My Method $180 in 20min And $100 a Day Easy


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This is a new method that can bring steady income to your pocket. The more you work the more you make and eventually put it on auto pilot . Enjoy!!!

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My Method $180 in 20min And $100 a Day Easy

  1. 1. How to Earn 180$ in 10 min and 100$ Daily Before start, just some motivation =) I join this site only 20days and successful make twice pay out. I have 285 referrals and an average 300-600 points earning daily! Now I will show it how…
  2. 2. Step 1 Sign up an account at Now find some free offer and trial to complete. For trial offer, I will just sign up and cancel it after I gain the point. After you complete those offer you should have at least 1000-1500 point. Now go to select your reward. ( I would recommend GPS or Window Mobile its worth more than $180 ) Step 2 Time to get everything automated In they stated you earn 2 point for each survey completed by your referral. There are more than 60 survey and 50 trial offer for the site. There are 8-12 offers every week. Let’s do the math!
  3. 3. Referral Estimate Earning: 1 Referral: 200 Points,4 Points Daily 10 Referral: 2000 Points, 40 Points Daily 50 Referral: 10000Points, 200 Points Daily 100Referral: 20000Points,400 Points Daily The possibilities are endless…. Yes, I will show the best easiest way to get your referrals. Go to the member page. You will see a digg,twit and facebook share button. Just click them and replace your referral link and submit to those social sites. By now you should have at least 20 referral or more.
  4. 4. Step 3 By now you should have 80-100 Points daily. Its time to scale it up! Ways 1: This is my best method I got 30% of my referral there! Make a simple e-book or edit mine (with your referral link) and publish it to 3 main e-book share site: Share it to some webmaster forum like: There tons out there: a&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen- GB%3Aofficial&channel=s&hl=en&source=hp&q=webmaster+ forum&meta=&btnG=Google+Search
  5. 5. Ways 2: With yahoo answer I got almost 40 new referrals daily. Download this tools: It helps you find targeted question within a sec! Just use some keyword like free item,free cash,free vouchers,free money,free cash, free voucher,voucher codes, gift vouchers, free coupon,free gadget, free gifts, electronics gadgets,free cash, online cash, free win etc. Copy this key words paste it into a notepad save it and load with answereye which you have just download. Each time a new question pop out you just have to click the link to answer. Ways3 Classified Site Top 3 sites: ,, Google: “classified” for more top sites. With this method you may get up to 1000-3000 referrals easily with 1 ads.
  6. 6. Post an ads on electronic or gadgets section. Make sure your ads relation to the trends today and make the price slightly lower than the market price!. Example like Iphone,Gps,Ipod,Xbox,MacBook etc… If you get any responses , reply it with: Hello, Sorry , I have just sold XXX. By the way, you can get it free at “Yourlink” . Twist and twist again. This method works very well for me! Way 4: Use Just create a task with budget 2$ and cause you 0.05$- 0.08$ each sign up. You may just reject them after they sign up so save money but usually I wont because they earn you more! have at least 500k-1mil workers there. You may get tons of referral there!
  7. 7. Way 5, Which is a gold mine for this method. There are 3 ways, choose 1 method that you most familiar with. 1. Search free gadget on youtube and download it then watermark the video with your link. If your ref link is too long I would suggest use to shorten your referral link . 2. Post comment on some popular video with free stuff or free cash etc..Wow..I got my free ipod from cash86.nolong{dot}com (You will get at least 1000-5000 hits to your referral link if the video popular) 3. Find a popular gadget or free stuff related video and message the video owner. Ask him for a JV paying him $1 per sign up or rent it at 10$ a week. (I used to get 30-50 referral daily from this method) Ok, now you have all ways to make money! *If you think deserve sports car, nice house and woman I would suggest you start it right now! Times no wait! *