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This is a short slide show abour St Peter

This is a short slide show abour St Peter

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  • 1. By Nathan Consunji and Jonathan Kounthapanya
  • 2. Nathan-I chose St Peter because he is a big role model to me. Jonathan-I chose St Peter because he had the courage to be on the cross upside down.
  • 3. St Peter’s real name was Simon St Peter was the son of Johan. St Peter had a brother named Andrew. St Peter was a fisherman. In the acts of the apostles it is said that St Peter was the first to preach on Pentecost.
  • 4. When St Peter was crucified he asked the guard to put him upside down in respect of his master Jesus. St Peter was the leader of the early church St Peter was in prison for 2-4 years Jesus gave the name Cephas which means rock. Cephas in Greek means Peter
  • 5. St Peter was a disciple of Jesus so he had to follow him in all that he did. Jesus loved him even though he denied Jesus three times. St Peter was loyal to Jesus for most of his life till the very end.
  • 6. Nathan-My life links to St Peter because out of the disciples St Peter showed much leadership. Jonathan-I follow Jesus just like St Peter.
  • 7. St Peter had courage to be crucified upside down in respect of Jesus He also showed reverence when he follows the ways of Jesus
  • 8. Born 1, Bethsaida Died 64, Rome, by crucifixion Followed Jesus where ever he went.
  • 9. The End