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Fortuna - HBJ Capital's Wealth Management Advisory Services
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Fortuna - HBJ Capital's Wealth Management Advisory Services


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HBJ Capital Offers personalized services for HNI and NRI Individuals.

HBJ Capital Offers personalized services for HNI and NRI Individuals.

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  • 1. FORTUNA- Wealth Management Services by HBJ Capital - Planning Investments for growing your Wealth “ Specialists in discovering Multibagger stocks “
  • 2. HBJ Capital Limited – A BriefAt HBJ we believe – Money with a good man will be used for the betterment of the World,while Money with a Bad man lead to destruction. “So every good man has the Moralresponsibility to be Rich”. • HBJ Capital is a leading Independent Equity Research company with a well established clientele including retail investors, HNI’s, Private Equity funds, Domestic and Foreign Institutions. • HBJ capital’s strength lies in the strong set of passionate equity research analysts across India (Chennai. NCR, Bangalore & Pune) and its unique strength of picking small, mid and micro cap companies which are outside the investment radar of large institutions thus delivering strong returns when they get recognized in markets. • HBJ capital services has also built a strong network of contacts with the Managements of several companies which helps in better equity research. “ Specialists in discovering Multibagger stocks “
  • 3. Established Independent Equity Research HBJ Capital has a strong Independent equity research back-bone which has helped theorganization to grow rapidly across various verticals. Credited with indentifying many Multi-bagger recommendations like Cera Sanitary ware, Indiabulls Financials, Poly medicure,Cravatex, Parekh Aluminex, Sakthi Pumps etc much before the market recognized them. “ Specialists in discovering Multibagger stocks “
  • 4. Highlights of HBJ - Wealth Advisory Services Understanding the Help Client to Research team Regular client’s Needs, Risk gradually shift from his creates a Discussions & Appetite and his Old portfolio to our customized Updates on the Financial Position Customized portfolio Portfolio with a changes needed in (Cash Inflow + which will allow to Good set of stocks the portfolio Outflow) meet his future needs.• The first step is to understand and analyze the customer’s financial position completely and also learnabout his future commitments like Child Marriage requirements, Pension Corpus etc.• With the increased knowledge, our research team will sit down and provide Customized portfolio solutionsto achieve his financial goals with changes in the Equity exposure %, individual Stock Allocation % etc, basedon his time frame and risk appetite.• A person with a potential to invest 50,000 on a monthly basis and Requirements 5-Year hence will have aportfolio which will imbibe the potential inflow in the coming months and prepare for the outflow in future.Hence will be able to provide better performance for our clients.• Our Financial planner will help in transforming his Old portfolio to a more Robust portfolio which will bebalanced at a pace which depends on a case-to-case basis. A Person with a Portfolio of 50 Lakh Rs, has aneasy potential of earning over 10 Lakh Rs every year with proper advice and support systems and similarlyan Investment advice from a Cheap provider can ruin in several Lakh Rs of his portfolio. “ Specialists in discovering Multibagger stocks “
  • 5. Advantage of HBJ ModelParameters HBJ - Wealth Advisory PMS/Wealth Management (Innovative) (Conventional)Fee Structure Only Sign-Up Fee Sign Up Fee - 1% of Investments Annual Fee - 2.5% of Assets/ yearProfit Sharing NIL 20% of Profits (above hurdle rate)Hidden Charges NIL 1% of InvestmentsBrokerage Depends upon your Broker High (Conflict of Interest of having their own Brokerage)Flexibility High LowCost of operation Extremely Low HighTransparency Very High/ Consultative NILPersonal Goals Customized Portfolio based on the Lowsynchronization Client’s needsAccessibility to fund Direct contact on regular basis Not Possiblemanager “ Specialists in discovering Multibagger stocks “
  • 6. HBJ’s Product Positioning • All our Products / Services have a proper Client Target based on their needs and provides the best in class solutions for them. • LLP is at the top of the hierarchy and a LLP client will be able to enjoy all the benefits of services which are below it and similarly LLP Fund with other services. Professionally ManagedFund with quick decisionmaking and better executionresulting un better returns. FORTUNA Customized PMS keeping in mind the Futurefinancial requirements, Goals and Financial position ofthe client with direct interaction of a financial planner. MILLIONAIRE Offline Model Portfolio with the complete details required for efficientPortfolio management like % of Cash and Equity allocation, supported by detailedresearch reports and monthly updates. MULTI-BAGGER• Detailed Investment reports on Small & Mid-Cap companies based on Strong and Holistic Equity research.• Flash-Back helping our clients to track our recommendations and their performance.• MPS and SIP between them gives a mix of Penny, Small and Mid-cap stocks with good coverage. “ Specialists in discovering Multibagger stocks “
  • 7. Specific AdvantagesParameter Millionaire Portfolio Fortuna – Wealth LLP Fund AdvisorsBenefits • A well Balanced portfolio which • Platinum Membership of HBJ • Partners who join LLP-Fund makes sure that the Risk-Return enabling them several privileges will be allotted shares of HBJ ratio is skewed in favor of the over TMP clients. Capital Pvt. Ltd free of cost. Investor. • A customized Financial Plan which • They also get Life-time • Regular Monthly Portfolio with enables our clients to achieve their Membership of all the quarterly results and News goals with proper guidance. services from HBJ Capital. analysis of the constituent stocks ensuring the work of the investor • Portfolio allocation will depend on • Professionally managed is less than 20 Mins/ Month. the client’s Risk profile, fund along the lines of the Requirements and appetite which successful Buffet Partnership • A detailed investment enables us to provide better with no Fund fee and pure Newsletter from the Fund- Investment solutions rather than a Profit sharing with partners. Manager with a commentary on standard Model Portfolio. the Portfolio and the overall • Fund allows our team to markets helping in better • Highly transparent Service Fee execute well and thus, a planning. model along with regular higher probability of Better conversations. Investment returns.To whom • TMP is suited to those Investors • This is suitable for HNIs with • Suitable for the Ultra HNIs it’s best who around 10 Lakh Rs to invest greater than 10 Lakh Portfolio, but (Min – 25 Lakh) who want in the markets, but lack sufficient require Personalized Investment Superior Long term returns suited knowledge and expertise to solutions to reach their Goals. for their invested capital Research and to manage funds. without any hassles. “ Specialists in discovering Multibagger stocks “
  • 8. HBJ’s Investment Philosophy Sustainable & Scalable business model Strong Value Ambitious, coupled with Qualified & Companies Growth Experienced Prospects Management Sound Financials & Attractive Valuations• We see investing as, buying into a business and most of the research is on the businessoperations of the company and ability of its management. We buy for long term and don’tspeculate or trade in our investments.• We evaluate the financial performance of the company and the historical performance of themanagement and its attitude to minority investors. We do both primary and secondary research. “ Specialists in discovering Multibagger stocks “
  • 9. Our Goals• Our vision is to generate wealth for our partners through alpha investing, where the reward ismuch more than the risk taken.• We aim to outperform the market returns significantly over the long term.• We hope to create a strong platform for retail investors to invest in equities and create wealth.•We wish to overcome the short comings of retail investors like emotions in investing, noprofessional support, no time to analyze companies/ markets, not being able to follow up oninvestments, converse with managements etc.• We aim to run a very concentrated portfolio of 10-12 stocks where our conviction level is highand which meets our internal standards of assessment.• Biggest requirements to make money in markets is not intelligence, it is emotional control.While an individual investor has several emotional urges, at HBJ Cap we have a set of processeswhich helps us to tide over irrational decisions and maintain the investment discipline.• We also have the flexibility to invest across sectors, market caps, themes which restrict mutualfunds and we also have better control of the flow of funds, thus earning better returns. “ Specialists in discovering Multibagger stocks “
  • 10. Pro- Active Investors• HBJ Capital does due-diligence before each investment through both primary research (concallwith the management, speaking with suppliers, distributors & competitors) and secondaryresearch (data from AR’s, web, industry news etc). HBJ’s Institutional arm helps us to get intouch with the management to understand their vision and get our queries cleared.• HBJ Cap unlike a retail investor will play a role of an active investor, constantly in touch withthe management about major decisions affecting share holders and monitoring the performanceof the business operations, industry landscape etc.• We strongly follow-up on each investment by analyzing the quarterly results of each companyin the portfolio and check if there is any change to the initial assumptions which we had duringinvestment. We are pragmatic and non-emotional about our investments and act in a rationalmanner, thus benefitting the partners. “ Specialists in discovering Multibagger stocks “
  • 11. FAQ’s• Why HBJ Wealth Advisory Services ? - Equities are the best performing asset class over the longer term and everyone accepts thefact. But still most people lose out in equities, while a few smart guys win big. This is the mainreason for the low equity exposure of Indians in equities. Smart money wins big in stock marketsat the expense of small retail investors who are emotional and don’t understand market cycles.Equities require much more of active involvement than asset classes like gold or real estate.Platforms like PMS/ Mutual funds have their own constraints and more than 70 % of them under-perform markets on a net basis. There is no active product in the market that helps to capture thereturns of equities over the longer term with low frictional costs like HBJ’s services. Thusprofessional and smart management of money in equities with high transparency is the need ofthe day and HBJ Wealth Advisory Services provides just that.• What is the expected returns from this service ? Our internal target is to outperform the market by a significant margin of 5% compoundedover the long term. Stock markets are not linear and there will be negative years and years wherethe returns are in excess of over 100%, thus remaining invested over the entire cycle is requiredfor wealth creation. Over the cycles, Indian markets have returned nearly 18-20 % CAGR and wecan definitely expect this going forward. Hence we expect around 25% CAGR returns. “ Specialists in discovering Multibagger stocks “
  • 12. Terms & Conditions• Subscribers must follow the Advice from the Fund Manager strictly.• Open and Transparent relationship between the Advisor and Subscriber.• Consistent Monthly Updates on the Subscribers Equity Portfolio.• Investment Performance calculation at the end of every year.• Regular inputs on the changes in the Person’s Financial needs and Cash position. “ Specialists in discovering Multibagger stocks “
  • 13. FAQ’s• What are the risks involved? Like any other equity investments, there are significant risks in the performance of theportfolio and equity markets in general. But with a pragmatic approach, we try to cut as muchrisks as possible and at the same time take calculated risks to earn returns for our partners.• How many stocks will be held under the Portfolio? We will run a concentrated portfolio of 10-12 stocks where we have strong conviction and in the businesses which we understand. The same ensures greater returns and also helps keep a tab and maintain strategic partnership with the portfolio companies. We will also take into consideration sectoral composition, concentration risks etc.• How long will a particular stock will be held? There’s no specific timeline for investment duration in a stock, however most of the investments will be made from a long term perspective (greater than 1 year) which will also ensure long term capital gains tax benefits. “ Specialists in discovering Multibagger stocks “
  • 14. Thank YouFor more details and queries,Mail Id- sandeep@hbjcapital.comMobile No- +91-9886736791 “ Specialists in discovering Multibagger stocks “