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Chudom Hayes Wealth Management Group Brochure.

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Chudom Hayes Brochure

  1. 1. 4 what we believe11 how we invest13 meet the professionalsThe Chudom HayesWealth ManagementGroup at Morgan StanleySmith Barney
  2. 2. The Drake Oakbrook Plaza2211 York Road, Suite 100, Oakbrook, IL 60523630-573-9680T 800-445-6529 F 630-572-9030kyle.chudom@mssb.comeric.hayes@mssb.com2 morgan stanley smith barney | 2010
  3. 3. Our MissionThe Chudom Hayes Wealth Management Group helps a selectgroup of families manage their financial assets so they can focuson areas of their life that bring them joy, meaning and purpose.we work with you to:• Develop a comprehensive financial plan• Diversify your portfolio across a broad range of investments• Maintain strict objectivity and avoid conflicts of interest• Adhere to a long-term strategic asset allocation• Tactically adjust holdings in response to evolving opportunities and risk• Minimize investment costs and taxes• Defend capital during bear markets• Substitute discipline for emotion in the investment process morgan stanley smith barney | 2010 3
  4. 4. What We BelieveManaging wealth requires an appreciation for who you are andwhere you want to go. So the Chudom Hayes Team begins bylistening to you, developing an understanding of you and yourfamily, exploring the forces that are influencing your financial life,and then developing a plan. Our approach allows us to design an investment strategy thathelps make you comfortable and sustains your confidence overthe long term. And when we know you well, we can advise ondecisions spanning your entire financial life.4 morgan stanley smith barney | 2010
  5. 5. a focus on you cost efficiencyYour relationship with the Chu- Over time, expenses matter. One *dom Hayes Team will be driven way to help increase long-term re-solely by your needs and goals. We turns is to decrease overall portfoliocan help you articulate and refine expenses. We can help minimizeyour goals. We will work to analyze the expenses our clients incur byand understand them. And we will emphasizing low-cost exchange-develop and implement a plan to traded funds (ETFs) and deliver-help you achieve them. ing our services as economically as possible. client service intensive financial financial planningthe strength of a team planning objective guidanceOur team is a big part of what makesus unique. We are a carefully as- Using our own process, and drawing on our knowledge and experience, * your relationship with ussembled team of individuals who we will help you better understandare passionate about investments, your current situation and createservice excellence and our clients’ a powerful vision of your financialsuccess. Because we work as a team, future. Then we guide you in maxi-you benefit from our collective ex- mizing the potential of your assets,perience, as well as each individual’s protecting and empowering yourperspective and distinct skills. family, and help you to achieve or exceed your personal goals.objective guidance service excellenceTo be truly effective, we must be When it comes to service we goobjective, offering unbiased financial above and beyond the basics. Forplanning and investment advice example, a team member can visitrather than simply selling products. your home to set up electronic ser-Clients turn to us to help simplify vices on your computer. We can helptheir financial lives by providing you integrate financial informationthoughtful guidance, wisdom and into popular tax software. And yousolutions—and by sorting through specify how often we meet with youthe financial products and strate- and the types of information yougies to find what is best for them. want. Just say the word. morgan stanley smith barney | 2010 5
  6. 6. will i outlive my money can i achieve financial independencewhat kind of legacy cani leave for my family should i redefine my retirement to consider a new business or careerquestions answered
  7. 7. No No Unclear as to confidence plan Tax investments inefficiencies Scattered Uncertain Unorganized investments risk tolerance before Clarification Inventory of goals assets and liabilities Recommend during Implement portfolio appropriate investment Development strategies of a financial plan afterClear vision Organized Confidence Understand Comprehensive Cost Constructioninto financial investments financial plan conscious of tax-future approach efficient portfoliosthe benefits of working with the chudom hayes team
  8. 8. RecognitionMembers of the Chudom Hayes Team have been repeatedlyrecognized by leading industry publications and the Chicago pressfor excellence in investment research and wealth management.You can expect the same high levels of insight, experience andservice when you become a client. 2009 etf advisor hall of fame the top 1,000 advisors top 50 financial advisors Research Magazine Barrons Chicago Magazine October 2009 February 22, 2010 April 20088 morgan stanley smith barney | 2010
  9. 9. 2002 advisor hall of fameResearch MagazineDecember 2002 team spirit Research Magazine July 2000 the winners circle Research Magazine January 2006 terrific teacher Registered Representative May 1999 Please see back cover for ranking criteria. morgan stanley smith barney | 2010 9
  10. 10. the importance of discretionary asset managementAll of our ETF accounts are managed by the team on adiscretionary basis. That means we make all investmentdecisions regarding your account. By managing moneyin a discretionary manner, we can respond quickly tonew opportunities and evolving risks without the delaysinvolved in seeking approval from each client.the asset allocation concepthigh We create a range of core portfolios designed to deliver the highest level of return for a given level of risk. This graph shows examples of three hypothetical portfolios, each expected to generate areturn higher level of return than the one to its left by assuming a higher level of risk. One of our most important responsibilities: helping you determine which risk/return balance is the most appropriate starting point for you.low risk high fixed income equity alternative
  11. 11. How We InvestGuesswork should have no place in achieving your financialgoals. Analysis and planning, cost-effective execution andconstant monitoring and refinement—these are the toolswe use in designing your strategy, building your portfolio andhelping keep you on track.asset allocation: the exchange-traded funds: helping you understand strategic foundation effective and cost effective “what if?”The Chudom Hayes Team focuses Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are Markets don’t always perform asour energy and investment manage- low-cost, tax-efficient investments expected. We analyze that pos-ment efforts on asset allocation. that track the performance of specific sibility, and help you understandWe believe that your asset alloca- market indexes. Because many ETFs what it may mean to you. We runtion—not which stocks or mutual mirror the performance of market a range of analyses that quantifyfunds you own—will be the source indexes, we believe they are excel- the likelihood that your strategyof the largest percentage of your lent tools for implementing asset will support your goals, measuringreturns. We are more likely to add allocations, which are calculated the mathematical probability of avalue by concentrating on asset al- by combining market indexes in range of possible outcomes, basedlocation and minimizing expenses different proportions. And ETFs on real-world possibilities.and taxes than by attempting to also allow us to rapidly adjust your By showing you many potentialoutperform indexes through active asset allocation when we believe that values that your asset allocation mightmanagement of individual stocks or risks and opportunities require it. produce over a given time period,bonds. Instead, we construct discre- Please see page 18 for additional you can decide if that probability istionary portfolios using exchange- information about ETFs. in your risk comfort zone—and wetraded funds because we believe can make adjustments, if needed.they allow us to build a better-al-located and more diverse portfoliomore efficiently. morgan stanley smith barney | 2010 11
  12. 12. Too often, fear drives financial decisions, becoming a major reason why financial plans fail. With sound investment advice, we help our clients get beyond the headlines and the noise to focus on their goals and dreams. kyle chudom Senior Vice President, Wealth Advisor Senior Portfolio Manager We help each client answer a key question: How do I make my financial situation support my vision for my life? Helping clients find the answer is the reason I chose this profession. eric hayes Vice President, Financial Advisor Portfolio Manager12 morgan stanley smith barney | 2010
  13. 13. Meet the ProfessionalsKyle Chudom Eric HayesSenior Vice President Vice PresidentWealth Advisor Financial AdvisorSenior Portfolio Manager Portfolio ManagerKyle Chudom is the founding mem- the team over the years have become Eric is a Vice President, Financialber of the Chudom Hayes Wealth members of the Chudom Hayes Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager withManagement Group, and focuses on Management Group or entered the the Chudom Hayes Wealth Man-client relationship management and financial services industry. agement Group at Morgan Stanleyinvestment policy decisions. He re- Kyle graduated from Alma Col- Smith Barney. Eric is a member ofcently celebrated his 26th anniversary lege in Michigan and has completed the firms Century Club and is Serieswith Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. advanced studies at the Wharton 6, 7, 9, 10, 24, 63, and 66 registered.Since 1984, Kyle and the Chudom School at the University of Penn- The Chudom Hayes Team hasHayes Wealth Management Group sylvania. Kyle and his wife, Kena, received national recognition.have been nationally recognized reside in Hinsdale, Illinois, with their Research Magazine included Ericfor excellence by multiple publi- two daughters, Kacey and Khloe, and the Chudom Hayes Wealthcations. Both Kyle and the Group along with the family dog, Karma. Management Group in their 2009are members of the Morgan Stanley ETF Advisor Hall of Fame.Smith Barney Chairman’s Club, which Awards and recognition Eric graduated from Southernrecognizes the top two percent of • Outstanding Financial Illinois University. He developedfinancial advisors at the firm. Advisor Award, Registered his interest in the financial markets Under Kyle’s leadership, the Representative Magazine, 1999. during his teenage years, mostly byChudom Hayes Team pioneered • Advisor Hall of Fame, Research watching the stocks of telephonethe retirement planning software Magazine, 2002 companies for which his fatherthat has become the standard across • ETF Advisor Hall of Fame, worked. Eric remembers readingMorgan Stanley Smith Barney. Research Magazine, 2009 the phone company annual reports Having benefited from mentoring • Top 50 Financial Advisors, his dad would bring home fromearly in his career, Kyle has initi- Chicago Magazine, 2008 the office.ated a program for mentoring young • Top 1,000 Advisor, Barron’s, 2010 In his spare time Eric enjoys pilot-professionals at the Chudom Hayes • Current member of ing airplanes, family time and read-Team, and the team regularly mentors Morgan Stanley Smith Barney ing. Eric started flying lessons at theinterns. Several of the high school Chairman’s Club age of sixteen, receiving his pilots’and college students mentored by license shortly after graduating from high school and leaving for college. Eric and his wife, Jennifer, have a daughter named Emma. morgan stanley smith barney | 2010 13
  14. 14. At the Chudom Hayes Wealth Management Group, our teammakes a commitment to achieving your most important financialgoals—approaching them with the same energy and urgencythat you do. We support that commitment not only withknowledge and experience, but also with the principles andvalues that we would demand from our own closest advisorsand allies. To learn more about our approach and how it maycontribute to your success, please contact us.Kyle Chudom630-573-9680kyle.chudom@mssb.comEric Hayes630-573-9675eric.hayes@mssb.com14 morgan stanley smith barney | 2010
  15. 15. why we work with morgan stanley smith barneyWe have chosen to work with Morgan StanleySmith Barney because they help us be moreeffective in reaching your goals. for example:• Through Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, we can complement our own research with in-depth reports and firsthand analyses of economies and financial markets around the world.• Morgan Stanley Smith Barney delivers excellent ETF research. Its Exchange-Traded Funds Research Team was recognized for its leading position in ETF Research at the 2010 Capital Link Closed-End Fund and Global ETF Forum.• Through the firm’s open architecture platform, we have access to thousands of investment choices—including hundreds of ETFs.• Morgan Stanley Smith Barney’s discretionary fee-based account program, Custom Portfolio, allows us to closely monitor your portfolio, manage risk and make strategic and tactical asset allocation changes quickly when they are needed.
  16. 16. Asset Allocation and diversification does not assure a profit or protect Source: Barrons “Top 1000 Financial Advisors,” February 22, 2010, as iden-against loss. tified by Barrons magazine, using quantitative and qualitative criteria and selected from a pool of over 3,000 nominations. Advisors in the Top 1000Tax laws are complex and subject to change. Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Financial Advisors have a minimum of seven years of financial services expe-LLC, its affiliates and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Financial Advisors do rience. Qualitative factors include, but are not limited to, compliance record,not provide tax or legal advice. This material was not intended or written interviews with senior management, and philanthropic work. Investmentto be used for the purpose of avoiding tax penalties that may be imposed performance is not a criterion. The rating may not be representative of anyon the taxpayer. Individuals are urged to consult their personal tax or legal one clients experience and is not indicative of the Financial Advisors futureadvisors to understand the tax and related consequences of any actions or performance. Neither Morgan Stanley Smith Barney nor its Financial Advi-investments described herein. sors pay a fee to Barrons in exchange for the rating. Barrons is a registered trademark of Dow Jones & Company, L.P. All rights reserved.An investment in an exchange-traded fund involves risks Source: Research Magazine’s “130 Top-Ranked Advisor Teams in America,”similar to those of investing in a broadly based portfolio January 2006 as identified by The Winners Circle®, LLC, bases its rankingsof equity securities traded on exchange in the relevant on qualitative criteria: professionals with a minimum of seven years finan-securities market, such as market fluctuations caused cial services experience, acceptable compliance records, client retentionby such factors as economic and political developments, reports, customer satisfaction, and more. With over 7,000 nominationschanges in interest rates and perceived trends in stock compiled on an annual basis, Financial Advisor teams are quantitatively ranked based on varying types of revenues and assets advised by the finan-prices. The investment return and principal value of ETF cial professional, with weightings associated for each. Additional measuresinvestments will fluctuate, so that an investor’s ETF include: in-depth interviews and discussions with senior management, peers,shares (creation units), if or when sold, may be worth and customers, and telephone-based and in-person interviews with themore or less than the original cost. nominees. Because individual client portfolio performance varies and is typi- cally unaudited, this ranking focuses on customer satisfaction and quality ofInvestors should consider the ETFs investment objec- advice. For more information on ranking methodology, go to www.WCorg.tives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before invest- com. The rating may not be representative of any one clients experience because it reflects a sample of all of the experiences of the Financial Advi-ing. The prospectus contains this and other information sors clients. The rating is not indicative of the Financial Advisors futureabout the fund. To obtain a free prospectus, please call performance. Neither Morgan Stanley Smith Barney nor its Financial Advi-your financial professional. Please read the prospectus sors pay a fee to The Winners Circle in exchange for the rating.carefully before investing. Source: Research Magazine’s 2009 "ETF Advisor Hall of Fame: Pioneers inThis material does not provide individually tailored investment advice. It Portfolio Management", October 1, 2009 as identified by Research Magazinehas been prepared without regard to the individual financial circumstances using qualitative criteria and selected from a pool of approximately 25and objectives of persons who receive it. The strategies and/or invest- nominations. Qualitative factors evaluated and decided by the contestments discussed in this material may not be suitable for all investors. judge include but are not limited to: financial advisors that have ETFs as aMorgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC recommends that investors indepen- central focus of their financial services, financial advisors that have a largedently evaluate particular investments and strategies, and encourages portion of total AUM invested in ETFs/ETF portfolios, financial advisors thatinvestors to seek the advice of a Financial Advisor. The appropriateness of utilize ETFs through multiple model portfolios that can be mixed/matcheda particular investment or strategy will depend on an investors individual to client needs, financial advisors that are setting a good example for othercircumstances and objectives. advisors to follow and creativity. Investment performance and client evalua- tions are not taken into consideration.© 2010 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC