SmB Infographic "Best Times NOT to Tweet if You Are a Small Business"

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Many small businesses schedule their tweets, updates, and posts for convenience. But with social media, especially with Twitter... …

Many small businesses schedule their tweets, updates, and posts for convenience. But with social media, especially with Twitter...

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  • 1. HMMMMMM. . . Twitter is like, hello, L I V E ?! . . . and constantly responding to the pulse of the world—NO MATTER WHAT TIME OF DAY IT IS. For those of you who like to SCHEDULE your core tweets for marketing purposes, continue to monitor your page, and more importantly, ENGAGE! Twitter is not a billboard. . . at any time, consider what can steal the attention from your tweets and recognize when NOT to tweet and, Instead, engage! for your small biz. . . the BEST TIMES NOT to TWEET NOT in the path of Snowstorms, hurricanes, tsunamis… . . . your tweets vs. celeb tweets. R u kidding?! #hashtag streams and a gazillion fans tweeting and RT’ing . . . guess who wins? Unless you are participating in the #stream, no one will notice your unrelated tweets while millions are reacting to the sad news. NOT when major celebrities die Many of those popularly reported “best times” are NOT in our control… NOT DURING BREAKING NEWS STORIES. . . Twitter IS the best source for breaking news . . . The news agencies know it, and so should you. #Superbowl #Wimbledon #FinalFour #WorldCup Sports events last for hours, or days! Do you really think you can win loyalty to your biz if you distract loyal fans from their games? and NOT during primetime Popular TV and reality shows. . . In our constantly migrating nation, there are relatives, friends, colleagues that may be in those paths. Twitter IS the best source for learning what it’s like on location and on the ground. Do you want to look heartless by ignoring these events for your own benefit of market share? Engaging will show your human side—much better exposure for you and your biz. Better Hania Whitfield July 2013 NOT DURING MAJOR SPORTS EVENTS. . . And let’s not forget the diehard fans of the best and the worst on PrimeTime TV. But then again, maybe they aren’t your demographic . . .
  • 2. Worst times to post on Twitter: and of course, they are all impossible to predict—especially if you schedule tweets. during breaking news Snowstorms, hurricanes, tsunamis….