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    Going Native Going Native Presentation Transcript

    • Digital Native vs Digital Immigrant What are the characteristics of digital natives and how do you know if you are talking to one?
    • Chronological Hints
      • Older than 25 (or seem like it when it comes to technology)
      • Maybe up to 30 if in technology dependent field
      • The younger the better (as long as they can talk civilly to non-natives without high frustration)
    • Physical Features
      • Have thumbs the size of spatulas and cannot read tiny buttons or screens
      • Have thumbs that are evolving a conical shape to improve texting ability
    • Can you hear me now?
      • Frequently hand the phone* to a native for translation, especially for infrequent functions or environments with loud background noise
      • Frequently grab the phone when frustrated by inattention to ringtones or questions like “how do I...” (usually accompanied by visible eyerolling)
    • Can I help you?
      • Want to learn how to do only things they will need again in the forseeable future
      • Would rather “do it myself” (even over and over) then teach a slow 'non-native' how
    • Parting Shots
      • Think they can learn by reading manual/training. Be patient with this foreign language/culture. How cool to learn new stuff from natives.
      • Would rather just “play with it”. Hand them a slide rule and try not to smirk. No really—use them as tools to help you and each other.
    • What we immigrants need to teach and natives need to learn is ...
    • What we immigrants need to teach and natives need to learn is ...
    • HOW to learn.
      • How to find info
      • How to use info
      • NOT how to memorize info (info will change anyway)
    • So, what needs to change?
    • Teach p rocess Use content