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Part 3 nano teach


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Delivery - to convey enthusiasm for your subject. A short set of slide to promote a nano-teach. A

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Part 3 nano teach

  1. 1. Inform them Delivery to convey enthusiasm for your subject
  2. 2. Communication Aim: to show that all three aspects of communication need to be used. • Verbal communication • Non verbal communication • Written communication
  3. 3. nano teach! 1 min on any topic you like! Something you know, something you care about. You are white board use. You can pick one for me! - how to fly a stunt kite - how to fit a bottom bracket - why minecraft is fantastic - what is an enzyme - best record shops in Leeds
  4. 4. nano teach! By removing one element we can see how important something is Verbal Non-Verbal Written
  5. 5. nano teach! Now its your turn but lets remove one aspect of communication GO!