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WEALTH-BUILDER is an offline Portfolio Management Service offered by Saral Gyan Capital Services.

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  1. 1. 1. PLANTPlant the Right Seeds 2. NURTURE Nurture them to Grow 3. HARVESTHarvest your Wealth
  2. 2. 1. YOU PLANT 2. WE NURTURE 3. YOU HARVEST An Offline Portfolio Management Service
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS An Offline Portfolio Management Service Objective Salient Features Advantage & Benefits Business Model Service Suitability Investment Methodology Portfolio Management Portfolio Updates & Alerts YOU PLANT WE NURTURE YOU HARVEST
  4. 4. OBJECTIVE An Offline Portfolio Management Service The basic objective of this service is to build wealth by investing in portfolioof selected stocks through a focused and disciplined approach. Our equityanalysts team is committed to protect your capital and grow it at a healthy rateby focusing on wealth enhancement. The strategy is to acquire equities of strong and profitable businesses atmarket prices well below their intrinsic value. Using Wealth-Builder, you can experience in real time how wealth can becreated. You will plant the right seeds, nurture them under our guidance andharvest your wealth in long run. YOU PLANT WE NURTURE YOU HARVEST
  5. 5. SALIENT FEATURES An Offline Portfolio Management Service Wealth-Builder is an alternative solution to various mutual funds and regularPMS offerings An ideal service for investors looking for professional guidance for investingin stocks directly to build wealth over the years Ensures saving of hefty fees and charges. One time nominal annualsubscription charge in place of regular administration / management fee,entry / exit load charges, brokerage and commission on profits Portfolio management cost @ 5% per annum in case of minimuminvestment of Rs. 2 Lacs, reduces to 1% for Rs. 10 lacs portfolio YOU PLANT WE NURTURE YOU HARVEST
  6. 6. ADVANTAGE & BENEFITS An Offline Portfolio Management Service Portfolio includes our well researched stock recommendations – HiddenGems, Value Picks and 15% @ 90 DAYS. Minimum churning of the portfolio (once of twice in the month) savesbrokerage and reduces the changes of wealth erosion due to frequentbrokerage cost Direct access to portfolio under professional guidance. Exposure to smallcap stocks with early entrance advantage over mutual funds and institutions Maximize the returns from equity investments ensuring better returnscompared to broader indices Refund of annual subscription charges if Saral Gyan Wealth-Builder portfoliounderperform major indices like Sensex or Nifty for entire calendar year YOU PLANT WE NURTURE YOU HARVEST
  7. 7. BUSINESS MODEL An Offline Portfolio Management Service In a conventional PMS or a Mutual fund, the success of a portfolio is entirelydepends upon the Portfolio Manager. However, in the case of an Offline PMSlike Wealth-Builder the success of the portfolio depends on both the Portfoliomanager and the Investor. The Portfolio manager creates and maintains a portfolio, while the investorwill replicate the portfolio with discipline. Any new customer will be provided with an initial portfolio that he may needto replicate. As and when any changes are being made to the portfolio, theinvestor will be informed about the changes through a detailed report. The changes to the portfolio will be made only after the market hours,thereby giving sufficient time for the investor to take action. Continue… YOU PLANT WE NURTURE YOU HARVEST
  8. 8. BUSINESS MODEL An Offline Portfolio Management Service The Portfolio manager will start Wealth-Buider portfolio with an initialinvestment of INR 10 lacs (1 million). The investor will replicate the equity holdings by applying the original ratioof holdings to his/her portfolio allocation size. YOU PLANT WE NURTURE YOU HARVEST
  9. 9. SERVICE SUITABILITY An Offline Portfolio Management ServiceThis service is suitable for investor’s who can… Allocate a minimum sum of INR 2 lac (0.2 million) towards equityinvestment using Wealth Builder Strictly adapt to the portfolio changes as suggested by Wealth-BuilderManager within a period of 2 days Understand the huge potential of small cap stocks and the risk associatedwith them Has the acceptance to high risk – high reward factor and have considerablerisk tolerance Look at wealth building over the years and not on instant profits or shortterm gains YOU PLANT WE NURTURE YOU HARVEST
  10. 10. INVESTMENT METHODOLOGY An Offline Portfolio Management Service Invest in Hidden Gems & Value Picks:Wealth-Builder gives an opportunity to invest directly in Hidden Gems(Unexplored multibagger small cap stocks) and Value Picks (Mid stocks withplenty of upside potential). Saral Gyan Hidden Gems and Value Picks areoutperforming major indices like Sensex & Nifty since the date of launch. Buy Low & Sell High:We will follow discipline approach of profit booking and buy stocks when theytrade below their intrinsic value. We add new stocks which are grosslyundervalued and offer scope for price appreciation. Focus on Long Term:Investing in equities can be risky but if invested for long term, equities canmaximize returns compared to any other asset class. To take full advantage ofthis phenomenon, investments would be made with a long term perspective. YOU PLANT WE NURTURE YOU HARVEST
  11. 11. INVESTMENT METHODOLOGY An Offline Portfolio Management Service Early Entrance Advantage:Wealth-Builder gives an opportunity to have exposure in fundamentally strongand highly undervalued small/micro cap stocks. Mutual funds and Institutionalinvestors can not have exposure in such stocks due to small size of thecompany but once company grows to a reasonable size, their entry into thestock yield maximum returns for early entrants. Growth over Value Investing:Wealth Builder will be an aggressive portfolio taking maximum exposure inmid cap followed by small cap stocks over large caps. Focus will be tomaximize wealth by investing in business opportunities which are scalable andare part of emerging sectors. Market Factors:Short term market volatility can affect valuations of the portfolio but this willnot affect decision to own fundamentally strong companies. YOU PLANT WE NURTURE YOU HARVEST
  12. 12. PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT An Offline Portfolio Management ServicePortfolio will be managed considering below points: The maximum allocation to stocks not recommended by Saral Gyan asHidden Gems, Value Picks and 15% @ 90 DAYS will not be more than 25% The maximum allocation to Hidden Gems is at 25% of the portfolio The maximum allocation to Value Picks is at 50% of the portfolio The maximum allocation to 15% @ 90 DAYS is at 50% of the portfolio The maximum limit of cash levels cannot exceed 60% of the portfolio Based on the market condition and in order to protect and maximize capital,portfolio manager can make changes to above clauses with propercommunication to Wealth-Builder subscribers YOU PLANT WE NURTURE YOU HARVEST
  13. 13. PORTFOLIO UPDATES & ALERTS An Offline Portfolio Management Service Change in Portfolio (Buying and Selling of new/existing stocks – if any) are done after market hours on any particular day. In such a case, changes in Portfolio will be communicated (over sms & email) to all Wealth Builder members prior to market opening next day. Updated portfolio will be shared with all the members during 1st and 3rd week of the month. Actual date will depend on portfolio reshuffle day during the month. All Wealth-Builder members are expected to replicate the updated portfolio within 2 days by selling existing stocks or buying new stocks or profit booking etc. YOU PLANT WE NURTURE YOU HARVEST
  14. 14. DISCLAIMER An Offline Portfolio Management ServiceThis  document  is  not  for  public  distribution  and  has  been  furnished  to  you  solely  for  your information and must not be reproduced or redistributed to any other person. This material is for the personal information of the authorized recipient only.The recommendation made herein does not constitute an offer to sell or soliciation to buy any of the securities. No representation can be made that recommendation contained herein will be profitable or that they will not result in loss. Information obtained is deemed to be reliable but do  not  guarantee  its  accuracy  and  completeness.  Readers  using  this  information  contained  in this document are solely responsible for their action.Saral Gyan Capital Services or its representatives will not be liable for the recipient investment decisions based on this report. Saral Gyan Capital Services directors, officers and employees or its affiliates may or may not hold positions in the companies/stocks mentioned herein.Saral Gyan Capital Services159/B, Sadar Cantt,Jabalpur M.P ‐ 482001Website: , YOU PLANT WE NURTURE YOU HARVEST