% of internet users conduct product research online. • Greater than 70% of consumers state that blogs affected their purchasing decisions. • Trust in online customer opinions of 70%, vastly outstrips traditional media. • The average budget spent on company blogs & social media has nearly tripled in three years. • There are more than 180 million blogs globally Sources: Hubspot, Econsultancy, eMarketer, Nielsen
  • 5. Why blogs matter • Earned media = Trust • Consumer point of research • Engine that drives ideas on the Internet • The realm of experts • Panda/Penguin updates
  • 6. Benefits of blogger outreach • Precise: rifle-shot target audience • Create loyal communities & brand advocates • SEO performance • Measurable: campaign & business
  • 7. Working with Bloggers: Key Points • It's about developing relationships • You need to be creating compelling content • It's a two way process • You have to have a lead capture strategy • It requires an investment of time & energy
  • 8. Step 1: Set Objectives • Know your business objectives (how much money do you want in the bank by what date) • e.g. generate £4K of sales for ‘Our Debut Album’ by the end of July 2013. • How many physical conversions does this translate into (total money needed / unit cost price = conversions required) • e.g. get 571 people to download ‘Our Debut Album’ by the end of July 2013.
  • 9. Target Audience • Know your target customers • Who are the people who are going to deliver the business objectives by actually spending their cash? • Where do these people ‘hang out’ on the Internet? • Why is this audience going to care about your offer?
  • 10. Reaching out • Be sane and be normal • Follow on Twitter • Read their blog • Retweet occasionally • Get to understand them • Comment sensibly once in a while • Behave like a friend
  • 11. The content offer • Devise and create a compelling content offering that will appeal to your audience (customers and influencers) • Teach, don’t sell • Educate, entertain, and be relevant • Think about the expertise you have and how it will help your target audience. • Prepare a content strategy • No spammy emails or press releases!
  • 12. Types of content • Videos • Infographics • Ebooks • Interviews • Surveys • Event invitations • Samples • Etc. But, make it really genuinely useful. And make it compelling.
  • 13. Measurement • Weekly meeting • Visibility achieved? • Engagement achieved with the offer? • Conversions to leads? • Are the numbers going up? • Discuss ideas to increase conversion • Assign actions to improve now before next week
  • 14. Finding the bloggers: What criteria? • Big does not equal best • A small highly engaged audience is likely to be better than a large disengaged audience • Find the sweet spot: the “magic middle” • 3 Principles: relevance, visibility and engagement • And then look deeper: activity, social media presence, SEO indicators
  • 15. Finding the bloggers: How? Google blog search
  • 16. Finding the bloggers: How? • Blog Directories • Up-to-date? Ability to filter or drill-down?
  • 17. Finding the bloggers: How? • Other tools • Not just blogs. Depth of insight?
  • 18. Finding the bloggers: How? • The Inkybee blog search engine • Fast. Powerful. Insightful.
  • 19. Finding the bloggers: Filtering • Also drill-down by language and location; • Then filter by activity and SEO factors.
  • 20. Finding the bloggers: Review
  • 21. Case Study • ‘The Best Practice 
 Guide for Effective 
 Blogger Outreach’ 
 eBook • Released July 2012 • 12 main influencers
  • 22. Landing Page
  • 23. 5 Ideas for Reaching out 1. Offer a “Giveaway” to their audience; 2. Product reviews 3. Shared content, e.g. an ebook 4. Competitions or event invites 5. Sponsored posts
  • 24. In Conclusion • Embrace influencer outreach - it’s here to stay • Blogs are central to it • Think strategic goals, not tactical gains • Compelling content/story is key • Be human - it’s about relationships • Demonstrate value
  • 25. Hugh Anderson @hughforth @TheInkybee Thank You!