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Social Media Strategy & Delivery for Business. HnyB Untangle – A Specialist Social Branding and Promotion Company delivering Social Branding, Social Advertising, Social Marketing and Social PR solutions.
HnyB Untangle is an agency fuelled by passion to create brands which are loved by people and is driven by smart thinking.
HnyB Untangle engage Social Branding opportunities with innovative solutions crafted to produce measurable results.
HnyB Untangle's brand of creative strategic solutions are defined by our people, our processes, our network and exhaustive experience of our team.

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  • It’s very important to realize that embracing social media: focus on engaging with the customer, is not something that stand on its own. It also requires from the internal organization (employees) that they are embracing similar tools and openness like blogs, wikis, yammer, etc. and even further with the (partner/supplier) ecosystem to become true mashup corporations.

    2. 2. • A few companies dominate the landscape • Many companies participating in an extended• One-to-many connections managed as distinct value chain relationships • Ecosystem of customers, partners, suppliers,• Mechanical and linear influencers, and others • Organic and interconnected • Dynamic system or business network
    3. 3. A person must A person mustsee or hear the notice thecommunication communicationA person must A person mustunderstand the respond favorablyintended to the intendedmessage of the message of thecommunication communicationA person mustplan to act in the A person mustdesired manner notice theof the communicationcommunication
    4. 4. AdvertisingPersonal Promotion Selling Direct PublicMarketing Relation
    5. 5. Selective SelectiveRetention Attention Noise Selective Distortion
    6. 6. Newspapers Email Outdoor Interactive Flyers (Banner ads) Point-of-Direct Mail Purchase Brochures Door-to- Door Magazines Posters Television Radio
    7. 7. • Rapidly advancing Communication & Media technologies are making available new marketing and public relations opportunities never seen before.
    8. 8. Customers are co-shaping yourreputation everyday. Find out what isthe impression ofyour brand? Customers Shape First Impression. Are you accidently outsourcing the building of your brand?
    9. 9. You know exactly whereconversations areoccurring, who hasinfluence, and why.A monitoring approachthat tells you: Who is driving share of conversation for your brand What the top issues are that matter to your customers Where your customers live online How you can add value for your customers When you should engage the community Why customers are passionate on certain topics
    10. 10. You know which types of social media are preferred byyour customers Blogs, Forums, Wikis, Social Networking Sites, Twitter, and What More.
    11. 11. You know that leaders will identify issues before theybecome critical. If you deal with issues when they hitthe press, you are using old school techniques.Patterns Emerge before Public Awareness A common problem emerges in a forum, a blog and a mention on Twitter Monitoring and listening activities give you the means to analyze what is happening and prepare When the issue becomes public, you are ready with answers Customers trust you to be smarter on identifying issues
    12. 12. Purchasing decisions have evolved, today it should berealized that less than 1% of a customer’s time is spentpurchasing a product while 99% of their time is spentsearching and socializing. You build trust by being there when your customer needs you, not when you need your customer
    13. 13. The Media World Isn’t Changing, It has already changed. Bloggers: 3 of 4 look to each other for their next story Customers: 3 of 4 look to each other for purchase adviceDon’t define it as offline or online: it’s all one media world. Justknow which conversations are defining your brand. Old school media drives share of voice However today share of conversation is what’s important Trackers = Competitive Advantage Complete knowledge of where the opportunity really is for your brand Where are conversations occurring? Who has true influence? Clear, crisp, actionable insights for your brand Who are the top influencers? Which keywords matter? Knowledge of your competitor’s actions So that you outsmart them Ability to get ahead of issues to improve preparation See trends emerge before they become public Capability to integrate your learning’s into all brand activities Insights delivered so you can easily utilize them
    14. 14. Customers want to do three things (Ideas, Knowledge,Solutions) to help each other, You build trust by beingpart of this process. Share ideas Let’s improve the next product or service together Share product knowledge Here is what I know and hope it helps you Help peers with problems I had the same problem, here is what I did Old school media drives share of voice
    15. 15. You understand that ethical behavior is a key part ofmaintaining trust.Maintaining Trust by imbibing ethics. Don’t support flogs or splogs As you would never create a fake ad, so why a fake blog post, fake Facebook fan page or fake tweet? Always practice full disclosure That means even small facts about i.e. ghost writing
    16. 16. You are leveraging the world’s greatest operating system– the web. Use it to access employees, clients, vendorsas a tool. Idea Communities – ask your employees for ideas; accelerate R&D decision-making Prediction Markets – wisdom of crowds for specific ideas Community Forums – empower teams Ratings & Reviews – to improve within the company Private B2B Communities – unlock the teams between your company and your partners, in support of Account Leaders Competitive Sites – bring competitive knowledge direct to your desktop
    17. 17. You are an active participant in how the world is changing,an influencer and have made the mindset shift.
    18. 18. What started withHas turned into:
    19. 19. Management of different information via different online platform reaching out to different target audience through building different social networks and maintaining different multi-lateral communication. Information Social Network•Sharing, Publishing, •Live Feed, Micro •Users becomes Discussion Blog, Social Games, content provider, •Text, Pictures, Video, Virtual World •Vertical, Horizontal, Broadcaster needs to Presentation, Sound, Interest, Industry offer instant Gossip, Rating, Polls feedback Results, Etc Management Platform Communication
    20. 20. It’s about knowing Where the conversations are happening What your share of the conversations is What the conversations are that you could / should be in Who the key influencers are who can help build your brandIt’s about expanding your news flow Simple syndication – distribute news via basic sharing tools (eg, Twitter and Facebook)It’s about understanding communities Which groups, forums and networks matter? Who drives share of conversation in these communities? What are the next steps in driving relationships?It’s about leveraging existing content and improvingyour natural search
    21. 21. • Find out where your customers are• Define measurable goals• Be realistic in timings• Ensure commitment• Quantitative: sales, new fans, new conversations,• Qualitative: loyalty, interaction, feedback
    22. 22. • Then See BlogpulseWhat’s Being • Www.BlogpulTalked About se.Com • Twitter.Com In Blogs
    23. 23. Things You Want to Do in the FutureThings You Things You Don’t Do Do Well Well
    24. 24. Determine Determine Develop a Realize Social Manage the Social contributions of characteristics roadmap and Media project(s) Media initiative social media to and social media business case for and execute the and develop a organizational use of target embedding Social plan growth strategy goals audience MediaAssess overall Develop Determine existing Determine Monitor and business goals to segmentation / (social) media functional measure social determine social characteristics of activities requirements of media activity media objectives target audience social media project Develop possible Develop interaction Analyze and learn (Opex, CI, PL) (Persona scenario’s for social from success of development) and graphic designCreate awareness media use (build, Vendor tool the initiative and understanding of Research target join or ignore?) selection Perform Social Media and it’s audience use of Community opportunities and Develop a business Build or configure social media case of social tool Management & challenges Coaching of client Assess current social media projects Identify and gatherAssess strategic media activities of including risks, relevant content with successful use alignment with goals organization goals, and metrics Implement of social media of Social Media organizational initiative (Listening, Talking, Value Effort structure to manage Prioritization Close down project Energizing, social media project and launch next Supporting, Develop a roadmap Build awareness and social media Embracing) train organization initiative Test and deliver project
    25. 25. BUSINESS CUSTOMER OPERATIONAL PRODUCT GOALS INTIMACY EXCELLENCE LEADERSHIP SOCIAL MEDIAFOCUS STRATEGY LISTENING B2C TALKING ENERGIZING C2C SUPPORTING C2B EMBRACINGThe Social Media strategy (growth model) encompasses• Best Practices• Implementation Plans (people, process, technology), and is supported with our Wiki-tool
    26. 26. Newspapers Email Outdoor Interactive Flyers (Banner ads)Direct Mail Point-of- Purchase Door-to- Brochures Door Magazines Posters Television Radio
    27. 27. Extend Your Reach CALL + 91 98982 69489 SKYPE E-MAIL info@untangle.in4/3/2012 68 Infinium (India) Limited