Guild Wars 2 LEveling Guide

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Want to know how you can level fast in guild wars 2? Read my little guild Wars 2 leveling guide!

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  • 1. Ways to Earn XP In GW2 GuideWhat are the ways to earn XP that am I not aware of? Check Out Our Guild Wars 2Guide if you are in need of more information!Earning XP in GW2There are actually a few ways to earn XP in GW2 unlike any other MMOs. This makes itamazing unique to GW2 and almost too enjoyable because almost everything you do willbe able to earn XP. You are not tied down to just two methods to earn XP for yourcharacter. In fact, there are quite a few different ways to harvest XP in Tyria. It really ISbased on how you wish to play the game so let’s look at a few ways to get your characterfrom zero to hero.Killing CreaturesObviously the most logical methods to earn XP is to kill creatures. Every creature youkill in Tyria will yield you XP and what’s interesting is that you can jump into a higherlevel zone and if you try and kill a creature there and it takes you longer than usual,GW2 will realise that you’ve taken longer to kill it and give you more XP for it. Cool hey?What’s important to note is that killing creatures and grinding them out is probably theSLOWEST way to earn XP in GW2, we do not recommend it, please read on. COMPLETE GUILD WARS 2 GUIDE REVEALED ! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE!
  • 2. RenownAnother way to level up is to earn Renown Hearts. These are essentially fixed quests inevery location where there is a big heart on your map. You’ll perform a number of tasksassociated with that area and you’ll be rewarded with XP and Karma.Dynamic EventsThis is by far the most fast-paced and most exciting way to level in Tyria. There areseveral events that will show up on your map if you come into the vicinity of it. One ofthe most common events is providing escort to either a trade or for some person lookingto get from one place to another. Other events include defending locals or helping themattack to gather items that need to be turned in to an NPC. The more you participate inDynamic Events, the more XP you will earn. We encourage you to do this as often aspossible. COMPLETE GUILD WARS 2 GUIDE REVEALED ! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE!
  • 3. DungeonsDungeon Instances are another great way to earn more XP. You can grind out a dungeonas many times as you like, there are actually two modes to a dungeon. Story mode,where there are cutscenes and you need to follow a linear path. Once you’ve finished adungeon in story mode, you can play it in eXPlorable mode. This mode tends to followthe events of the story and has more options open to players as they eXPlore thedungeon. Making instances a lot more interesting!Skill ChallengesThere are various skill challenges throughout Tyria. Theses can range from simplecommunion with an object to single combat to fighting through a mob of creatures totrigger an item. Completing a skill challenge will earn you some XP and, perhaps moreimportantly, a skill point to spend on your slot skills. COMPLETE GUILD WARS 2 GUIDE REVEALED ! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE!
  • 4. Personal StoryAs you create your character and select your preferences, you will be nestled into apersonal storyline, this story follows as you journey throughout Tyria. You’ll gain XP forcompleting your story line quests. Take a look at our Guild Wars 2 Guide if you needmore informationWorld versus World (WvW)Yes that’s right, you can earn XP in PvP! Wonderful! For those who just love to PvP andnothing else, this is great for you, you can kill noobs while earning XP at the same time.Taking on such things as combat, taking keeps and doing dynamic events.EXP-lorationLove to eXPlore the Zones? Then this is for you! EXPloring areas of the map can yieldyou extra XP, such as new waypoints, vistas and points of interests. The more youeXPlore, the more you’ll be likely to trigger an event.Daily AchievementsThere are many daily achievements, these include events, gathering a certain amount ofresources, killing a number of creates or killing a specific number of creates. These canbe done everyday and can yield lots of XP. COMPLETE GUILD WARS 2 GUIDE REVEALED ! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE!
  • 5. RevivingWant to give life to someone? Reviving people or reviving NPCs will yield you XP. This isa nice incentive for players to heal each other and work together. Great addition to thegame!Gathering and CraftingOur final method of earning XP in Guild Wars 2 is through gathering and crafting. Whatis nice about the system in the game is that gathering resources isn’t tied to anyparticular crafting ability. All you need is a gathering tool (pick, axe, or sickle) to harvestresources. Once you have resources, you can earn more XP by crafting items anddiscovering new recipes.While there are lots of different ways to earn XP in Guild Wars 2, the beauty of thesystem is how it works together. While doing an event will net you XP, you’ll also gainthem by defeating creatures during the event. Escorting a merchant might take you to anew area, which will result in more XP for discovering a new point of interest. Lootdrops may contain resources you’ll use to craft, thus reaping in more XP. PvE not yourcup of tea? Then head off to world-versus-world and start gathering XP there. GuildWars 2 allows you to earn XP depending upon your own particular playstyle and theresult is a rather elegant system. Learn Step-By-Step Instructions On How You Can Implement A One- Week Max Cap Leveling Strategy With Our Complete Power Leveling Guide! View It Now! COMPLETE GUILD WARS 2 GUIDE REVEALED ! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE!